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there appear to be at least three levels of reactions to the notion of UFOs or life outside of our world that they have actually encountered our world there are those who would say oh heck yeah absolutely I can't get enough of it I totally buy into it those who completely deny it and say hogwash and then there are those who I think are like the category that most of us fall into that goes something like this I don't know but I'm not willing to say that it absolutely cannot happen it appears that even in the US government this category exists because the Pentagon did you know has long had a UFO program that used to be extremely secretive keyword used to be news with Rick Sanchez special correspondent Michelle Greenstein is joining us now because the head of that program is now going to go public and tell his story who is this guy and what are we talking about he is his name is Louise Elizondo and the program was the Pentagon's advanced aerospace threat identification program the Pentagon put 22 million dollars a year into this thing which was then a secret this was their secret UFO program right and it was supposedly concluded in the year 2012 now before this program the US Air Force actually had something different it was called Project Blue Book and that investigated claims of UFOs thousands of them in the 50s and 60s but once the Navy upgraded its radar technology in the 80s we started to see these UFO sightings become much more common now Louise Elizondo who's the former director of this program actually resigned in protest he claims that he wasn't a fan of the excessive secrecy and he wasn't a fan of the fact that the government was unwilling to address the potential risks of UFOs let me ask you the question that I think most people who are listening to you speak would want to know the fact that they had a program okay the fact that there are supposed sightings okay what's the difference though between some drunk guy in Arkansas saying I saw something that doesn't check out and verifiable accounts that they think hey there may have actually been an unidentified flying object there right so those drunk guys which maybe there were thousands of them's you know in the past few decades a lot of people are claiming to have seen UFOs in the US I guess are now being maybe vindicated by these Pentagon officials like mr. Elizondo who like I said was the head of a Pentagon program and he said that what these people were seeing in the Navy and the Air Force was being verified on radar and that these UFOs were so fast because you know UFO just means anything that you can't identify right the reason he thinks they were you know let's say out of this world is because they were so fast that they would have experienced the gravitational forces that far exceed the limits of endurance for both humans and the aircraft known to humans he says that by his all of his observations they had to have been from another world but half the time these things are either the Russians or the Americans doing some missile deployment or missile tests that maybe mister Elizondo didn't know about you know I really don't know i don't have first-hand knowledge of it but let's take a look at what he had to say this is his justification he says that they don't have engines or even wings and they are seemingly able to defy the natural effects of Earth's gravitational pull so he thinks this man thinks that if this were a court of law that we are well beyond the point of what you would call reasonable doubt and he's gonna be sharing these stories in depth on the History Channel tonight that's when the docu-series premieres and he's speaking in protest which is what makes this story so so interesting right he says he and his fellow colleagues say that they weren't able to get this on the desk or on the agenda of the actual Secretary of Defense so they're actually going to the public instead and he's not alone Christopher Mellon the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense who worked under both the Clinton and Bush administration's says that although there hasn't been any contact between the military and between you know whatever beings are on these alleged UFOs all indications point to the fact that these UFOs are what he calls quote intelligently controlled devices so to him it's no longer a question of if UFOs exist but the question is what are they who's in them and why are they out here good stuff and you know what else is kind of interesting that I do want to bring up I did not know Mellon is framing this as a national security purity issue and he and others are saying oh these UFOs they're operating near US military facilities and it's interesting we might as well bring this out into the open he actually drafted the legislation that actually created the US Special Operations Command so he's in the military intelligence circles and these people are definitely framing it as a national security issue and some may even say that these former government officials are capitalizing on you know our inherent nature of being curious of wanting to know whether UFOs exists on the long history of people claiming to see UFOs to justify the creation of this new military branch the space force that Trump is already you know setting into motion in fact we cover this a couple of days ago if the Senate Armed Services Committee version of the defense spending bill passes both the House and the Senate we are going to see the creation of the US based horse under Donald Trump

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