Celebrate 95 Years of Over-the-Air Broadcasting with GatesAir

GatesAir has a history. 95 years of it. With nearly a century of experience
serving the broadcast industry, we’re all about innovating, creating, and supporting you in any way we can. Because broadcasting is
about keeping people in the light, and we always want to keep the lights on. It all started in 1922,
when 15-year-old Parker Gates began making his own
crystal radios at home. His parents helped him build
a company around his passion, and Gates Radio and Supply Company
was founded in their kitchen pantry. In the following years, Parker Gates’ visionary approach
to broadcast technology helped establish an industry
that connected the world to information like never before. In the mid-twenties, Gates helped create one of
the first practical car radios. In the 1930s and 40s, the Gates Radio Company gained popularity as a major industry supplier
of audio consoles, AM transmitters, and more. And during World War II, they built shortwave transmitters
for armed forces, including equipment that
helped crucial intelligence piggy-back across the globe. Gates Radio teamed up
with Harris Corporation. And now armed with Gates’
innovative strengths, Harris spent several decades
introducing dozens of ground-breaking developments in radio and TV broadcasting, including the first 100% solid-state
AM and FM transmitters, the first digital radio
transmission systems, and the equipment for
the first live HDTV broadcast. We were proud to be both a key part
of the first digital transition and to lead numerous other transitions
across the world, enabling people to connect
with one another. Harris Broadcast became GatesAir, returning our historic original name. Harris remains a part of our DNA
and trailblazing legacy, and we proudly support
those customers still today. We’ve evolved over time, developing the most comprehensive
distribution and delivery portfolio in the industry. GatesAir has outlasted the competition and is still going strong. We’re proud of recent accomplishments, like the first FM
HD liquid-cooled transmitter, world-class IP transport solutions, the first ATSC 3.0 broadcast, and the world’s highest power
solid-state TV transmitter. With nearly 250 global patents
and climbing, we are working hard to help shape
the future of broadcast across the globe. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow : we’ve been there, and will continue
to be there for our customers, embracing the inventive spirit and customer-first
philosophy of Parker Gates. We’re looking forward
to another century of … connecting what’s next. GatesAir. Learn more at gatesair.com/95years

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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