Conway says Bernie’s ‘electability’ is no match for Trump’s ‘electricity’

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  1. Yeah, imagine in an alternate world Sanders becoming President. Marie-Antoinette comes to mind! But hey, at least our kids would be learning how to read Lenin, Trotsky and Mao…..


  3. Hmm, I have never considered voting for an impeached criminal before. I think it is amazing that known criminals are allowed to run for office. If Putin helps this idiot Trump to get reelected, this country will have to survive in shame….

  4. Watch when Marilago gets hit by the Corona virus and all his snooty guests are crapping and puking all over the place–Trump will blame it on the Mexicans even though HE is the one sashaying all over the globe. Too bad about his little, er, 'endeavors' in India biting the dust though. HEE!

  5. Our experts are feverishly working on the vaccination for the Corona virus. A Zinc Oxide & Copper colloidal process maybe a consideration.

  6. Bernie Sanders is like climate change. Full of false figures and made up BS" No hope Bernie". ask " Milchelle no hope Obarma?".
    Go Trumpy for Nov , .4 more years.

  7. .Bernie Sanders is a communist & saying he's a "Democratic socialist" gives him a pass 1) Wants govt to take over entire industries 2) Thinks bread lines full of ppl begging are signs of a good economy 3) Honeymooned in USSR 4) Lamented that communist USSR was better than USA 5) Defends communist Cuba's policies

  8. Yes, the economy is going to take a hit because of the coronavirus, but that in no way should reflect on the great job president Trump is doing.

  9. I have rented and roped off the side of mount St. Helen's in the event any of you Lou lou'$ can't take the fact Bernie will be your next president. I plan to charge you for the privelage to throw yourself over the edge into the abyss.

  10. Bernie actually thinks, assuming the DNC doesn't cheat him out of the nomination, he is going to defeat Trump in Texas. He might get California, Vermont and New York, but that may be it. He ain't gettin' Texas. Heck, not even Beto would get Texas.

  11. @ I hope the Democrat leaders do not repeat what they did to Bernie Sanders before Nov. 2016, and do the same before Nov. 2020. Look at the India Motera Stadium which was filled up, and thousands outside this Motera Stadum, within India. Bernie Sanders could not attract a mass of over 1000,000 or move. You see the US news media showing a filled stadium?

  12. Get rid of that creep Christine Wallace FOX. If we want to listen to his left wing CRAP we would tune into MSNBC FNN CNN ABC FFU GKS VTS U name it.

  13. Trump is a class one lunatic psychopath period. Anyone that does not see this is a total idiot, he we lies every day, prove me wrong?

  14. Electoral college has you covered so stay home because your vote doesn’t count. Bush #1 was last popular voted Republican

  15. Why should you apologize for rooting out "public-servants" who are pathological in their determination to subvert the Administration's agenda, and the democratic will, and replace it with their own, utterly pernicious, and Neo-Marxist agenda? Just get rid of these contumelious bastards, end of story!

  16. Both democrats and republicans are afraid of B Sanders and they have all reason to be because he's going to win BIGGLY .

  17. Bernie Sanders thinks standing in bread lines is a good thing, the last time America had what was then called soup lines was during the Great Depression, stop and think about that for a moment, is that really the road you want Bernie Sanders to take America down.

  18. Conway needs to rewatch videos of Democrat pundits saying Trump couldn't possibly win.
    A failed Repeal and Replace, and no zero interest student loan in sight, but tax cuts for the rich.??
    Bernie 2020
    Dump Trump, I did.
    You should have to be good at your job to keep it.

  19. 27 studies have proven that Medicare For All would cost less than the current system but ofc people wont listen to it

  20. When are we going to fix health care all we have to do is get the government out of it and it will fix its self and States stop them from controlling insurance company's we can fix the cost and all if we just get government out they should have never messed around with the health care

  21. WHERE, were the BURNie supporters educated❓
    We need the list, to boycott‼️
    These people, need HISTORY LESSONS, & Venezuela current events‼️
    BURNie, take your 💩 & go to CUBA‼️

  22. SOMETHING, is VERY different about Harris❗️
    She seemed in attack mode, instead of balanced journalist.
    I have ALWAYS admired her skills, as she stayed in the middle lane, but noticing huge difference.

  23. Unless the GOP has armed guards watching the ballots the whole time the dnc is going to cheat and take this election. If history teaches us anything its the left can steal an election.

  24. This Woman sacrificed EVERYTHING. I dont even know how she has the will to breath, still hanging in there!? Haaaa! Shes so low now, occupying the ridiculous is a Trump staffers only skill, o yeah and havingbrealy thick skin, like a lizard.

  25. Bernie is attacked by the MSM and doesn't do ANYTHING. Just forget the whole Democrat movement as it is being directed by 1 man, GS

  26. Why would Nevada want a Bernie presidency? Is it all the idiots from California that's moved there? Nevada is a pro-business, freedom-loving wide-open state, there is no way they'd want any form of socialism!

  27. I salute Conway's courage and toughness but she can be so boring, sounding like a sleeptalker on the same old marketing tape runing in loop.

  28. Consider the components of the Corona virus outbreak.
    1) Initiated in China where all the inhabitants live under a dictatorship fraught with human rights and freedom violations.
    2) Details of the measures China has taken in dealing with the virus are shotty and minimal. This is an international concern during peace time. It has nothing to do with national security, military deployment or anything other than humanitarian concern.
    3) Someone can be a carrier of the virus for two weeks before exhibiting any symptoms. This is an aspect rarely seen if ever seen before. Can viruses be engineered to accomplish such a trait?
    4) China controls much of the medicinal production facilities and is lagging in delivering needed products to the U.S. Even facemask shipments are being delayed.
    5) Consider the timing of this virus. Trump delivers tariffs and restrictions on China and within a short time the virus appears?
    My conclusion is, this could be an attempt at a sort of biological warfare. I can't be the only one who has considered the possibility.

  29. Here we go again, another republican crashes the stock market and a democrat has to come fix it, AGAIN. Oh republicans are so good with the economy.

  30. Well I thought they said Conway the machine says Benny the Butcher's gonna defeat trump, I guess im in the wrong side of youtube my bad

  31. I've seen those Moscow train stations with their glorious artwork. They are impressive. However, I didn't become completely enamored with the Soviet system, unlike Comrade Bernie here, because I also saw those dreary, vodka-soaked housing projects just a few blocks down. Amazing that Boiny became a Socialist based on such superficial impressions. Yet, when you are young, naive and in La-La Land because it's your honeymoon, it's easy to have rose colored… excuse me, Commie Red colored glasses.

  32. There no way to predict how many democrats will secretly sit it out. Many will not support Bernie and socialism. There's no telling what that number will be.

  33. Yeah right, Bernie will school Trump in November. Kellyanne is sweating bullets right now and she knows Bernie would win right now handily

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