Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 620 – Fatal Affair – 29th September, 2017

Greetings. I welcome you
to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100′. Do you know
what happened next? That man
caught hold of the thief. Did you understand,
Sonu? When a person’s
mind becomes weak he won’t be able
to differentiate between right and wrong. Because of his weak mind, his
thinking becomes so restricted that he loses
his ability to rationalise. He becomes a victim
of any crime every easily. Criminals will always
be ready to ambuscade and ruin such people. Today,
we are going to witness a story which will raise questions
about our thinking capacity. Hey, come here. I’ve been
waiting for you! Why are you so late? Ma’am,
I had to travel a long distance. Come on, give it. There are six, right?
– Yes, ma’am. There are six. Here you go. Listen,
don’t mention this to anyone. Okay, ma’am. Yes, trust me.
I won’t tell anything to anyone. But nothing will happen,
right? Okay. {an5}Ma’am, where is Sonu? {an5}Your school has closed
for holidays, right? {an5}So, he has gone to his
grandma’s place for a holiday. {an5}But Sonu will give us
a party on his birthday, right? {an5}Of course, all of you
will be invited to the party. {an5}Hurrah!
– Hurrah! {an5}Sartak, give me
a copy of your homework. {an5}Even Sonu needs
to do his homework, right? {an5}Okay, ma’am. {an5}’Raut House.’ You are going to be fine. I will get you back
at any cost. I won’t let
anything happen to you. We will start living
happily together once again just like before. Mother-in-law
and Father-in-law, you are here! Bless me.
– Bless you. God bless you. Come in.
Have a seat. I will get some water
for you. Forget about the water. Why weren’t you
answering our calls? Come on, make
yourselves comfortable first. First tell me this.
Where is Harish? Has he returned
from his tour or not? Are you in touch
with him? No.
I haven’t spoken to him. What!
Didn’t you speak to him? He was supposed to return
a couple of days ago. Why hasn’t he
returned yet? His phone is switched
off since many days. Yes, e-even I tried
his number many times but I couldn’t get through. Neither has he
made a call to me. I even
contacted his office. – Then? They told that his tour
got extended for few more days. Do you see? He could’ve made a call
to inform us the same! The present generation
is too much! She never used
to care for us. But now, even our son
doesn’t care for us. I’ll tell you what.
Contact his office again and ask them to
connect us to Harish, somehow. I need to speak
to my son today. That’s it! Come on, make the call. Sonu.
Sonu. Where are you? Where are you?
Sonu. Sonu, where are you? Sonu, come out.
Look. Don’t trouble me. Sonu. Hey, come..
Come out. Come.. Here you go. Sonu. Sonu. How many times
have I told you not to go out
without informing me? I panic, you know. You are my darling son! Come, let me quickly
put you in your room. Okay? You have lost
so much weight. You hardly eat anything. You should eat the food I serve
you, without creating a fuss. I won’t take ‘no’
for an answer. Do you get it? What are you doing! N-Nothing, Mother-in-law. T-These frogs were making
a lot of noise, so.. Why did you
pick up that frog and put it in this basket? Well..
– Tell us the truth. What were you up to? Father-in-law..
Father-in-law, I.. Let me open the basket
and check. Snake!
It’s a s-snake! Don’t scream. It’s a snake!
– Mother-in-law, stop screaming. Calm down.
– Tell us the truth. Why were you feeding it
a frog? It is not an ordinary snake. What do you mean? This.. This is Harish. What!
Is this snake our son, Harish? Yes.
– Seema, don’t talk rubbish! Tell us the truth. Where is Harish?
What have you done to him? Mother-in-law
and Father-in-law, believe me. This is your son, Harish.
I-I am telling the truth. I don’t think
she’ll tell us the truth! Listen.
Call the cops. When the cops torture
her, she will confess the truth! I.. – Let me
call the cops. – Father-in-law.. Father-in-law, don’t.
Don’t call the cops. Father-in-law,
don’t call the cops. Heed my words. We
shouldn’t reveal this to anyone. Look. I am trying
to set everything right. F-Father-in-law,
listen to me. Father-in-law,
don’t call the cops. Look.
Here are the frogs and this.. Here is the snake. Sir, to top it off,
she is saying that this snake
is our son, Harish. Yes, I am not lying. This really is Harish.
Why don’t you believe me? Do you see, sir?
She is talking like a lunatic. I’ll throw this basket out. The
matter will.. – Mother-in-law.. This is Harish! It is a real poisonous
snake, not some toy. Go out. Sir..
– We’ll talk outside. Go out. Sir, please believe me. That is my husband,
Harish. Stop cooking up stories. You are living
in the 21st century. Don’t you even know the difference between
a human and an animal? You don’t believe me,
do you? Fine. I’ll tell you
what exactly happened. This incident
happened 10 days ago. A snake!
S-Snake.. I was really scared! I did not know
what to do! Then I realised
that the snake was Harish. The snake turned to me
and it said to me that it was Harish. Sir,
it is my husband, Harish. Stop making things up! Tell me.
Tell me where my son is! Mother-in-law..
– Where is my son? Please step back. You..
– Mother-in-law.. Look.
You still have time. Tell us the truth.
What happened to Harish? Or we will have to take you
to the police station. Over there, we might use
other means of interrogation. Sir,
no matter what you try I will say the same that
this snake is my husband Harish. How can a snake
be a person, Seema? You are lying to us! This is not a lie, sir!
It’s not a lie! I beg you. Leave me
and Harish alone. Do you want us to leave
you alone with this snake? Seema, this snake
will go where it belongs. You cannot keep a snake captive
in your house, it is a crime. A case
can be filed against you. For now, you should file
a missing complaint for Harish. We will begin
the investigation. We want to know
every detail about Harish. Sir, please find
our son. – We’ll try our best. Kadam, call up Katraj Snake Park
and ask someone to come here. Put this snake
where it belongs. No, I will not let you
take Harish away from me. I will not let you
take him! – Wait, right here! I will not let you take him!
I will not let you take him! Stop right there! He is my husband!
Please believe me! He is Harish. In the village of Manjari,
Yogita was looking after a mouse as if it was her child. And in Pimpri,
Seema thought that her husband
had turned into a snake. What was going on? Were these two
different cases of Maharashtra connected in some manner? Who were the ones behind
this game of snake and mouse? Why were these women
behaving in this manner? This strange case
is going to unfold many secrets that will
leave you stunned. Easy there.
Careful. Harish! Harish! Please leave him!
Harish! He is my husband!
He is my husband! – Seema! Listen to me! Do not
take my Harish! – Silence. Do not
take my Harish.. – Quiet. Harish! Sir,
I do not understand. This is such a bizarre
missing case. It is not strange
but unique. The wife says that her husband
is here in the form of a snake. That is not a snake
but my husband, Harish! She does not look so stupid that we can ignore her
thinking she is fooled. Sir,
where could Harish be? Is it possible
that Harish left willingly? And if that’s the case,
why would he do that? Or can it be that
something happened to Harish? Kadam, Seema is
our prime suspect in this case. Her life
could be more of a cover up than her story. We need to dig deeper. Sir,
if Seema is lying why would she play
such a stupid move? Can it be that she did
this drama so that Harish’s parents
fall for her trick and they keep us away, thinking
that they’d get their son? It wouldn’t be appropriate
to jump into conclusions, Kadam. First. we need to find out
about the bond between Seema and Harish. Also, check if either
of them had an affair. Check with the neighbours
if they got along. Also check if Seema
has any mental problems. Okay, sir. Harish and Seema
kept to themselves. They never spoke
to others. This house is registered
under Seema’s name. I heard that Harish
is out for work for a few days. Some days ago,
I saw something weird. What did you see? There was something wrong
between Harish and Seema. They used to fight often. I am asking
you something, Harish. Please answer me.
Do not leave me. I am begging you.
Say something. I have no time
for this nonsense! I will not let you leave.
I beg you. Don’t do this! Move! Sir, Harish
wasn’t financially sound. He often borrowed
from people to drink and when the lenders
would show up Seema had to pay them. That is not all, sir. He left his house
and moved in with Seema. When did you last see
Harish here? About ten days ago,
I think.. – Sir! The police is here! Sir, did you find anything
about my son? We have
given you his picture. Sir,
please find my son. But first,
you need to arrest Seema! She is the reason
behind my son’s disappearance. She is simply acting. Tell me something. Did Seema and Harish have a love
marriage or was it arranged? It was a love
marriage. – Where did they meet? Sir, my son
is a medical representative. He was out working and one day he met her,
they fell in love and they got married. After the wedding,
he moved in with Seema. She has no family
and hence she owns the house. We have heard that Harish
would often assault Seema. No, sir! This is a lie! I admit that Harish
is short tempered but he respects women. He would never
hurt women. In the past ten days did you have a tour
for your employees? One that included
Harish? – No, sir. He has not come to work
since ten days or called up. His wife called up and
said that Harish was not well. Sir, we enquired Harish’s
neighbours and office about him. The neighbours say
that Harish would drink often and assault his wife,
Seema. He does not have a good
record at the office either. Harish has not
been to work for ten days nor has there been
any such tour. Seema does not have any relative
but she has a lot of money and Harish has been
was living with this money. Sir,
there’s one more thing. Harish’s parents are adamant
that Seema has something to do with Harish’s
disappearance. Kadam, can it be that Seema
got tired of Harish and killed him
or had him killed? She could be making
things up about the snake in order to save herself. It is clear
that she is not mentally ill. She is simply
misleading us. It is time to talk to her. Seema! Seema is not
in here! – What? – Yes. What will we do now? ‘I am going to look
for Harish.’ ‘I will come home
with his human form.’ Where is Seema? Please call her.
– She is not in here. She has left this letter. Do you know
what happened next? The man
caught the thief. Do you understand, Sonu? My dear kid! Yes? What is this, Yogita?
What is going on? I have been getting
complaints against you. The people of the society
are afraid of you. I have heard that a man
comes here. So what?
– There’s no need to be worried. I am here to help you.
Okay? Hold on.. Look. I am the secretary
of this building. You need not be scared
of anyone. They pay heed to me. Just listen to me once. I do not need
to do any such thing! Leave at once!
– Look. I’ve heard
that you are petting a mouse. Tell me.
Where is it? – What mouse? Where is it?
– That is no rat but my son! It must be in here.
– I have not hidden anything! I will throw it out.
– Where are you going? Where is it?
– Leave at once! I told you to leave!
– Are you insane? Leave! Sir, first Harish goes
missing and now, it is his wife. I do not understand
what is going on here. And we are..
– Excuse me, sir. These are the call records
and location details of Harish and Seema. Sir, Harish switched off
his phone ten days ago. The weird part is,
Seema’s phone was switched off around the same time
Harish’s phone was switched off. The last location
of Harish’s phone was his house. Seema’s phone was switched
off for a couple of times during the last
ten days. I don’t understand
Seema’s behaviour. She might’ve switched off
her cell phone because she didn’t want
her location to be traced. She might have been
meeting somebody else after getting
rid of Harish. She might’ve switched off
her phone during those times. We have found another
number in the call records. Here are the records. I have got the details
of the records. This number has been registered
under Kaajal Pawar’s name. The address is in Pimpri. Harish
used to go there quiet often. Kadam,
let’s go to that address. Okay, sir.
– Let’s go. Dear, don’t be afraid. Your mother
is going to protect you. You don’t have
to be afraid. Mister, she has hidden
a mouse inside her house. Hunt it down.
– Stop! Don’t you dare
step inside! Don’t you dare!
– Stop it, Yogita! Do you realise that mice
are the cause of many diseases? It’s not a mouse,
he is my son! She’s saying
that the mouse is her son! Mister,
go and find the mouse. Go on.
– Stop it! Hunt it down..
– Come on.. Go away!
Get out of here! She is insane!
She has gone crazy! Call up the mental asylum. Don’t you dare
take another step! Find the mouse.. Restrain her..
– It’s not a mouse, it’s my son! What are you doing? I am not insane! Sonu..
– Let it go. – Sonu! Sonu!
That’s my son! Let go of me.
Please let me go. I need to be
with my son. My son needs me.
He must be starving. Yogita..
Yogita, calm down. Doctor,
will you take me to my son? Those people might kill him
assuming he’s an ordinary mouse. Don’t worry,
I have spoken to them. Your son, Sonu, is safe. I want my son.
– Look.. Nurse, injection..
– I want my son! Let me go.
I am not insane! No, don’t!
– Calm down.. Yogita’s behaviour surprised
her neighbours and the others. They suspected
that Yogita was mentally ill. Was she really insane? Was there another cause
to this peculiar behaviour? Where was Yogita’s son,
Sonu? Now,
Seema was missing and a new number
was found in her call records. The name of that person
was Kaajal Pawar. The police went over
to Kaajal’s place. Seems like
there’s nobody at home. Ask the neighbours.
We might get a lead. Mister,
come over here. Yes, sir.
What’s going on? Kaajal lives in
this house, right? – Yes, sir. Since how long
is this house locked? I have no idea. I haven’t seen Kaajal
and her husband since two days. Husband?
– Yes. What’s her husband’s name? I don’t know.
I never asked. I have seen Kaajal
and her husband in this neighbourhood. Break open the door. Search the house and
find the source of this stench. Search everywhere.
Go, search upstairs. Tawde.
– Yes, sir. – Look over there. Sir!
Take a look at this! Call that neighbour.
– Yes, sir. Look carefully
and tell us if this is Kaajal. Is that her husband? That’s Kaajal! But.. I cannot identify
the other person. Search the entire house. Look for clues
in every corner. I think, they were killed
and then burnt down. If they were burnt alive then we would have found
signs of struggle. It’s obvious
that the bodies were burnt in order to hide
their identities. Send the bodies
for post-mortem. Okay, sir. Harish was the
first person to go missing. Later, Seema claimed that Harish
has turned into a serpent. It’s not a serpent.
It’s my husband, Harish. After that,
she went missing. Now, we have stumbled
upon two dead bodies. We need to identify
the second dead body. Is it Kaajal’s husband
or somebody else? We also need to find
the connection between Harish and Seema
with these dead bodies. I have a feeling that
these two cases are interlinked. Kadam, ask the neighbours
if Kaajal and her husband had any disputes
with anyone. Show them
Seema’s pictures. They might’ve
seen her around. No, sir.
I have never met them. They never interacted
with anybody. I know Kaajal, but I have
never seen or met her husband. What about her?
Do you know her? No, I don’t. Have you ever seen her
around Kaajal’s house? No,
I have never seen her. This is Kaajal and this is
her husband, Harish. Can you recall
the last time you saw them
in this neighbourhood? I saw them
around three days ago. Kadam, the body found
in Kaajal’s house might belong to Harish. Kadam,
Kaajal’s neighbours claim that Harish
was Kaajal’s husband. It means,
Harish was living two lives. He was cheating on Seema. Sir, Seema might’ve
found out about the affair and ended up
killing Harish and Kaajal. There’s something
I don’t understand. How did Seema and Kaajal
get in touch with each other? Did they know
the truth about Harish? Did Seema befriend Kaajal with a motive
to kill Kaajal and Harish? Did Harish know that
Seema and Kaajal were in touch? Only Seema can answer these
questions and she is missing. Seema is not at home.
She ran away. Circulate Seema’s picture
throughout the town. Also,
activate the spy network. We need to find Seema
at any cost. Okay, sir. The autopsy reports
of both the bodies have arrived. Both of them
have been murdered on 16th July
between 7:30 and 8 p.m. They were killed due to
a serious blow on their heads. The murderer
then set the bodies on fire. The DNA analysis between Harish’s parents
and the second body implies that the second
body does not belong to Harish. It belongs
to somebody else. Kadam, we are definitely
overlooking a crucial point. Go through Kaajal’s
phone records once again. We will surely
find something. Okay, sir. Sir.
– Yes, Kadam. We thoroughly went
through Kaajal’s phone records but we couldn’t
find anything suspicious. We did find out
something peculiar about Kaajal. Another number was
registered under Kaajal’s name. Kaajal was in constant
touch with another person apart from Seema
and Harish. That number is registered under
Yogita Thakur from Manjari. Go over to that address
and enquire Yogita. Find out what she knows
about this case. Okay, sir. The house is locked. Submit these documents
at the office. Okay? Officer,
what’s going on? Who are you? – I am
the secretary of this building. Is this Yogita’s house? Yes, sir.
She’s mentally ill. Why are you looking
for her? Mentally ill?
– She is a widow. A year ago, her husband
died in an accident. Her son went missing
a couple of days ago. Here’s the cake!
– Yes! Ma’am,
the cake looks great. Ma’am, call over Sonu.
It’s time to cut the cake. Hold on,
I will go and get Sonu. Here is Sonu. Go ahead and wish him. She seemed
mentally ill since then. She had a pet mouse. She used to address
the mouse as her son, Sonu. Can you tell us about
Yogita’s current whereabouts? She created a scene
at the society. So, we sent her to
the government mental hospital. Thank you. Hello, sir. On one hand,
Seema claimed that the serpent
was her husband. Here, we have Yogita
in this mental hospital who believes
that the mouse is her son. Sir,
what’s going on over here? Kadam, I am not able
to understand these two cases. There’s something weird
happening over here. It’s getting more
complicated as we proceed. Let’s enquire
Yogita about this. – Okay, sir. Don’t be afraid, Yogita. We are here to help you. Please be seated. Yogita,
where is your son, Sonu? Can you tell us
about him? Tell us, Yogita.
Where is Sonu? Sonu was taken away
by the municipality. I wonder how my son is. Sir, please find my son. We will surely help you
in finding your son. Answer me first.
What happened to your son, Sonu? Sir.. Two months ago,
he was suffering from fever. He was not recovering
from the fever. I had run out of money
for his treatment. Sonu..
Get up, dear. Look. The hospital
is pretty close by. You just have to walk
a small distance, all right? Come on.
Sonu, just a few more steps. Come on, a few
more steps. We have reached. Sonu!
Sonu, get up, dear. Open your eyes, dear.
Sonu.. Sonu, get up..
– What happened? He’s sick and he’s not
opening his eyes. Sonu!
Sonu, get up. – Here.. Here’s my medical shop.
I’ll check him up. Sonu, get up.
Open your eyes. Sonu..
– Hold him. – Sonu.. Sonu..
Open your eyes, dear. ‘Ramesh gave a pendant
to Sonu.’ ‘He chanted a spell
and helped him recover.’ ‘And then, Ramesh
started coming home every day’ ‘making an excuse
of medicines.’ ‘I denied him several times
but he would come home’ ‘and trouble me.’ ‘Sonu wanted
to rescue me from Ramesh.’ Hey, fool! I’ll throw
you out. Do you get that? Run along! Just get out!
I’ll not spare you if I see you here again.
Just get out of here! Yogita,
this is not right. Just as I saved your son
with a pendant I can make him disappear
before you even notice. You will beg me
and plead in front of me to come to you.
– Hey, go! Get out! ‘I thought he was just
threatening me.’ ‘But one day,
Sonu actually went missing.’ What happened, Yogita?
I heard that Sonu is missing. Did you..
Did you kidnap Sonu? What did you to my son?
Speak up! Where is my son! I told you,
it’s a very easy task for me. I can even make you
disappear without any pendant but there’s no fun
in forcing someone when you can
get their consent. S-Sonu! Sonu’s pendant! Sonu’s clothes! What did you do to my son?
– I’ll surely take you to Sonu. Sonu.. Here’s your Sonu. Sonu..
– A rat? How can my son be a rat?
You’re lying, aren’t you? He is your son, Sonu.
I showed you his clothes and his pendant,
didn’t I? Don’t you trust me? Fine.
Let’s just kill him. Come on. No.. So, now, do you believe
that he is Sonu? Listen to me carefully.
If you want him to be safe just do as I say. Listen,
if you tell anyone about it your son, Sonu,
will remain a rat forever. He didn’t just
ruin my respect but he destroyed
my family, my money and even grabbed my son. I just wanted
my son back at any cost. Ramesh told me that
if I heed his words for a year he would
turn my son, Sonu into a human being
again. I’m only waiting
for that day. Sir, please
bring my Sonu back to me. Yogita, how did you
get in contact with Kaajal? Who..
Who is she, sir? I’ve never met her. We got her call records
verified and your number is one among them.
Here’s her number. This is Ramesh’s number. The link between
Seema’s story of a snake and Yogita’s story
of a rat, Kaajal Pawar was already murdered
but the police had no clue as to whose dead body
they had found with that of Kaajal’s. The DNA didn’t match
with that of Harish’s parents which cleared that it
was not Harish’s dead body. So, whose dead body was
it? Was Harish still missing or was he playing
some game secretly? So, that’s the ploy.
Ramesh and Kaajal were connected
to each other. That’s the reason, Ramesh
was using Kaajal’s phone number. Kadam, could it be
that another dead body we found at Kaajal’s place
was Ramesh’s? It’s possible that Ramesh
was trying to trap Seema just as he trapped Yogita. But how is Kaajal
connected to all this? It’s possible that Seema
wanted to get Harish back and that’s why,
she got Kaajal murdered. Sir, it’s just 3 people
who can answer these questions. It can be Harish Ramesh and Seema. But right now, all three
of them are out of our reach. Kadam, we’ll have to find
the three of them very soon because it’s hard to solve
this case without finding
the three of them. ‘The police proceeded
their investigation’ ‘with a lot of planning.’ ‘Every lead
was interrogated and verified.’ Hello.
– Sir, Seema has been traced. Give me the address. Let go of me.
Why have you got me here? My husband is in danger.
I need to save him. My husband is in danger.
Let go of me. Let go of me.
– Quiet. Just tell us
what’s going on. You’re referring a snake
as your husband and on the other hand, Yogita
is referring a rat as her son. Yogita!
I don’t know anything, sir. I can’t tell you anything.
My husband is in danger. I wonder
if those people.. Sage Keshvanand..
– Sage? He used to have a beard. Where can we find this sage?
– Sage Keshvanand is no more. Who is she? Look,
if you don’t cooperate with us you won’t get Harish. If you want him back you need to tell us
the truth. Sit down. Tell me. I told you once.
Should I say it again? Okay, fine!
Love you! Are you happy now? So.. I will..
I will talk to you later. Who was that? I-It was
a customer’s call. Which customer is it
whom you love? You are surely having an
affair with someone. Isn’t it? What nonsense are
you talking! That’s not right. We’ll find out right
away. Give me your phone. Give it..
– Get lost! Harish! I knew that Harish
was hiding something from me. That’s why, I started
keeping an eye on him. Where are you going? I am going to Jaipur
for three days for my business. Are you going on a
business tour or to meet a girl? What? – Do you
think I don’t know anything? Tell me the truth.
Who is this girl? Stop with your nonsense! I’m not talking nonsense. I know everything. You can give
these excuses to someone else. Am I not enough that you’re
having an affair? Enough of it, Harish. I can’t live with you! I need a divorce! Try living without me. If you are fine with it,
let me know. I will divorce you
today itself. I did everything
to get Harish back. I made offerings
in every temple. I prayed to every God but nothing good
happened. And then one day.. Hello.
– Greetings. My name is Kaajal. Kaajal told me
that she had a neighbour whose husband was having
an affair with a woman. That neighbour met a priest
who freed him from that woman. Kaajal took me
to that priest. The priest
knew everything though I never
mentioned it to him. I can see that you are
quite restless. You have been facing
a problem since many days. And that problem
can ruin your marriage. Take this. You need to mix
this in the milk and have it
with Harish tonight. Remember that Harish
shouldn’t find out about it. Harish.
Harish.. Harish! Harish! Sage, Harish is missing.
I don’t know where he is. Where could he be? This is the solution
which can save your husband from that woman. I have punished him! Once the punishment
is over, he will come back as a normal human being. And then,
he will always be your slave. But, Sage,
where is he? S-Sage, the snake.. No!
This is not a snake. It’s Harish. He is your husband,
Harish. Did you see my magic? He will repent for
all his mistakes in this state. After a year,
we will perform a veneration on the full moon night. After that veneration Harish will return
to his human form. Till then,
you need to take care of him. Don’t even tell anyone
how he turned into a snake. During this time,
even you will have to perform some rituals. ‘I would do everything
that he would ask me to.’ That day, I tried to contact
the priest after you left but I couldn’t. I wonder where Harish is. I have no idea
what condition he will be in. Kadam, Ramesh and Kaajal
might have made this plan only
after Seema came to know about Harish’s affair. That’s why, Kaajal
met Seema at the temple. If Ramesh and Kaajal
were running this business and fooling people,
then, where did Ramesh go? According to Seema, Ramesh
aka Sage Keshvanand is dead. Kadam, it’s possible
that he faked his death. Whose dead body
did we find in Kaajal’s house? Who killed Kaajal? She had two targets,
Yogita and Seema. Seema is crazy
after the snake and Yogita is after the mouse. I don’t think
Yogita could’ve killed them. Who killed them? Kadam, there is something
which we are missing out. We need to look
for Harish and Ramesh. There are only two ways
to get to the conclusion. One is Harish
and the second one is Ramesh. Sir, no.. Kadam! Is it enough or do
you want me to beat you up? Come on, tell me!
Tell me! What happened, Harish? Seema has a doubt on me! You know what?
She overheard our conversation. She is after
my life now! I don’t know what to do. She has a big property. It is registered
under her name. I will take ages for me
to earn that much money. In that case,
I have a plan. ‘Kaajal introduced me
to Ramesh.’ ‘And then, we made
the plan of a fake priest.’ ‘I didn’t have
that milk. I threw it.’ ‘Seema had that milk
and fell unconscious.’ Seema.. ‘I cleaned up the milk
on the floor and left.’ ‘I started living
my new life with Kaajal’ ‘in the same house.’ ‘Ramesh got money from
Seema in the form of a priest.’ ‘But when I went
to her house on that day..’ That’s good, Brother!
We have earned a lot of money! But, Brother, Harish
shouldn’t find out about it. Also, we don’t have
to give him a single penny! Ramesh! Both of you
were trying to fool me! Where is my money?
– Hey! Harish!
Harish, no.. I burnt their bodies so that
no one could recognise them. I wasn’t in my senses
on that day, sir. I couldn’t understand
why I did that. I made a big mistake. I didn’t get anything
and on top of that I betrayed my wife. I betrayed the one
who was doing all this for me.. The money and the jewellery
was in Kaajal’s house. I knew
where they had hidden it. I needed that money
at any cost and that’s why I went there. But, sir,
you caught me. Seema considered Harish
to be her husband and loved him a lot,
but Harish had laid the foundation of this
relationship on greed. And every relation
which depends on greed tends to break
some or the other day. Ramesh showed false concern
with Yogita and helped her. Many a time,
the devil comes to us with the face
of an angel. Yogita has still not
accepted the fact that her son
is not with her. Yogita’s son’s truth
was only known to Ramesh but even then the police
is looking for him. It is an old saying
that we get what we preach. The clear example of it
were Kaajal and Ramesh. That’s why, it’s very important
to trust our hard work. We shouldn’t wish bad
for anyone or get attracted
to any kind of greed. It’s because such greed
can ruin many lives. With this thought, I,
Anup Soni, take your leave. I will meet you
in the next episode with another such
shocking incident. Till then, take care
of yourself and your family. Keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. Punishment to the guilty
is a lesson for all. ‘Jai Hind!’

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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