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hello everybody I'm gonna have to upload this a little early because my schedule tomorrow has changed so I'm gonna get right into it after two years of investigation into the Russia collusion Democrats and Republicans in the Senate admit that there's no collusion by the Trump campaign now let's move on shall we how about we investigate the Obama administration for selling automatic weapons to El Chapo's drug cartel to increase violent gun deaths to push a political agenda to pass stricter gun laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens The Fast and the Furious scandal with Obama and Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department it's becoming clear why the Justice Department under Obama that Obama left behind wanted Trump gone before he was even sworn into office hmm let's think about this some moer declaration of a national emergency On February the 15th 2019 envelopes at the funeral silence from Obama Hillary Bush and others it's time for justice you think well drug pen drug kingpin Joaquin el chapo guzman testified that he gave millions of dollars to Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton no wonder Schiff and Pelosi are scrambling like hungry rats through a garbage can for food to bring more investigations against Trump and obstruct progress in this country it's all connected the envelopes the military tribunals in times of national emergency people can be detained indefinitely and tried by tribunals think about it people now let's move on to ill hem Omar Omar asked without letting him reply Elliott Abrams whether he would support crimes against humanity or genocide if you would believe they were serving US interests as you did in Guatemala El Salvador and Nicaragua she posed that very rhetorical question after she had made known that she considered the u.s. attempts to defend democracy in Venezuela Venezuela a us-backed coup the same position of the repressive Maduro government so she sided with the Communists the Maduro government whose leader refuses to give up power after the people of venezuela voted him out in a legitimate election which proves she supports dictators and regimes that support the peoples that suppress the People's Voice and oppresses those same people that's who she supports she went on to say they all had Omar she went on to say that she wanted to find out if a genocide will take place and if Abrams will look the other way because American interests are being upheld so abran abrams told hill hano more I don't believe this line of questioning is meant to be real question so I will not reply so Omar she further pressed him for a yes or no answer and he said no her idiotic response was I'll take that as a yes can a person be more Steve this woman well here's the thing Omar's comportment at the hearing as well as her obvious belief that the United States is an imperious and reactionary nation that by its very nature abuses human rights should alone be reason enough to have her removed before she can do some real damage to the United States she's anti-american and does not serve the interest of the American people share this video please with as many people as you can we have to get these anti Americans out of our government before it's too late and that's the giggling conservative today y'all have a good one

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  1. This should be a severe lesson for conservative leaders leaders. Ask yourselves the question, "how did this happen?". What can we do to see that it never happens again? In the meantime continue to build a case to have AOC and Omar removed.

  2. Good job. As always. Voter fraud will catch up to this lying Muslim skank. Have the popcorn ready.🐷🐷🐷🤣

  3. Thanks for the info. I hope and pray that our side triumphs. Otherwise we lose our freedoms and we will have to fight to get them back.

  4. Always made us wonder how certain folks want to know about the tax returns of a billionaire who becomes a politician when smart folks want to know about the tax returns of a politician who becomes a millionaire.

  5. Early is good….
    GC… how did we as a nation get so immersed in so much evil…
    Its at every level …if it were not for people like u being diligent in exposing the TRUTH.. some us would never know the TRUTH !!! Thank you !

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