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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano on today’s program we will chat with the
director of the Norfolk County RSVP program Robert Pearson is here to chat
with us first though we check out the weather and the news for you this
morning currently in Quincy some clouds with
some peeks of Sun out there it’s 45 degrees right now that’s not stopping
there heading up to near 50 this afternoon there’ll be more clouds than
Sun but it’ll be a dry day and really not cooling down much tonight
temperatures only dipping into the mid 40s that sets the stage for a pretty
mild Saturday cloudy and dare I say warm tomorrow with highs into the low 60s
even warmer on Sunday comes with some showers especially Sunday morning be
kind of breezy to Sunday but highs into the mid 60s and a little bit more normal
for Sunday nights dipping into the mid 30s partly sunny and still pretty mild
for this time of year on Monday with a high Monday into the mid-40s 45 clouds
in Quincy right now in that news today Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch wants to tear
down the so-called new City Hall and the Monroe building in Quincy Center and
replaced them with a Performing Arts Center and a 15 story building for city
offices and Quincy college during his inaugural speech at Old City Hall this
past Monday Koch said both projects are still in the preliminary stages however
he says they will both add to the economic redevelopment of Quincy Center
this is a big idea I understand that and it’s a long way from fruition but we’ve
matured so much as a city over these past years and I believe we are ready
our downtown is once again bustling businesses are beginning to thrive
people are choosing to live in the heart of our downtown a large commercially
viable complex for performing us is the logical next step or re the historic
capital of our region I see no reason why Quincy should not be the cultural
capital south of Boston a coke also said that he’ll petition the
city of Boston for the return of the president john adams book collection
from the Boston Public Library mayor says those books were loaned to Boston
many years ago but he wants to create a John Adams Presidential Library at the
Adams Academy in Quincy Center also on Monday all nine city councilors were
sworn in to new two-year terms counselor at large
Nina Liang was elected the new council president
she says she was proud to become the first Asian American to lead the council
the true strength of our city is its people the diverse and committed
individuals who have chosen to call Quincy home today’s City Council today
more than ever in our city’s history reflects that broad and diverse
population of our neighbors and of our friends the council’s strength relies on
this diversity diversity of backgrounds of opinions and priorities in virtually
every sector of the community and from every corner of our city this is a
Council of mothers and fathers of public servants and private entrepreneurs we
are attorneys small business owners marketing and financial advisors civil
servants and directors of local nonprofits we represent families of
first-generation immigrants as well as those who have called Quincy home for
hundreds of years but regardless of upbringing a background regardless of
how we’ve come here today we all share one important thing in common we all
care about the future of this community our home
Quincy Liang replaces war two councilor Brad Crowell as the council president
she was first elected to office in 2015 one of the main goals of the City
Council this new year will be to bring a city owned internet service to residents
that plan was introduced by Ward three councillor ian Caine last year he says
there’s been a strong interest in the proposals so far so far we’ve had a
tremendously positive response from residents around the city in terms of
filling out the survey that we’ve put @ww quincy fiber comm
which we still encourage people to participate as we go forward with this
very public and resident driven process we’ll be launching the same survey
that’s going to go out with the city census in January so you’ll have another
chance to to fill that out in person but today I’m pleased to introduce and
welcome the CEO of entry point networks Jeff Christiansen who has been behind
the scenes with mr. Walker the mayor and myself setting the stage for this
project we’ve been trying to understand what’s going to go into developing this
network in the city and and we’ve been obviously at the point where we’re
getting feedback through the public process so today is really to understand
a little bit more about how that process is going to roll out over the next
coming months a company called entry point networks is working with the city
to help develop the new internet service that supporters say could lower the cost
of Internet in Quincy to $50 per month oh it’s not free to park at the new
parking garage at the former pan cock parking lot in Quincy Center anymore
that free parking ended on January 6th after opening on December 16th the rates
are now $1 per hour up to six hours then twelve dollars from six to eight hours
twenty-five dollars for anything eight hours and over
officials say the spike in rates is aimed at discouraging MBTA users from
parking all day in the garage some of the spaces in that 712 space garage are
reserved for tenants in the new nova residences apartment building and the
new chestnut place apartment building that is currently under construction the
search continues for a Quincy man missing since before Christmas 47 year
old Daniel ball was last seen on December 23rd friends say ball was on
foot when he disappeared ball grew up in Hall and has ties to Weymouth a Facebook
page has been set up in an effort to locate him and anybody with information
about his whereabouts is asked to contact Quincy Police now that you are
up-to-date with weather and news check out our program
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and the city councilors 7 o’clock on channel 8 at 8:30 Quincy High versus
Marshfield girls basketball from January 6 that are currently in Quincy the
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take a look at some of the current events and activities that are featured
right now on our electronic bulletin board on channel AIDS like that one the
Quincy Parks departments environmental treasures program this is tonight
actually it’s a full moon tour of Marymount Park at six o’clock you’ll
meet up with Sally Owen and Paul Doherty in the parking lot at the accountant
right across from Veterans Stadium dress accordingly although it’s going to be a
nice evening do bring a flashlight wear some proper footwear because it might be
a little stumpy call for seven two zero seven nine nine to learn more about it
and enjoy the tour tonight Quincy Art Association’s winter class
schedule for adults and children will begin on January 27th for all levels
there are classes and drawing ink wash pastels oil clay and much more their
website is Quincy art MA org will you’ll get all the details the Quincy farmers
market winter market is open on Fridays from 11:30 to 3:00 o’clock at the South
Shore YMCA on Cottington Street in Quincy the market includes fish beef
produce eggs honey and much more the market will be open on Fridays through
February the 14th visit their website Quincy farmers market calm for more
information and sasha elder services of Braintree needs storm troopers to
deliver meals on wheels during winter storms if you have a car and don’t mind
a little snow call seven eight one eight four eight thirty nine ten extension for
304 all the details and they do need regular weekday drivers too and if you
have an event or an activity you’d like to promote visit our website QA
just download a bulletin board request form fill it out and send it in get that
message up here on Channel eight two coming up we sit down with Robert
Pearson of the Norfolk County RSVP program next welcome back we’re so pleased to welcome
back to the program again Robert Pearson the director of the Norfolk County RSVP
program to talk about many different volunteer opportunities that you might
be able to partake of here in the new year Robert nice to see you again
Thank You Jo happy new year it’s always a pleasure to see you I usually come to
you early every new year yeah I’m glad this has gotten to be a kind of an
annual tradition now to spotlight the RSVP program and and hopefully get you
some more volunteers to help out so yeah New Year’s resolutions some people that
watch some new beginning yeah have you found folks that have done that in the
past this is you know that well maybe not make a resolution but at least say
you know I’m at a time in my life now or I’d like to give back a little bit so
certainly yeah certainly there’s a there’s a baby boomer generation and you
know more and more people are coming and saying I have more free time I’m retired
what can I do that it’ll just take one morning or one afternoon a week yeah
that’s really what it’s all about right it’s it’s at your leisure at your
convenient it is it is the volunteers could do no wrong I mean the volunteers
are there to give what they can and it’s it’s a wonderful opportunity so a little
bit about the program if you could first just kind of an overview of what the
RSVP program is absolutely for your listeners who don’t know it RSVP stands
for retired and senior volunteer program but we call it your invitation to
community service like an RSVP or our parent organization is the National
Senior Corps which they’re hoping to get the word out on more most people have
heard of their sister organization AmeriCorps but this is a volunteer
service for older volunteers age 55 and older okay so we receive a federal grant
and there are RSVPs all over the state all over the country we are able to with
the support of our our partner and sponsor the Norfolk County commissioners
have the support to do maybe about 15 20 different types of
volunteer opportunities in the county we have over 300 volunteers our primary
focus areas our serving vets elementary school tutoring Meals on Wheels driving
and friendly visiting and we offer great great support and benefits like
supplemental mileage reimbursement and supplemental accident and liability
insurance for volunteers this is kind of a historic year for the RSVP program
right it is very exciting with this is our 30th year of existence and we’re
going to whoop it up in a big way as every year we have a volunteer
recognition luncheon at Lantana’s in Randall’s with over 200 people attending
sure so this year we will have a specially great extravaganza already a a
cake has been talked about and Commissioner Joe Shea who’s the former
town clerk of Quincy is a key player for us in our developments and at the
lunchroom absolutely you know so let’s talk a little bit if we can about some
of the opportunities that are available this year be happy to be happy to so
your focus our focus is Quincy Quincy is really the place where we have the most
greatest number of volunteers given that it’s real city in Norfolk County it’s a
real yeah yeah I will agree I mean I know you know brain Korea Weymouth have
city forms of government but Quincy was chartered as a city and is the biggest
one absolutely tried say one of the newer developments that we have had is a
new friendly visitor partnership with the Massachusetts Association for the
blind and visually impaired their headquarters is closer to the the Boston
area in Brookline but they cover all of the state in looking for volunteers to
be a friendly visitor for for somebody who’s blind or visually
impaired to help with occasional grocery shopping but primarily be in the home to
assist with bill-paying organizing items at home reading to them you know so we
do magazine article or something right exactly or leisure yeah nice okay
yeah what are the qualifications for that for somebody to be a volunteer for
that particular need somebody who is willing to receive a training okay on
how to work with people who are blind just a one-time two or three hour
training just in the etiquette of working with somebody who is visually
impaired or blind and willingly a willingness to be a good neighbor really
it’s you know I see countless examples which are part of the perks of my job
people who who really develop friendships and on both ends you know
people who you know volunteers would say oh these people are amazing I can’t
believe how capable they are while having this this limitation and you know
just willingness to do a good deed sure we have about a need for ten volunteers
in Quincy right now for this particular friendly visiting program through the
mass Association okay and I know that your volunteers you
you’ve met them beforehand right to make sure that everybody’s on the up-and-up
and and there’s no issues at all yeah to take a step back yeah we for all of our
various opportunities we we put out our word just to walk you through the steps
we put out the word for volunteers through various means you’re helping us
do it right now which I appreciate but it’s also through volunteer match which
which is a website okay where we get a lot of response from we will do
presentations at different locations so we will be responded to and then we’ll
either have a phone conversation or have somebody come in the office and we’ll
describe the opportunities then the person will fill out a pretty
brief application and we’ll do a query background check because people are
working with isolated adults or vulnerable populations I should say in
some cases with kids and we turn that around very quickly and based on you
know the the need we will then refer them to a partner site and they’ll get
rolling pretty quickly there are what there’s one primary program that we are
operating in house and that’s a rides for vets program and we certainly look
for people who have good driving records and that can be available once once a
week or twice a month to give a ride to a veteran in need to a medical
appointment it’s a very flexible program okay and people can get a good amount of
mileage reimbursement know for their travel
so they’re using their own personal vehicles for that program thank you for
mentioning yeah they need to use their own vehicles and clearly only
individuals that have a strong level of independence will be will be driven in
some cases they may be accompanied by by a spouse or a family members or who
could help them with a small oxygen tank or if they have a folding wheelchair
they all help them into the appointment okay so is there particular need in that
area right now they’re available we do need okay we do need volunteers
frequently we are looking for new volunteers who again on a flexible
schedule and with a good amount of computer knowledge because we finally
moved to an online system for people who are driving self assigning their rides
so we make it very easy the software online will allow them to look at all
the details of the appointment length the the time travel and amount of
mileage to get from the particular veterans snow home or from their home to
the veteran’s home to the appointment and then just at a click of a button
they just self-assign and pretty much take it
from take it from there yeah I would I would think that once a relationship is
established it probably pretty stable in the future is it not doesn’t kind of
continue itself well in some cases you know it’s interesting you mentioned in
some cases you know a volunteer or I should say a veteran would say oh you
know I really liked working with Phil right right you know and and can I have
Phil again and we’ll say well we put it out on the website well we may ask Phil
first but you know in some cases because we give up to 80 rides a month now we
put it out there and hopefully Phil what’s your ride first but you know yes
yes there are veteran we will do our best there are cases where both the
driver and the rider also we really like to be with each other
sure so uh so that’s usually yeah there’s the volunteer have to give a
minimum time commitment to any of the opportunities we are looking for anybody
who comes on board to commit to a minimum nine months okay availability in
the program and depending on the opportunity it is usually a weekly
commitment but it varies if it’s in an elementary school it’s usually a you
know a two-hour shift once a week if it’s at the you know and there other
opportunities at the Brockton VA which is nearby so there are opportunities
that are usually two or three hours a week there’s one assisting veterans in
learning this is for computer people okay we want to volunteer in learning
the veteran web portal and how to use that to book future appointments we you
know so they have a shift at the VA okay and outpatients who don’t know the
system you can learn it okay and so those volunteers commit to one shift a
week of a full morning or an afternoon of four out no that’s almost like a
part-time jobs huh well it could be that be helps them access their veterans
benefits though which is key yes so the so the opportunities really
range from being very personal most of them are very personal
I would interactions though whatever’s going to work for people we usually find
an opportunity for them speaking of them veterans who just had a big holiday
Drive not too long ago for the veterans right thank you yeah yeah this was a
drive this was our second year of what I think will be an annual drive for active
duty military great where we we collect letters of support that are mailed out
to them and many many personal items we have about five different cities and
towns that you know our drop-off sites and this year we collected about over
2,600 items ranging from playing cards to we have to go still pick up somebody
donated 200 decks of playing cards I don’t know where they got those from but
they must like cards themselves right whatever it’s wonderful I mean there’s
you know whether it’s you know deodorant or combs or playing things that we take
for granted right or games you know so you know we we deliver them to a site
that that will then ship them out all over the world sure can you tell me
about a particular need here in Quincy Roberts for a woman who’s visually
impaired yes yes for the you know for the work with the mast Association for
the blind we do have a woman who’s in her 60s who lives in Quincy I think she
is not totally blind I think she has some vision but also keep in mind a lot
of older adults that develop macular degeneration really have and that’s more
prevalent so there’s really a growing need you know this is an individual
who’s looking for a volunteer to help with grocery shopping she would like
someone twice a week if possible she has a dog for dog lovers out there and she’s
available looking for somebody for a weekday afternoons okay very good we’ve
been putting your phone number and the email address to contact you so if folks
have questions or want to help out they can get ahold
you and hopefully launched a new relationship we appreciated Joe we are
continually looking for new volunteers because while our volunteer base is firm
and committed there’s always attrition some people need to move on though I’d
say the average age of one of our volunteers is I’d say about 72 we have
volunteers as young as 55 it couldn’t be younger based on our grant rate but as
old as 92 Wow that’s great that’s wonderful thanks for coming by Robert
nice to see you always a pleasure see you next year yes indeed or gone sooner
if not sooner just enough time to take a look at the forecast for you for the
rest of the day today kind of what you see is what you get cloudy it’s warming
up to around 50 this afternoon even a little warmer tomorrow with clouds
warmer still with showers on Sunday back to normal on Monday thanks again to
Robert Pearson from the Norfolk County RSVP program a pleasure Happy New Year
everybody thanks for your support thanks to our crew thank you for watching
Monday at 11:30 Lisa Braxton’s here from the National Fire Protection Association
on another edition of currently in Quincy we’ll see you then you

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