Consumption driven GDP growth, Is it good or not good for Indian Economy? Current Affairs 2018

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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  2. Madam the income generated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir will comes under India's GDP or Pakistan's gdp

  3. The lecture is not as bad…as what I seen in comment sections… Pls make more videos on economics

  4. Thank you ma'am. Your economy lectures are helping me a lot. Your professional approach towards topics is laudable.

  5. सारंश ये है की सरकार ने आय आधारित सकल धरेलू उत्पादन की गणना को इसलिए छोड़ दिया क्योंकि आय लागातार कम हो रही है। जिसका प्रमाण ये है औद्योगिक उत्पादन गिर रहा है, निर्यात घट रहा है। लेकिन लोग जीवन के खर्च तो करेंगे और वो खर्च कर रहे है कर्ज लेकर ( लगभग तीस फिसदी ) और सरकार जो है तो आकड़े दिखा कर आप का मुह बंद कर ही देगी।

    ये फायदा होता है किसी ( devil's lawyer ) वकील को वित्तमंत्री बनाने का की आप की कमियों के लिए वो उस अवधारणा को बदल देता जो कहती है आप मे कमी है। वाह वाह मोदी वाह!

  6. thanks a lot, keep updating us on indian economy with good insight
    please, provide all your videos at one place
    it is very tedious to find your previous videos

  7. My heartly request to all those people who always comments negative about teacher and her explanation.. I think that nobody is forcing you to watch the videos of her but at least you should respect and motivate others , rather than commenting the bad stuffs about her .
    You people have a doubts with this free education but you have no doubts where you R ready to pay lacs of rupees in the coaching Institutions to sit in tidy suffocating congested rooms and to listen teacher without arguing anything. There you are ready to listen from a teacher whosoever is offered to you but on the study IQ platform you people are writing bad about teachers and demotivate the teacher by commenting wrong about her voice , explanation , her language stuff etc .. shame on you

  8. Will somebody plzz jot down the crux of this video..I can't understand her accent….so plzz if any one

  9. Prasant Dhawan is best …. plz dont bring this kind of lady who dont khow how to present a topic in front of us.

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