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currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and
on today’s program we get an update from lieutenant juanny in of the Quincy
Salvation Army first though as always we check out the weather and the news for
you this morning currently in Quincy gorgeous brilliant sunshine out there
it’s already 80 degrees we’re headed for the sunny breezy mid 80s this afternoon
a delightful way to round out August tonight clear comfortable lows will drop
off into the mid 60’s and not a bad holiday weekend coming up think tomorrow
really is the Pick of the Labor Day weekend with a mix of clouds and Sun
it’ll be a comfortable with a high around 80 degrees we welcome in
September on Sunday with more clouds it’ll be cooler to Sunday’s highs only
in the lower 70s and Labor Day itself looks a little damp start off cloudy
maybe some showers in the afternoon with temperatures Monday into the mid 70s
again sunshine and 80 degrees in Quincy right now in the news today a judge has
agreed to let the city of Quincy continue in its efforts to try and stop
Boston from rebuilding the Long Island Bridge a Suffolk Superior Court judge
ruled that Quincy’s lawsuit against Boston can move forward
Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch calls that a victory in the battle but says the war
with Boston will continue well the judge thought we had some merit in it so it’s
going to work cause less and to spend more time and energy on it I believe
also that it will require them to show they work on the on the alternate
analysis which is something we’ve been pushing which is water transportation we
believe they just rejected it and never really did any real planning or analysis
of it and so the judge says that’s an that’s a fair point so that’s in play
now too so if the very minimum it’s going to probably extend the permitting
process out a good year anyway so I’m you know I’m pleased because we worked
very hard with our teams on this and we raised what we felt were very valid
points and and the judge agreed with us on that
so I think Wes was trying to you know just Ram it through and fortunately now
they have to take a step back and do a lot more work on the environmental
aspect of things the city of Quincy is trying to convince the state to require
Boston to perform an in-depth environmental review of the proposed
bridge project the state previously ruled that Boston did not have to
perform the environmental review because there was a bridge in place previously
Quincy is arguing that a new bridge would cause environmental damage and
also cause some dangerous traffic in Squanto and North Quincy Boston says it
wants to replace the bridge and open up a substance abuse treatment center on
Long Island’s State Department of Environmental Protection we’ll review
the proposal to replace the former Beachcomber nightclub on Quincy Shore
Drive with a new three-story building the developers want to tear down the
existing building and create a new project with several dining options and
third floor office space there would be 89 parking spaces neighbors have raised
concerns about how the development would impact the already flood prone area so
the Planning Board is asking the state to review the project the proposal is
back before the Quincy Planning Board on November 13th those two toward
Dorchester men who were shot early Wednesday morning on Rodman Street in
South Quincy are not cooperating with police investigators say the forty year
old and the 23 year old are not helping police identify the two shooters
believed responsible for firing a total of 27 shots during the incident just
before 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday the forty year old man was shot five times the
younger man was shot once in the leg outside the home they’re both being
treated to Boston Medical Center police say the two family house was riddled
with bullet holes it’s unclear if the shooters were in a vehicle or on foot
police also say the shooting was not random and may have been gang-related
Quincy police believe the same man is responsible for two recent armed robber
freeze police say the gunman held up the five corners market on Newbury Avenue on
the night of August 17th and mulaney’s convenience store on West squad on
Street the night of August 18th in both cases the suspect appears to be at a
black male armed with a handgun cash was stolen from mulaney’s cash and
cigarettes were taken from the five quarters store anybody with informations
as to contact Quincy police more than 1,000 youngsters will have brand new
backpacks to take with them when they return to school next week thanks to
generous donors to interfaith social services here in Quincy their annual
backpack Drive is being called a huge success this year as a record-setting
number of families have been reaching out to Interfaith for help once again
this year interfaith executive director Rick Donn says the backpacks and the
school supplies were donated by area businesses and individuals and then
distributed recently by hundreds of volunteers who made sure each backpack
was filled with notebooks pens pencils markers crayons combination locks and
other school supplies now that you are up-to-date with weather and news to
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please stay – we’re back with you in just one minute welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities that are being featured right now in our
electronic bulletin board on channel AIDS for you to know about reminder that
the Quincy Farmers Market is still open on Fridays from 11:30 to 5:00 up a
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actually back to the program in a different role lieutenant juanny
in of the Quincy Salvation Army is joining us this morning to chat a little
bit about a summer activities that have been happening at the Quincy Salvation
Army also some maybe some upcoming events as well and one eats good to see
you again hi it’s good to be back yeah you were here before I was about about
three years ago I was yeah and what capacity at that time Oh at that time I
was here just as a cadets meaning kind of like as an intern I was at the
seminary school studying to be a pastor and officer in the Salvation Army and
they saw how much I love Quincy maybe maybe not but just a few months later I
got appointed back to Quincy Massachusetts at the Salvation Army here
so welcome back thank you so tell us a little bit about your journey through
the Salvation Army how that started my journey through the Salvation Army
started at the round the age of six and so I was born and raised in Lowell and
then it was through Vacation Bible School that summer program week-long
that they do it’s like fun stuff for kids so like singing dancing arts and
crafts all that stuff and the officers at the time visited our home and then
invited my family and I and we’ve loved it since so the Salvation Army and
Lowell just kind of became our home after that very good no it had been any
previous experience in your family with the Salvation no not at all actually and
my parents grew up Buddhist so here are different like different different
religions yeah and how do they feel about you becoming involved in the
Salvation Army well they were they were confused I can tell you that I was
actually a college student when I first told him about this w-well I was it was
it was different for my parents and you know first first child to go to college
to and be like hey sorry I’m actually dropping out to be a pastor and then
they’re like what is happening right they always obviously had a path in mind
for you to travel oh sure yeah but you had different plans where did you go to
college I actually went to college at Eastern Nazarene College I did yeah I
was a majoring in bio and then switched over to youth ministry and then was
going to was playing volleyball there at the time too
Wow okay so there’s been a connection to Quincy for a long time oh yeah yeah so
after that after college or what happened then after college I I left so
I finished off the year and then I went to go work as the youth ministries
coordinator at the Salvation Army in Waltham okay and I did a little over a
year there before I became accepted into the seminary school and then I left and
was in New York for about two years and then have been in Quincy since 2017 well
what did you do in New York I’m in New York I was just a student I was just we
were called cadets and so we would learn things academically like a lot of
religion classes and then we would do a lot of fieldwork as well hands-on
interestingly when you are a cadet here in Quincy it was under lieutenants Tim
and Nicole yes who are now running the Lowell chapter yeah it’s funny how the
world works yeah so it’s been a long it’s been a
long journey with captain’s Tim and Nicole because they were my pastors when
I was a college student was it worth yep and then um and then I came back and was
there cadet and then came back and then was there lieutenant
yeah so it’s a long line right right so what is it about Quincy that you like 20
I think I’m a city girl I’m just Lowell and Quincy are very
similar in communities and the environment I just love the diversity
and the integration of not just people but activities and things that happen
and plus Boston is just about 20 minutes away so that’s always a perk okay all
right so just on the other side of the story so that went from the North Shore
to the South I know you’re famous still up in Lowell yeah my family’s top
in-laws okay obviously now the Quincy chapters under new leadership captain’s
Kyle and amber Manor and I know that there’s some initiatives to maybe reach
out to the Asian community tell us about that if you yeah so I’m growing growing
up there are a lot of leaders in the Salvation Army that actually came out of
the Quincy core and one of them meaning our territorial commanders who are like
head who oversee the Salvation Army’s across the eastern territory are from
Quincy was a there now commissioners Lorraine and
Bamford okay so they growing up they always saw that there was always a need
for the Asian community just didn’t know how and so I’ve been appointed here as
one of my responsibilities to kind of build connections and relationships in
the community and see what we can best do to benefit and to also help however
way is possible yeah what have you identified I guess is some of the needs
in that community right now oh we have I mean we service a lot of the Asian
community during our social services our food pantry has grown tremendously
because when one comes they tell the other and everyone still works but we’re
hoping to build a program where either we help with translation you know we’ve
talked with some other partnerships in community and see where we can fit in
without you know duplicating something that’s already happening right yeah
there’s course Quincy Asian resources which are well yeah as well MIT but
maybe your services could be bilingual perhaps you know at some point something
of that nature the population itself is growing exponentially I would say in
Quincy when the 2020 census comes out next year I think we’ll really get a
good sense for what the actual Asian population is in the city but you’re not
dealing just with with older folks you’re dealing with kids yes tell us
about that ah the kids are great love we love the
kids it’s been weird because the summer ended we don’t see them very often but
we are jumping right back into our programs in the next few weeks so we do
a lot of like troops kind of Boy Scout Girl Scout type programs we do a lot of
music programs with the kids so like teaching them brass music – guitar
singing – dancing okay – you know everything that you can possibly think
of yeah we actually have some video of summer camp activities we want to show
folks and yeah you can tell us something about what we’re seeing while you’re
talking about them there they are there it is yep so you see here some summer
camp it’s called camp Wonderland it’s and Sharon Massachusetts I actually grew
up there and work there so that is also home but you just see kids having fun
they do a lot of like cabin activities together but then they also do their own
programs with different clubs so as you can see there’s some art
arts-and-crafts goat these kids love these carts get to drive it around
during the recreational area but overall it’s like just a it’s just a mesh of
like everything you can possibly like dream of when you’re not at home yeah so
yeah there’s no the answer is always yes at camp right always because you have no
choice to cuz you’re with your counselors all the time sure but this
year in the Quincy Salvation Army we send kids to so every Salvation Army has
a certain amount of slots that they can get and this year we’ve exceeded our
slots in comparison to last year – and sending kids including those from the
community so we sent twaddle over 30 plus kids last year so that’s a
combination of church kids plus community kids okay and it’s been it’s
been awesome because a lot of the kids didn’t even know that the Salvation Army
was a church to begin with right so once they found out like there’s a moment
during camp called Jesus theater where it’s a story of Jesus being played out
in like a choreo drama okay and at the end the kids have an opportunity to
accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and when they realized that that’s what
they did and they’re like what’s next and we’re like well there’s Church you
can always come to church yeah so that’s like always a special moments of camp
besides all the swimming and the arts and crafts and they’re playing around
there’s always those special moments yeah and and who can participate money
huh you know and how do they do that Oh at can anyone usually camp runs from
ages 6 to 12 but we always encourage people to try and participate in the
local Salvation Army’s if they would like to work there yeah yeah yes yeah
just so the Salvation Army is its own world in itself right so some of the
lingo – like duis or just the little acronyms
I think it can help them understand a little bit what the Salvation Army is
and you know who are these people in uniforms really yeah just ask questions
right basically yeah is it open to anybody oh yeah yeah yeah it’s open it’s
open to anyone and everyone okay and so the summer camp runs from the
beginning of June so like around the last week of school and it just ended
about a few weeks ago in August but it runs seven sessions and holds
about a capacity of over 200 kids well each and it’s only about five days four
nights and it’s an overnight camp the kids seem to love it
yeah I’m sure yeah is there a cost at all for that there is a cost but the
salvation Salvation amis are different into offsetting what they you know we’re
very well aware of situations that that arise but and we’re very accommodating
okay all right and one thing I noticed too about that video is it’s it’s a very
diverse cultural background choose kids of all all ethnicities probably all
religions and all cultures as well yeah I think one of the my favorite things
about camp that I absolutely loved is your your meeting with different kids
from all over Massachusetts you know from from Quincy all the way to
Greenfield from Greenfield all the way to North Adams you know just like these
random towns that you didn’t even know existed and as a kid it’s like a dream
when you walk in and you don’t kind of you kind of don’t know anyone but then
you see someone that maybe looks like you or someone that looks a little
different and it’s so comforting to be an environment such as camp and feel
safe and you know feel well protected yeah yes are you a counselor now no I
mean I’m I’m just I’m the assistant core officer at the Salvation Quinn’s you
just have to do the paperwork I just do the paperwork we take the kids to camp
but my siblings work at Camp two so the kids tell me everything from what I
simply tell them so I hear a lot of stories and you can probably relate
because you probably did them yourself when you were engaged
yeah yeah and they’re always like this happened and I was like wait back in my
day absolutely did not happen these kids today they don’t know yeah what are some
of your other responsibilities here at the Quincy chapter well in the Quincy
Salvation right now I just we just work a lot with the kids program C Women’s
Club that we do Thursdays okay oh well the women meet it’s a time where they’ll
eat lunch together and they just talk we hang out sometimes we go out once a
month they just enjoy doing stuff like that things that they can’t do and you
know not that they can’t do by themselves but things they like to do
together as women so it’s all about empowerment and it’s all about just
being together and enjoying each other company mostly okay so that’s Thursday’s
weather stays at 11:30 that Chester okay and open to anyone
yeah okay this would love we would love new women okay as now as a senior
citizens or just all no well right now it’s it’s more it’s collectively gearing
towards like the older age just where we are at the current moment but we are
open to having young to middle-aged to old to you know any age and what we
would love to have more women okay is there a cost for that at all no it’s
actually it’s free okay so that’s a hidden secret it is a secret will get
out for you okay what else sorry so as I mentioned before we do
troops on Tuesdays be tuned music lessons on Wednesdays The Salvation Army
also does volleyball 1st 3rd and if there’s a 5th Friday of every month and
that is my favorite time like today not today I’ll be starting up in the next
few weeks people are still on vacation or the kids are not in school yet so
parents are a little preoccupied right now and then just working on continuing
to develop this Chinese ministry is Asian ministry within the salvation yeah
do anticipate maybe like a satellite location and you know the north end of
the city perhaps well you know I think I think our goal right now is to try and
be integrated to show the different aspects and diversity and perspectives
of the Salvation Army because the Salvation Army is located over 130
countries you know and we would like to show that you know the Salvation Army is
is more than just your typical traditional Church you know we want to
be diverse and integrated as much as possible with every race ethnicity
possible yeah ok I think with something people don’t think about too is that the
our army will respond to emergencies just like the Red Cross will yeah you
know and it’d be it a any kind of a storm or we talked about hurricanes this
time of year you know coastal storms coming up through the wintertime as well
and then community events as well you know too
your your courtesy canteen I think is what it’s called just to help the first
responders or people that might be impacted in some type of a natural
disaster or man-made disaster for that matter yeah are you involved in that
aspect of it I am I’m currently not I would I would love to be yeah yeah yeah
but I’m very grateful and I admire those who you know choose to be front lines
and being where the people are and I think that’s that’s why I love the
Salvation Army growing up and even still until now is the fact that the the army
wants to be where the people are you know there’s a history of William Booth
who started the Salvation Army way back in the 1800s and his ultimate goal was
that he wants to meet where people are at and you know whether that’s down the
street where no one ever wants to go or down the alleyway that is dark and dingy
you know like that’s that’s the mission of the army is to really be where people
are in the midst of disaster so I I mean I admire and I’m so grateful for the
work that others do with the imagers emergency disaster services and I know –
speaking of reaching out are you utilizing social media more than ever
right yeah we are we are very active on our Facebook and Instagram page the
Instagram page has so far been very good we’ve we’ve you know had heard from
different local people that are in Quincy and are seeing what we do we do
our livestream services from Instagram okay which is really cool but on
Facebook we now are posting a lot in regards to our social services our
programs because we want people to know that we do offer programs and that we do
do things for kids and and adults and older adults and so we want to be on the
spectrum as much as much as possible great well that’s the place to be these
these days that’s for sure so I hope we help get the word out for you live it
here too as well is that it nice to meet you again yeah well thank you for having
me you know it’s been a pleasure likewise what about sue just enough time
to recap the weather forecast for you for the rest of the day today absolutely
spectacular wall-to-wall sunshine breezy and mild in the mid 80s this afternoon
comfortable tonight mid 60s still pretty nice tomorrow is to wrap up August with
Sun and clouds near 80 little cloudier cooler for the first day of September
Labor Day looks a little damp right now thanks again going out to lieutenant
wanti in for joining us thanks to our crew thank you for
watching we are off Monday for Labor Day back here next Friday with the car dr.
John Paul from triple-a on another live addition of currently in Quincy we’ll
see you then you

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