Current Events Pt. 2

so now I'm single I'm single man and I'm riding this one out motherfucker solo I've checked out female as I look at you you know and first and crossed my mind does she have good credit and she submissive so she sucked good dick it's very important excuse me ma'am next motherfucker get up watch me clown the ends we're gonna get that rage and well fucking hand now what's your name pepper excuse me Dante what you do for living what do you do you don't do nothing how old 20 in your life is like that so how do you pay for your clothes how do you pay for your clothes hey hey hello that's why we have problems with the world today you're talking out of turn ain't nobody saying that mahjongg [Applause] alright now and then we head out commercial break let's get back to the shop howdy Jake Hayes have you the flyer you got your white on you look smooth so how do you take care yourself you got people by for you now who's the people buck cools people you gain you got niggas walking you is that what you tellin me all right so you you really better clear this up before I take it another direction [Applause] so what who are people what people why you keep looking that down she take care you know when she tell you that's a girl so she helps you out ok what do you do for living young lady excuse me you're misko and you take hey you man I like that alright what do you like about him excuse me how did what would you do you like about him sweetheart he's why say it again his sense of humor I mean I like a look at you and tell you stupid in a mother [Applause] and no disrespect to you use on top of your game but see dumb and that's why you win it how long y'all been fucking [Applause] yo-yo and they're gonna hey now um next fuck that but you guys say chariots damn pampered alright so how long have you fucking sweetheart that's a difficult question why you how long have you fucking I have she's like I said you gonna keep it real how long you been fucking a fan three years did you fuck on the first day did you fuck on the first day cuz she she you can fuck on the first day [Applause] you can pop on if I his day did you fuck on the first day nah so you 20 and you've been fucking us in swing 17 how old are you ma'am I call the man cuz you know go wait for 25 I mean another thing I'm not doing when you look in the mirror don't you say [Applause] dan hum 25 I think all women should fuck on the first day women ever now fuck that you need a pop kind of person who says no who says no fuck on first day I think all girls will fuck on the first day how you said notes we got the right here no why how old are you young lady howdy 38 bitch you've got to die fuck you talking about you about the dye see this what I'm talking about if you over 25 you should be fucking everything that move you ain't got time to be worried if I sent you 38 you should be happy any trying to fuck you because there's a group of college bitches graduating in June and niggas is restocking women got a bad dough in the way that's how you and your young ladies and your ass is tight and you're looking good you got to really whose fuck know who you fuck with once you start popping out babies on the nigger some niggas is done with she wants to get you pregnant I don't know what it is it's like hitting genocide that destroyed the black woman and shit I don't know it's fucking and leave it I don't know what it is so niggas got to step their game up stop that shit cuz I got the daughter and I am that net shit happened to him motherfucking out shooting it soon as she grow up god bless a I'm alive and I see you nigga I don't give a fuck that nigga better be working I don't get fuck you you tend you work nigga nigga better get a job at McDonald's fuck with my motherfucking daughter think I better see you there every day flipping the motherfucker fires pop you're gonna have some motherfucking problem motherfucking talking I'll take a burger happen what happen me and real quick gone when we don't want to fuck on the first date that is motherfucking crazy no and you don't even have a reason

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