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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we chat with Lisa
Braxton from the national fire protection association here in Quincy
learned all about fire safety during these winter months
first though we’ll check out the weather and the news for you this morning
currently in Quincy kind of cloudy and damp out there it’s 38 degrees right now
the clouds will win out today may even have some more of those ocean effect
snow showers later on temperatures will top off in the mid 40s this afternoon
dropping off into the mid 30s this evening for tomorrow the clouds again
win out kind of a carbon copy of today really temperatures in the low to mid
40s nice on Wednesday Sun and clouds but look at we warm back up to near 50
degrees and some rain moves in here on Thursday especially in the morning with
some sunshine later in the day highs Thursday into the mid 40s and then
winter will make a comeback here by the end of the week right now kind of cloudy
38 in Quincy in that news today Quincy Mayor Thomas coke says that there is a
philanthropist that has taken a keen Maiki to the city of Quincy it wants to
help develop a new Performing Arts Center at the current site of the so
called new city hall the glass building in Quincy Center during his inaugural
address last week the mayor said that current building is inadequate to serve
four city offices 1870s glass city hall building in the coming years will
require substantial capital investment for things like a new roof no elevator
fire suppression systems the replacement of a failing and extremely inefficient
glass window system under my proposed of the college will pay rent to defray the
cost of the finances of the project but unlike typical lease arrangements it
would not be subject to increases every year so for 25 years the college will be
able to model and create budgets based on a consistent knowing lease each year
there is no question about the opportunity Quincy College provides
there’s no question about its future potential the state of the education
facility at the doorstep of the Quincy’s MBTA station and adjacent to this
beautiful park will ensure that potential is captured and the
opportunity creates realized but generations of students particularly
those Quincy a coke says the Performing Arts Center would be the centerpiece of
the new Hancock Adams Common and would provide a permanent home for groups
including the Quincy Art Association Quincy Symphony Orchestra Quincy choral
society and other arts organizations he says it’s unclear if the new center
would be city-owned however he says it would have to be self-sustaining father
Bill’s homeless shelter here in Quincy is preparing to move to a new building
across the street from its current location on Broad Street as part of the
city’s plans to build a new police station and a video produced by father
Bill’s executive director John Yas Winsky says the change gives them the
opportunity to try and keep more people off the streets our vision is to have a
much smaller emergency housing emergency shelter but have more of a housing
resource opportunity and what we call housing first and housing first is that
you take the people that really need a lot of support that are expensive to the
community that go in and out of mental health institutions they Nevada
Corrections in and out of detoxes in and out of police stations that are very
expensive to provide to them supportive housing immediately we’ve had about an
85 90 percent success rate of those people staying in housing with those
supports it’s it’s it’s proven to be very successful for that person but it’s
also been very much cost savings to the community now under the current plan the
city will buy a building for father bills however it would be up to the
agency to raise the funds necessary to create the permanent new apartments in
addition to add a shelter soon Quincy residents may be getting a visit from a
college student to educate them about the plan to bring a city-owned Internet
service to Quincy the city is working with a company called entry point
networks to try and develop a municipal internet service
effort to lower costs the company’s president Jeff Kristensen told the City
Council recently the door-to-door education is the first phase of the plan
do that under the direction the city the way we think about it is not
door-to-door sales but door-to-door education because everybody has
questions yeah some people don’t understand really how the internet works
so the way we envision that is putting door hangers on people’s doors and
saying we’re gonna be in the neighborhood next week if you don’t want
us to knock on your door just turn the door hanger around and we will knock on
your door if you would like to learn more we’re gonna knock on your door and
answer your questions it’s interesting these are college kids that will educate
and send them out mm-hmm or three city councilor Ian Kane first introduced the
idea of a city provided Internet service to help compete with the current
provider comcast cana encourages residents to continue to offer their
input on his idea by responding to a survey which is at quincy fiber comm
early voting will take place in Quincy next month for the March 3rd
presidential primary city clerk nicole chris beau says that voters may cast
their ballots at old City Hall the last week in February which we’re very
excited about we realize it’s going to be a very busy time and so we are having
five days of early voting okay even for the primary even though the primary
it’ll be excuse me February 24th through the 28th it will be at City Hall in the
lower level of the Great Hall Crispo says the last day to register to
vote in the March 3rd primary is February the 12th and the city clerk’s
office will be open until 8 o’clock that evening the American Red Cross is making
an urgent appeal for blood and platelet donations during the winter months the
organization says there were five hundred fewer blood drives over the
holidays resulting in a critical shortage right now the Red Cross says
there’s less than a three day supply of Type O blood
an incentive anybody who donates blood or platelets through January 19th will
be automatically entered for a chance to go to Super Bowl 54 on February 2nd at
Hard Rock Stadium in Miami appointments to make a donation can be made using the
Red Cross donor app by visiting Red Cross Blood dot org or by calling 1-800
Red Cross a blood drives will be held here in Quincy January 25th
at the Bethany Congregational Church and on January 27th at the Sons of Italy
hall now that you’re up-to-date with weather and news it’s check out our
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6:30 tonight it’s taste and smell on AM Quincy tonight at 7:00 councilor
at-large Noel DiBona a legislative update at 7:30 state
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tuned we’re back with you in just one minute welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities featured right now in our electronic
bulletin board on channel 8 for you to know about like that one the national
active and retired federal employees Executive Board meeting is one o’clock
this afternoon then the regular meetings at 1:30 both at the Moore set post on
Liberty Street over in West Quincy Wednesday Art Association offering
winter classes and oil pastels clay drawing and a whole lot more for all
abilities just visit their website it’s Quincy art MA or you’ll get a complete
program schedule you can even register right online another information session
about the literacy program at the Thomas crane Public Library is being held today
it’s through noontime so hurry up get over there to the main branch on
Washington Street Quincy Center call three seven six one three one four or
send an email to the address on your screen there for more information and
don’t forget about the Quincy farmers market winter Market at the YMCA every
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message up here on channel 8 2 coming up we check in with Lisa Braxton of the
National Fire Protection Association and try and help keep you safe that’s next welcome back and this is unfortunately
the time of year when a lot of home fires and home accidents take place of
course more folks are our home it endures much longer using their heating
systems using space heaters using candles perhaps so we’ve asked Lisa
Braxton from the National Fire Protection Association here in Quincy to
come back on the program and share with us some safety tips happy new year Lisa
Happy New Year to you so thanks for coming over again really appreciate you
and hopefully we don’t have to you know use you for any emergency oh I hope not
I’m trying to prevent those before we talk about that though tell me a little
bit about the NFPA there’s always you know new folks I think watching that
maybe aren’t familiar with your over 100 year old organization yes Fire
Protection Association was founded in 1896 we are a nonprofit global
organization we produce more than 300 consensus codes and standards so that
includes if you when you see the exit signs they’re lit in doorways in public
places the dimensions of windows so that firefighters can come in and and and
rescue people we write all kinds of codes and standards and we have the
mission of reducing death and injury due to fire and other hazards right you are
considered the gold standard internationally yes we are an
international organization right we are for safety procedures safety protocols
any kind of new construction project that like right across the way here in
Quincy I’m sure you know NFPA codes come into play right down to putting addition
onto your house and we’ve also talked about active shooter we have standards
for that so we are rapidly at the edge of whenever something new is a concern
we go ahead and when it’s a safety concern we bring in others from other
safety organizations and we work on those things as well with standards
absolutely and I know that a lot of the information that you make free and
available to the public as well as to municipalities and governments as well
yes our codes are free to look at online and that’s a NFPA org sure absolutely so
is it true then that this time of year is kind of unfortunately the time when
you see more residential fires yes home fires happen more often during this
season during the winter season and a big reason for that
because of heating issues so we want people to be very careful when it comes
to heating their homes we’ve seen where people some people have not used their
space heaters properly for instance I know some instances where individuals
used an extension cord to plug in their space heater and it overheated and cost
of fire we tell people to plug the space heater directly into the outlet and only
plug that into the outlet only one key producing appliance into the outlet and
also we talked about the three-foot circumference make sure that the space
heater is three feet away from anything that can burn that includes pets for
instance your your your bedding those kinds of things and there are still some
individuals who have the older space heaters that don’t have the safety
mechanisms so swap out the old ones for the newer ones that if it were to tip
over it would shut off immediately and always use a very sturdy surface for
your space heaters and we say turn it off if you’re going to bed turn it off
if you’re going to leave the room if you’re leaving the house turn the space
heater off yeah and you know probably try and use it at the lowest level
possible to stay warm because though even the cords get warm I’ve noticed you
know even if you’re just using the single cord from the heater into a one
outlet like you’re supposed to even that gets warm well one issue with the cords
as we tell people to make sure that the cords are not frayed so respect your
cords every year that you you pull the space heater out and don’t allow it to
be run underneath the carpet or underneath the sofa because you don’t
want the the cord to get frayed sure yeah you’ve been kind enough to send
over a lot of photographs to give examples to folks as to ways to yes use
things properly in the way this did not do things so why don’t we start with the
the first one and let you talk a little bit about what we’re seeing here okay so
we see what this is one of our social-media cards so we in a PA have
found some clever accurate ways to share in social media no I never used a snow
blower I wouldn’t even know how to use a snow blower but it’s all about not being
affected by carbon monoxide we want people to make sure that their vents are
clear in a snow storm sometimes snow gets sucked into the vents for the dryer
you know those kinds of things make sure that the
the snow is clear of your events so that there is not a carbon monoxide problem
and while we’re on that topic it’s so important to have them in your home have
carbon monoxide alarms on every level of your home and also reading the
manufacturer’s instructions so you know where exactly to put them because carbon
monoxide is odorless and you can’t you can’t smell it you can’t see it so if
you have a backup and there’s a problem with Co in your home you wouldn’t know
it but the co alarm will tell you that and also I’d like to mention a big
concern I have is for these newer keyless ignition cars where people are
not having to use their key to turn the car off or on and they drive into their
garage and they get out of the car and don’t realize that the car is still
running that’s happened some people have been have gotten very sick over that
some people have passed away over that so if you have that CO alarm in your
home on all levels of your home that will tell you that there’s a there’s a
CO poisoning going on and to alert you to go ahead and get out that really is
the first line of defense you know and people say well those detectors are so
expensive please they’re not really that expensive your smoke alarms and your CO
alarms it can cost under ten dollars you a lot of choices and so it’s worth
it because it could make it they can save your life
yeah absolutely then and what action should you take if that alarm does go
off what should you do well if the co alarm goes off it’s important to go to a
fresh enter location if you can’t leave the home open the window and just you
know stick your head out call 911 immediately and even beforehand before
there is a problem it’s a good idea to call your local fire department to find
out if my co alarm goes off what number do I call to have it checked but it’s so
important if you that alarm goes off go to a fresh-air location okay number one
is the most important thing you mentioned the events for furnaces a lot
of them newer heating systems you know do exhaust out the side of the house not
Authority anymore I guess diverse the line of Defense’s know where
that is right right right right to be sure I keep it clear and you
mentioned chimneys it’s important when we were talking about fireplaces to have
the chimney and the vents inspected by a qualified professional once a year it
looks a very good idea and then with sometimes when people who are using the
fireplace there are sparks a fly around and having a heat tempered grate in
front of the fireplace so that way people don’t get burned don’t get
injured in it absolutely check out the next photo and see what we have here
speak with space heaters yes we have a couple who is looking over magazine
enjoying themselves but you see a center center in the photo is a space heater
and we always say give space heaters space and three feet so that peter is
three feet away so they’re heating their their home safely that that temporary
heating that the space heater offers safely and are keeping the space heater
three feet away okay I think there’s another example of that
in the next photo just to kind of accentuate that yes yes so if you’re not
sure just pull out your yardstick or a pull out some kind of a ruler and
measure measure your three feet to make sure that you have the heater three feet
away from anything that can burn okay it’s no it’s not a wood floor is that
you know recommended or that style or something no that that’s fine the way
they’re constructed the bottom of it is is fine it’s just where the the heat is
coming out of that’s really that’s really the dangers over yes let’s take a
look at the next one yes candles beautiful is a candle with care makes
for good your candle is at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn
and one big concern is that people will sometimes you know light a candle it it
gives a nice smell and ambiance and then they doze off to sleep you don’t want
that to happen we don’t want people to keep the candle going while they’re
asleep you’re getting sleepy blow out the candle if you’re going to leave the
room blow out the candle if you’re leaving home blow out the candle and if
you pets around you don’t want your cat and your dog to get curious and get near
the candle and have it Cayla catch on fire and have them in a
panic run around your house and light fires all over your house is that help
that that does happen that has happened yes so be careful and candle with care
okay certainly they could not get over Italy at the very least they cannot get
over and that’s an issue too so we say keep put your candle on a sturdy surface
yeah right that’s who and if you’re lighting a
candle pull your hair away from it pull your sleeves away from it you don’t want
yourself to catch on fire certainly oh my gosh things they have to
think about but you know you’ve seen these things happen so this that’s why
these codes are developed right exactly the best experience right okay get the
fake ones yeah well they the lovely battery optionals that can smell and
look like the real thing there’s some battery upper operated candles I even
have a flicker yes on them and so we do advise that people consider to get the
battery operated candles okay next up is yes we’re talking about portable
generators because at this time of the year
there aren’t power outages and sometimes people do use the portable generators to
generate power into their home make sure that you have you’re using the generator
outside of your home as far away from your home as possible with a vented away
from the house away from the windows and the exhaust is turn that away from turn
it away from the house and of course the carbon monoxide alarms come into play
there too if there’s a problem your CO alarm will alert you let you
know that there’s a poisonous gas backing into your home okay and just
like really any combustible engine make sure it’s cooled off before you put more
gas in there right yes yes definitely and if you store your gasoline in a safe
place away from the living area of your home okay good to know as well goes back
to the car in the garage scenario with carbon monoxide right have those alarm
just couldn’t generate the same deadly gas if I can just toss one little aside
in hotels not all hotels have CO alarms oh and there are in people who have
gotten sick at hotels some of any all kinds of hotels motels hotels and so we
advise people to bring your a co alarm with you you can bring one with you when
you travel just to make sure that you’re being protected it’s routed in Everwood
that yeah maybe you’re stayin gonna be there B&B or something you know right
someone’s home and right properly equipped so or you been a commercial
hotel you just never know okay all right next up oh okay so we say
sometimes it’s good to push buttons well at least when it comes to smoke alarms a
convenient to push buttons so we want people to test the smoke alarm once a
month at least once a month using the test button to make sure it’s working
and if your smoke alarm starts chirping if you’ve a like a traditional alarm and
it’s chirping swap out the battery for a new battery and if it’s still chirping
then then get a new alarm and if you have a ten year alarm then that should
be good for 10 years but push the button once a month to make sure it’s working
they have expiration dates on them actually I learned yes the manufacturer
date so if you put a long-life alarm 10 years it should last up to 10 years all
right good to know what about location placement of the detectors smoke alarm
should be either on the ceiling high up on the ceiling or high up on the wall
okay but there are directions that come with the alarm that can tell you exactly
what to do okay I think we have one more left to show folks Electrical Safety
it’s so important to plug heat-producing appliances directly into the outlet and
just use one you know one key producing appliance in the outlet no extension
cords no power strips you have electrical work done get a qualified
professional to come in and work on your electrical system so in the last one
here is we talked about this early right but but but the fireplace and the heat
tempered gate to make sure that everyone children your you your pets your your
guests are not harmed by any any sparks that come out sure and any combustibles
keep it away as well right right exactly all right so good deductive Lisa thank
you so much well thank you have a safe new year yes yes we will try great just
enough time to recap the forecast for you for the rest of the day today kind
of what you see is what you get out there lots clouds temperatures in the
mid 40s this afternoon down to the mid 30s this evening we’ll do it all over
again tomorrow pretty much a carbon copy of today clouds mid forties little nicer
on Wednesday and chillier on Thursday with some morning rain
thanks again to Lisa Braxton of the nfpa for joining us today sure thanks to our
crew thank you for watching Friday at 11:30 it’s dr. Wayne Westcott of the
exercise science program at Quincy College here on another edition of
currently in Quincy we will see you then thank you so much

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