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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we will be chatting
with dr. Wayne Westcott from the exercise science program at Quincy
College help you keep those New Year’s resolutions first though as always we’ll
check out the weather and the news for you this morning
currently in Quincy it’s sunny and brisk out there 18 degrees right now that wind
has got a bit of a bite to it highs today only in the mid 20s but the
wind will make it feel like it’s in the single digits another frigid nights
tonight lows drop off into the lower teens and kind of a wintry Saturday snow
will arrive tomorrow afternoon about 3 or 4 o’clock or so and continued through
the evening could accumulate 2 to 4 inches by the time it wraps up late
tomorrow night but sunday looks pretty nice Sun and clouds little milder highs
Sunday into the low 40s and a chilly on Martin Luther King jr. Day on Monday but
it will be sunny with a hi Mon day around 30 degrees the rest of next week
looks sunny but cold again 18 in Quincy right now in the news today a man wanted
for soliciting young girls for sex in Quincy turned himself in after seeing
news reports about the incidents 20 year old Benjamin Chen of Quincy surrendered
at the Quincy police station Monday and was charged with soliciting sex from a
minor and accosting a person of the opposite sex
police say Chen approached young girls on taffrail Road in Germantown and on
Cottington Street near Quincy High School last week in one case Chen
reportedly got out of his car and chased after the girls however the girls
escaped safely Jen was released on $1,000 bail order to stay away from
girls 18 and under except for blood relatives remain on house arrest success wear a GPS monitoring device is due back
in court March 30th the future of the former Beachcomber nightclub on Quincy
Shore Drive hangs in limbo after the developers withdrew their plans for a
three-story building with a restaurant function hall and offices the proposal
was being reviewed by the State Department of Environmental Protection
because the property sits below the flood zone neighbors worried that any
developments will make an already flood prone area around the Strand even worse
the developer had proposed creating an 89 space parking lot by paving a dirt
area but opponents said that would prevent flood waters for being absorbed
into the ground and inundate local neighborhoods the developers say they
are reviewing their plans but they have withdrawn the proposal at this time city
of Quincy has its first director of tourism
Dagny ashley was appointed to that newly created position recently shall work to
create a year-round tourism program for Quincy Ashley was director of tourism
for the city of New Bedford for the past seven years she’s also worked for the
Massachusetts office of travel and tourism the Bristol County Convention
and Visitors Bureau and the southeastern Massachusetts Convention and Visitors
Bureau Ashley is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth
Leslie College and Bristol Community College Ashley salary is funded through
the hotel-motel tax there are two new members on the board of directors for
MANET Community Health Center of Quincy Jane cassellius and grace Murphy
McAuliffe were recently appointed during manats Annual Meeting back in December
cassellius retired after twenty-one years as a nurse with the Quincy Public
Schools she’s now a wellness instructor at the South Shore YMCA and Murphy is
Director of Finance for the Quincy Housing Authority and president of the
Quincy Parks Conservancy she has more than 25 years experience in the world of
finance MANET was founded back in 1979 as a nonprofit health center and now has
five locations in Quincy Taunton and Hall the Quincy Democratic City
Committee will be holding a day of service this coming Monday and
recognition of Martin Luther King jr. Day volunteers will gather in the
Dhiru Matt stop and shop on Newport Avenue from nine to three to prepare
bagged lunches for father bills and mainspring homeless shelters the
volunteers with transportation are encouraged to help deliver those meals
starting at 1:00 o’clock this will be the second year of the project last year
over 25 volunteers delivered over 200 meals to the shelter another up to date
with weather and news check out our programming lineup for you for later on
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30th night at 8:30 on Channel 8 wide contact made that at set o’clock Quincy
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with you in just one minute welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities who are showing right now in our electronic
bulletin board on channel 8 for you to know about a community meeting about
Quincy’s 400th anniversary celebration will be held January 21st from 5:30 to
7:30 at the Kennedy Center everybody is invited to participate in the planning
for the celebration that’s coming up in five years
Quincy Art Association offering winter classes in oil paintings pastels
watercolors drawing clay ink and a lot more visit their website quincy art MA
org for information and to register for those classes and a reminder of the
Quincy farmers market has a winter market this year at the South Shore YMCA
on Coddington Street it’s open every Friday from 11:30 to 3 offering produce
fish meat honey and much more visit Quincy farmers market dot-com and former
Quincy city councilor Joe finned is the keynote speaker at this year’s annual
Martin Luther King jr. breakfast coming up this Monday at nine o’clock and the
cafeteria at Quincy High School fins now the executive director of the
Massachusetts housing and shelter Alliance in Boston if you’d like to
reserve tickets call City Hall at six one seven three seven six one five zero
zero and if you’ve got an event or an activity you’d like to promote visit our
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send it in get that message up here on Channel eight two coming up we chat with
dr. Wayne Westcott of the exercise science program at Quincy College that’s
next welcome back it is of course that time
of year when everybody’s number one New Year’s resolution is get fit get healthy
lose weight this is going to be the year and the dr. Wayne Westcott is here from
the exercise science program at Quincy College to help us do that again he wins
thank you so much you know you’re honored to be here you too Joe this is
great this is going to be an annual appearance about this time if I know I’m
honored Thank You wonderful actually I really do thank you very much it brings
it down home it brings it local you know right folks I think yes say all right
what do I do you know where’s the where do I begin if I really wouldn’t want to
kind of change my lifestyle a little more healthy you’ve been doing it what
over 40 years now you were ten how long at Quincy College for you now have you
been there see we actually started the program in 2006 so about 14 years since
we’re running the exercise science program right yes okay and how’s it been
going it’s going very well we have people of all ages we have high school
graduates we have middle aged we are our oldest graduate graduating who’s 70 and
back said people take courses in their 80s so all ages can benefit from
learning a little more about exercise science and many people go into personal
training which is really important especially for the older adult
population right yeah and it’s it’s important to receive that certification
if you really want to get into that letter yes we we actually do teach
somewhat towards the national certification I had the privilege of of
writing a chapters for several the National certification textbooks so
they’re gonna pass the straight training component we know that okay but we cover
all the extra all the other components as well yes
is it true do you see an influx of people about this time of year saying
you know help me absolutely yes we do yes what are some of the common mistakes
you think that they’re making that you like try and change well actually you
get the credit for this Joe because in our discussion you know you’ve said this
how you approached your own fitness is instead of focusing on the negative
focus on the positive so if you’re eating healthy foods you probably won’t
be eating unhealthy fritzsche and if you’re doing appropriate exercise
protocols you probably won’t be doing things that would be too much too soon
causing injury or discouragement they say well what do I really need to
do tell me that and then I’ll let the other things fall into place that’s the
approach that we actually take and it’s very individual is it not for each
person I mean your goals are gonna be different depending on right where
you’re starting we do always want to meet the objectives of the people we’re
training yeah and they may be very different as you said yeah
the summit’s you know just getting in shape because they the doctor told me
they had two others it’s because they really want to you know change their
lifestyle and be active and do outdoor outdoorsy things on days that aren’t
quite as cold as today yeah that’s right and others it is you don’t want I need
to get in shape because I’ve got this coming up for that going on or a wedding
or something of that nature but whatever it is once people do start to make the
move towards fitness it tends to be very reinforcing and they continue on and see
even greater perspectives than what their original objectives may have been
yeah and you know I’m guessing start small right don’t don’t go for don’t go
for the gusto all at once yeah seeing small improvements periodically is we
think the best motivation to continue last time you were here we talked about
kind of your groundbreaking weight-loss study that you had just concluded that
really emphasized the need for protein and I remembered that yeah yes
since that time we have done one more actually we did three studies on losing
fat okay I didn’t say losing weight I did lose weight but losing fat because
in all those studies and these are three of very few studies they’ve shown that
they also added muscle which reverses the loss of muscle that occurs at the
rate of about five to ten pounds per decade during the aging process when
people want a normal diet about one-third or even more of the weight
loss is muscle when the muscle goes down so does your resting metabolic rate
which is why about 95 percent of all successful weight loss participants
regain that weight back because the metalic so slow when they go back to
normal eating what used to be the right number
of calories is now too many they just said what am I doing wrong but they
don’t realize they’re losing muscle so we include strength training along with
a very modest sensible diet and during exercise but with the stretch
ring we’ve been able to show in all of our studied concurrent fat loss and
muscle gain okay and we’re the only study that has shown that over nine
months of post diet when you go back to normal eating not only no increase in
body weight but continuing to add muscle and lose fat which balances out which
isn’t really good but this year in those previous days we use substitute meals we
use shakes for free meal substitutes which worked really well this year we
did this the same study but with just normal eating see if we could do it
without doing substitute shakes and the results were just as good in terms of
the body composition changes you know adding muscle losing fat but the
compliance rate wasn’t as good I guess okay people that get used to the shakes
it’s pretty easy I just take a shit worried about all these things so maybe
they should start with shakes then progress and I think it’s also
indicative of how much how psychology plays into you know habits you know it’s
more than just food and exercise right a device yeah I know and in our fast-paced
society I guess doing a shake as long as a good shake makes sense yeah I do
shakes for breakfast to be honest with you every breakfast is a shake now
because we had such good results with it sure then I said I can do this and it’s
pretty simple yeah you’d also mentioned last time about the hope to get funding
for a study on diabetes yes oh thank you for me remind me of that we’ve been
trying for the past year to get funding for a diabetes like pre-diabetes yes in
our previous days we did look at blood sugar hba1c and we saw remarkable
improvements but the that was just kind of a side factor we weren’t looking at
that particularly weren’t we didn’t recruit people that were pre-diabetic or
diabetic we were looking at general populations so we’re still trying to get
funding it it hasn’t happened yet we’re we’re hoping that it will soon don’t
love to do that study okay very good are are the programs at Quincy College open
to the public the exercise yes you have a fitness center it’s uh it’s it’s
highly structured very instructional very highly supervised we also have
faculty on do to work with and that’s their job their only job is to work with
people that are in their as much as they can there’s no charge
for the personal training it’s just it’s kind of a family environment has open to
anyone anyone who can come they’re welcome it’s a very well-equipped fine
facility okay it’s interesting that I think people don’t realize that yes even
people in the building the residents place they don’t know we’re there and a
lot of our students and faculty don’t know we’re there we’re in the basement
which is which is nice it’s very quiet and very private yeah but a lot of
people don’t even realize that we have a fitness center the latest and greatest
that I guess you will our craze are these ads that were in done dated with
featuring these interactive you know workout regimes now with the specialized
equipment right where you can you know a sign subscription I guess and and have
somebody virtually exercise with you right yes it important to have you know
somebody help you I mean is that something that you think don’t be part
of your routine in the old days used to recommend books you don’t read the book
and we wrote a lot of books as you know and then it was videos watch the video
and we did a lot of videos and now it’s you got someone there in the mirror
looking at you as you’re exercising Natalia and I I presume that works very
well I’m just I’m also been big on reinforcement sincere reinforcement and
feedback as to what you’re doing here I’m not quite sure that that happens the
degree that it would with an actual well-trained instructor watching and
saying you know maybe you should be doing this or that I think you’re
overtraining a little bit or you know kind of check with you on what you’ve
been eating are you sleeping those types of things and really being able to
answer those personal questions which it all ties in together the new emphasis is
wellness health and wellness and that’s important I’m more of a specialized in
fitness and even more so in the strength training that’s where all of our
research says but in their in a general overview all those things play an
important role as you know and as I know I just don’t teach that I teach the same
sure you mentioned sleep how important is that to your overall wellness if you
will to me personally Joe it is the most important fact right that have not done
research on that I’m not a sleep researcher but to me if I get my
allotted amount of sleep I have a good workout and I feel well and I can
think better if I don’t and I need a lot unlike you I need about nine hours a
night to function I always have a time I think I pray I will if I don’t get that
for a couple nights boy my strength training goes down my endurance exercise
is deficient and my thinking is definitely not where it should be okay
so people need us everybody’s different but once you have that routine once you
get out from within a couple days ever has to miss it once sure yeah it affects
you negatively no question about it and you can’t kind of make up for it over
the weekends can you just read a big big research study on that and you know to
some degree a little bit but not entirely right it just doesn’t work it’s
better to be an irregular pattern eyes yes and again if you miss a day here and
there everybody does yeah yeah you know you travel and whatnot you off
what-have-you yeah but if you start doing on a regular change it becomes an
irregular result how do you know when you got a good workout you know I mean
how do you say oh I’m good you know I’m done I can move on and write back a
second time part of it is is simply how you feel you know while you’re working
out that’s subjective but we are because we’re in exercise we use a lot of
objective means to do that so in straight training we we use an 8
to 12 rule when you can get to 12 repetitions with a given weight to
workouts in a row you know that it’s now safe and and pretty much necessary to
increase the resistance a little bit to continue improve and to gain more muscle
more bone and strength etc in the endurance realm when doing aerobic
activity we still use heart rate law we think that’s a perfect internal computer
and we like to stay within about seventy to eighty percent of your maximum heart
rate which is your your age subtracted from 220 that’s your estimated national
so if you’re twenty years of age your maximum be about 20 you want to be
somewhere between you know 140 and 160 once you can do that workout and you’re
dropping under-14 you say well it’s time for me to increase either the duration I
can go longer or the intensity if you’re on a bike I can go from 100 125 watts
something of that nature okay there’s also the talk test if you like to work
out with partner if you’re doing you know jogging
or walking you can talk in short sentences that’s fine if you can recite
the Gettysburg Address you need to go fast but if you can’t talk you like I
say Joe good yeah doing fine if you can’t talk you’re
working harder than you or whether you need to for health and fitness okay so
alright so not a lot of technology involved in that right right so you got
but then the one that’s in between here is the they’ve got the the perceived
exertion scale a scale of one to ten and ten being you know that’s as hard as I
can go one being this is really easy like we’re just sitting here right so
you need to be generally around a seven a seven if you’re an older adult
probably seven is five six seven if you’re young fit person a seven to eight
would be five ish seven would be about right in the middle now corresponds to
your 70 to 80 percent heart rate as well right okay
curious about you know obesity among young people Wayne and whether or not
you think more physical activity should be implemented in the daily school
routine I certainly do have in the past I’ve
been asked by the schools to represent that to the governor’s as we’ve done so
much research on that in past years yes through the master Association of Health
physical education recreation and dance which is the the physical educators it
is so important and it’s more important now than ever because students spend so
much time with screens if it’s not the computer it’s the phone or the
television or whatever it might be even in school now yes and and you know
there’s some intellectual benefits of that but there’s some physiological
problems with that they’re not moving and so the childhood obesity rate
continues to increase which is which is very sad because children who are obese
tend to become adults who are obese there’s a very strong correlation really
are there any studies or scientific evidence to indicate that its genetic
that obesity is just certainly yes yes if if both of your parents are
overweight or obese you have approximately eighty percent change you
have to really really work hard at it okay if one parent it’s about a 40%
chance of becoming obese so there’s that you know there’s a
what but you can’t change is your genetics now you inherited
characteristics what you can change is I’m going to be more active we’re going
to watch what I eat I’m going to get appropriate sleep because if you get
less sleep that also contributes to to weight gain sure that’s high in together
yeah yeah that’s empowering isn’t it when you say to yourself
oh I have I do have some control over my destiny right so some at least yes my
mother was always heavy she had a lot of really in here and I in here from
probably more fat cells I’d like to yeah but my dad was was lean so I had a 40%
chance of being obese okay but I you know like you I decided
hey I don’t want to go that route I want to be become active and eat really
healthy and get appropriately and so I was able to avoid that but I still have
to you know I have to remind myself eat mindfully yes yeah you started at a very
young age hope do you mind if I ask how old are you oh my goodness I’m in my
eighth decade Joe yeah you soon be 17 yes really
yes Wow like I said you started when you were 10 thank you I priced I when I was
I really started I was about 14 or 15 I mean teens today probably I’m thinking
health and fitness there’s such an emphasis on health and fitness in our
world but in their world I’m not so sure the I
see it yeah yeah well they can learn about it certainly at the college yes
yes wonderful exercise science program that they can take one course or a
one-year certificate program or a two-year associate’s degree and have
articulation is with other colleges they move right on right it’s a really good
school people don’t realize that Quincy College offers such you know not just my
field but so it’s actually nationally known programs sure
yeah appreciate your time as always thank you it’s an honor to be here out
thank you so a happy and healthy New Year to you too Joe yeah just enough
time to take a look at the forecast for you for the rest of the day today and
kind of sunny windy and cold out there temperatures just in the mid 20s the
wind making it feel a lot colder look at tonight down to the lower teens again
it’ll turn wintry here tomorrow with some snow in the afternoon and evening
couple 3-4 inches possible but start to melt on Sunday
with temperatures in the low to mid 40s in fact to the cold weather again on
Monday thanks again to Wayne Westcott for joining us from Quinn College
exercise science room thanks to our crew thank you for watching we’re actually
off on Monday for the Martin Luther King jr. holiday next Friday join us Marie
McCabe is here from the good neighbor energy fund on another edition of
currently in Quincy you

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