Chinese President Xi Jinping backs Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam amid ongoing protest

There are some meetings where you would just
love to be a fly on the wall. And Monday was one of them as Hong Kong leader
Carrie Lam met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Shanghai. It was their first face-to-face since the
pro-democracy movement erupted in Hong Kong some 150 days ago. For more on this and other news around the
world, let’s turn to our Kim Da-mi. Da-mi, do we know what Lam and Xi had to say
to each other? Connyoung, Chinese leader Xi Jinping once
again backed the Hong Kong leader, expressing his “high trust” in her and “fully affirming”
her hard work to restore order in Hong Kong. China’s official Xinhua news agency reported
on Monday that the two leaders met face-to-face in Shanghai on that day. In the first formal sit-down between the two
leaders since June, Xi reiterated to Lam that she has Beijing’s trust in terms of the work
that still needs to be carried out. The Chinese president also said Hong Kong’s
top priority should be on clamping down on the violence and chaos and restoring order. Lam is also scheduled to meet with Chinese
Vice-Premier Han Zheng in Beijing on Wednesday. The rounds of meetings with senior Chinese
officials are seen as President Xi’s way to show his backing for Lam amid the escalating
tensions. Another indisputable factor now is that the
Chinese-ruled city will soon invoke and enforce much stronger policies to crack down the pro-democracy
movements. In fact, China pledged last week to tighten
control over Hong Kong and Macau, particularly when it comes to national security issues. More than 3-thousand Hong Kong citizens have
been arrested since the beginning of the protests in early June.

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  1. Pro-Beijing lawmaker applauds Triads –
    Throwing blue dye on journalists & mosque –
    Indonesian reporter hit in eye by police –
    Police bullying and beating bystander –
    Masked men with bats attack –
    Ambulance kidnapping –
    Beaten up after police release –
    Man tackled randomly –
    Hong Kong protester leader attacked with hammers –
    Hong Kong singer surrounded by police for singing –
    Police pepper-spraying directly in the eye –
    Fireman surrounded by police –
    Police shooting at fleeing crowd –

  2. Hong Kong and South Korea are alike. Replacing Carrie Lam with another Chief Executive will not instantly rectify the systemic and institutional problems that took decades in the making. Replacing President Moon or Princess Rapunzel with another politician will not make Koreans less unhappy about their current plight and the national wealth gap. Lawless violence and wanton destruction will not lift Hong Kong youngsters out of their current hopelessness. Similarly, not even all the cosmetic surgeries in the world will make Korean less unhappy about their politicians. And just like Hong Kong, the problem in Korea is systemic and institutional which can only be fixed thru systemic and institutional reforms.

    The great writer and playwright Yi Mun-yol was right on the money in saying that after Koreans achieved western democracy, Koreans have forgotten how to be happy. Hongkongers should take heed.

  3. Lol right. This dude wants her gone because the is a huge embarrassment and shame for china . You have people with chinese faces that would rather die that live under China's dictatorship and rule…now that says a whole lot…

  4. Still believe in the God of the bible? There is a God I am sure, but it's not the old grandfatherly man in the sky, it's a life force which is indifferent to good or evil. No one can save HK.

  5. South Korea better join all of us in Asia, grow and prosper together. I heard from a program that says US is now trying to ask South Korea into joining them in future military operations. This is death trap. Look at US history, how they treat their friends and foes and the no. of betrayal they had committed. The recent case.The Kurds.

  6. Only neighbours can help u, not someone across the other side of the world which has a atrocious record of creating division and conquer. Remember how George Soros attack Asia during financial crisis and destroy what S. Korea and others have built up for decades. When your S. Korea business share price fall to the lowest, who come in and swoop up those shares. Now, most of your big companies in S. Korea have foreign capital controlling the fate of the company. S. Korea, how do u get out? By working with neighbours, instead of fighting.

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