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hey guys Anthony here Bibles and barbells thanks for joining me today I wanted to do this video today and give you guys an update it's been I think it's been about a month since I posted a video nice getting kind of antsy on Friday I was talking to somebody at work and I said you know I haven't posted a YouTube video in a long time and I look back at my last video post and it was a month I put a clip up this morning of few clips of the garage workouts I've been doing here and it has been hot this morning Sunday morning I came out here and just did some stretching and some light light a back workout and I tell you even with the fan on I opened the garage a little bit trying to get some air circulation but it gets you know definitely over 100 degrees in here and so it's it taxes your you know your your your body so it's it's hard to get used to that heat and humidity so with that I don't know if I gave you guys a tour of the gym yet but I have a ethos power rack eat those bumper plates bar I bought a whole set up at Dick's and I just like to set up I like the color I wanted to stick with black and red think it'd look good in here I got a horse stable mat for my face under my power rack which is these things are absolutely bomb-proof they're like well oh they're almost an inch thick about 90 pounds they're probably 4 by 6 4 feet by 6 feet super thick just heavy duty if you're looking for garage mat to put weights on or maybe to lay out a couple in your garage area where you workout I definitely recommend them for like 50 bucks each versus buying those little puzzle pieces to do that you put together in the nuts get from the gym stores these are much more heavy duty and so with that I just wanted update you guys on the progression of my videos and what's been going on lately when we moved to Charlotte back in April 2017 from South Florida the Fort Lauderdale area many of you guys have been following me back from 2009 beginning of 2009 when I started my channel so we moved here from we spent about 17 years in South Florida and then we moved up to Charlotte to be closer to family liked it up here my brother lives up here so we're in the Charlotte North Carolina / South Carolina area we're on the border we can go back and forth between North and South Carolina if you're familiar with how Charlotte is set up and so we like it here we bought a townhome and brand-new was built brand new and I set up my my garage here as a little base of operations and I love it don't get me wrong but over the last couple months we my wife and I have been talking and because of the way the market is right now and things seem to be going good in this area at least we decided to you know sell our place and buy a house just feel a little bit more having a bigger backyard bigger garage just more room not be so close you know houses are still closed to neighbors but not like right connected to different neighbors and it's not because we dislike our townhome we love it you know it's well over 2,000 square feet but the opportunities right and if we can do it we're going to sell this and purchase a house so over the last month or so I've been kind of gearing up for that getting all that stuff in line workwise when I moved down here I started a job like the weekend after I moved down here and I'm still with the same company but what I did was over the last into my third year now with this company and I started out for a year doing like an operations area manager type position and then I got called to run a large account for them up in Mooresville North Carolina or the Lake Norman area which I did for a year and it was kind of far from my house I like you know I like the job and everything was just too far from my house to travel back and forth every day even though I had a vehicle just too far from to manage that size site from that far away so I transferred recently and I'm now in a different mode of operation for the company a lot closer to home and so why I say that is you know going staying with the same company and then changing three jobs it's just taxing on getting used to each of those jobs and getting up and running learning the people the management what has to be done I run a really large workforces this workforce is well over 200 people and a spread out area I have managers that work for me but again it's a it's a pretty big area to manage and it takes a while to get used to it it takes a lot of your time and that's hence that's why it is not that hasn't been steady YouTube videos I'm very sorry for that because I should be making them even if I'm going in the car driving around I should be able to clip up a video and do it it's my fault I just wanted to keep you guys up up to date prepping again is still you know big part of what's going on here in this area in the Charlotte North Carolina area training is a big part my neck still bothers me from the accident that's going on two years now I try to work around it we have a grandson now so that takes time and so lots going on in life in general but it doesn't deter me from keeping tabs on what's going on politically and what's going on around the world events happening Wars rumors of wars earthquakes volcanoes natural disasters last night if you guys saw I woke up last night and I saw that New York City had a blackout and coincidentally on the e-40 two-year anniversary of the blackout of the great blackout of 77 1977 of which I experienced my dad worked in the in the city in the Bronx at that time and if you look on my channel I'd have posted a video on that talking about that event and so last night when I looked it's happened to click and saw CNA and they were covering it and I just saw that and I saw eyes but well how did that happen you know and I said first of all the mayor I think it was the mayor of New York or maybe the governor both of them are both socialists crazies but so either one of them probably gonna be lying when they talk to you when they speak in public so they said it was a manhole fire that knocked out a huge portion of the city sent I think it was a central portion of the city Midtown the area I don't believe it but it could it be maybe I don't believe it and on the eve of the actual lap out of 77 too many coincidences guys going on so but why I say that is people were caught off-guard people were stuck in elevators people are on the streets not knowing what was happening maybe there could have been I don't think there was any violence reported or people had time to start looting or whatever I haven't heard reports of that yet and it is it is right now but so would that have to be ready at a moment's notice if the lights go out the power goes out and you're home at your base or close to home at your base of operations that's fine but you're out and about traveling and the power goes out and Anarchy starts breaking loose or you know sometimes it's best to stay put depending on where you are try to figure out what's going on or you may have to skedaddle and get back home as fast as you can get out of the area if it's safe to do so so I want to talk about a lot of different things regarding prepping and also regarding what's going on politically with the with the border crisis that's going on I have a lot of comments I want to make on that it's got to be probably a separate video I don't think we're doing enough I don't think Donald Trump the president is doing enough I know he wants to build a wall and they're building sections of the wall but I don't think they're doing enough fast enough to stop the invasion that's taking place and make no mistake about it it is an invasion it's orchestrated it's been orchestrated around the world in different countries because they're trying to bring about this new system this new world order if you will and they're trying to bring down the sovereignty of nations and the United States is a the greatest nation if you will a sovereign nation supposed to be free nation and they'd love they'd love to bring us down a peg and make us just another country in their sector of operations so part of that is bringing in mass amounts of people flooding the system Cloward and kleban type overloading the system bringing down bringing it down just through mass overload demonizing the police and then eventually national the police you've seen it done in other countries there were a big country we have a lot of freedom still last time I checked we're still a free country but those freedoms are eroding daily there after the Second Amendment now they want to come after guns of course because their plans cannot really succeed with the population of large portions of the population being on but having access to arms and ammunition that's a no-no in a tyrannical state so we have that going on and the border crisis is a huge part of that it's being orchestrated by those in those in the shadows and then people are coming out of the shadows now and outwardly walking immigrants illegal immigrants over the water to show that they're they're compassionate and they care about people and about separating families you know they're so compassionate these people it just breaks my heart sometimes I tears this isn't a tear this is sweat but sometimes tears come to my eyes when I hear them talking about how compassionate they're and I just say to myself wow these people really are just wonderful these government officials and then you see there you look back at what they they're talking about and they're debating and you see the voting for killing killing children at birth and calling it what do they call whatever they call it pro-choice or the health care of the mother or the mother's choice and so at one side of their devilish mouths they're talking about separating families from themselves and immigrants and they just care so much on the other hand they're legalizing the killing of babies not in the womb which is being done but also outside of the room once they're born rightful turn and so these people are demonic they are demonic you must understand that they are not going to get better they can't be you can't shake hands with them across the aisle and meet them halfway these people have to be taken out voted out of office swept away and put on the sidelines or this country can never get back to where it needs to be even if Trump gets elected in 2020 which it looks like you will as long as there is no millions and millions of dead people voting and of course the illegal immigration and legalizing their votes they could definitely try to steal this election coming up that's what they're working diligently because they know they don't stand a chance in a general regular election and so with that you have to keep your eyes open because it's a full-court press right now on freedom it's a full-court press on freedom yes the economy is doing good and one hand this administration is creating jobs and creating advancement for those minorities that haven't had that under other presidents especially Obama who destroyed the system and he's not the only one presidents before him did the same thing and so on one hand we're doing better and we're going pushing along economically but on the other hand there are those on both sides of the aisle my friends that want to destroy what's taking place and although Democrats liberals socialists have their way of operation I kind of tend to blame more these lukewarm Republicans if you will will call themselves Republicans who don't do anything maybe once in a while they speak out or they they say something to get ratings or to get a magazine article or get on TV but they're really just lukewarm and typically when Jesus Yeshua talks about he he brandy to be hot or cold here either for him or against them lukewarm is not a place to be and so these people that are lukewarm in government think that they can you know play both sides of the fence if you will and be successful they are worse in my opinion than those that are out now telling you where they stand and we know you're a socialist we know which for great I know your platform but these other people is really who you have to watch out for they are like the hidden demons if you will they're trying to fool fool us and so then you have to be voted out as well and more we're a Christian nation so Christian people have to be elected that really adhere to values morals the Ten Commandments principles godliness in order to run this country the correct way the way we were found if you look back at our founding documents the Bible and morals and values was a huge part of this country becoming successful and so without that without government officials that have that moral compass of that moral base it can't be it can't be a successful Republican so that's what we have to watch out for because they're moving very very quickly to destroy us as a nation and I want to talk about that in subsequent videos but I do think we're being invaded I do think we need to have troops on the border I do think we have to have a show of force whatever that is it has to be a massive show of force plugging up areas where these people are coming over stopping it cold and then in the meantime building the wall and creating a more conducive area for the Border Patrol agents to patrol in to police correctly without being overwhelmed that's my view and that's what I think needs to happen if it doesn't happen we're going to be overwhelmed as a nation eventually there's people from all over the world are coming there from the southern border it's not just Mexicans it's not just Mexicans raising the flag over a nice nice outpost in Colorado it's people from all over the world it's terrorists it's Islamic terrorists it's Latin terrorists it's I'm sure there's regular people in there as well but if America is such a great Saint and like the world calls it why does everyone want to come we can't keep the open borders open and people pouring in by the thousands a day or a month or whatever it is whatever the exact number is it just can't happen I will be overwhelmed eventually you will not get your pension you will not get your Social Security you will not be tired in peace because we will have Anarchy in this country and we will be governed by people who want to use us as slaves basically destroy the middle class milk them as much as you can destroy the country and voila walk away and you have a Venezuela or a Cuba or some other cesspool of a nation that's been gutted by socialism and communism and so that's just my video update today guys I want to thank all the new viewers new subscribers I checked them so I've several new numbers going up even though I haven't put some videos out there I want to do a few videos on training and Firearms things of that nature there is another video I want to do on some crime sprees that are taking place where I was once lived in the Fort Lauderdale Broward miami-dade area crime that's going on right there right now I've had some people call me that I keep in touch with down there and there's some rampant pretty violent crimes going on and people that are already autumn to arming themselves even heavier because even armed people are being attacked in South Florida so keep that in mind when you walk around this weekend we are a free nation exercise your freedoms exercise your freedom your right to keep and bear arms to defend yourself and your family it's vitally important because our leader as many of our leaders would like nothing else than to see us disarmed defanged rolled over like a steamroller and just exists there's another country where they give you a handout tell you what to do you go about your business you don't bother anyone they don't bother you as long as you toe the line and do what they say that's not how to live your life that's not how you want your children and your grandchildren growing up that's not the kind of country that we are and we need to change it but we need to change it from grassroots level grassroots level not from the top down Donald Trump is not going to be able to save us he goes away after his second term and then what are we held what do we left so we have to look the long term we have to look long term grassroots effort get these people out of office dictate to them and let them know and let them hear our voices just like they like to let us hear their voices and they get away with with anything Patriots men and women of faith all races all people groups all colors doesn't matter you need to stand up for liberty you need to stand up for justice and righteousness life liberty and the pursuit yes that's what you need to stand for in this country and you need to make your voice heard and you need to let them know or we will be steamrolled as a nation thanks for watching take care stay ready more videos to come please comment interesting interested always to hear your comments and your dialogue that comes through and again I just wish great blessings upon you all my subscribers those who are watching this video and if you don't agree what I said I'd like to hear what you're thinking also ok thanks take care stay ready Anthony signing off

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  1. Glad to hear you on again. Good video. Hopefully you find a place with a little more room on the outside. Stay safe.

  2. Good to catch up with is going on in your life. I am so pleased to hear you and your wife are looking into buying a house. I imagine you both will be so happy you did. You have a very nice place so I bet it will sell quickly. We are in real estate with RE/ MAX and we also own a real estate auction company. My husband had the #1 team in our MLS last year and he was also #2 personally in our MLS. We both believe the market is going to go down soon (not sure how soon). This is a good time to sell. Prayers for your perfect new home.

  3. I have those exact mats under my power rack system in the basement. Had them for years and they are good as new… bombproof! And by the way, you are spot on – I couldn't agree more with what you are saying about the state of things in this country.

  4. I also never got a notification of your post. Good video thanks for the update Anthony. Stay safe out there.

  5. Glad to see your doing well Brother. Tell the truth, the HOA have been at the door with pitch forks and torches haven't they lol.
    Trying to secure your self a place with more room and land is a very good idea, give you more room and maybe grow some food, in the soil or container gardening. There's a ton of videos online.
    Sorry your neck is still giving you trouble, I shall pray for you. Good to see your still enjoying your job too.
    I am closer to home now, work about 1 hour away, so I can stay consistent at the gym too, it's a friend's contract and should be about 2 years worth of work. Wedding in September! Take care Brother, I will be in touch. Stay ready, stay safe

  6. You would not believe I have not gotten even 1 notification of your video's in the last few months. But I actually went to your channel yesterday. Thanks for your video's and hard work.

  7. Oh good to hear from you
    hey I'm also from Ft Lauderdale! However I bought a house in Tennessee because I see what's going on in this side and all the liberal states I need to prepare I need land I need to grow my own food raise my own animals so I got me 3-acres and house…
    Good luck with your home purchasing keep in mind we need to grow our own food buy something with land you can never go wrong

  8. Great to see you and thanks for update. I use horse mats for my power rack from rural king. Yep we get some scorcher summers in the East, especially here in WV due to the humidity. God Bless!

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