Conway: Dems have proved the Mueller report is irrelevant

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I seriously want to see USMCA signed on the Presidents desk, but please Mr President I implore you, tell Mitch McConnell you will not sign it until after a Senate impeachment trial. Make the Senate get Hunter Biden to lie under oath. Make Joe Biden lie under oath, and make Adam shiff for brains lie under oath about his relationship with the whistleblowers.

  2. The Mueller Report was and is PROFOUNDLY RELEVANT – and it put SEVERAL PEOPLE in prison – as well as PROVED obstruction of Justice by The President of The United States at LEAST TEN TIMES. As well as other crimes. The profound insanity – irrationality and delusional nature of FauX News PROPAGANDA is astounding. AND the fact that people actually believe it is clear empirical evidence of the mass psychosis – fugue state and stockholm syndrome of tens of millions of people running around in this Country – free – and not in prison or mental institutions.

  3. It's so sad….all of the great things this President has done for ALL Americans; strengthening and supporting our military, standing up to countries around the world who have been taking advantage of the United States for years, standing up to our enemies, boosting the economy and creating jobs at record levels, securing our borders, sticking up for the unborn, protecting our right to bare arms and defend ourselves, creating more opportunities for minorities to support themselves than any other president…I could go on…and all these whining, socialist, hypocritical Democrats want to do is find any ridiculous, unethical, and fabricated reason to impeach him.

  4. There are only two types of Trump supporters. Those that don't know anything about him, or they do know and don't care. That literally means they're either ignorant and uneducated OR as bad for America as he is. Are either of those things something you could be proud of?

  5. Why don't they split screen of his old self posted up in bed watching so she can see if she's pleasing him? "Held court" Ms. liar mouth?Again they are NOT ROYALTY. AND UKRAINE HAS STILL NOT GOTTEN THE WH MEETING. Russia did though just last week. Grifter criminals.

  6. The GOP is letting us know how filthy the swamp really is. Just because they take an oath to obey and support the Constitution, they believe they don’t really have to, it is all a joke.

  7. THE LEFT is trying to make as much noise in the media as possible with their Fake Impeachment to cover up Trump's accomplishments and their corruption scandals. It's not even about Impeachment, but about smearing Trump's name in the media, while he's winning

  8. The President, Vice President and

    all Civil Officers of the United States,

    shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”
    — U.S. Constitution, Article II, section 4

    You see that ?

    all Civil Officers of the United States,

    Time for impeachment of the corrupt Democrats. Trump will do this. Remember you read this here.

  9. No, just saving the the Muller Report for the second IMPEACHMENT! He will continue to commit more crimes before the 2020 Election and he will be Impeached again!

  10. "The man of lawlessness be revealed" trump and GOP=GOG, MAGOG=MAGA, all racist white supremacists and surrogates around the world, the synagogue of satan.

    Father God, Creator Help Us All, Deliver Us From evil, Amen.

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  12. As a conservative I'm disgusted by right wing media and the Republican party allowing the president to undermine our institutions. He's got to go.

  13. I, for one, am waiting for the Reader's Digest version. I suspect it will be a half page-in crayon! LoL Seriously, here in Minnesota the Dems are not talking impeachment. They hawk 'health care'. Shades of obamoma's 'if you like your health plan you can keep it' and so on.

  14. Don't waste your time people all these people making fool out of you. All this just a show all main stream media I call it. F…… News Network stupid punks people who watch these channels are stupid too

  15. If this were a TRUE Representative Republic EVERYONE would be An INDEPENDENT. No Party would shift the entire country into this Political Bi-Polar State. The rules have become RIGGED or Trump could have run as an independent. He runs GOP because the greater number of Democrats have turned their party into Communist-Globalists. TRUTH.

  16. Trump's only crime is DRAINING THE SWAMP and therefore, Those who yell: "Impeach Him, Impeach 45." are the REAL CRIMINALS. Keep Draining The Swamp POTUS. Its working. All the REAL CROOKS are crawling out of the woodwork. It's a "Target Rich Environment" now.

  17. I've always respected Kellyanne, but now I find out she's an Iggles fan! Say it ain't so, she has so much potential. Tsk tsk:(

  18. It was all Mueller, all the time for two years ! Is anyone surprised? No !! We were all calling this one months ago !! No nothing. But Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler took the party over the cliff long ago.. there's no going back, and they know that.. so they have no choice but to commit to impeachment. And when it fails, we will ALL be looking for another "Mueller Report" to appear soon.

  19. Hi Trumptards..My Question is, "what in God's name does Hunter Biden have to do with the President using our taxes to lean on a foreign leader to investigate his electoral rivals here at home….?"

  20. Hey laddies and gentleman let's start impeaching every democrat running for president. Trump 2020 God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  21. For republicans who clearly dont understand English.
    a) inconsistencies and procedural mistakes were made.
    b) however it doesn't change change the fact the conclusion was re stated last week.
    C) for those familiar with fox news. Mueller report says : Under current precedent and case la you cannot indict and charge a SITTING president. However the report said ,Potus should be inducted after he leaves office. Basically Mueller , while doing procedural mistakes still nonetheless played by the book.

    Ok this is what the Mueller report said….

  22. Lie nothing else is irrelevant or that he didnt do it or it wasn't a crime. This is ridiculous lies and minipulation to say that!

  23. I used to be a Democrat before the party was hijacked by communists. They use the name "democrat" to keep all the hereditary democrat voters. I'm now a Trump supporting independent.

  24. We the People want Donald J Trump in 2020 unless your a commie professor from an Ivy League College. Wake up people you are paying these moronic people when you send your kids to these places.

  25. how about some toilet paper with Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadlerr's picture on it so we can wipe our asses with their faces?? !!!

  26. All Democrats everywhere should threaten to begin to do exactly as Drumpf and openly invite foreign countries, corporations and people to help them win their elections and to use their positions and power over others to pay for it and/or bribe/extort it from them until American Republicans think it's not acceptable (even for their cult leader), unconstitutional and maybe even treasonous.

  27. I really like when Conway comes on Fox to speak. She's pure entertainment and I reckon in the day would given Gracie Allen a run for her money.
    If you listen to what she has to say it amounts to a diatribe in favour of the man she helped to elect. 
    Apart from that who is she.
    An intellect, certainly not; a natural speaker – not when she speaks of alternate facts; mendacious, certainly; defender of corruption most definitely.
    Everyone knows it's going to end badly for Trump, this year or next or whenever.
    Kellyanne, you will have a major role in all those books that demonstrate how Trump was the most corrupt president in US history.
    What a legacy, for you, Trumps is a foregone conclusion.

  28. I’m an independent. I didn’t vote for Trump and I said I never would. However, Democrats’ ridiculous impeachment stunt was the last straw and I changed my mind.

  29. trump has told 13,000+ lies (in public), has cheated on ALL 3 of his wives. trump is no longer allowed to run a charity due to his mishandling of funds (nice way of saying he STOLE money from sick children and VETS.) trump has been sued many times for NOT paying workers for the work they did, and now trump gets caught trying to bribe another country's leader to dig up dirt on an American political rival. Those are just a few of his wrong doings and Americans are suppose to trust that he has our best interest at heart?
    How can any American, a so called Patriot defend a man that STOLE money from Vets?
    “ You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role. Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.” – Lindsey Graham , January 1999

  30. The safe district House seats had no problem with impeachment. These are the congressmen/women that have been there for 20 years or so.(the house dem leaders) These leaders will only stay for sure, if they comply with the wishes of promenint radical Dems of their district are fulfilled. Their promise to these radicals was impeachment of Trump. They won't get the chance after Nov 2020. They will have to make half of the new 2018 crop of Dem reps vote for it and probably lose their seats. Even though they will lose, the Dem leadership thinks it will keep their base and donations throughout Trump's remaining 5 years.

  31. How is it even legally possible for the democrats to have or proceed with a one party, partisan impeachment? ????
    Oh, yes, the democrats are above any law?

  32. And Shay Mallory I am very well aware that God places people in power and takes them out of power so I don’t know what you are trying to imply

  33. Pelosi should have kept her mouth shut just been thought a fool rather than to have opened her mouth and removed all doubt

  34. So happy that Trump the destroyer is still in power.. America is on its last legs … The world is laughing too much to take you seriously.. as Trump spins his fantasy the world positions itself to bypass the new unreliable America.. trade wars are easy to win and Mexico is paying for the wall… Ha!

  35. The world thanks all Americans who have the courage to defend the United States Constitution. It's time to send away, judge the corrupt man who occupies the White House.

  36. Actually it was the level of obstruction by Trump that made it impossible to finish a full report. Trump admitted his own crimes in the Ukraine corruption. So that is easy to impeach. A full Mueller report would have impeached him also.

    It’s not the lack of evidence. It is the corruption by Trump and the republicans.

  37. Hey guys, I'm from the UK. Just look what happened to the Labour Party which has gone radical Left under Jeremy Corbyn. This is exactly what is happening to the Democrats. Just wait 'til Nov 2020 and see Trump SMASH them

  38. Democrats appear to have been duped by Saul Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals," the primer on community organizing which teaches, accuse your enemy of that of which you are guilty.

  39. Half the country hates Trump. If you try to reason with the Trump haters, you will be raising your blood pressure for nothing. I refuse to discuss politics with people who are blinded by hatred.

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