Coronavirus: Forestry Minister says help for struggling businesses is on the way

The Government are still working on a plan to support businesses
struggling in several sectors as a result of border closures
from China with the ongoing
coronavirus outbreak. Ministers met this week to identify
the worst affected industries. Meanwhile,
Forestry Minister Shane Jones is due to make an announcement
next week. We are still pulling together
an outcome and plan. We want to make sure
that we have the right one. We’re talking with sector leaders
and businesses, so we’ve delayed announcement
until next week. But I am committed to helping
those struggling, especially small businesses
in forestry. Minister Willie Jackson and I
are working together to come up with real
support solutions for a wide range
of struggling businesses. Forestry isn’t the only sector
that’s been impacted, but as the Forestry Minister,
I have taken forestry issues to my fellow ministers
to work through. But Minister Willie Jackson and I are working closely together
in search of a solution. Minister Jones says
he’ll work with all minsters to help those in forestry
struggling right now.

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