Current Events and Updates – Pastor Lankford 7 12 19

Current Events and Updates - Pastor Lankford 7 12 19

hello friends this is Pastor David length but I'd like to come to you just for a few moments today and share a couple things from my heart I want to begin first of all by encouraging you to go and register for our upcoming revival meeting in Hickory scheduled for April the 16th through the 19th 2020 we're believing God for a fresh a deluge an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God we had tremendous joy excitement every report for the most part has been very positive and the first meeting that we had we're dissipating these meetings to grow exponentially when it comes to the move and the presence and the power of God we need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit if we do not receive from the Spirit of God we too will perish we too will diminish in our spirituality so please put it on your calendar to be with us April the 16th through the 19th 2020 at the hit Romero Convention Center in Hickory North Carolina the theme for this revival meeting is entitled power failure and the church power failure and the church I don't need to tell you how terribly the modern church is failing the people of here in America the preachers are so compromised they will not say anything about sin they will not mention the blood of Jesus Christ they won't say anything that would be politically incorrect political correctness has taken over the pulpit and ministries but here at the voice of evangelism by the grace by the power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost we will not compromise the Word of God for the sake of being politically correct how much longer we may have this freedom of this Liberty only God knows but while we have it we must be faithful to the calling of God upon our lives so put it on your calendar to be with us April the 16th through the 19th Hickory Metro Convention Center Hickory North Carolina and the theme of the revival is power failure and the church I want to share a passage today from second Timothy chapter 4 verse 1 Paul is talking to his young son in the faith Timothy he said I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing in Kingdom preach the word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears they will turn away their ears from the truth and they shall be turned unto fables Paul told Timothy preach the word what word the Word of God Paul said in Hebrews 4:12 for the word of God is quick and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart because of the famine of the word of God in the land people are no longer being convicted of their egregious sins regretfully sin has taken a great great toll on this nation sin is ugly sin is heinous sin knows no boundaries it will encroach every part of your life every element of your life will be negatively affected by sin if it is not stopped and shortened and cut off by the blood of Jesus Christ Ephesians 1 at 7 Paul said in whom we have demson through his blood even the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace only the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses a man from sin forgives him and ushers and the grace of God into his heart and into his life because sin has become rampant and abounding here in America we're witnessing lawlessness on a scale as never before now Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:12 and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold the word iniquity there in the Greek simply means lawlessness lawlessness I just witnessed the other day as there was an automobile accident I believe it was in Atlanta Georgia I may be mistaken about the city but the EMT got to the accident the person had passed away he was going through the decedent's billfold and he took the money out and he counted and it shows it on the video camera because a particular police officer which was a woman she's standing there her cameras recording every bit of this the EMT walks up to her hand her the billfold but he doesn't put the money back in the folding part he just sticks it into the middle and closes the wallet hands it to the police officer the woman then goes and sets down in the police car you know what she does she takes the money puts it in her purse she stills all of the decedent's money not realizing forgetting her camera is running on her collar and it recorded everything that she did now here is a black female police officer someone that you would think you could trust and certainly with a deceased body there they would have respect for the decedent but instead of having respect nothing but utter and sheer contempt stealing from the deceased this is what we have in our law this what we have is law officers what's happening to America America is becoming tainted by sin everything that sin touches sand corrupts so if a sinful man touches a little girl he corrupts that little child of their mind their self-esteem who they are sin destroys that because of the lust and the covetousness in that individual so wherever sin is and whatever sin touches it corrupts and it corrupts terribly sin is vile sin is so malicious and sin is exploding and this landed now that Donald Trump is going to send out the ice officers to arrest illegal immigrants who have already been processed through a court of law and they're commanded they're told they must leave be exported out of the United States but Hillary Clinton who was trying to be president of these United States has helped facilitate a card that tells them what to do to not be caught now if she had become elected president of these United States she would have put her hand on the Bible and took an oath that she would uphold the Constitution and defend the laws so I suppose because she was not elected president she doesn't have to abide by the law she tells people how to break the law that my friend is lawlessness and yes she and Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House are telling the people these warrants by the ice agents are not legitimate search warrants but the truth is they don't need a search warrant the person has already been indicted and convicted and have been adjudicated that they must leave the United States why are every purportedly in leadership today warning open borders for America if you'll go back we have the dreams and visions from Dmitry dudesman we have some of his books through the fire but Dmitry do Tooman was questioning the angels in one of the visions about America why is America Babylon he said because America is allowing all of these foreigners to come in bringing their false gods their false religions and their idols and they're breaking down the fabric and the structure of Christianity and America now when you hear people like Nancy Pelosi says I pray for the president every day now that's not true now she may think she's praying and communing with God but she's communing to the enemy Satan who lives and abides in her even the Pharisees in John 9:31 said we know that God heareth not sinners you say pastor you calling her a sinner but let me ask you the question if you believe in sodomy same-sex marriage and abortion are those Christian values I don't think so those are sinful degra dated debased ideologies and therefore that's not the fruit of Christ's spirit Christ's spirit and the fruit of his Spirit is not one of murder yet a baby can even be born today laying there on the table the gurney and be murdered and fantasize it's legal in states like New York have passed legislation that's perfectly all right you're going to see an explosion of anomalies in America that's never before you're gonna see more weather anomalies you're gonna see more hurricanes you're gonna see more earthquakes you're gonna see more apparel you're gonna see more danger you're gonna see more animals with rabies you're gonna see animals that will even be demon-possessed you say are you kidding me well go back and reread mark chapter five about the man at the gadarenes who was demon possessed by a demon called legion meaning six thousand four there were many many demons in him but then when Jesus got ready to cast the demons out they said hey don't send us out of the country let us go into that herd of swine those six thousand demons entered into those two thousand swine and those swine ran violently down the hill and the cliff into the ocean and they drown or choke themselves to death they committed suicide because of the torment the vexation of those demonic entities remember the man of the gadarenes was tormented to the degree you could not chain him and hold him you could not put feathers on him and hold him he cut himself constantly bleeding marring his body mutilating his body because of the torment of the demons that possessed him so I figure Legion means six thousand there were two thousand swine each swine had at least three thousand demons in them and the swine sought their demise there on death sin said is the problem with everything in our lives it's not just a mere misunderstanding it's just not some happenstance or some coincidence it is sin there's destroying everything about America the chaos the aberrations the anomalies everything is contributed to the works of sin I've said that many times fruit of the Spirit is fruitfulness works of the flesh are sinful deeds and acts read galatians chapter 5 works of the flesh and paul goes into a litany of sins adultery fornication sedition heresies all of these things witchcraft drunkenness but then it goes into the fruit of the Spirit and what do you see there love joy peace temperance meekness against such there is no law great contrast between works of the flesh fruit of the Spirit I'll ask you today do you have works of the flesh or do you have fruit of the Spirit folks we've got to pray we've got to seek the counsel of God and walk with God in this hour let me say today before I leave thank you thank you humbly for your loving your support for the voice of evangelism thank you for those of you who give those of you who pray for us those of you who love us and continue to stand with us I do want to encourage you to continue to pray for Doug and Renae Hagman I ask you to lift up the hagman's to continue to pray for them that God would give them comfort and solace after the loss of their son Joe we need each other we need to pray for each other thank you for those of you who have sent your condolences to our ministry and we've conveyed those to Doug as well thank you for that I invite you to stand with them to pray for them and to support them this is a very grievous hour for this family again all of this is the results of sin sin always hurts all of us it sent us devastating so please pray for them one more thing before I leave if you haven't gotten your DVD set of the Age of deception conference I invite you to get those they will bless you so much and if you've not already watched the video watch the video where we took a montage of the speakers and put it together just to give you a little appetizer of the things that were said and done at the meeting they will bless your heart and life immensely again thank you for loving us thank you for supporting us thank you for praying for us and helping us that we might be strong and that we might finish our race as well we all have a race to finish we all have a course that god has ordained and chosen for us I pray humbly that you'll finish your course and you'll finish with joy until next time may the Lord God of Abraham watch over you and your family and may he always order your steps in his most holy word thank you the voice of evangelism with David Langford is brought to you by the faithful listeners and supporters throughout America if you're looking for an uncompromising message we invite you to tune in each week to the voice of evangelism for more information write to the voice of evangelism at peel box 502 Kaiser North Carolina two eight zero to zero that's P o box 502 Kaiser North Carolina two eight zero to zero

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  1. Is there some reason why Pastor Langford had to mention that the corrupt police officer was a black female ?
    As godly as this brother is, he still had to let everyone know that this bad officer was a black person. This appears to be one
    Of the obvious problems with white Christian men of God, particularly the white men of God in the Southern Bible Belt of the United States.
    This is extremely offensive to black people, which does not help this country to heal its problem with race. I would understand if the subject was about race, but it was about sin and corruption. Mentioning race was unnecessary, so I question Pastor Lankfordโ€™s motive in mentioning it.

  2. Love this guy. He's old school fire and brimstone. If only we had more like him this country wouldn't be the sewer of immorality it has become.

  3. … every meeting or revival as they claimed is being moneytized… register for US$100/- if you don't have the money you lost your salvation, you will missed the revival … ๐Ÿ™‚ preaching nowadays are the great source of money … yeah this is one of the lawlessness … indeed it is true… I am witnessing it now … Good Luck …

  4. Itโ€™s so sad that they donโ€™t preach the blood of CHRIST because when I became saved they preached the blood of the LAMB who took the sins away and the preaching made you convicted to come to the alter and get yourself right with the GOD because you didnโ€™t want to leave unless you knew for sure you were saved because you didnโ€™t want to go to hell!!! And yes they preached on hell and heaven !!! And you were convicted by the HOLY SPIRIT!!! But today itโ€™s dead no Holy Spirit!!!

  5. In case you hadnโ€™t heard. ALL 159 GA counties are now signed up for the FIRST EVER STATEWIDE BIBLE READING to be held at each county courthouse this Sunday (7/14) at 7:14 am to read a portion of the Bible. The entire Bible will be read over GA that morning in an hour or less! 2 Chronicles 7:14 is our mandate! To God be the Glory!! We should challenge other states to do the same. Our country needs prayer.ย  ย This is wonderful!ย 

    HATS OFF to Glenda Davis, who has compiled a list of readings for each county:

    GEORGIANS, If you can, go to your county courthouse on Sunday, July 14 at 7:14 a.m., to support your designated reader(s). If you can't, have your own reading, out loud, wherever you are! Only God will know how many times the Bible is read throughout the state that morning. And HE will get all the glory!!!–

    Appling Genesis 1-Genesis 9

    Atkinson Genesis 10-Genesis 18

    Bacon Genesis 19-Genesis 24

    Baker Genesis 25-Genesis 30

    Baldwin Genesis 31-Genesis 36

    Banks Genesis 37-Genesis 42

    Barrow Genesis 43-Genesis 48

    Bartow Genesis 49-Exodus 6

    Ben Hill Exodus 7-Exodus 13

    Berrien Exodus 14-Exodus 20

    Bibb Exodus 21-Exodus 27

    Bleckley Revelation 12-Revelation 22*

    Brantley Exodus 28-Exodus 32

    Brooks Exodus 33-Exodus 39

    Bryan Exodus 40-Leviticus 6

    Bulloch Leviticus 7-Leviticus 13

    Burke Leviticus 14-Leviticus 18

    Butts Leviticus 19-Leviticus 25

    Calhoun Leviticus 26-Number 2

    Camden Numbers 3-Numbers 6

    Candler Numbers 7-Numbers 10

    Carroll Numbers 11-Numbers 14

    Catoosa Numbers 15-Numbers 20

    Charlton Numbers 21-Numbers 26

    Chatham Numbers 27-Numbers 32

    Chattahoochee Numbers 33-Deuteronomy 2

    Chattooga Deuteronomy 3-Deuteronomy 9

    Cherokee Deuteronomy 10-Deuteronomy 16

    Clarke Deuteronomy 17-Deuteronomy 24

    Clay Deuteronomy 25-Deuteronomy 30

    Clayton Deuteronomy 31-Joshua 2

    Clinch Joshua 3-Joshua 9

    Cobb Joshua 10-Joshua 17

    Coffee Joshua 18-Joshua 24

    Colquitt Judges 1-Judges 5

    Columbia Judges 6-Judges 10

    Cook Judges 11-Judges 18

    Coweta Judges 19-Ruth 4

    Crawford 1 Samuel 1-1 Samuel 8

    Crisp 1 Samuel 9-1 Samuel 14

    Dade 1 Samuel 15-1 Samuel 20

    Dawson 1 Samuel 21-1 Samuel 26

    DeKalb 1 Samuel 27-2 Samuel 3

    Decatur 2 Samuel 4-2 Samuel 11

    Dodge 2 Samuel 12-2 Samuel 16

    Dooly 2 Samuel 17-2 Samuel 22

    Dougherty 2 Samuel 23-1 Kings 2

    Douglas 1 Kings 3-1 Kings 8

    Early 1 Kings 9-1 Kings 12

    Echols 1 Kings 13-1 Kings 18

    Effingham 1 Kings 19-1 Kings 22

    Elbert 2 Kings 1-2 Kings 7

    Emanuel 2 Kings 8-2 Kings 13

    Evans 2 Kings 14-2 Kings 19

    Fannin 2 Kings 20-2 Kings 24

    Fayette 2 Kings 25-1 Chronicles 5

    Floyd 1 Chronicles 6-1 Chronicles 12

    Forsyth 1 Chronicles 13-1 Chronicles 21

    Franklin 1 Chronicles 22-1 Chronicles 28

    Fulton 1 Chronicles 29-2 Chronicles 7

    Gilmer 2 Chronicles 8-2 Chronicles 15

    Glascock 2 Chronicles 16-2 Chronicles 23

    Glynn 2 Chronicles 24-2 Chronicles 30

    Gordon 2 Chronicles 31-2 Chronicles 36

    Grady Ezra 1-Ezra 8

    Greene Ezra 9-Nehemiah 5

    Gwinnett Nehemiah 6-Nehemiah 11

    Habersham Nehemiah 12-Esther 5

    Hall Esther 6-Job 5

    Hancock Job 6-Job 15

    Haralson Job 16-Job 24

    Harris Job 25-Job 35

    Hart Job 36-Psalm 3

    Heard Psalm 4-Psalm 18

    Henry Psalm 19-Psalm 30

    Houston Psalm 31-Psalm 40

    Irwin Psalm 41-Psalm 54

    Jackson Psalm 55-Psalm 68

    Jasper Psalm 69-Psalm 77

    Jeff Davis Psalm 78-Psalm 88

    Jefferson Psalm 89-Psalm 102

    Jenkins Pslam 103-Psalm 108

    Johnson Psalm 109-Psalm 119

    Jones Psalm 120-Psalm 136

    Lamar Psalm 137-Psalm 150

    Lanier Proverbs 1-Proverbs 10

    Laurens Proverbs 11-Proverbs 17

    Lee Proverbs 18-Proverbs 25

    Liberty Proverbs 26-Ecclesiastes 2

    Lincoln Ecclesiastes 3-Ecclesiastes 12

    Long Song of Solomon 1-Isaiah 3

    Lowndes Isaiah 4-Isaiah 10

    Lumpkin Isaiah 11-Isaiah 19

    Macon Isaiah 20-Isaiah 28

    Madison Isaiah 29-Isaiah 35

    Marion Isaiah 36-Isaiah 42

    McDuffie Isaiah 32-Isaiah 48

    McIntosh Isaiah 49-Isaiah 56

    Meriwether Isaiah 57-Isaiah 63

    Miller Isaiah 64-Jeremiah 3

    Mitchell Jeremiah 4-Jeremiah 8

    Monroe Jeremiah 9-Jeremiah 15

    Montgomery Jeremiah 16-Jeremiah 22

    Morgan Jeremiah 23-Jeremiah 29

    Murray Jeremiah 30-Jeremiah 34

    Muscogee Jeremiah 35-Jeremiah 42

    Newton Jeremiah 43-Jeremiah 49

    Oconee Jeremiah 50-Jeremiah 52

    Oglethorpe Lamentations 1-Ezekiel 1

    Paulding Ezekiel 2-Ezekiel 11

    Peach Ezekiel 12-Ezekiel 19

    Pickens Ezekiel 20-Ezekiel 24

    Pierce Ezekiel 25-Ezekiel 31

    Pike Ezekiel 32-Ezekiel 38

    Polk Ezekiel 39-Ezekiel 44

    Pulaski Ezekiel 45-Daniel 2

    Putnam Daniel 3-Daniel 7

    Quitman Daniel 8-Hosea 4

    Rabun Hosea 5-Hosea 14

    Randolph Joel 1-Amos 6

    Richmond Amos 7-Micah 2

    Rockdale Micah 3-Habakkuk 2

    Schley Habakkuk 3-Zechariah 2

    Screven Zechariah 3-Zechasriah 14

    Seminole Malachi 1-Matthew 4

    Spalding Matthew 5-Matthew 11

    Stephens Matthew 12-Matthew 17

    Stewart Matthew 18-Matthew 24

    Sumter Matthew 25-Mark 1

    Talbot Mark 2-Mark 7

    Taliaferro Mark 8-Mark 12

    Tattnall Mark 13-Luke 1

    Taylor Luke 2-Luke 7

    Telfair Luke 8-Luke 11

    Terrell Luke 12-Luke 17

    Thomas Luke 18-Luke 23

    Tift Luke 24-John 5

    Toombs John 6-John 10

    Towns John 11-John 16

    Treutlen John 17-Acts 2

    Troup Acts 3-Acts 8

    Turner Acts 9-Acts 13

    Twiggs Acts 14-Acts 18

    Union Acts 19-Acts 23

    Upson Acts 24-Acts 28

    Walker Romans 1-Romans 8

    Walton Romans 9-Romans 16

    Ware 1 Corinthians 1-1 Corinthians 8

    Warren 1 Corinthians 9-1 Corinthians 15

    Washington 1 Corinthians 16-2 Corinthians 9

    Wayne 2 Corinthians 10-Galatians 6

    Webster Ephesians 1-Philippians 1

    Wheeler Philippians 2-1 Thessalonians 3

    White 1 Thessalonians 4-2 Timothy 1

    Whitfield 2 Timothy 2-Hebrews 6

    Wilcox Hebrews 7-Hebrews 13

    Wilkes James 1-1 Peter 5

    Wilkinson 2 Peter 1-Jude

    Worth Revelation 1-Revelation 11

    Bleckley* Revelation 12-Revelation 22

    *Our county, though not in alphabetical order, will read the final verses!

  6. Oh, I want to be there again next year! I just posted this to my FB Wall, and I am going to promote next April's Revival to as many people as I can! I came by myself this past April. My prayer is that next year I will have people I personally know also with me. May our Lord God bring me this Blessing!

  7. We have this new craziness with young people on facebook, licking and spitting on food on the store shelves and at fast food restaurants too

  8. I will be wanting to go next year to Hickory, NC. I will be bringing my family with so +3. Thank you, Pastor.

  9. Been listening to you for 5 or 6 years now and I have been blessed by your teaching and your wisdom. God bless you Pastor Lankford.

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