Coldplay – Orphans (Live In Jordan)

( music playing ) Yeah! Hey, boys, listen up. ( music playing ) Yeah, let’s go, let’s go.
Come on. ( music playing ) – Yeah!
– ( screaming ) ( cheering ) Hey, thank you, everybody.

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  1. Meu Deus vocês são demais ! Incrível ! Que Deus abençoe muito vocês ! Levam alegria e amor por onde passam ! 🙏🏻🤩🤩🎶❇️🎉🎉🎊🎊🎇🎇🎆🎆

  2. Beautiful! This must be the first time a world renown artist/band has highlited (in a song) the situation for all the thousands of children and young people who lost their homes, parents and relatives in the gruesome syrian wars…

  3. I tear up everytime I hear this song. I had a friend who was blown apart during the Syrian civil war, and her kids wandered for miles before being shot. It's crazy to think that was 9 years ago.
    Spread love, not hate my friends.

  4. 준은 나 엘레나 야 무슨 일이 있었는지 용서해주세요. 이 메시지가 표시되면 답장을 보내주세요 ..

  5. Man… I don't know why but i cried when listening to this. It feels so inspiring.
    You don't need a perfect voice to make beautiful songs. It's the stories and the messages within the song that makes it beautiful

  6. I hear and follow and adore coldplay since the first albúm , this music is fabulous , but i dont abandon the coldplay like do it the first fans that became furious criticians of coldplay and probabibly now are making great honors again, when i like i like always even when the music i or the album is not my prefer or dislike a litlle., Coldplay make an evolution wich is artists with intellenge and sensibility to change their music with their experience and emotions , music is produced with soul and feelings, they change with the life , they not get the same 50 years , love you coldplay , sofia from portugal.

  7. was in love with this song already, just seen this video. Coldplay videos and concerts always unprecedented, the vibe is just something else

  8. At the end he is laughing while they are jumping on him, if that was other people like travis scott he would be pushing them away that just shows his amazing caring character

  9. i wish all the middle east kids could enjoy life and be happy as these kids, its really sad when children are bombarded in their sleep.

  10. Posted 3 months ago and only 2.5m views. This should be hitting close to 100m.

    Same YouTube that promoted gangnam style couldn't promote this awesome and relevant song.

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