Christiane Amanpour – An In-Depth Look at Passion and Intimacy on “Sex & Love Around the World”

Please welcome
Christiane Amanpour. (cheering and applause) -(laughs)
-Welcome back to the show. -Thank you. -It’s always good
to have you here. -Popping in…
-I’m gonna unbutton like you. -Oh, this is… Oh, you can do
whatever. -Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. You always look stylish.
Uh, popping in from the U.K. Here for a little bit.
Um, this is interesting because every time I see you, -we-we talk about the news.
-Yes. You’re deeply entrenched
in the news. But this is a different series. Can I still talk to you
about the news? -You can. Yeah.
-You… -It’s been a crazy news day.
Right. -It has. Uh, Robert Mueller
subpoenaing Trump’s businesses. -The whole organization.
-The whole organization. With focus on any documents
to deal with Russia business. So l-let me ask this.
What happens if Mueller just finds
that it’s money laundering? Does he walk away? Uh, I don’t know.
I don’t think so. -Everybody’s saying follow
the money. -Follow the money. -Yeah. -Except Trump. He’s like,
“Don’t follow the money. -Nothing to see here.”
-Well, I did like your-your wonderful profile of his new chief economic
advisor. -He’s a fascinating man,
isn’t he? Kudlow. -Yeah. -My favorite is
the “there’s no bubble. -Yeah. There’s no recession.
There’s no crisis.” -(cackles) Let’s hope…
-I feel like that’s… (laughter) (applause) -Oh… -Let’s hope he’s not the
new North Korea negotiator, huh? -Oh, man. “There’s no nukes.
There’s nothing.” -Yeah. Um, let’s talk about the series,
’cause this is different -and this is…
this is interesting. -Yes. Yes. I feel like this is you
doing a passion project. -It is. Yeah. -Stepping out
of the news and going, “I want to focus on sex
and life.” -What is the series about?
-First of all, I had to try to focus
on something to give me some respite from the stress
of the times we live in, right? -I can… I can understand.
-So you can understand that. Um, and I just
was really fortunate to have come up with this idea
to have basically persuaded and had
this wonderful conversation with Anthony Bourdain
of Parts Unknown. -Right. -You know him very well.
He’s on CNN. And we decided that this was
a great conversation to have. And you can see I’m a little bit
awkward as it starts. There I am at a table, saying,
“So, how’s sex?” -You know, I mean,
it’s not the most… -Right. -not the most profound question.
-Right. However, it’s very much fun. This whole series
and all the different cities around the world
is a lot of fun. And, importantly, uh, again, relative to one of
your previous segments just now, -these women are not shafted,
so to speak. -Right. These women are not victims. These are the women
who I found around the world in all these cities, um,
even with restrictive norms around women, their lives,
their sexuality, who are actually trying
to change the dynamic and want to take their own
happiness into their hands and don’t want to live
their mother’s lives, -where everything was arranged.
Marriage was arranged. -Right. You know, they had to do
everything according to the family
or according to the man. And that-that is something
that makes the series different, -is that it really is
a celebration -Yeah. -of women controlling their
sexuality -Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah. within their different
parameters around the world. And-and it’s interesting
to see the dynamic. -‘Cause you go
to different cities. -Yes. You speak to different women. One thing
that really fascinated me was -when you spoke about going
to a war zone, -Yeah. going to a war zone
and speaking to wives and lovers and saying, “How do you maintain
your love and your sex in the midst of a war?” ‘Cause
you-you don’t think of that. -I know. -Like, we-we see
something happening in Syria. We forget
that somebody’s smashing. Exactly.
(chuckles) That is what actually inspired
me to do the series. -That very question
about those very people. -Right. Because all my career,
I have done extreme reporting in extreme conditions. So I’ve-I’ve watched
the human condition in the most extreme
circumstances. And they’re, you know,
worried about survival, worried about, you know,
feeding their children, -worried about staying alive,
this and that. -Right, right. And I thought, “But, you know
what, there is another side to the coin
of the human condition.” And that side is happiness.
It’s, uh, love. It’s intimacy, it’s sex, it’s… How do women, especially
in these parts of the world, actually express
their most basic needs? -Right. -How do they ask
for what is their right? Why do we all have the right
to the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment and all the rest
of it and they don’t? In-in Japan, it’s interesting,
because you-you don’t just talk about the women
who are unfulfilled -but you talk about a culture
where they’re struggling -Yeah. right now, because, you know,
you talk about in the series, I think it’s 40% of Japanese men
are virgins. -Yes. I mean,
it’s extraordinary. -And… Right. And many men and women
have never touched. -Yeah. -They don’t touch
in public. They don’t know how to communicate.
And so sex is on the decline. It’s so on the decline
and it’s a very taboo subject and they don’t have words
for “I love you” -or they don’t use those words.
-Wow. And there’s a lot
of really poignant in-interviews in the Tokyo episode, which
you just, uh, saw a clip from. And at the end of this program,
this episode, we have this fabulous couple
who want to buck this system and buck this trend.
And they’ve created this thing called
the Adoring Husband Society, where, regularly,
the husband has to go and stand and shout and bellow
“I love you” to their wives. -And, you know what, it works.
-That’s-that’s what they have -to do?
-Yes! As well as other things. -But you start by doing that.
-Wait, so-so they just… you just… you walk out and
then you’re like, “I love you! -I love you! I love you!”
-Yes! Yes! Yes, yes! -Watch the show. It’s amazing.
-And then… and then you smash? Yeah, what is this “smash”? (laughing) Thank you so much
for being on the show again. Sex and Love Around the World
premieres March 17 at 10:00 p.m. on CNN. Christiane Amanpour, everybody.

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