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welcome to the current facilities we will look at some important news materials for Thursday July 13 2017 let's look at some national news workshops or promoting coastal shipping and inland navigation in India so the Ministry of shipping is organizing a workshop in proven nature Orisha this workshop comes under the Sagar mela program now the main objective of this workshop is to increase awareness about coastal shipping and inland navigation india 7500 kilometers of coastline and almost 14,000 kilometers of navigable rivers provide the perfect platform for the development of integrated water based transport system and it is used for domestic Exim fright as well as passenger transport then the promotion of coastal shipping and inland navigation will help to reduce the congestion of the road and rail network it is also very cost effective it is sixty to eighty percent cheaper than moving it through railways and roadways this mode of transportation is environmentally friendly and sustainable there are 111 inland waterways across 24 States that has been declared as national waterways under the national waterways Act of 2016 let's look at the next headline cabinet approves role to connectivity investment program the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given its approval for upgradation of in filmora in money pool national highway 39 now money pod is a landlocked state with almost 90 percent of the area under difficult hilly terrain so the only mode of transportation here is roadways therefore the road infrastructure needs to be upgraded the fund will be provided as a loan from Asian Development Bank under the south asian sub regional economic cooperation road connectivity investment programme the aim of this program is to upgrade road infrastructure in Bangladesh Bhutan India and Nepal BBI in in order to improve these regional connectivity among ppin nations so these projects act as India's gateway to the east this way trade commerce and tourism in the eastern region will get a boost now what does this India's Look East Policy well India wants to extend trade links with Southeast Asian countries whose their honor East mind Mars so there is an integrated custom post ICP at Mauri Mauri is a town located on the India Myanmar border the workers of money pool who specialize in creating bamboo and wood based handicraft items farm tools stationery plastic carpentry etc their items will get a new market from mine mass customers so basically to develop and improve the East India socio-economic condition India's Look East policy has been formulated another similar project has been approved by the committee for solar put page output section of new National Highway 52 basically between Maharashtra and Karnataka State this highway will connect South India with North India which is part of north-south corridor of the National Highways Development Programme there is a lot of tourist places near Bijapur hampi phosphate and Chitra Durga even that will get a boost with the highway and so Lepore is a textile center so it will get some economic opportunity in terms of trade and transportation let's go to the next headline in the field of health and medicine India has signed joint declaration of intent JDI with Germany and a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with Palestine so basically these agreements include cooperation in areas of postgraduate education training of medical personnel pharmaceuticals and health economics prevention and control of communicable diseases drugs pharmaceuticals and medical equipments now let me tell you the difference between a Memorandum of Understanding and a joint declaration of intent so MOU is a non-binding agreement between two parties meaning the matter of the agreement are not legally binding you cannot sue the other party if the agreements have not been fulfilled whereas in a joint declaration of intent the word intent is an intention that is bound by legal obligation meaning you will have to fulfill your promise that's why countries usually sign more of MoU Stan JDI all right now we'll look at the summary of pragati application the first form of pragati is proactive governance and timely implementation it was launched on 25th March 2015 by Prime Minister Modi it's a unique integrating and interactive platform in this platform everything is discussed right from citizen's grievances to monitoring and reviewing important programs and projects of the Government of India so some of the famous initiatives like swachh bharat abhiyan the ease of doing business holding meetings through skype with the secretaries all these initiatives were born from this pragati platform the aim is to start a culture of proactive governance and timely implementation so basically it's a corporate idea how in MNCs there is weekly or monthly meeting and all the issues are discussed in the similar manner government has taken the steps there has always been a debate that corporate cannot solve the problems of government because both their work cultures are totally different because in a government setup you will always find less than 50% manpower for any project because the cost of these services should not exceed these Avenue hence a corporate way of working will not work for the government however some models are being implemented such as this pragati because at the end of the day you need accountability and deadlines for any projects completion now there is a very famous news going on regarding other privacy issue I think you all are aware of the other card I think everyone has it right and if you know the present government the Modi government has made other mandatory for all the public welfare schemes that's why you go anywhere they ask you other card you go to bank they ask you other card you go to Russian shop they ask you another card so everywhere other card is required so I hope you know the purpose of other card just like the Americans have social security number other card is the social security number for us and it is a very important card because this card contains your biometric details like your fingerprint and eye scan now there are some activists who has challenged the government's move to make Arthur mandatory now you must be thinking why did they do that so if you are aware of article 21 of the Constitution of India it says protection of life and personal liberty no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law so when you talk about life and personal liberty somewhere in the middle privacy also comes though it is not explicitly mentioned that right to privacy is a fundamental right just like how in the constitution of us they have it like to privacy so if you read the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution it talks about right to privacy so in India article 21 talks about protection of life and personal liberty so the word personal Liberty gives some word sense of privacy and looking at that the people who have challenged the government on the use of other card they have asked the Supreme Court to actually decide whether right to privacy is a fundamental right or not and if you see this matter requires an elaborate debate because right now no one even the government is not sure whether right to privacy is a fundamental right or not even government has a concern for example if I have to provide you security from terrorism or any sort of malicious activity then I will have to invade your right right I will have to go and check people at that time you cannot expect the people to impose or challenge the government against right to privacy so considering all the aspect it is still a crash area there has been no debate about whether right to privacy is a fundamental right or not and right now if you see the judges of Supreme Court are also very divided on this talk some judges believe that it is not a fundamental right and then there are opposite views so today you see you need an other card for availing benefits of schemes like LPG subsidy general scheme and public distribution system that is your ration shop so for all of these welfare schemes you need other card now most of these government schemes are for the people or the section of the society who needs help from the government right basically the meaning of the word welfare is where the government is helping where the government is being kind enough to pull that section of the society upward so initially the Supreme Court told the government that look don't make other card mandatory okay because there are a lot of people who don't have other card so it doesn't mean that those people will be deprived of all these welfare schemes so don't make it mandatory so the government said to the supreme court alright fine we will agree with you will find will will do as you say but then for supreme court and for chief justice Jas chaos and just as dy Chandru this is a very growing concern and big debate for them is whether right to privacy is a fundamental right or not and once the constitution bench decides this then all other cases related to other is expected to be resolved and I think I haven't told you how Arthur card is an invasion of privacy right so let me just quickly tell you that so basically as our card is a database of biometrics I have told you that right it has your eye scan and fingerprint now having this information it is just not enough to construct a profile of an individual but on the other hand if you see Facebook or the apps that you use on your phone so today when you install a new app it gives you the screen where they say that you agree to that you accept so and so condition so by signing that you are giving your privacy to a large extent all right they're able to see your messages photos emails profile ID everything your location GPS everything so basically you are giving away the permission for a basic game or some stupid apps and it is a no-brainer to understand that today with the help of artificial intelligence we can collect data as to where you're going what are you talking about and then sell those information to the advertisers and that is how you see ads on your Facebook profiles on your Google pages and on other websites so this is what happens when you give technology access to your privacy now people think that the same thing is going to happen with other cards basically government is going to take away the information and they're going to spy on you because now that you have linked your other card to all the services of your life now they can easily track whether it is your bank account or your scholarship amount or whether it's your LPG scheme or Russian shop everything can be tracked so this is what is a serious concern because at the end of the day you don't want government to spy on you and hound you because that will definitely affect the right to privacy or right to Liberty which is then article 21 and now the Supreme Court has to decide whether right to privacy is part of fundamental rights or not so anyways that was the analysis of the ongoing arthur card issue so these were the important Current Affair materials that are found in the news of Thursday July 13 2017 let me know your thoughts in the comment section as usual thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow

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  1. If the citizen is law-abiding citizen then how does aadar card privacy issue affect him or her? If the govt is keeping a track of all the things.. Won't that help the govt to catch the culprits I mean the ones who are breaking the law in some way ?
    How can this be used in a wrong way against the citizens?

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