Commonwealth Games 2018 (राष्ट्रमंडल खेल 2018) – Important  MCQ for SSC, Banking, RRB

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Hello Friends my name is Abhijeet Mishra and I’m here to talk about a topic in Current Affair, if you talk about exams, one question in your exams from Current Affair is about sports which comes for 1 or 2 marks. Any important sports event happening near you will come in exams. This time the biggest Game is Commonwealth Game 2018, which you can see here. We will talk point to point about what type of Commonwealth Games question comes in your exams. But let’s talk about its History. what type of questions can come on Commonwealth, like 1st question when did commonwealth started in 1930 and where did it start in hamilton, Canada. You have to remember this. At that time 11 country had participated. Before the name of the Game was British Empire Game and then it was changed to Commonwealth Games. You have to keep this in mind that Commonwealth Games happen in 4 years so now what type of question will come in exams? Right now Commonwealth Games with be 2018 but question can be made from 2014 and 2022 so 1st we will talk about Commonwealth Games 2014, where did it happen and what questions can be made? So Commonwealth Game 2014 you can see that on the slide, where did it happened in Glasgow, Scotland. One more thing you have to remember in this is medals list and what we have to study in medal list? You have to remember 2 things in medal list. 1st which country toped and what is India’s rank? So Commonwealth Games 2014, happened in Glasgow. You have to pay attention on its motto, you will see it in the slide. The motto is People Place Passion and you have to learn this. Now lets talk about medal list, So England Topped with 174 medals in commonwealth Games 2014. let’s talk about India, India was ranked 5th with 54 medals in which 15 was Gold medal, 30 silver medal and 19 was Bronze medal which you will see here. So we talked about 3 thing on Commonwealth 1st about its motto, 2nd where did the even happened and 3rd we talk about medal list. This are all question that can be made. Question can also be made about where Commonwealth Games 2022 will happen? We will talk about that later. Right now we are going to talk about Commonwealth Game 2018 and what type of question can be asked on this topic. 1st question, if we talk about previous question chances are very less compared to 2018 Game question in your exams. The 1st question can be made that which country or city will be the host for Commonwealth Games? So the name of the city is Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It will appear on the slide, you have to learn this. 2nd point is motto what is the motto of Commonwealth 2018? Well, the answer to this is Share the Dream. What was our 1st question which city hosted the Games, and the answer was Gold Coast city, country Australia. Now next question is motto and Share the Dream is the motto. Now let’s talk about 3rd question national. How many country participated in this Games and the answer is 71 country Nations. You will see all the data on the slide which you have to learn. 4th question can be on Opening Ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2018 which was on 4th April 2018 and Closing Ceremony was on 15th April 2018. So in between 4th April to 15th April Commonwealth Games happened. They question maybe asked about the range of the dates 4th to 15th , 5th to 16th , so you have to learn this 4th to 15th the game was completed. Next question can be made on Stadium like in which Stadium did this games happened? So the answer to this question is Carrara Stadium Australia, Which you have to learn. Next question can be made on how many Athletes participated in the games? The total Athletes participated is 6,600. Which edition, Commonwealth Games 2014 was the 20th edition and commonwealth Games 2018 was 21th edition and the next will be 22th edition so you have to learn all the edition. One important question What is the Mascot of Commonwealth Games 2018? The Mascot is Borobi you can see the figure on the slide which you have to learn. Each year some new games are introduced and this year 3 games was introduced 1st Beach Volleyball, 2nd Para Triathlon and 3rd is Women Rugby. These are all the newly introduced game which can come in your exam. Now let’s see what is the most important question in Commonwealth Games till now? The most important question can be made that in which country or city will host Commonwealth Games 2022 which is 22th edition? The answer is Birmingham, England, you have to learn this too. Now we will talk about 2018 Medal list. Here I have given you list of 5 country. You just have to remember 2 thing, who Topped and what is the rank of India? And this time Australia bhas Topped. India has also given a great performance and after 2010 this this the best performance of India. You have to learn this medal list shown on the screen. So friends this was our video based on Commonwealth Games. Whatever information you get from here is for your own good. If you like this videos, please like and share and subscribe. Thank You!!

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