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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we will talk with
Philip Chong and rocky Chan from Quincy aged resources so get a little preview
of the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration next Sunday at North Quincy
High School first though we check out the weather and the news for you this
morning currently in Quincy kind of cloudy out
there it is 41 degrees right now might see some sunny breaks this afternoon
temperatures climbing into the mid perhaps upper 40s today pretty quiet
nights tonight weather-wise lots of clouds and a low tonight into the mid
30s another nice day tomorrow a mix of clouds and Sun just a little bit cooler
tomorrow the temperatures will climb into the lower 40s Wednesday abundant
sunshine but cooler still as Wednesday only in the upper 30s and the sunshine
prevails again on Thursday highs Thursday again only in the low to mid
30s but it looks dry for most of the week just a gradual cooldown as we head
into Friday 41 and the clouds in Quincy right now in the news today
Quincy Ward five city councilor Chuck Phelan says that he’s taking kind of a
wait-and-see approach to the recent proposal from Mayor Thomas Koch to tear
down the so-called new City Hall glass building and create a new Performing
Arts Center and a 15 story building for city offices and for Quincy College the
falen says he understands the mayor’s vision but says it has to make financial
sense too I think we yeah we have to I mean I know the Mia what I like about
the mayor as he gives great visions mm-hmm but I think we have to be a
little guided only out with spending money and if it financially can’t be
done I mean I’m not gonna say no mm-hmm but I think we need to take a look at it
and have a good hard look at the finances
can we afford it out over the years and stuff yeah and I think how are you gonna
you know Quincy College is is a great institution don’t get me wrong I think
it my son uses it mmm I tell people that use Quincy College
it’s it’s it’s a great option for people sure yeah but also it’s not like the
Quincy public schools and not all the kids from Quincy or going to Quincy cop
true yeah that’s true I think the city does have a
responsibility because it’s been part of us but I think also you’ve got a you’ve
got to put it together and all the taxpayers gonna pay for everybody else
well we want to build schools we want to expand schools you know way you’re gonna
get the money from during his inaugural address the mayor said he wanted the new
Performing Arts Center to be self-sustaining and that he wanted to
tear down the Monroe building and put up a 15 story building for city offices and
a new permanent home for Quincy College Quincy counselor at-large Noel DiBona
is a candidate for register of probates for Norfolk County DiBona last week
announced his candidacy for the post that’s being vacated by Pat McDermott of
Quincy McDermott’s a candidate for Norfolk County Sheriff the navona says
he’s running because he wants to help people who are dealing with issues of
death divorce and other family matters navona was first elected to the Quincy
School Committee in 2013 and has served on the City Council since 2016 he
currently works at the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office helping inmates
reintegrate into society navona also manages his family’s landscaping
business here in Quincy former Quincy mayor William Phelan is a candidate for
Norfolk County Sheriff falen says he wants to create programs that would
prevent repeat offenders tackle the opioid crisis as
the well-being of inmates and developed tap knotch training programs for
corrections officers thelen serve three terms as quincy mayor from 2003 to 2008
was on the Quincy School Committee prior to his mayoral term was also the former
Holbrook Town Administrator he’ll hold a campaign kickoff event this coming
Thursday at the neighborhood club Quincy councillor at large and Mahoney
wants to start off the new year with some updates on some old projects
Mahoney has introduced two resolutions requesting a mid-year projects update
and an update on economic development in the city of Quincy
an update is to to discuss the economic development that’s happening in the city
of Quincy and I’m going to ask to have this put into oversight okay would you
like to pass it tonight as well or just referred to committee what service do
you do want to have passage on this as well as putting it into committee I’d
like to put it moves pastors as well great so motion to approve do we have a
second yes councillor Phelan move to the downtown economic development community
Mahoney’s resolutions were unanimously approved at last Tuesday City Council
meeting Mahoney has been appointed the chairperson of the City Council’s
ordinance committee this year search continues for a man wanted for stealing
items from the Kumaon math and reading tutoring Services Center on granite
Street in Quincy recently police say the suspect grabbed some items on January
the 10th suspect described as a black male of average height and build less
seen wearing gray pants a green winter coat a green and black Celtics cap with
the words bean town on the front and was carrying a blue and white adidas duffel
bag anybody with any information is asked to contact the Quincy Police
Department’s now that you’re up-to-date with weather and news check out our
programming lineup for later on today here on Quincy access television starts
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feature the Friends of the Thomas crane public library that at 6:30 on AM Quincy
we have a chat with State Senator John Keenan of Quincy 7:00 o’clock the call
Shalom Happy New Year and say yes to Jesus North Quincy versus situate girls
basketball from January the 14th tonight at 8 o’clock and no eye contact made by
38 brand-new qnq Sports Desk and at the library concerts at 10
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Health Department at 6:30 tonight it’s all about the seasonal flu at 7 o’clock
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Sun coming up we take a look at just a few of the current events and activities
that are featured right now in our electronic bulletin board for your
information please stay tuned we’re back with you in just one minute welcome back here is a check of some of
the current events and activities we’re featuring right now in our electronic
bulletin board on channel 8 for your information
Quincy Climate Action Network is inviting you to a meeting this Wednesday
at 6 o’clock at the Southwest middle school to talk about a plan by the MBTA
to open a bus maintenance facility at the former Lowe’s home improvement store
on the Bergen Parkway the group wants the T to invest in more electric buses
fifth annual bowling for Alzheimer’s being held on February the 22nd from
7:00 to 11:00 at a Lindy’s on Quincy Avenue this is sponsored by Quincy Fire
Department local 792 contact lieutenant Ralph blight six one seven four eight
three zero two three six for tickets and for more information how’s that
Congregational Church annual princess party is coming up on February the 8th
from 10:00 to noon and then from 1:30 to 3:30 the event featuring crafts nail
painting dancing and much more send an email h & CC at for all the
details and the American Red Cross issuing an urgent appeal for blood
donations this winter especially for type oh you should go to Red Cross blood
org or give them a call 1-800 Red Cross you can even use the blood cross donor
app for more information and if you have an event or an activity you would like
to promote visit our website QA just downloadable looking board request
form fill it out send it in get that message up here on Channel 8 2 coming up
we would get a little preview of the annual Lunar New Year’s celebration
that’s next welcome back time for the 32nd annual
Lunar New Year celebration here in Quincy it’s coming up next Sunday
February the 2nd at North Quincy High School and Philip Chong and rocky Chan
are here from Quincy Asian resources to give us a little preview and tell us
about Quarry so gentlemen welcome thank you for having us thank you
Happy New Year Happy New Year’s oh joy gonna watch it pretty good yes rocky
very good welcome to the program thank you for inviting us yeah great to have
you here as well you’re the youth program coordinator for Cory’s we’ll
look forward to hearing about the youth volunteers that are involved first with
lunar new year but second with Cory in general but Philip we should start with
you sure because there are new people coming to the city all the time yes
they’re well aware and they may not be familiar with the what Cory is or what
it does or even where it is yeah so if you can give us a little kind of
overfilling sure that’s fine we’ve been in the city for close to 20
years and is a great organization that help immigrants especially Asian to set
honest cities we have newcomer programs we have a family community services to
help individuals to navigate systems to make sure that they have a great pathway
to grow and to be self-sustaining and we also have a very pretty big adult
education programs with English program to to improve the English speaking and
then civil engagement citizenship programs and of course with the youth
program with rocky he beam advisors for the youth department as a manager for a
couple years and so we have a lot of youth going through our programs we have
couple signature programs been partnering with the Quincy public school
in other public schools in the neighborhood for many years and
developing the youth and having the youth give back to the community and
then we also have a workforce program that we started a couple years ago that
we talked about and helped us sighs providing all these type of
employment training services to people in Quincy
we also because of that we expanded jobs out Quincy to East Boston to the
Merrimack Valley and then also New York City right it was there was a
partnership program was a Brooks Brothers yeah Brooks Brothers and it’s
been going very very well great and then we also have other new employers join us
and it’s been doing great that’s great yeah no so where is quarry
where’s Cory yeah good questions and there’s some changes coming with that
too yes these are some exciting things going on so we started at 1509 so a lots
of people in Cox Street Hancock Street but a lot of people refer us 1509 just
because they said if you need help just go to 1509 Hancock Street that’s where
we started it and then has expanded so we working with you cap opening the the
retail location at 1509 the the old joke shop yeah joke shop in in the community
for many men oh yeah lots of us were yes and so it’s a great space so we’re
hoping to open sometime in spring okay and then also in our North Quincy site
with our services and then also the growing needs of the immigrants the
Asian community we double our size and we are opening a new space and we have a
grand opening on Wednesday February 26 and the space will be for the youth and
also for family community and adult education services we also have free
time for the elders with tea time for the elders
so there’s many more and we will post it on the paper and on our website and have
the community to find more information if they if they want to sure where is
the North Quincy location very good question is that yeah 275 Hancock Street
right across from North Quincy High School biz exactly yeah exactly okay
that’s perfect location yes that’s where a large population already exists yes so
you’re kind of in the epicenter yes I remember when you first came on as
president about three years ago now yes one of your primary goals was
to create satellite locations throughout the city so here you are thank you yeah
thank you how do you foresee that expanding
outside of Quincy at some point we we definitely quizzes at home Trang
Quincy’s trainer name it’s exactly without anchor and with the growing
needs we see that no matter where our clients and the immigrants are we will
help them and with the workforce programs it’s give us a great
opportunity and platform to really help other immigrants and then also showcase
that what’s Quincy’s for because with the
history and it’s a great opportunity for them to learn about our organization and
also about this amazing community and what we have changed sure yeah coryza is
a non-profit 501 C corporation so how is it funded so for our incision right now
we beside sponsorship besides the grants from different foundation we also
started a full chopping venture fund about a year ago okay and we got also a
private Electabuzz funding your job we also want to take the leadership that
self fund our initiatives such as our workforce program sure so we’re very
lucky we’re getting more more supporters to to help us to really implement our
vision and mission yeah and I would think to that folks who have come
through your programs 20 years now you mentioned if they were I don’t know 20
years old when they first came through and they’re 40 now they would give back
either financially or through their time and services yes well yes many of them
have been true and we definitely would like to see more and definitely there
are lots of very successful very well established people that came from
question that we would like to work with them to help to support this immigrant
population sure that’s where rocky comes in right with the current youth of today
so you’re you’re right now probably straight out rocky with getting ready
for Lunar New Year I’m sure we are full steam ahead with the Lunar New Year
because with my youth Department we play a pretty crude
roll with all of the festivals like dilute a new year
we have about 90 to 95 youth volunteers helping for the Lunar New Year and that
ranges from doing decorations for the last three weeks to the day of the
festival where we have teams of youth who be helping with crafts managing the
nitendo exhibition that we have where people can play Nintendo smash in JA yes
okay have a Smash Brothers and Mario Kart you know and it’s all free for the
festival goers to participate yeah that’s good so the kids can help the
older folks figure out how to play the video games are they identifiable at the
festival the volunteers yes we you can identify them they’ll be wearing a
bright red shirt with a quarry with our core logo and the year of the rat symbol
right saying happy Lunar New Year okay very good
now what have these volunteers gone through leading up to this point in
terms of getting ready to terms of training so getting ready there is some
training involved for the youth teams they come in for training and we give
them the expectation and the roles that they’re going to be doing at the day of
the festival for example we have a welcome team and we have someone again
managing the Nintendo switch exhibitions we will have also volunteers at
different areas of the festival to support the vendors and our sponsors and
also more importantly the festival goers because it’s going to be a lot of
activities and with their families they’re going to know want to know like
where’s the bathroom and there is where it’s a next performance so we train our
youth to have the resources and the expectation of how to help them know now
are these volunteers that they’ve involved in other activities through
Corey or is this their kind of their first time out so a lot of our youth
volunteers participate in the other three programs that my department has I
know that there is a few youth volunteers that come from our
flagship program called the Uni mentoring program that’s where we pair
high school junior seniors with a ll middle school students from Atlantic and
Central English language learners yeah English language learners some of the
youth volunteers come from my transition up program where we empower and equip
the low-income high school students who are eligible to work to develop more
self-awareness and also what potential career paths that matches who they are
and what they love you and we also have our youth leadership
program and we have an FCL youth leaders and they work very closely with me and
also with 1509 with Philip and Joann Kelly in helping plan the festival okay
so they’re getting much more than just having a day of a party you know yeah
Lunar New Year celebration they’re there meeting people in the community right
getting a better sense for who lives with them who goes to school with them
and they’re not just from Quincy right the volunteers know we because of our
network of youth we have people we have high school students volunteering from
as far north west as Newton’s South to down to Abington EMS and the school’s
raised from the Woodward school for girls to BC high okay and then our local
schools of Quincy and North Quincy official public and private yep so all
high school age basically okay and do you find that you know once they go
through a procedure like this they want to do it again
yes the majority do for example about 40 percent of the festival volunteers
volunteered for lakas moon festival and a third of them volunteered last year
look of the Lunar New Year okay and as they kind of move up the volunteer ranks
they get to be more senior members right and yes take the young and a lot of the
ones who have that experience they end up becoming team leaders sure because
with our festival we arrange all of our volunteers by groups of ten okay ten
teams of eight and a lot of the youth who does have
that experience to end up becoming team leaders yes so they’re learning
leadership skills team building you know activities organizational skills social
interaction there’s a lot to it and they get community service hours if they need
them for graduation as well right yeah yeah but more importantly if they get to
have fun at the festival yeah and they have more touch points during the
festival to get to know the visitors right which are from the immigrant
communities you know from the south shore and Quincy yeah
and beyond to write the festival is open to all I’m certainly hope we should go
over some logistics I guess sure you know how it works where people go where
do they power cut oh they get there yes I’m gonna find when they get there
stuff like that there it’s 11:00 to 4:00 Sunday February the 2nd which happens to
be Super Bowl Sunday yeah but there’s no real conflict and unless unless you’re
in Miami but you planned it accordingly just in case right we were any worse so
it’s a Super Bowl Sundays 11 to 4 p.m. at North Quincy High School
there will be opening ceremony with the elected officials or sponsors a lot of
great individuals going join us at the opening ceremony with the lion dance and
so we will kick it off and so parking parking shouldn’t be issues in Quincy
never is abundant parking but policy is not gonna be issues because parking lot
at the North Quincy High School and then there’s also the the fuel parking at the
back oh right that’s yes so even though there’s no parking at the North Quincy T
station right now but we we hope everyone will take the public
transportations and the weather shouldn’t be too bad it’s ok yeah it
should be in the 40s and so hopefully a lots of people in the neighborhood they
will walk over and then maybe carpool so it should be good you know it’s free
admission it’s a free admission is a free admission we will have food courts
and people can buy the food buy cash right and there’s a lot of great vendors
I we are all sold out I know we are also I
think we also tell I think we close to a hundred vendors tables as well join us
the Quincy farmers market very good team is going to join us okay so there’s a
lot of free gift out there’s a lot of games arts and crafts children sections
all the great performers so even Quincy orchestra music of Quincy
all consistent the New Yorker Symphony job really they’re gonna join us as well
oh is that new this year I discover yes okay not the whole worker strum guessing
but we’re trying to know so maybe next time yeah they’re great stamina so
that’s great to hear very good and the god of fortune presenting the red
envelopes yes fortune and there will be rat pockets with with with some small
small cash yes in their pockets to the children yes good luck we couldn’t give
everybody but we will do our best so yes I do have to ask your dad just real
briefly what is the discussion in the Asian community about the coronavirus
yes concern about that it’s definitely a concern for the community and lots of
individuals and we advise if someone have any concern definitely see for the
medical health OSHA will go to the health care providers if anyone not
feeling well or feeling sick definitely advise them to stay at home or go see a
doctor and we hope that’s events go through
with you know good health and happiness and we know that it’s gonna be a lots of
people coming so cautious yes I screw up to the health commissioner this morning
and she said she’s more concerned about the flu quite honest yes definitely then
this just take all the regulatory options that you would put the floor yes
this is a common cold while Shantz yes yes exactly again Sunday fare be the
second 32nd annual Lunar New Year Festival the year of the rats
yes year yes clever the clever and curious rats yes gentlemen thank you
both thank you so much thank you that’s very welcome just enough time to recap
the forecast for you for the rest of the day today
kinda what you see is what you get out there mix of clouds and Sun way above
normal in the temperature Department mid 40s maybe upper 40s this afternoon well
have a gradual cooldown as the week goes on but it will stay sunny and dry right
through at least Thursday thanks again to Philip Chong and rocky chan for
joining us here from Quincy Asian resources you are very welcome thanks to
our crew thank you for watching Friday at 11:30
Kevin Reno’s here from Social Security on another edition of currently in
Quincy you

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