Chhichhore | Official Trailer | Nitesh Tiwari | Sushant | Shraddha | Sajid Nadiadwala | 6th Sept

‘…where strangers meet
and become friends.’ ‘Friends forever.’ ‘And there is nothing
normal about them.’ They are scoundrels. Someone has abused you on your face How are you going to give
it back to him? With emotions… Friends who are rascals. What will you accomplish
by changing your hostel? You will stay in a better room. You will eat better food. But Bunty will still sleep
in your pants. Friends who you fall in love with. Don’t even think about her. – Why?
– Look. Look. You guys are such rascals. My mother thinks so too. Na�ve friends Why is he so nervous? Is he talking to a
girl for the first time? Are you okay? Friends who are pranksters. This one is specially for you, sir… …with love, Dulari. Dulari wears men’s undergarments? How would anyone know how she really is? Doesn’t matter. I haven’t washed it in two days. Friends with whom
you laugh and cry with… …but also learn about life with. Do we want to get
rid of this ‘loser’ tag? Yes! Can we win the GC this year? Yes! “What will you gain by worrying?…” “…you will die whilst you’re alive.” “Listen to this song… Sexa, you dropped your Bunty! Attack! “Start living…
because life is short.” Bloody losers! Your dad is a loser! But true friends are the ones… …who show no mercy in good times. But when difficult times arise.. Our son is not dead! …these same rascals are the
first ones to show up on your door. I never imagined we would have
a reunion in these circumstances. You started this story… …but we will finish it together. “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Let things run its course.” “Don’t worry, silly.” Guess who? Sexa uncle. You are a smart guy, Kammo. Thank God you got hit here, …and not here. Otherwise, that would’ve been a bummer!

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  1. Movies aapko wo dikhata hai jo typical average minded dekhna chahte hai…tab hi to uski marketing or earning hogi..JIS din reality dikhane LG jaye kamai hi khtm ho jayegi🤣Show called celebrities be like rupya kamane ke liyee koi jhut bolna hmse sikhee sikhee🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂In reality college is a place where u learn how to waste money nd tym,
    A place where u learn how to use each other for lust,
    A place where u will learn how to become frustate,
    A place where you learn how to destroy life,
    A place where you learn how to become zombiee😏
    Our APJ used to say education system must be like that it helps children to find their passion, it must be like that to develop entrepreneurship(leadership among youths but it becomes way of wrong marketing😒😒)

  2. Shraddha will be killing it in the coming weeks. 30 Aug – Saaho Than 6 Sept- Chhichore and how can we forget that Street Dancer is also coming really soon😍

  3. People here are amazed to see a single girl in the class, but my friends yes we exist we are from "mechanical" core 😂😂😂

  4. Pehle trailer dekha 10 sec me aisa laga ke student of the year jaisa shot karre lekin aage jab dekha tab laga chalo kuch toh logical hai

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