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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano on today’s program we chat with Murray
McCabe and learn all about the good neighbor energy fund to help you pay
your heating bills this winter first though we check out the weather and the
news for you this morning currently in Quincy it’s gorgeous
sunshine and clouds out there it’s 43 degrees right now we’re headed for the
mid 40s with a mix of Sun and clouds this afternoon not nearly as cold
tonight as it has been lows tonight only in the upper 30s sets us up for another
bad weekend’s the rain will move in but not till tomorrow afternoon probably 5
or 6 o’clock continue through tomorrow night
temperatures tomorrow into the mid 40s but look at Sunday it’ll clear outs with
just a few clouds around nice and mild high Sunday near 50 degrees and still
pretty warm here on Monday two with Sun and clouds highs Monday in the upper 40s
actually most of next week looks above normal and the temperature departments
and pretty dry as well I get 43 with Sun and clouds in Quincy right now in the
news today Jennifer Manning has once again been
elected the clerk of committees for the Quincy City Council during this past
Tuesday’s first full City Council meeting of the new year councilors
unanimously elected Manning to that position for the sixth year in a row
Ward one city councilor Dave McCarthy nominated Manning for that posts he said
councilors could not do their job without Manning’s supports proactive
professional and detailed watches all our backs when we go to Jen
Manning who’s been in the position now almost six years she knows everything in
and out like she’s been around for a very very long time I got a few stats on
it today and it’s finding tomorrow it looks like unless I’m wrong Jen
January 22nd is your 10 year in a on being high immuno Finance Department
so congratulations on 10 glorious city is and thank you very much thank you
counselor also this week City Council President Nina Liang announced committee
appointments naming Ward one councillor Dave McCarthy the chair of the Finance
Committee at-large counselor and Mahoney will lead the ordinance committee and
at-large councillor Noel DiBona will chair the Oversight Committee they’ll
also be 14 other subcommittees with five members apiece Quincy City Council this
week did get an update on improvements that are being made to the city’s
electronic mapping system the GIS or the geographic information system is used
for everything from finding streets to locating underground utilities and even
trees the administrator Fred Capano said that every effort is being made to keep
that system up to date the Board of Health have also been working with them
on doing some rodent control applications taking their sort of
historical data and geocoding and trying to figure out where some of the problem
areas are for rodents and I printed out various paper maps I don’t have anything
right now on online but I printed out paper maps for their staff to show to
the mayor and just to sort of kind of visually see you know where are these
where are the issues because you know looking at things on paper is one thing
but having an actual visual is extremely helpful so like a heat map for instance
Ward 5 councillor Chuck Phelan told Kappa knows that every effort should be
made to ensure that all of that electronic mapping information is also
available to the public on the city’s website two people have been charged
with conspiring to steal a purse from a woman’s Quincy apartments recently
police say 30 year old Courtney do switch a 19 year old Sean Daly both
worked together to steal the purse from a C Street apartments dos Fitch
allegedly left the apartment door unlocked when she went to visit her
friend that allowed Daly to walk right in grabbed the purse and take off on
foot police found daily hiding in the Attic of a nearby home they also
recovered the purse and $350 in cash both suspects face charges of
larceny and conspiracy daily was also charged with cocaine possession there is
a new chief financial officer at MANET Community Health Center of Quincy Mary
benvenuto was recently named in the position she’ll serve as CFO for manit’s
five locations in Quincy Taunton and Hall benvenuto most recently served as
chief financial officer for last mile health
it’s an international health access organization she was also executive vice
president and CFO for a United Way of Rhode Island benvenuto is a graduate of
Nicholls College and Bryant University man at a community health center
celebrated its 40th anniversary last year well over a hundred people attended
this year’s annual Martin Luther King jr. breakfast
this past Monday in the cafeteria at Quincy High School a guest speaker was
former Quincy city councilor Jo Finn who said more work is still needed to
fulfill dr. King’s dream of equality for all the principles of the Fair Housing
Act were actually passed in 1968 as a reaction to the assassination of dr.
King and yet the promise of those principles have yet to be fulfilled in
an affirmative manner and in fact in 2017 House Republicans were trying to
pull back on the rules that the Obama administration had passed to enforce the
principles of the Fair Housing Act now for any of you who thinks that this
phenomenon is purely accidental or part of some de facto segregation I would
encourage you to read the color of law by Richard Rothstein which outlines
the de jure systemic and legal constructs in place that have reinforced
the economic and quality of African Americans even to the present day and I
wish to stress this is not about victimization this is about simple
justice offense currently the director of the Massachusetts housing and shelter
Alliance in Boston and previously was director a father bills homeless shelter
here in Quincy the guests were also treated to a fold breakfast prepared by
students in the Quincy High School culinary arts program and entertainment
was provided by musicians from the Germantown neighborhood Center now that
you are up-to-date with weather in news let’s check out our programming lineup
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program sound advice at six o’clock with
attorney Tom Williams 6:30 currently in Quincy the interviews tonight Tom
class-b from the Kennedy Center you can see that full Martin Luther King jr.
breakfast ceremony at 7 o’clock on Channel 8 then at 8 o’clock North Quincy
versus Dennis Yarmouth girls basketball from January 3rd and no white deck maids
and the Quincy High Duxbury girls basketball game from January 21st at
9:30 10:30 into the frying pan of Barbara Isola is cooking up some risotto
tonight and at 11 o’clock on Channel 8 democracy now check out channel 9 every
day learn about Quincy city departments different committee activities starts at
5:30 with Quincy in focus six o’clock it is good deeds from the
Norfolk County registry of deeds tonight it’s a year in review a new fYI tonight
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commissioners meeting seven o’clock on Channel nine 7:15 the Quincy recreation
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we would take a look at a few of the current events and activities that are
featured on our electronic bulletin board on channel 8 for your information
coming up in just one minute please stay tuned we’ll be right back with you welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities that we’re showing right now in our
electronic bulletin board on channel 8 for you to know about it’s tomorrow yep
it’s the annual house neck chili cook-off wonderful or tomorrow at the
house net Congregational Church there is a small admission fee you should give
Pam Craig a call she’s at 6 1 7 4 7 1 8 9 6 8 or you can send her an email at
the address on your screen there for more information Quincy Climate Action
Network holding a public meeting on January 29th at 6 p.m. at the Southwest
middle school this will be to talk about the MBTA’s plans to open a bus
maintenance facility at the former Lowe’s home improvement store on the
Bergen Parkway everyone is welcome to attend
it’s the 32nd annual Lunar New Year celebration coming up February the 2nd
it’ll be 11 to 4 up at North Quincy High School celebration of the year of the
rat will include live entertainment food prizes and lots of family fun it’s free
admission and free parking you can visit Quincy Asian resources dot
org for all the details and a reminder the Quincy farmers markets open during
the winter every Friday from 11:30 to 3:00 at the South Shore YMCA over on
Cottington streets the market will run right through February 14th this year
and if you have an event or an activity you would like to promote visit our
website QA just download a bulletin board request form fill it out
send it in get that message up here on Channel 8 2 coming up we chat with
Murray McCabe of the good neighbor energy funds that’s next welcome back might not be thinking about
your home heating bill right now as temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the
foreseeable future buts we all know we’re not out of the woods
just yet so there’s a lot of winter still to go and the good neighbor energy
fund is here once again to help folks pay their home heating bills Murray
mchavez here once again to to tell us all about it thank you as well thank you
so much it’s what actually 35 years now right for the good neighbor energy fund
it has been yes 1985 we’ve been helping both households in Massachusetts yeah
you had a big celebration and Randolph just last year right they did yeah and
they kick off breakfast right so for folks who don’t know maybe give us just
a little overview of what the fund actually is what it does okay sure so
the fund is a consortium of energy companies like National Grid unit I’ll
Columbia Gas eversource and other local utilities like Braintree
electric and they combined to help those who are struggling to pay some utility
bills or heating bills and it’s worked out so that we’ve helped a fair amount
of people and in the Commonwealth yeah almost 1,400 households just last year
exactly for folks and that’s a huge help at that time I think it is I mean I I
know it’s um you know like you said you might not realize it now the
temperatures are nice we did have a 70 degree weekend I long ago that’s right
and but we also had a 7 degree exact weekends right so the cold can come up
really you know quickly and if you have a sudden expense or where you lost your
job this this payment will kind of help you get through the gap yes since its
inception just a couple of statistics I know people get kind of glassy eyed real
quick when you talk numbers and stuff but since it started over 90,000
households have been assisted with help from more than 22 million dollars and
the money is it’s put by the energy companies but also by donations right
also by donations which is nice or I can show my green envelope now if you get
this in your utility or gas or bill or oil bill this is a donation envelope
it’s gets mailed to the Salvation Army and if you have a few dollars to spare
this is one way that the fund is able to help people besides the energy company
is also donating so if somebody could have a if you have a couple of dollars
to spare then you can donate to the good neighbor energy fund and help somebody
out over the winter yep absolutely that’s a point to is the Salvation Army
is the administrators of the photo yeah so they administer it for us and they
also take applicants in their barracks at their core offices so you can visit
them as well sure here on Quincy they’re over on Baxter streets and they stop by
there as well or give them a call around four seven two two three four or five
and they’re the ones they see not only Quincy but the general region
yeah the area around here yeah sure yeah how did you yourself Marie get involved
with this is something you seem to be passionate about so I started working
for utility just a little further south of Boston and I I never heard of it
myself and I know I grew up in a single-parent household and I’m sure my
mom could have used it at the time and I find that not a lot of people realize
this is there and it’s a nice way to help meet ends meet in those winter
months where the gas or oil bills or electric bills if you heat buy electric
electricity or very high in some cases so it’s a great way to get the word out
and help people that are struggling temporarily and they don’t necessarily
qualify for local or state aid so it’s a good way to help your neighbor and also
you know make sure people have the gift of warmth during the winter yeah early
is a gift too it is yeah how so how does it all work you know how does someone
find out if they’re eligible and then go through the process okay so one way to
do that is to obviously contact the Salvation Army they could help you
determine your eligibility another way is if you’re have access to at the
Internet you could check on the mask good neighbor Energy website with which
is wwm a good neighbor org and on that website it will give you the eligibility
amount so if you have a family of four it’ll indicate what amount you’ll need
to fall in to be eligible for the grant and also
you can sometimes you contact your utility company or your heating company
and they could also direct you as to where to go to apply for the grant it’s
a one-page application pretty easy to fill out and it’s worth it really if
you’re struggling or have a sudden medical expense or a household expense
that’s come up and you could use the extra two hundred fifty dollars and the
Salvation Army will cut the check from their Canton office and it goes directly
to the utility okay so if anyone has any questions about that and it does get
mailed directly to the utility rather than the customer so then you guarantee
that the utility is receive the funds yes to help offset the expense from yeah
and that’s a comfort too for people who donate to know that the money is going
to where it’s intended right it is definitely a comforting a lot of people
find that you know they’re skeptical to donate because they’re not sure where
the money’s going and I think the fact that the checks come directly to you
know National Grid or ever source or Braintree electric or wherever that it’s
comforted some people knowing that the funds are actually being designated to
what they’re being told they’re being designated for that’s right yeah and for
the people who is receiving the assistance so they know that that’s
taken care of frame as well that’s thing to worry about
exactly yeah you might use $250 so that’s the benefit this year that’s the
benefit level this year it changes can’t change year to year right now that’s
what it is this year and it’s all dependent on funds we receive so right
now that’s what we’re we’re doing yep that’s what it was last year too so yeah
hopefully the folks staying pretty healthy so far so good but one cold snap
could could change that certainly right yeah we don’t one another winter like
2015 oh we don’t know her lifetime and as you mentioned to that it’s good for
all types of heating right that’s not just right yeah it’s energy basically no
right so some people have heat by electricity or oil gas sell it so it’s
it’s for all of those and you know that’s the nice thing about it so you
could just apply and it’ll be designated to whatever your heat source is or
utility bill yeah and the income guidelines are pretty
generous you know I went on with you just a few minutes ago to check and for
a family of four it’s gross income up between 71 and ninety five thousand
dollars to use right it’s pretty generous yeah I think it is as well it’s
for those people that don’t necessarily you know aren’t eligible for like I said
local aid or self-help or so it does help people that kind of fall through
the cracks yeah yeah or have a one-time event like
a health crisis or you know job loss yeah appliance breaking yeah thing that
I repair bill or sometimes exactly what any of those instances have happened you
know to me I know Bree and if you’re struggling and if you have you know of
you’re a single parent or over 65 or whatever the case may be if you just
need that little 250 dollar grant payment I kind of get you through that
you know rough patch yeah it helps and depending on your households $250 could
take care of a whole month or even a little more for your energy bill and
just to get you through the hump of the winter you know that’s right yeah do you
need to notify your energy company that if that’s we’ve done that you know try
and make yeah would be good to notify them just so they know that a payment is
probably I didn’t forget you right right we can’t forget you and it’s good to
notify them because they may not realize you’re applying to the good neighbor
energy fund and just to give them a heads up that a payment is probably
coming and they can they could always confirm with the Salvation Army that
you’ve been approved yep okay yeah if there’s a question yes if there’s a
question yeah yeah I mean I know they can’t shut off the utilities but you
don’t want to get into a weird that’s you know that you can shut off in the
winter you can unless you’re protected so you have to be winter protective and
you have to fill out a hardship form and a winter protection form and notify the
utility of that oh it didn’t know though yeah so you can shut off in the winter
unless you’re you know considered low income or winter protected you can shut
off or have an infant or or LD but but the utility or heating company needs to
know those okay that you have those protections okay
you know so don’t take it for granted that they know that I’ll let them know
that you know you’re struggling and you may need some help in that you’re
looking for assistance okay and they most likely will work with you okay
communication is key then absolutely I’ll just assume right so yeah in the
coal the dark let’s true yeah is there a
deadline at all to apply for the good neighbor and refunds I always recommend
applying as soon as you can because we can’t guarantee the funds will be there
through April or whatever because it all depends on the need okay and every years
different sure so if you think you’re gonna have some problems or you know
you’re getting a termination notice or you anticipate you know some being out
of work definitely talk to your local Salvation
Army Corps barrack and see if you can get an application in okay all right and
do you need to apply every year if you’ve received assistance in the past
so you can’t apply every year for sure yeah as long as you’re eligible okay yep
you can apply okay if you are turned down but then your circumstances change
can you apply if you’re turned down for some reason and then yeah your income
changes or there’s some change to your household
try it again oh yeah absolutely yeah very good yeah and does the real cost to
apply right there’s no cost to apply and like I said it’s a really a one-page
application and you just typically have to provide a copy of your license just
proof of your income which could be a w-2 or a recent pay stub okay and as
long as you fall into that eligibility of the income then it should be you
should be a you know you should be okay okay yeah and about how long does it
take for the payment to get to the utility company it’s pretty quick I mean
it’s roughly I would say within two weeks yeah within two weeks it’s
probably less less than that and like I said you could notify your Tildy comment
company and let them know that you’ve applied to this and that a payment is
forthcoming and they can confirm that with you know Salvation Army as well our
administrator okay and is the recipient get notified as well that hate this
payment has been made you’re all set for right now I don’t know they they
probably know right then and there that they’re eligible so it does take a
little bit of time to process it I cut the check but so they should know
that they’ve been approved right at the Salvation Army I know I take
applications at my electric department north attleboro but
I send them off to the Salvation Army as long as everything looks good I can tell
them you know it looks looks pretty good and they’ll know for sure and about a
couple of days yeah so it’s not that long a turnaround time yeah you could
always call your utility to ask you oh absolutely yeah you’ll see it on your
statement the next month then well yeah exactly so if it does get approved and
sent through its you know there’s no downside there’s no downside absolutely
not no and it’s nice that we’re doing this today so we can get just get more
exposure so that people realize that this help is here for them yes as I
mentioned winter is not over no yes we all remember and it goes year-round to I
mean you get these green envelopes yeah all year run see that in your in your
bill would be nice to throw a few dollars in there and send it to the
Salvation Army yeah yeah are there ways to donate online to through that website
yes there is yeah absolutely so you can donate online
to the mass good neighbor energy fund um there’s a donation page on there so you
can donate online there yeah absolutely very good yeah anything else for you I
think that’s it I think you’ve covered everything it’s just you know we hope
that you’re able to spare a few dollars if you’re if you can and if you need
help absolutely reach out to the Salvation Army who administers the fund
for us and we hope everyone hope we hope you have kind of a mild winter so that
we don’t have to worry so much yes yeah walking on all kinds right so thanks so
much come by thanks you’re welcome stay warm this winter
well hopefully just enough time to recap the forecast for you for the rest of the
day today if it could only stay like this all winter it would be all sets
lots of a sunshine a few clouds highs in the mid 40s this afternoon upper 30s
this evening the weekends so part of it will be wet
the rain will move in tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night but look at the
mild temperatures mid 40s tomorrow nice on Sunday near 50 and still pretty nice
Monday as well thanks again going out to Murray McCabe for joining us from the
good neighbor energy funds thanks to our crew thank you for watching Monday at
11:30 Philip Chong is here from Quincy Asian resources on another edition
currently in Quincy we’ll see them you

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