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Current Events & Updates

hey y'all what's up welcome back to la show whoo it has been a crazy week I got a new puppy just been a lot we got a new membership to the gym so I've been trying to stick to that but it's also been crazy in the news hasn't it a lot of stuff has been going on I apologized like I said two events have been holding me back from doing what I really need to do and that's give y'all the news so let's start with these attacks on women the Deep Ellum attack that is absolutely absurd and it comes to find out that this man Austin Sheffield is a neo-nazi that is just really really concerning to say the least but then we go to New York and we have that assault on that 78 year old woman black woman and it was very hurtful to say the least I mean I don't know what's going on in the water I don't know what's going on in the air but some weird stuff is happening so hopefully you guys just take my hand and you know I'm looking online now just looking at the New York assault and they are saying that they did get that guy but let's go back to the Deep Ellum so Deep Ellum attack Austin Sheffield it seems like he wasn't charged with enough because he did pull out a weapon on that woman as we all saw in that video and I don't think he was charged with that yet but I do see a news article from four hours ago on NBC d/f days after a video surfaced showing an assault and de-limb the bar that once employed the man now facing charges temporarily closed its doors due to threats Austin Sheffield charged with assault was bought a bartender for high and tight barbershop and speakeasy on Sunday co-owner Braxton Martin said in a press conference that Sheffield was fired immediately after the police report was released he he says Sheffield wasn't working for the bar at the time of the attack and that they had never known of Sheffield to be violent so you never knew him to be violent this just randomly happened on a night where he was off work and he just so happened to be outside okay okay so I'm going to go to the new report on the guy what's his name he's nobody anyway because hopefully by the time they get to him over there on the river he'll be a nobody so let's go to the Daily Mail UK because they always know what is going on in America for some reason so he is a restaurant worker arrested for repeatedly punching and kicking a helpless 78 year old woman on New York subway keeps his head down as cops lead him on a perp walk so hopefully the Daily Mail will work with me all these ads so I'm trying to get his name I think his name is marked something and Gomez but um yeah this should not be happening to women out here on these streets it's kind of crazy so and he got off at to 38th Street and nereid avenue stopped and fled on foot the woman was left in her seat cradling her head in her hands a 78 year old woman that's just don't make sense make it make sense you guys so on top of that you know we've had two people that we've witnessed being assaulted pummeled like they were trash and treated like they were trash all in one week and you know you telling me that something going on you in the water one all the way down in Texas and the other one all the way up in New York yeah what's up okay from Virginia Beach what's up – Dale cash flow but yeah so can you hear me okay right now those two situations I think his name is mark Gomez I think I want to try to make sure but the Daily Mail is not cooperating let me back out of this so right now I'm just talking about those two attacks the one in Texas on that woman and then the New York subway attack that was insane to be beaten on that woman like that and then I heard that this ass hoe I'm sorry for cussing that he said that she had it coming or something like that like I know what's wrong with him but um y'all y'all better be y'all thing over there up there in New York I do know that all y'all gangsters because this just this ain't it I'm trying to get this dude's name and confirm confirm it and get mark illness so yes trash throw him away throw them away so in lighter news I guess we will start discussing another topic just Charlottesville Virginia kind of too close for home any any Virginians in the building so it looks like in Charlottesville Charlottesville high school was closed on March 21st and the 22nd of 2019 due to a suspicious and alarming fortune thread that was created by a 17 year old who's now been identified as a 17 year old we don't know who he is but a white nationalist and he did say on that 4chan thread that he wanted an ethnic cleansing for Charlottesville high school and then there was a statement made by another person on that website saying that there should be school shooting so Charlottesville high school did have to close down for two days due to that threat and what I have to say that is this is something that has been going on in America this is something that when you hear somebody of a different race say you know oh well you know oh we shouldn't think about the past or you know just try to make undermine racism you know at that point that that person is racist and if you don't know that then that's your problem thank you and I don't understand what people aren't clicking in their head there is racism still in a matter and yes there are still black and black crimes I don't know what else to say other than we need to stop the racism in order for us as black people to feel like we are valued enough to stop killing each other I guess that's a sick way of really thinking about that but that's just how I round everything up into a nice big bowl we can all come together and make a difference but we have to first get over this big hurdle that it was creating years and years ago it just made sense to me I think that it's it's a lot of stuff going on and we have to stay on top of things so that's what I'm trying to do I don't want to seem like I'm rambling but I want to give you all as much stories as I possibly can and I know people don't really like sitting on here for long amounts of time so I'll go with an update for caracoles this update came from March 11th and let me pull this article up because I didn't get the website of course but yes Kiara Cole's I have been thinking about this woman and thinking about this one since she has went missing on October 2nd of last year she was of course the postal worker that did go missing they had her on surveillance camera in front of her apartment walking off away from her car which did have her phone and prenatal pills because she was three months pregnant at the time that she disappeared it looks like she may be due in April so it's critical to find this woman and from what I understand from NBC News March 11 they're saying that there are persons of interest interest in this case finally they are really digging into this the chief of communications Anthony googly Amy googly Amy I can't say it but I'm sorry that there's he's saying that there are no signs of life after they have searched for months and weeks weeks and months and they're also saying that he's also saying that we have a pretty good idea of what transpired now it's a matter of finding evidence so apparently they know a swore line that's going on with this case and they know that something has happened to care and unfortunately if something happens to her then something happened to her unborn child so finally we are getting a glimmer of hope in this situation but he also was quoted as saying that we have narrowed down okay I'm sorry in minimum okay so he's also quoted as saying we have a pretty good idea what transpired now it's a matter of finding evidence a minimum of two or three persons of interest so there's a minimum of two to three persons of interest in the Kiera Kohl's case and thank you guys for tuning in I really do appreciate it if you could like comment let me know what you guys want to hear about we can talk about it just talk to me yes two or three persons of interest in the caracals case so from what I understand her baby father has been totally absent in the search he also had another female by the same name of care pregnant at the same time as here so one two and then they're saying something about a close friend a personal associate of hers who saw her on the day that she went missing so they have some stuff going on in Kira Cole's case and hopefully we can just keep an eye on her keep her family and prayers we see her dad and her mom on the news crying for their daughter and it's really sad I mean this don't make any sense so if y'all know anything about Kira Cole's please just come on man it's a baby involved you know I know people in seen a lot out there in Chicago it's a lot of heartless things going on but a woman and a child please bow on me and send that up to the proper authorities if y'all know anything cuz that's crazy I would hope somebody would do that for me twenty eight thousand five hundred dollar reward and that's put up by the US Postal Service and also another service so you know do the right thing do the right thing but that is an update on caracoles we do really do hope that she is found soon very soon I'm speaking of somebody being found also we have Amber Evans we all know amber Evans as the activists out there in Ohio let me just pull up her so amber Evans by NBC News they are saying that she did go missing in January of this year and amber was amber was she went missing around January 28th and then they're saying that you know she had a dispute with her boyfriend and let me just give you a quick background of amber amber was a prominent juvenile justice activist out of Ohio or I can't get the title all the way what right just a juvenile justice Coalition in Columbus Ohio she was very prominent in March for our lives campaign and she did go missing January 28th after a dispute with her boyfriend they are saying that Amber Evans was found – earlier this morning early this morning in a river in Ohio and you know we do send our condolences our prayers to her family they have been desperately searching for this woman and that's very very sad I won't speculate just get as to what fully happened because they don't have anybody arrested but like you know like you said it could be domestic and it seems pretty that that's pretty brutal right there to dump her like she's just not important so once again Amber Evans we're gonna send our prayers out to her and then we have another one this one is pretty scary to me it just ring it rings out wrong and I don't know if you have heard of Tim on Blair if not try to google him and see what you found Tim on Blair tae Mo in Bellaire regular spelling just try to google it and see if I'm not the only one I tried to Google this story but I could not find anything on him at all and it seems to me that whatever is whatever took place is very suspicious but let me get to the story so Tim Blair was a high school West Charlotte High School graduate straight-a student he was an athlete I see that when I pull up his name and he was from Charlotte North Carolina after he finished high school he began driving being a truck driver and at that point he was a soon-to-be father as well so he was out pretty much trying to provide for his family of course so on March 14th his body was found in the back of his tractor-trailer in Fort Wayne Indiana I assumed that he was going up there for a job of some sort whether picking up or dropping off and it's no specifics I don't know where in Fort Wayne Indiana never mind I do because I pulled up the actual death certificate 9100 Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne Indiana his truck was found he was found in the back end of the truck in the bed hanging detectives advised someone because they're saying that this is true they are detectives are saying that there was a struggle inside of the bed of the truck some say that he was strangled and then placed to appear that he hung himself they're saying his tanner balled up and clenched and they're also saying that his face was beaten now these are unconfirmed sources I don't know where these sources are getting this information from about his physical stay in the truck however WSOC – t v– WT v WB TV news that's the local news and they have not recorded on this situation so on March 24 21st the Allen County coroner's office put out a statement stating that his cause of death was a fixer due to hanging and the manner of death was suicide this was done by dr. Christopher meals the deputy deputy coroner there are no backstories about this man being depressed if he pulled up his name on Google you will see a ton of mug shots there is obituaries for him and then there is a Facebook for him also there are memorabilia from him playing football but just the fact that there's no news stories about this man is what really bothers me a couple days ago I was gonna put this story out there I did put it on my Instagram and Twitter and Facebook I don't know if any of you guys got to see that but I need you guys if you're not already to follow me on these platforms so that you all can stay informed because what I'm giving you are things that the mainstream of course are not putting out there but these are things that are coming from really good sources and people that I really trust in the conscious and black community the black community I'm not even gonna say conscious cuz I'm not gonna group myself into that just yet but in the black community so I need you guys to just please follow me on instagram at la show underscore twitter and rachel underscore facebook young girl and go like the page i need you guys to do these things because we need to get this information out there to each other so that we can be better informed and just walk around and be more aware this guy just simply went to go do his job and now he's dead and not only is he dead but his name is tarnished by this suicide type of thing and I just did a video on people that are found hanging from weird places and they're all classified as suicide so if you would like to go back and refer to that video there are I think I don't know how many men I have the notes here over 12 people that are hanging somewhere of course they're african-american and it's called a suicide there's another case I'm wanting to look up with you guys really quick I really need to go to my Instagram because I saw the name but I don't know the area this person was in any other stories or cases you guys have heard of who was an employee thank you so much I appreciate you Fidel honestly I do I know I sound a little sleepy I am tired but I had to get this stuff out here because this stuff has really been itching my brain lately I don't know about you guys but brain gets the itching and get the scratch me okay there's a link for hey okay let me look that up I apologize my phone was falling over so we can look into Tamela there was another case I should have wrote it down but I didn't but I can do a whole nother video dedicated to that one cuz I probably am going to do a whole nother video dedicated to tame on the lair hopefully if any more news pops out about him so if you guys would like to google take my lair please do that so that you guys can be aware of what's going on so you sent the link where did you send the link to epics so I'm shaking the phone I'm trying to see these comments oh you know that person leader oh my goodness yeah the Horsford case has always been deep it's been very deep oh you know the guy who's got a lot yeah he did get locked up and his name is mark go man's isn't it yeah he did he got locked up just like he should have but it's just really crazy to me I wanna know what happened why why would you do something so ignorant but I apologize for my phone moving you guys thank y'all for sticking it out with me Timlin horses case it's so deep that I had to come to the conclusion that after hearing the 9-1-1 call I already like right then and there I thought that homie called the police or somebody that he knew and they had already scheduled that phone call and they knew like what text what kind of ignorant questions to ask I mean I just I'm sorry that that blew me right there after the phone call tonight one one that just that that did it for me and I'm sorry I really don't like to give up on things I'm not saying that I'm giving up but I know that these people whoever they are they're in a prominent position in that area for what I understand Jean is a real estate agent they're probably make some good money looks like a nice little house they were living in Jose was working for the police department probably making a nice chunk of change made some friends in the police department it just adds up to I mean I'm not saying that it was anything racial but it just adds up to me that you know somebody did something that we weren't supposed to and the funny thing is when I read out to you the actual case reports and stuff that people were leaving the party and Tamela allegedly said that she wanted to go home and that people were telling her that she was too drunk to go home but other people were able to leave at crazy times of the night and Jose Barrera said that he went to sleep at a certain time and that was the last time he saw Tamela but there were still people leaving out of your house in and out of your house so what this is the door locked by itself to because you got the security system I mean it just it didn't make sense and I could go around and around in a circle with you guys like thinking is one thing I like to do on my spare time so I can go around the mulberry bush with y'all but um you know that situation right there it spooked me seriously just the fact that they totally disregarded her I think I know what lady you're talking about Epic's is it amber because I had worked with her before yeah that's right John John they are and it's becoming more prevalent you see that they are in the ER rooms they are in the police department they are in the schools they are in their schools they are in the schools they are in the politicians office they are they are everywhere they are everywhere and yes that is amber loves mystery she has done a two-part video on Tamil Horsford and yes awesome great detail great great youtuber she's awesome good good information and I appreciate her because she did shout me out and one of her videos because I was really digging into this case like I put my head into the case I could I couldn't I'm sorry you guys I couldn't couldn't resist like that was a big case for me and that was my first time but they're going in and really trying to do whole research on a situation like that so I think y'all for rocking with me and you know just understanding that I just wanted to get her information her story out there because I have seen it one Instagram you know how you go hashtag swimming and you just go through hashtags and stuff and I have seen it pop up and I saw the video for and I'm just like that doesn't make any sense and then they of course brought in the racial epitone of it with seven white women and the black woman and you know it made me get in my feelings and I was I was like what so yeah but nevertheless it is what it is so John John said Michael Jackson all this is because of money you know those boys were young very impressionable back in the day whatever they told their family members I'm pretty sure that being good upstanding family members they wouldn't have held that secret for so long that's just where I am edit with that as far as our Kelly we know Kelly be Evan he likes to eff and I ain't going ain't I'm not gonna sit up on here and try to defend nobody like that and whoever does you're sick in the mind but he's still a musical legend whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo but you know broken people like tend to attract to broken people and I've kind of gotten out of that habit while ago so I just I see things for what they are now and I accepted I'm not gonna keep on playing games with people but as far as mighty Michael Jackson I don't know what was going on with him having people live in I mean sleep in his bed and stuff but I do know that there was a lot of talk about money in that situation and that just didn't sit right with me and then you know you can look back on Mike's old videos or old interviews of him actually speaking some knowledge and some truth and actually saying that he brought out such and such labels and brought out such and such artists because he could and then all of a sudden he's a rapist so you know y'all won't saying that stuff when the man was alive let's go get our Kelly cuz that that man still ticking let's go get him you know and then our Kelly over here talking about he wants to do concerts in Dubai r-calif you don't know 600 rusty nasty Nestle Crunch penis down somewhere now like somebody need to come get our Kelly because now he's really delusional dude I said no you're not supposed to be here stop playing with us do not come over here so yeah I mean it's getting room for our Kelly his daughter he's song happy birthday to his daughter his daughter said do not call me by my name call me something else so you know that man to tell him girl in people's head is up over there drag Kelly's still trying to get on TV show still trying to be seen he didn't tell his life up he don't really tell his life but by y'all can feel bad I don't feel bad for him because you know what's that song was someone's fed yeah I'm fed up but you are Kelly I can't I can't deal but you know I really can can but anybody else y'all want to talk about anything else you've been on here for 35 minutes and I'm about to pass out money my mouth anything else y'all want to look into I really want to know that person's name that I saw on Instagram don't be laughing at me I'm for real I'm tired I'm tired I'm gonna clean up after this new puppy all day I didn't I haven't done a lot and done some hair you know made dinner I've done a lot and I'm pooped and then I still wanted to come on here and talk about this real-life dramas that's going on like that deep eat I'm attack like that oh my gosh I don't know what I would do because he had a gun you know if we're gonna have to start doing women women we won't have to start getting these carrying concealed weapons and we don't have to just rock it out like that if you don't want to carry a gun I will carry some mace if you don't want to do that girl get you a knife do anything because that was brutal and luckily you know she walked away with a decent face you know because he could have really pummeled her he could have really disfigured her hitting her all up in her face and stuff and knocking her phone on her hand for her not to call the police are you crazy are you crazy you gotta be crazy but um that man in New York I'm not I'm not even gonna say nothing because y'all already know what to do it there y'all y'all already know yall already know that type of stuff your elders man that's the last person you should touch but ain't nothin else to really talk about right at this very moment we went over a lot of different Kate is I hope I do not leave y'all head spinning please please forgive me if I did but thank y'all so much for tuning in with me tonight I really do appreciate you guys and please like share comment your opinions because I'm really curious about how y'all feel we all want this channel to go what direction I wanted to go in you know I can do more interviews with people I can do a lot of different things if y'all like but just stick with me and let's figure it out together once again thank you guys so much for tuning in to Alisha I'm gonna go to sleep now and y'all have a good night bye

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  1. Hey you guys! Disregard my chinny chin chin at the end. 😬😉 What do you all think about these cases? By the way please comment your state! I would love to know where my people are from! 🤝🏾🖤

  2. appreciate the content … I live in Indiana and heard NOTHING about this on the news ! Scrolling IG and T.I posted so I clicked here to YouTube … it’s a crying shame what’s going on … in silence .. #WOKE

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