Currently in Quincy: January 3, 2020

hello and welcome to the first edition
of currently in Quincy for the year 2020 happy new year I’m Joe Catalano and on
today’s program we will chat with Quincy Mayor Thomas coke as he prepares to
deliver his inaugural address on Monday we’ll get a little preview and a look
ahead to first though we check out the weather and the news for you this
morning currently in Quincy kind of cloudy out there it’s 46 degrees right
now could see some off and on showers throughout the afternoon pretty mild
though with a high up around 50 degrees not too chilly tonight’s with a
lingering shower lows will drop off into the lower 40s kind of a mixed weekend
think tomorrow is the wetter of the two days with some off and on showers in the
afternoon through tomorrow night could be a little wet out at Gillette Stadium
tomorrow night temperatures in the mid-40s dropping off into the mid 30s
tomorrow night much nicer on Sunday kind of brisk though the wind will be busy
Sunday’s highs only in the upper 30s and still pretty quiet on Monday son of
clouds a high Monday around 40 degrees right now we have a kind of a damp 46 in
Quincy in the news today plans for a new Quincy police station are moving forward
the city is in the process of negotiating the purchase of five
properties around that C Street location for the new police station and a new
parking garage the City Council recently did approve 32 million dollars to fund
the purchases the demolition and the design of the new Public Safety Complex
that location is in Ward 1 and councillor David Karthi fully supports
the plan as everybody has said we’re way overdue down there and will way overdue
with that firehouse is not just headquarters but it’s a good start with
headquarters to go after that piece of land that’s been sitting there and
probably when you look at it if it’s designed correctly which I know we’ve
seen it that it’s great to exit and you know an entrance and an exit and be able
to pull right out so but the numbers do think a lot of people
you know and I you know you can’t really compare the the school numbers well I
know we’ve done a lot of schools but it adds up quick and you know we want the
kids they have the best so we try to go after the best and I think the folks in
Quincy want the police to have the best in the fight to have the best and it’s
part of you know one of the things that makes the city go round and round it’s
great services that we have in in public safety so to end up with with a police
station of Public Safety and without with that piece of land that would
develop into a new headquarters for the fire folks I think it lines up in the
ballpark even though some folks you know always have sticker shock city will
acquire father bills homeless shelter the Quincy Animal Shelter the stop and
shop gas stations and some of the properties on broad and filled streets
plus that parcel across from fire headquarters on Quincy Avenue for a
future new fire station officials hope the new police station can be completed
by early 2024 at the latest now that a proposal for a controversial new housing
developments at the site of the former Quincy Medical Center on Whitwell Street
has been approved the developer says they will work to become good neighbors
speaking of this program recently Chris reel from Fox Rock properties of Quincy
acknowledged that the developments called ashlar Park was not fully
supported by the neighborhood but said he believed it will improve that area
and I think the first thing that we heard was you know Glendale Park and
that is a part of the property it’s kind of isolated and only down on Glendale so
that because that was the first thing we heard because green space and open space
is such a central part of of any good development it was trying to find ways
to enhance that open space as opposed to just confining it into there kind of one
acre is his Glendale Park so the entire site
plan and development plan and it has that continuance of Glendale Park all
the way down and up through to what well which I think will really activate the
site for folks in the surrounding neighborhood planning board did approve
465 units in seven separate buildings and keeping the original administration
building to be used as a community center opponents had argued that the
project was too dense and would create disruptive traffic and noise in that
area real said he hoped groundbreaking on the project would take place this
year inauguration ceremonies will take place on Monday at 10:00 a.m. in the
Great Hall at Quincy City Hall Mayor Thomas coke says there will actually be
two separate celebrations yes looking forward to that and under the chatter
it’s the first Monday of January so much in January 6th at 10 o’clock it’s open
to the public will be in the Great Hall of the Old Town Hall see James MacIntyre
Government Center I will take my oath and deliver the inauguration message and
then the City Council Derro elect a new president and and then the business will
be suspended from there then that evening on the 6th will be at the Quincy
Marriott we have a 14 piece band I’m gonna celebrate you know the typical you
know transition it’s not really a transition of government button it’s a
time to celebrate as a community we come together so that’s open to the public as
well to be obviously food refreshments and and so great entertainment up there
that night and then Wednesday January 8th the Wendy’s School Committee members
will be sworn in the three members to returning and one new one
although turning as well Frank that’s right so what we will hold that at the
cottages building in the headquarters of the school department but of course all
the school committee of Union are invited to the inauguration piece as
well so should be a fun week and good for the city but for good for the
stability of our government coke will become the longest serving mayor in
Quincy history when he takes the oath of office as he enters his sixth term in a
second four-year term at-large council Ernie delaying is expected to be
to the next city council presidents Monday also marks the return of Chuck
Phelan as the ward 5 city councilor falen won that seat being vacated by
Kirsten Hughes during the last council meeting in December
Hughes offered her goodbye message I want to thank my family and all the
friends who have supported me Paul Berg Tom need people who have walked the
wards with me who have been great resources for me and countless again
friends and family who’ve always helped me and of course it goes without saying
that I am most grateful for my my kids my husband who have given me the time
and attention to to be able to come here and and do this work and of course my
mom who I would always mention most people always knew my mom before they
ever knew me and she was a you know a very beloved teacher I know we had the
teachers here earlier and I’m really grateful for her support and I just want
to finish by saying I know chuck Phelan is taking over and he is going to need a
lot of a lot of support and a lot of love from from the ward because there
are a lot of things going on in the city it’s an exciting time in this city
and and I know chuck is the person to move the city forward and to to move all
the folks there so I’m I’m I’m excited as a resident award five that he’s going
to be leading us in the next couple of years and with that I just want to wish
the residents of the City and wish the residents of the Ward
a great Christmas and encouraged them to support this city because we all call
this home and again there are different ways of getting there and and achieving
the result that I know we all want to be a great place to work and live but
everyone who participates in city government everybody who’s up here and
certainly everybody that that comes to your door and provides you those
services cares about the city so I want to wish
luck to everyone here at the city the staff and also the residents so thank
you very much for putting up with me over the last couple of years Hughes was
first elected Ward 5 councillor in 2011 she also stepped down last year as
chairwoman of the state Republican Party and was recently appointed to the clerk
magistrates position in the Stoughton district courts now that you’re
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down and have a chat with Quincy Mayor Thomas coke that’s next welcome back we’re so pleased to welcome
to the first program for the new year Quincy Mayor Thomas coke stopping by to
give us a little preview into what you might hear during his inaugural address
coming up on Monday mayor happy new year Sam to you Joe thank you for coming over
really appreciate it signing some documents yesterday trying to get used
to putting that 20 and exactly don’t abbreviate it we’re told because it can
be forged forget add numbers after it or before
address make it 18 20 or 19 20 yeah so 20 20 is the way we’re supposed
to write at occasion how were your holidays very nice very nice oh that was
awesome a family was together yeah my son tom was the marine corps was home
with us so that made it all worthwhile absolutely the best gift you can have
I’m sure absolutely yeah question so here we are on the eve of your inaugural
about to become the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history takes me I
mean was that ever committing I really don’t know I really don’t often said I
take one term at a time ya know it’s important we we look at the past a bit
recognize where we’ve been but it’s more important to me what we’re going that’s
easier I’m always very critical of myself I’m always looking at how can we
do better what’s next so I’m always a few spots
down the board if you will on that stuff so I really don’t take too much time to
pause him and look at the circumstances I guess it’s a great honor I certainly
don’t want to make a light of it the people the city if they’ve give me a
tremendous opportunity to serve in this position I’m only a thirty third person
to do it since since 1888 1889 Charles Porter was the first mayor so it is
special I certainly recognize that and I’m grateful to the people for give me
that opportunity to and privilege to serve and you know we’re we’re very
fortunate serving a lot of good people in government I guess what I’m most
proud of is the relationships we’ve built and maintained and you know will
work and well together we get things done and that’s what the public expects
of us and I think we’re doing pretty well locally four years ago
have you achieved the goals that you hoped to after this points I think we’ve
we’ve come a long way I’m generally aggressive I know I Drive my staff crazy
but you know we’ve seen substantial progress and I hear that from people
some people don’t like change I get that but for the most part we’re a city on
the move where we’re really capturing the value that we have here I think when
Z was the best kept secret for a long time in the Greater Boston region I
think that secrets been out for some time we’re seeing incredible
unprecedented investment in our city and that’s good news it’s good news for our
economy it’s good news for jobs for people it’s good news for tax revenue
and I think good news for the quality of life what are you hearing from your
colleagues and others comparables today you say I don’t know the Gloucester’s
maybe the Brockton’s or yeah I mean you know let’s let’s be honest I mean we’re
part of that ring of value being in part of the Greater Boston area right so that
that’s where the economic strength is or the economic engine of the state where
we’re right next door you know the old saying strength is our weakness
and you know this this things that come with it be next to boss like to cut
through traffic which is which is not fun
however the value that we have when you look at the unprecedented growth some of
these old cities like them a piece of a joke I mean they you know that you
mentioned that you know the Bracken’s and the glosses and Hegel’s the old city
so a lot of them are hurting big just struggling just to maintain operating
budgets not even attempting to do any major new projects at all and you know
so we got to take advantage of this who knows how long a Michael will last but I
you know I like to remind people they say well where’s my my tax money go all
this new development well we we we say and and we can back it up with facts we
fall in the middle on taxes we’re really in the middle of the pack in the state
yet I would argue this community as the top of the heap the services safety
schools I mean great on the line you know with libraries veteran services
Senior Center you know robbery should pick up I mean
this city has great services people expect it I think we deliver them well
I’m not saying everything is perfect nothing is ever perfect but so you get a
lot of bang for your buck in this city we have leveraged federal and state
dollars to match the local dollars to do the number of the public improvements
and investments in infrastructure that we’ve seen and you know we’re an old
city with a lot of old infrastructure we gotta continue to do that
you know it’s been kind of your theme for State of the City address and
certainly as infrastructure public services and education absolutely who
seems to be the cornerstone I’m proud of the progress in all those areas there’s
always more to do I’m coming wrong there’s always new
challenges you know there’s things that happen in many days I joke about it we
go to the office and you hope to drive the day but this issues that pop up that
that drive you right may sometimes do I be crazy but but all good I mean again
we’re in a great city we’re in a good place we’ve got good relationships with
our colleagues you know I enjoy working with the council and school committee a
state delegation with Ron Mariano who says tacky Dan hunt and Co Senator Kean
and they’re phenomenal you know Congressman Steve Lynch’s you
know we talk in a regular basis the governor knows that the lieutenant
governor last night or a regular basis talking and texting
they’ve been great partners and and that’s the beauty of it they look at it
as a partnership but no we’re not this you know little little town begging for
help this is a partnership where we’re all in
it together and each of us have a role to deliver these services well any of
them be at the inaugural on Monday I believe congressman is coming to the
evening event okay I’m not really sure I even looked at the looks about Monday I
get a sat on my speech I know you probably haven’t already written out in
your head at least I certainly have it kind of outlined it yeah I had I got to
put it to paper survey overall theme it’ll be but it’ll be about going
forward look some you know we’ve got a lot of things done and I I guess you
know you mentioned that you pause you do look back over the last 10 12 years and
you know we came in at a time that was not very good you know as far as
finances in the world Great Recession right very recession and I think we come
out of that pretty strong very stable you know and I look today in our bond
rating is up reserves are up you know I look at the schools where you know our
test scores are up graduation rates are up I look at our safety side the FBI
crime stats the crime is down use of library books is up use of parks
is up I mean it you know all the numbers are going in the right direction and I’m
you know it’s dangerous to bring these up cuz next year they could go another
direction but yeah you know we’re safe city we have incredible dedicated people
running our schools the teachers do incredible job you know and I’ve often
said after Public Safety you know police and fire phenomenal in the city so
professional you know they show great compassion when they serve in the public
you know response time is as bad as good as it’s ever been in the city and but
there’s nothing more we Fortin we do after that than educating our young
people and I think we’re doing very well the state’s been in a number of time
using our programs as models is that right around the state so I’m proud of a
superintendent the whole team there with along with our teaching staff just do
incredible work but there’s a lot of other departments at a great missions
you know we’re in here at the studio which is attached to the library I tell
you you know you look at constituencies and what’s important to people the
library constituency they love the Alliance you know here whatever they
survey one a librarian these services and I get it you know and that could be
said of a number the various departments that have different missions you know at
the end of the day we’re all one city we come together as one city providing the
best services we possibly can and they will continue to do that so I’m proud of
my department is the work they do our employees the for the line every day and
what a privilege it is to to lead that effort on a daily basis if there’s one
thing that you definitely want to accomplish before the end of your next
four-year term what would that be one thing well you know my wife always says
to me you talk too much about the downtown you know talk about other
things oh well we you know we’ve we’ve done Quincy I’ve done sent you we’ve
done the new Southwest will work on ants quantum you know we’re doing sea walls
we’re doing a road so doing pipes so every neighborhood’s being touched in
many ways downtown gets talked about more often because I’m asked about it
probably more often but in that in that vein along with your question there to
get the downtown further along okay I think we’ll probably a quarter of the
way in I hope really you know that we’re
two-thirds through in the next four years I think the Medical Center hotel
the garage some more residential building it’s my
hope that all those will be open by the end of this next term of course
hopefully this quantum school will be well underway and a lot of other things
happening throughout the city the generals bridge you know so as we have
the date targeted on that I had a chance to sit with general Dunford for lunch
recently and he said I witness retirement definitely in chair the Joint
Chiefs and we talked about the bridge and how I’m gonna need his help a little
bit for some guidance and protocol and hopefully for taking a win for the
dedication purposes so soon as I get a better number or a timetable with mascot
you know then we’ll begin planning because that’s gonna be a major event
that will rival to Hancock Adams common data culture there’ll be people flying
all over from all over the country to come in to to honor Dunford autumn
McConville Sullivan Sweeney you know a whole bunch of the movie statues like
Ronald Ram we’ll go through that now we’re going through a there’s the bridge
portion which the names will be on and it’ll be a handsome bridge and then we
went up a park right right by there they’re gonna be honoring the
individuals and telling their story a bit we’re still trying to figure out how
to do that so there could be some statuary definitely some you know water
elements and beautiful Park features one of the young I guess concerns or talked
about issues at least is the mix of residential to commercial and and how to
how to balance that and to make sure you have a good good mix of both basically
well that’s that’s why I’m excited about the 200,000 square foot Brigham Women’s
socio medical facility that’s commercial there’s good jobs it’s bringing back
medical services to people the city and that will lead to what I believe is a
lot more commercial I think that you’ll see the the biotech life science start
to really come together in gel and Quincy Brigham woman is a big name in a
medical industry worldwide and I think there’ll be some great companies
following them the world and the retail continues to change as we know and
continue to evolve my wife talks about that when you get a get some good stores
you’re combating even the plaza and the malls all you know with that issue knob
shows of this the online shopping it’s a whole different world that did the days
of the old Sears catalog and Sears Roebuck you ever think you’d
see the day but yeah I know it’s amazing but as this goes forward as it continues
to get built out you’re gonna have a lot of people working here making good
salary so I think you will see that some retails more restaurants some
entertainment use continue to evolve as part of the whole new program here any
new year’s resolutions mayor do you do that either personally or professionally
well I do I am one is we all do it I guess this is the diet issue I go to
head starts I’m working on that got a little ways to go I’d like to go another
10 or 15 pounds quite frankly but you know there’s there’s always the things
we challenge ourselves I mean a you know my spiritual life is important to me and
in and out of that how patient am i how do I treat others how do I look at
things from others people’s perspectives not just my own so those things I take
to heart and try to improve on do you still have the photo of the family who
was affected by the opioid crisis on your desk Clifford I have I have that it
might draw yes I do and I think about all of those families on a regular basis
because I’ve known number them personally right
who’ve been affected you know and that continues to evolve it just just seems
when we try to make some progress you you know that the issue pops up in so
many other ways that this this issue manifests itself in so many different
ways so many even drugs you know and and again my colleagues and the governor’s
been Grace and Akeem it’s been in the fourth month of this credible job with
some of the legislation many predicted none of that legislation would have
passed that heat the ushered through so we’re gonna continue to working it
working hard on it together you know I never if you go back 10 years you would
even dream of some of the programs we’re doing in the schools today as part of
this the younger we can get to our kids to realize to make good choices that
these choices that they they could make could end their life number one or
drastically change their life going forward so we got to continue to work
the issue and continue to keep in mind those families that have been affected
and pray to God that fewer families get affected I want to wish you a happy
early birthday and a very happy healthy New Year and thank you for coming over
there my pleasure Joe thank you thanks for all you do appreciate the phone
calls and who said more they can catch up on items but happy new to you and
certainly to all our watching here on cue a TV thanks again
they’re just enough time to recap the forecast for you for the rest of the day
today kind of what you see is what you get out there scattered shower pretty
mild though up around 50 degrees kind of nice for early January little unsettled
this evening temperatures drop off into the lower 40s look out for some rain
tomorrow afternoon and night so bundle up out at Gillette pretty nice on Sunday
and still pretty quiet here on Monday thanks again to Quincy Mayor Thomas coke
for joining us today on the program go Patriots thanks to our crew thank you
for watching Monday at 11:30 Janet littles hear from the Quincy winter
farmers market for the first time this year on another edition of currently in
Quincy we’ll see you then

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