Cheryl is homeless in Burlington, Vermont. She is pregnant and currently couch surfing.

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  1. as soon as someone starts blaming everybody else for their problems they have issues.sometimes we have to take responsibility for our own actions

  2. She has a problem with not closing her legs. She has 1 kid already which she can't support. Now she's pregnant again!? WTF

  3. Serious consistent considered COUNCELLING the only hopefull way to turn this problematic person on the right road . Ultimately u win or u learn, to win again

  4. She talks really fast and strings her stories together. I feel bad for her. It would be great if there were a type of rehab for these people to provide assistance (and training), on how to be more responsible…make better life decisions and choices for themselves as well as vocational training. I did see where she said she got her license to be a home aide. I hope she can put that to use to get back on her feet. It just seems like her ability to make wise decisions is weakened. She needs help.

  5. Your all a bunch of votes nobody fores you to have sex. I,m homeless, and I don't, go around having sex with girls,wake up people are out to use you.

  6. (Everyone should be able to have their shelter to find the peace of mind eventually but…)

    I don't know how many things that she had to going through but she might need a shelter with good people around her.

    If she have met good people then, she would not have to explain bad experiences.

  7. Wht a Freakin wako this women go's from bad to worse hveing another kid with no wr to live how iressponsible can she possibly be WOW

  8. I'm sure she will be contacting the authorities after this interview claiming that you did something to her during this interview. She has a PhD in feminist Victimization from some mentally ill liberal college.

  9. money for crack omfg i can see it in your eyes, stop talking bs you are a alchaholic, due to lack of meth, self slap wake up, life isn't bs it's us who talk bs are you straight up or bs? you got sex used don't let the dork be your stork

  10. God bless her….but if she's not allowed to see her child than I think she's forgetting to mention her own addiction. Plus always in these high risk areas….how could you be that naive. I suppose I could be wrong and hope I am.

  11. She was in foster care as a child. Yes, many of foster kids have gone on to do well. But admit to yourself foster kids are at an emotional disadvantage having to deal with so much at such a fragile age. I had such an advantage over her growing up in a very stable middle class loving home environment. How can I quantify my advantage? …..I can't. I would have had to experience both lives to do this. 2 times the advantage? ….or maybe 20 times the advantage. Who really knows? Now its time to read comments from all those people slamming her that have walked in her size 4 kids shoes with her parent(s) and her day to day particular trauma as a kid.

  12. pregnant and homeless? get an abortion. you don't bring kids into this world when you don't have a pot to piss in and sleep on the sidewalk in some back corner. also, i don't buy her allegations of sexual assault.

  13. Where's Bernie Sanders? Isn't he just one big compassionate liberal who wants to help everyone? Or is he too busy flying around on private jets?

  14. This is what we have welfare and section 8 for.
    Don't want this? Stop getting pregnant and divorced. Single mothers are the worst parents.

  15. So what ur really saying is ur dumb and naive yea im convinced after that shit show of a story u just diarrhea,d out yo mouth jesus help u woman cause da devil got ur damn brain hostage chit

  16. Burlington, Vermont is my home.
    I was homeless here for awhile.. very common for people to sleep on the benches on and around church street! Hope sheโ€™s doing okay now.

  17. These people commenting, that it would have been her free choice to be sexual abused and molested- even as a child- should feel ashamed!! These who say, that she choose or lies about being molested and abused as a child are the only ones who are really insane here. Typing comments like "she's sick in her head", "she is just playing victim" or "I know she's a liar" is so much easier, than thinking to understand, right? Just picking on someone and trolling someone who literally lies on the ground, is so uneducated and pitiful. I really feel sorry for all these trolls and haters. I hope, soon all of them will find more important things to do in their life, than trolling and typing hate comments build on other peoples pain and misery.

  18. I notice most of the negative comments here are coming from MEN. What a shocker, pornified males having zero empathy for a woman raped from birth to age 8. Fuck all you men, I hope you all get Wournos'd one day.

  19. I am the woman in this video it's very sad that you guys are so narrow-minded that you have to post hateful despicable comments about me you have no idea what I went through in my life and when I was sexually assaulted I was 3 years old and how dare anyone say that I lied about being assaulted or any of the things that went on in my life and of course I have a phone how am I going to find a job if I don't have a cell phone first of all and second of all how would I even get out of my situation if I wasn't looking for a job and had a phone and trying to get on my feet you don't know anything about me and you don't know anything about my life so the people that said it was going to be dead in 6 months that said I was a horror that said all of these things about me that I was addicted to drugs I don't even smoke cigarettes so you need to get your facts straight and get it together because that's not accurate at all I'm a person that according to what I've been through in my life has been through unfortunate circumstances I suffer from depression PTSD and anxiety and I got labeled with disorders that I don't have and I am a smart individual and I am kind I'm caring loving and I'm loyal and honest and I don't appreciate people saying these things about me you don't even know me and how can you judge one day you might wake up and find yourself homeless people don't expect to be homeless and it's sad homeless people are people too what are you breathing some VIP air something

  20. to the zoo who do not know this woman she is amazing and has made it through a lot of things everybody doubted her but look where we are now we have a beautiful daughter and we have a place to stay Thank God f*** all the haters they can keep hating bitchez cuz we made it through our life

  21. actually I'm not on the streets first of all and second of all nobody asks for that to happen and third of all I was taking birth control when I got pregnant I didn't expect to get pregnant

  22. She has big knockers and isn't terrible to look at for most hard up guys in America these days. Are you really telling me she can ONLY find crackheads that abuse her???? She is articulate enough to work a regular Walmart day job. Something is up.

  23. When u grow up without a stable home family life it destroys ur self-esteem u look at all the other kids having a normal life from then on ur doomed u lose hope without even realizing it u self destruct yourself an become label go thru so much shit that u DNT know if u Gona live or die meaning u can suffer from depression so bad an go thru so much PTSD that u think death is the only way we need to start nurturing our people no one to deserve to feel or be less than because u wasnt fortunate enough to have a decent or middle class upbringing u see all those kids have family that nurture then guide them an show them the way not just look at them as a burden an throw them to the wolves we put to much on kids especially kids with out proper love support an guidance then they grow up to become unsuccessful adults you gotta invest in them while they r young just because she was in foster care DNT mean shit alot of kids r in foster care but r they getting the personal attention an guidance they need or have the emotional support that shit is tramatizing

  24. Im sorry but theres no way this American citizen suffering this bad if you ask me shes lazy. And America keeps blaming the illegals for jobs um no they work so hard to get where they want to be blah blah the whole time you holding up a sigh asking for help u can take that time to fill applications for employment. The difference is these homelaess ppl begging makes more money than most that are ILLEGAL or legal these people doesnt pay text but u know what illegals do pay taxes and these American citizens dont thats very sad America

  25. Hmmm maybe lay off dating for awhile and get on birth control. Not fair to the children. Nothing is her fault either. No responsibility for the multitude of poor choices made.

  26. Dude that is a straight drug attic that is trying to fucking get free money to do nothing with Bro why are you interviewing her WTFFFFFF FUCKING LIAR ๐Ÿคฅ

  27. Cheryl is the epitome of someone who gets chance after chance……..burns bridges …then blames it on everyone and everything that had nothing to do with her rampant sexual encounters with SEVERAL men in the area….I used to work street outreach in this community and Cheryl unfortunately has had tons of chances……she prefers to lie,steal,and scheme her way through life. She collects disability because apparently she is too mentally ill to work! The manipulation I've seen this individual display on several occasions ones is only rivaled by used car salesman with no moral compasses! Glad I found this video though!

  28. We care about their stories, not just the questions you want to ask them. Please let them talk for as long as they like and get their story out there before cutting them off…

  29. Being hungry when pregnant is actually the most horrible feeling in the world ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž this poor woman, I pray she gets the help she needs ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

  30. Watch how her eyes continuously dart back and forth. Obviously she has some sort of PTSD from the live sheโ€™s lived. God help us.

  31. I hope all became/becomes better for you. I hope your baby is well. I hope you can keep the baby in your tummy. Much love and many blessings for you.

  32. I lived in VT for 17 years . There is more help for the homeless there then anywhere. Go to COTS. Go to community action. She think it's bad there . Go to Alabama. Lol. They would tell her Get a Job. Go to San Francisco. " Get a number. ". Your next in 2 years. . When it snows . Call 211 . Free hotel room. I live in Alabama now. Cheaper..I can afford things better. But if my truck breaks down . I. Fucked. No COTS. NO COMMUNITY ACTION. . I miss VT. STOP messing with idiots. There is help there.

  33. People are one or two pay checks from being homeless. Itโ€™s impossible to rent a place if you are working a minimum wage job even if you work overtime. Unless you are renting with someone. ๐Ÿ˜“

  34. It's screwed-up that I've only ever been in Vermont one full day in my life, and that was back on Saturday, October 8, 2011. Look at the upload date of this video. I don't know if it was uploaded the same day it was recorded, but in any case, it's really something to think that I was there within at most a couple days of when this happened. As for some of the comments below, it really depresses the everloving hell out of me that these people comprise the majority of Americans. These clueless, thoughtless, heartless, ignorant comments are why this country is in the kind of shape that it's in. Maybe if we didn't have so many backward, regressive, knuckle-dragging people in our society, our country would be a kinder gentler place as I've always dreamed it could be.

  35. I'm pretty disturbed at the victim blaming & misogyny, and extreme ignorance about the domestic violence cycle going on in these comments. How does this woman making decisions you either dont like or might not made take away from the problem of how her former partners abusive behavior helped cause her homelessness? No person is abusive out the gate. And now you're going to lecture a pregnant homeless woman about hindsight? Y'all are sick.

  36. I pray that god will restore you and bring you peace and lots of love
    Restore now in Jesus name!!โค๐Ÿ’› all my love bless you ,

  37. I was homeless when I was 19 with her she's never changed been raped multiple times blah blah blah had plenty of chances she just likes the life

  38. Has she learned from her bad choices at all Seems like sheโ€™s snitching and canโ€™t keep her mouth shut and is surprised that bad things keep happening

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