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  1. With the Heria app release, I though, such a great pontetial! But it had a lot of crucial bugs, 1) some workouts turning out white when starting 2) timer was twice as fast when I did a workout 3) no way to click DONE when uploading profile image etc. Lots of small things that all app developers should fix after the first release. So without any updates on the Appstore for a long time, I checked, no releases for 3 months. Even contacted Binary Mango to ask why it took so long. They explained Heria are now working on the app in-house. That explains it!
    Are you even planning a release or is it the same lousy standard as with the THENX app? Start regretting becoming a Pro user…

  2. Ok Let's do it this time…. Stopped doing it after starting two times…Not this time… Thank you thenx team 😇😇

  3. Chris I don’t know if you will see this or anyone in general I’m a teen and I want to try to lose weight so I look better and feel better are there any tips of what should I do and not do since I’m still growing etc.

  4. You are a profi, Chris. Not everybody can make money with calisthenics… All people watching your videos should keep that in mind. In my opinion there has nothing be to be improved with your body for a long time since you make videos. I am doctor and I know about body-problems. The "western style" of living has degenerated – the fat-problem of people just mirrors that fact. Most people don't live a human life…

    So, addressed to the video-consumers, keep that in mind. Chris is the other extreme of the normal fatty citizen. But very inspiring, of course. Staying on some percentage of his way will serve your healthy most. Be in flow with yourself, exercise your "introception" and you will get to know what is the best for you.

    People from all over the world are watching this. Keep also in mind that you live in different climatic and time zones. Your work should be adapted to this fact, also your diet.

  5. 2019!!! Will be my year!! Ive signed up for a gym,ive gotten the habit of eating a lot healthier! I feel im on the correct way! Lets go

  6. I’ve a flabby tummy. But my other body part is fine. I only run 5km everyday.

    So my question is, if i start doing your workout, should I start bulking or just cutting carbs n sugar intake?

  7. I'm doing a 30-day-challenge right now and it's true, it's hard sometimes to stay persevered. I'm glad you remind me to stay true for yourself, for what i have promised myself. Having somebody to workout with would make it a lot easier, though, but this shouldn't be an excuse to stop. I have to keep going!

  8. you are definitely the best. i watch this video i’m telling to me « what a strenght »i want to be able to do that!! Thank you Chris to motivate me all days.

  9. Chris I want to do the 30 day challenge I've been working out without results and I weigh 171 I'm athletic and want to be able to do what you do cause I know I can I'm 36 years old i downloaded the app starting tomorrow

  10. Me: I think today is gonna be a rest day
    Also me: Watches this video
    Also me: Ok you know what, screw it I’m going to the gym!

  11. You remind me the proud prince of all Saiyans Vegata Sama with is mentality to be the best and go to the next level. i think to have Goku like rival was a source of motivation for him.

  12. I want to do a workout session with you bruhhh I love the way you create your each and every videos Mann 😊😊😍😍 I have even downloaded ur all videos and deleated all the other stuff from my phone storage .on the basis of the motive to transform my body by your videos only BRUHH 😊😊..isn't it interesting…..😁😁😰

  13. One should never compromise what got them to their current success.

    Perhaps it's time to hire people to do the other tasks and grow your business, while you get to live your passion of training like a beast. Afterall, it's an invesment and the return value might be worth it on the long run 😉

  14. Wassup, Chris? I just wanted to ask you whether we could select certain exercises from many of your videos about shredding cardio that have very little impact on the knees or anyone at all, or the ones that don't require us to put the weigh on the fists, and it still be effective? See, I want substantial body changes, I don't want superficial bullshit, but I absolutely don't wanna do crazy things or any calisthenics – even though what you do is very impressive, beautiful to watch and inspiring. But, the thing is I just wanna be fit and hot for my Everything and myself, that's all! What you do is awesome, keep doing it, and your sound is dope!

  15. I do want to try this i have done it since i was in the army. But now medical problems get in the way but i keep trying love working out.

  16. I did 2 30 days workout challenges and now i feel that i just cant continue. I haven't improved (was hard and still hard). Any 1 got any advice?

  17. So I’m just beginning my life journey only question I have is do I make a rest day so my muscles can heal or do just beast mode it?

  18. OK that's it, I have my rest day but I WANT to train right now when I watch your videos man. My legs are burning from yesterday but this is just gr8.. Time to do what I love, train <3

  19. Where is the app? What is the app doing ? 0, absolutely no useful information. Don't wast you're time like I did.

  20. Hard work payed off and Is paying off more by the day. Super Kool motivation. I lost 95 lbs in 10 weeks. I used to be a fat powerlifter and have changed my eaten and lifestyle and wanna be awesome like the Thnx Team with Calistenics.