Chief Of Staff Admits Ukraine Aid Was Withheld, Trump’s Denials Of A Quid Pro Quo | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Trump: the buck stops he..uh, Rudy..uh, Mick..uh, Rick..uh, no collusion, no obstruction, no quid pro quo..and..uh..FAKE NEWS!!! Uh..Lisa Stock, uh..Struck..uh, Strick…uh..the two lovers!!!

  2. "Unlike Biden-Hillary-Obama" there was no "QUO QUO"! There is, however, a Kakistocracy. All of this is making us cray cray!!

  3. But you must connect the dots Sondland said the Quid Pro Quo was connected to both the server and barisma gas meaning Hunter Biden

    This is the most corrupt administration and president in American history

    Making matters worse Mulvaney said they do this all the time meaning Quid Pro Quo what other nations have the committed this type of crime with and how deep is Barr involved

    At present we must continue the impeachment investigation leaving the gop senate no option but to remove this president they should welcome this as Pence would have the opportunity to take this nation in a better direction

  4. So this admission takes us full circle back to Russian election interference in 2016. Did Trump exchange intel for a promise of lifting Russian sanctions?

  5. Mulvaney just defected.
    I think this stage in American history is going to make someone a lot of wealth in the face of a comedy about American politics 2016-20.
    I have the answer to why they are ecomimng out..they realised Trump is too dense to realise what they are doing they are all gonna come out silently but loud.

  6. John: "My heads about to explode! This is NOT how a scandals suppose to go!" So true! LOVE YOU MAN! 😂😂👍👍👍

  7. I am reminded of the folk tale of '"the boy eho cried wolf"! Not that I am happy or rejoice about their situations!! But, that is WHY WE SHOULD study, learn and research about any of our pilitical candidates and "WHERE" they ARE getting all of their campaign funds from!!! I am affraid that if this critical situation keeps and goes unchecked as well as hold those Republican house and senate elected officials and President accountable… We will end up, whether you like it or not, as North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba or in worst case scenario, as Russian subordinates!!! After all, Trump has, is and will continue on having a vwry sickening slave-like attitude towards his Sugar daddy Putin!!! Think I am wrong????!!! Just look to all his actions he has taken that have and woll benefit Putin's Russia!!!!! Wow!! I never thought I would live to see a United States of America president sell out our country, its people and its law of the land, our Constitution!!! And I would like to thank all of those people responsible for putting that orange orangutan looking president!! HE IS MANAGING OUR COUNTRY AS HE HAS ALWAYS DONE WITH ALL OF HIS PWRSONAL FAILED BUSINESS DEALINGS!!! EXCEPT for of those assets that he inherited from Daddy Trump!!! I believe is time for him(Trump) ti get his well deserved comeuppances!!! And some jail time will be the icing on the American cake for him!!! hehehehe!

  8. What kind of lawyer does not know the definition of blackmail? That is incredible. But it seems to be the way Trump controls his associates.

  9. Why all the debate about quid pro quo? The ASKING for foreign help is the impeachable offense. Quid pro quo is interesting BUT is not required. as a condition for impeachment. The White House is using this as a smoke screen to confuse the people., many of whom are easily confused.

  10. "Even if you accept Mulvaney at his word…" In the words of the immortal Daffy Duck, "Oh, no you don’t. (shakes head) Not again. (shakes head again) Thsorry."

  11. Trump and his band of misfits – profoundly corrupt. The people that still support this crook – stupendously stupid.

    Any questions?

  12. Trump and his band of misfits – profoundly corrupt. The people that still support this crook – stupendously stupid.

    Any questions?

  13. Trump and his band of misfits – profoundly corrupt. The people that still support this crook – stupendously stupid.

    Any questions?

  14. I do think everyone is missing the point of all the "smoke", it was to press the Ukrainian President to hand the Russians the Ukrainian gas fields. There are protests in the streets in Kiev? Is anyone going to report what is going on there?

  15. This was just another attempt by Trump to try and normalize his actions and his puppet Mulvaney was given the task of spewing his message in this BS presser. This is the only path Trump has at this point, Trump has been caught red handed and anyone that doesn't stand up and speak out against his crimes is a coward and will be treated as such when this all shakes out…Just sayin'

  16. The Main Stream Media are a bunch of cockroaches, because if they say something over and over again, does not make it the truth.

  17. So basically you can't believe anything from the White House! Of course everyone knows Trump always lies and now we know for sure that everyone there just parrots Trump's lies until they are proven false and then they all tell another lie and this goes on and on. Sick!

  18. Does the fact that its being admitted to on TV, rather than in a legal setting, negate its value in terms of impeachment/criminal sense?

  19. If I had a million dollars I would bet Trump that he doesn't know what quid pro quo means. Jeez, he barely understands English #shakedown

  20. America cannot have a leader who turns his back on Allies 😳
    America cannot allow their leader to work for Russia or Dictator countries
    America leaders have fought hard for this not to happen in America's country 😧
    If Trump and administration are not stopped America will be lost forever GOD BLESS AMERICA

  21. The way u ppl fall for the twisting and spinning that the media does is crazy🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ at first they said trump withheld the money…unless Ukraine investigated his political opponent Joe Biden….why would you give money to a corrupt regime??????

  22. … …

    You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they've tried everything else… …Winston Churchill …

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing… …
    Edmund Burke

    “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the
    comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is
    violating all his laws.”

    – John Adams

  23. The reason Nixon's colleagues were mainly loyal and Trump's are not is because Nixon was a loyal American and a patriot. Trump famously said he "Has words. The best words." Loyalty is not not among them.

  24. And when Mulvaney now says "once again the press is misguoting or misleading" or whatever …every news channel has tapes of the quotes of the white house lawyers saying they were Stunned and the DOSE saying …this is news to us. When are the Republicans going to realize not only is trump MENTALLY INCOMPETENT to be president but just straight up STUPID! 3MILLION more Americans voted against Trump!! the only reason Trump has Power is because of the Republicans!

  25. So the Bidens are above board and should be left to sell access to US policy? Where's your coverage on that? LOL…Read the transcript and stop getting your panties in a bunch. Bullet?

  26. im in the middle of trump country – they are all so misinformed , they hate the obamas and have no idea what trump is doing. all of them ive talked to are getting news from right wing propaganda and dont have an idea. when they do learn they blame hillary (i kid you not) and it just doesnt matter. these people are not only amoral, but they are not critical minded at all. their mental model is literally one of proto-fascist

  27. The movie of this won't come close to the Real thing smh 🤦🏾‍♂️. Witnessing the very thing the founders we're talking about. The president is a traitor and Russian asset. We'll be hearing the deets long after he's out of office and in jail

  28. you do NOT need quid pro quo period. he already violated federal law by simply soliciting a foreign country for his OWN gain versus the American public. i found this info pretty easily apart from any new source. you are a public official buddy you work for us not the other way around. get rid of this orange clown already and get rid of ANY senator who accepts money from big corporations. it's time.

  29. For all the Stupid Republicans and Confused democrats & unthinking independents that gave America POTUS Trump, just so you can have what you thought would be lower Taxes, and lower National Debt… Three years not one deficit watch dog has come out and talked about the increased National Debt! An Christian Right Wingers, how can you listen to your FOUL Mouth POTUS, your hatred has made you like blind mice, following the piped piper Trump…

  30. It looks like Trump is going to learn another new term. Maybe he won't struggle with it as much… "quid pro uh oh".

  31. Funny, when the "quid pro quo" was done to ascertain the truth, not some political agenda essential to the meaning of quid pro quo. This "quid pro quo" stands only because of the democrats eagerness far beyond reason, to smear the meaning of the phrase to include searches for truth.

  32. Jesus, this is absolutely unreal!!!
    C’mom thaaaaadaaaa!!!
    Can’t we demand these people get the f out of the Oval Office????
    Congress needs to send the FBI with handcuffs !!

  33. Trump is like a cornered rabid chipmunk, foaming at the mouth. And the republicans continue to defend the little fella. HA-ha

  34. Whenever criminal trump says "highly respected" he means: 100% corrupt, rotten to the core, despicable, money grabbing selfish ass0, highly unrespected by moral standards, a foul being, a nasty criminal, a crook.
    You are most welcome for this free translation ♡

  35. This is what happens when you elect a reality show host as president of the United States. He ran for president for sh*ts and giggles.

  36. There was no benefit ???It was an investigation ??? Witch Nancy will make it an impeachment article ????
    Biden  side steps  questions  about the time line and for reason 
    In 2014  Joe admitted and boasted to EXTORTING   Ukraine  under the  orders of OBAMA  ???
    In January 2017  the DON took  office 
    When the DON found out about the CRIME of EXTORTION  he had the DUTY/ OBLIGATION to investigate  regardless  if Joe was a political rival 
    or who he sent to investigate  ?? 
    Joe lost his political immunity when he committed the crime ???
    Nancy has  this as one of her Impeachment  articles

  37. Once again you have a Corrupt,Fake News reporter lying about what Mulvaney said during press conference!!THERE WAS NEVER A "QUID PRO QUO",THE CORRUPT MEDIA KNOWS IT,but still reports made up garbage to destroy the President for the CORRUPT LYING DEMOCRATS!! UKRAINE AID WAS NEVER WITHHELD,BUT THE CORRUPT MEDIA WILL KEEP LYING TO PUSH THE LYING NARRATIVE of Pelosi and Schiff!!

  38. Trump-Pence were essentially STEALING $400 MILLION from Taxpayers to force Ukraine to help his own election (stealing the votes of US voters btw)!

  39. The president ordered Nikki Haley to extort nations in the U.N. to vote with him or lose foreign aid or she acted alone but no one in congress or the senate seemed to mind that kind of quid quo pro by our inept inexperienced Trump Clone ambassador to the United Nations .

  40. More fake news.

    President Trump investigating the Russia collusion hoax which was perpetrated by members of the DNC, the CIA, the FBI and the swamp's corrupt fake news media cannot be illegal.

    Also, the president investigating possible corruption by a former Vice President cannot be illegal.

    In their efforts to protect the swamp the swamp's fake news media is spinning this as "digging dirt on someone who will be a political opponent in the 2020 election" when what was actually happening was the president investigating possible corruption already carried out by a former Vice President during his tenure as Vice President. The president said nothing about "digging dirt…" That is. a fabrication. of the swamp's fake news media.

    Further it would have been foolish for president Trump to ask the CIA and the FBI to investigate those matters when those two organisations were working with the DNC and the swamp's fake news media to undermine his presidency and impeach him from the day he was elected.
    The president was correct not to trust the CIA and the FBI because those organisations were co-conspirators in the Russia collusion hoax

    The USA owes president Trump a debt of gratitude.

    He is the real whistle blower.

    He has revealed the comprehensive corruption of the political and media personalities in the swamp.

    The best thing that the DNC can do for America is impeach President Trump so that a trial in the senate can reveal the utter corruption of the DNC, the leadership of the FBI and the CIA and the corrupt fake news swamp media.

  41. Need his communication from the white house counter Intel. Server. to see if it's a high security matter are something else before it get worst.

  42. Why does Matt Miller look like he stepped out of the Twilight movies? The pale skin, the vampire widows peak… If he walked into the sunlight, I think that boy would sparkle.

  43. I was told if you ever commit a crime, do not tell anyone. Especially someone reall really dumb. What is Lindsay Graham going to say now. "what about Benghazi, emails, server"

  44. The Scottish call trump a foolish windbag, a spoiled child that should have had his bum smacked, and he brags about his country? Lol! They dont want him either. But hes too stubbornly stupid to see it.

  45. Trump has made the US a vassal state to a weak country. He has sold the US to Russia for some personal reason, most likely forgiveness of his enormous debts.

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