COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan of “greatest concern”: WHO

the World Health Organization says its
greatest concerns in regards to kovat 19 are South Korea Italy Iran and Japan but
it remains optimistic that it’s still possible to contain the virus now the
remarks on Monday come as nearly nine times as many Kovach 19 cases were
reported outside of China as inside our Eason T tells us more according to the
director-general of the WH o eco be 19 outbreaks in South Korea Italy Iran and
Japan are currently the UN health agencies greatest concern outside China
a total of eight thousand seven hundred thirty-nine cases of copied 19 have been
reported to whu-oh from 61 countries with 127 deaths in the last 24 hours
there were almost nine times more cases reported outside China than inside China
the epidemics in the Republic of Korea Italy Iran and Japan are our greatest
concern despite the alarming numbers the w-h-o chief said he remained optimistic
that the country’s most seriously affected can still contain the virus he
also reiterated the importance of containment noting there from the 62
nations that have reported cases of the virus 38 have 10 or less cases currently
the four countries of greatest concern for the w-h-o make up 81 percent of the
cases reported outside of China meanwhile the European Centre for
disease prevention control on Monday raised his fives alert level to moderate
to high up from its previous low to moderate European Commission President
Ursula Van de león SETI virus continues to spread through Europe since the major
outbreak in northern Italy European health authorities have made assessments
on a daily basis for more than a week as more than 20 European countries have
reported Kovan 19 cases so are easing J Arirang news

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  1. My friends- from the tenfold increase in natural disaster and unrest, to the foretold peace deals and building of the Third Temple, something huge is on the horizon. 📖🕰

    Friend, if you do not know Jesus- know that he loves you so much, and that he has peace, purpose, and a plan for your life. Let him be your life boat in the coming storm.

    And please, utilize the playlists I have created for you to gain a clearer understanding of where exactly the world is headed. There is so much we need to know about and so little time- and the time is now. Godspeed! 📖🕰

  2. In the WHO there are only corrupt people who do everything for profit and thus thousands of people will live we should then hold them accountable

  3. they can't contain the virus yet. Koreans and Italians still flying everywhere in the world and spreading the virus.

  4. Despite around 8 million south korean official appeal on goverment website (청와대 청원 "중국입국금지) to immediately impose simple selective ban only on certain group of people from china, president moon kept on welcoming potentially infected people from virus-hit area,central china while other countries such as mongolia or perhaps even Russia did actually put ban on people from central china for the sake of citizen of russia and mongolian saftey. Had he rooted out at the first stage the fundamental source from which the virus was coming, which could be done quite easily especially at the beginning stage by simply announcing ban only on potential virus carrier with apparent risk, there would have been no need to even mention the word corona virus now like in guam, but instead he was so afraid to make chienese president upset with the decision to ban people living in wuhan province that he just have been letting infected people into the nation without any form of restriction pretending not to have been aware of potential risk involved when in fact there were numerous petitions asking for complete but reasonable ban on people from epic center country china china as well as evidence of virus influx only because president moon policy has been always china first while remaining silent on the issue of his government taking control over South Korea public media more and more, particularly kbs, suppressed freedom of speech in South Korea in the form of tax- bomb on democracy, U.S advocating companies such as samsung or the incident of his meddling with president approving rate that people started to far for less and less finally. -not a fact but just a mere opinion mixed with observation.

  5. The Greatest Concern is the lying CCP and inaccurate figures from China which this kiss ass Tedros keeps throwing out!

  6. 了解您的历史并阅读您的论文

  7. The same WHO guy who previously said “China is keeping it under control….and that no travel ban needed”
    I did not trust you then, I won’t now.

  8. China should be responsible for all the killing and the infected countries china a threat to the world it's there bio lab weapon cloose to wuhan read the news on u tube

  9. More people die from the common cold every year. HIV has killed millions. Nothing to worry about, besides most of those who had been infected recovered

  10. The is not the way WHO can work. AI and Data analysis in place they can very well track and do impact analysis and reports. Instead they were very busy in news conference to make corona virus simple and minor. Now see the spread,death and business impact.

  11. Oh The Who backtracking now ?? All the numbers don’t add up ( if you don’t test people you won’t get realistic numbers right ) it all seems to be planned

  12. WHO has behaved disgracefully. It's like they wanted it to come to the West. If it hadn't been for them with would have shut our borders completely to them. Instead they said anyone shutting their borders to the China was a racist. How mess up can you get?

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