Coldplay – Daddy (Live in Jordan)

( music playing ) Won’t you? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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  1. i have a dad ,but i have never been talking to him for years . i think that we got problems between us since i became a gay .

  2. Ты самый тот который делает то что не возможно это музыка пускай все слушают

  3. This one goes out to you too, Kobe. And for every dad out there, fighting your hardest to be the best dad you can be. Simple lyrics, Chris, but it's beautiful because of the truth it tells in its simplicity.

  4. This song is profound from the heartbeat intro to the familiar childlike, xylophone chimes before the end of the song. I personally feel that this song speaks to the victims of the deadbeat fathers out there, who abandoned their families for selfish reasons. "And Daddy it's my birthday" sums it all up.

  5. Simply the best Band in the Universe. Following you since 2001 and considering your concert the best in my life. Love you guys, your music is the best and I have cried with many of your songs, including this one. I love my dad!

  6. Listening to this song i remind myself that one day we have to say goodbye and set apart with our parents,friends,brothers,sisters and so on.And of course it is so sad and heartbreaking .But i believe in that one day we all will meet with each other again.Thanks COLDPLAY 😚😚

  7. My best friend just lost her dad a month ago, joining her mom in Heaven. And she always says that she's okay. I know she is and she always be.

  8. I miss my girl really much.she s not with me..i leave her in her age of 5.Someday somehow she will understand. I always hope and i pray that shes ok..cant help but cry with this song..

  9. Man my dad passed on 29th of march 2013 and my birthday is on 15th of april, that was my first birthday without him and the most painful one , so the line Daddy its my birthday hits so damn hard Please the people with dads you guys are damn lucky so enjoy it man cos life is so unppredictable especially after kobe so

  10. Mi papá me dejó a los 10 años e hizo otra familia 👪 y cuando recibió la herencia de mis abuelos paternos ni si quiera fue para llevarnos un $1 todo se lo gastó con su nueva familia. Yo trabajé desde los 12 años cargando cajas etc en la lluvia ☔ y siempre soñé en que un día se arrepentiria y me buscará sin embargo esto nunca sucedió 😭

  11. Daddy, its been just 38 days without you and i feel like its forever. I still think that you will come home someday. I miss you daddy and i love you.

  12. This song makes me sad as I am in high school and an acquaintance of mine and her family came home to find her father unconscious on the couch, he ended up dying while she was doing cheerleading at a football game for school. And 4 days later this song was released and I ended up sending it to her and she was so happy. This song will make me think of all of that for the rest of my life.

  13. Pah.i love you.
    Inget pas papah mau makan tahu tempe gunting pelabuhan lama…
    Kitanya cerita cerita tanpa batasan
    Aku tanya semua ttg hidup
    Dan papah jawab sebisa papah,kan?
    Kangen bicara apa adanya ttg hal yang aku rasain sekarang pah…
    Pasti papah marah dan benci bgt karna aku bukan lagi anak gadis papah yang polos…
    Miss you pah

  14. Duele… duele… duele… el corazón está quieto en ti Padre.., te necesitamos tanto!! Bendita canción que dejó caer lágrimas en mis ojos de esperanza para el mundo!

  15. How I disappointed that the album haven't the big success even it may have the best message someone can sent

  16. i have this love hate relationship with my dad. hearing this song makes me cry because I dont know how to speak with my dad. I just hope he is really changing himself for better so that he will learn how to love us. please pray for my family!

  17. Está melodía y letra de la canción me tocó el alma, Coldplay son los mejores… Cada estrofa me hacen pensarte papito, unos de mis pilares, te extraño cada día de mi vida!!! Un abrazo al cielo pa.. mi único consuelo, es saber q algún día nos reuniremos ❤❤❤

  18. My dad ran away and has been missing for years now. Still affects me to this day. This song came on my spotify today and I knew it was him giving me a sign. He's out there somewhere. I haven't seen him since I was 6 years old. I'm 25 now. This song seems like it was written directly for my experience without him. Just watched the music video and realized the videos were released a couple days before my birthday. This has to mean something. Coldplay you guys will always remain one of my favorite bands. Thank you.

  19. "look dad we have the same hair, oh daddy it's my birthday" i think that's the line to connect with everyone… and everyone cry with that

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