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hello and welcome to another edition of
currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we will get all the
details about the Quincy farmers market winter market at the South Shore YMCA
first though we check out the weather and the news for you this morning
currently in Quincy we’ve got a mix of Sun and clouds out there it’s 36 degrees
right now could see a flurry flying around this afternoon temperatures right
about where they are in the mid to upper 30s just cloudy tonight then seasonable
low tonight right around freezing at 32 degrees a little bit warmer tomorrow
more clouds as tomorrow into the lower 40s could be a little messy here again
on Wednesday could be a mixed bag of rain and snow at Wednesday with highs
climbing into the low 40s by the afternoon and then chilly on Thursday
Sun and clouds but a high barely 30 degrees on Thursday but there is another
warm-up heading into next weekend right now cloudy 36 degrees here in Quincy in
that news today Quincy Mayor Thomas coke is now the longest-serving mayor in the
city’s history Koch took the oath of office during inauguration ceremonies at
City Hall this morning speaking on this program back on Friday the mayor said
one of his main priorities continues to be the redevelopment of Quincy Center
know my wife always says to me you talk too much about the downtown you know
talk about other things well we you know we’ve we’ve done Quincy I’ve done sent
you we’ve done some the new Southwest will work on ensk wonnum you know we’re
doing sea walls we’re doing a road so doing pipes so every neighborhoods being
touched in many ways downtown gets talked about more often because I’m
asked about it probably more often but in that in that vein along with your
question there to get the downtown further along okay I think we’ll
probably a quarter the way in I hope really you know that with two-thirds
through in the next four years I think the Medical Center Hotel the garage some
more residential building it’s my hope that all those will be open by the end
of this next term of course hopefully this quantum school will be well
underway and a lot of other things happening sure
throughout the city the generals bridge you know so as we have the date targeted
on that had a chance to sit with general Dunford for lunch recently and he’s so
now in his retirement definitely and chair of the Joint Chiefs and we talked
about the bridge and how I’m gonna need his help a little bit for some guidance
and protocol and I hope we weren’t taking a win for the dedication purposes
so they get a better number or a timetable with mass dot you know then
we’ll begin planning because that’s gonna be a major event that will rival
to Hancock Adams common data culture there’ll be people flying all over from
all over the country to come in to to honor Dunford autumn McConville Sullivan
Sweeney you know a whole bunch of them today the mayor proposed a new 15 story
building at the current site of the Monroe building in Quincy Center to
serve as a new home for Quincy College and for city offices mayor says the
current so-called glass building would then be torn down to make room for a
Performing Arts Center the mayor says the idea is still preliminary however he
is hopeful for support from the City Council the MBTA is pledging to continue
making improvements to that troubled system in the new year in a video
produced by the T at the end of December general manager Steve pop tak said he is
committed to making the system the best it can be
we learned some important lessons from our customers that we need to be
constantly communicating with them that we need to have clear accurate signage
and that we need to plan diversions that folks can understand and we’ll be
bringing those improvements into 2020 I just want to say thank you to our riders
into the entire team at the MBTA who made this program possible for 2019 we
are really looking forward to doing the safety investment in capital
acceleration program for 2020 and building a better team he was plagued by a series of issues in
2019 including that Red Line train derailment at the JFK UMass station back
in June that caused delays on the system for over three months Quincy man has
been charged with armed assault with intent to murder after police say he
shot another man in the eye with a high-powered pellet gun 49 year old
Dennis Baker is charged with shooting the 33 year-old man during an
altercation at his Nelson Street apartment complex on New Year’s Day
police say they arrested Baker in his apartment and recovered the gun in the
grass under the window of his apartment the victim was being treated for a
serious injury at Mass General Hospital 34 year old Christina Miller from
Peabody was also arrested that day and charged with interfering with a police
officer both suspects were arraigned in Quincy District Courts 22 new officers
have been sworn in at the onofre County Sheriff’s Office over 200 people
gathered recently at Archbishop Williams High School for the ceremony where
Sheriff Jerry McDermott welcomed the new Academy graduates as they took the oath
of office and received their badges the new officers include 18 men and for
women who’ve completed 400 hours of training over ten weeks
McDermott says this latest class is the most diverse in recent history he told
the new officers that they’re joining an agency that’s committed to Corrections
and believes in second chances no fir County Register of Deeds Bill O’Donnell
is extending his thanks for another successful food drive over the holidays
O’Donnell says the food drive marked the 14th year of collecting and distributing
food and toiletries to some of the neediest pantries throughout the county
of donations included pasta and soups cereals canned vegetables and household
products O’Donnell noted that although the holidays are over the need for those
donations continues project Bread recently reported that one out of eleven
households in Massachusetts are considered food in
secure including 46,000 residents in Norfolk County and I think you
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on channel 8’s for your information volunteers are needed to deliver meals
on wheels during the winter storms for South Shore elder services if you’ve got
a vehicle you don’t mind building snow call seven eight one two eight four
eight thirty nine ten extension four three zero to become a storm trooper
they need daily drivers as well volunteers also needed at Interfaith
social services here in Quincy there are opportunities available in their food
pantry in the thrift shop and even at the front desk contact Paula Daniels at
six one seven seven seven three six two zero three extension twenty eight or you
can email her at that address on your screen for all the information Bar
Association of Norfolk County is providing free assistance for people who
are dealing with the section 35 portion of the law regarding substance abuse
call the helpline at eight four four eight four three six two two one or send
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up here on Channel eight two coming up we sit down with Janet little of the
Quincy farmers market and learn about the new winter market that’s next welcome back for the first time ever the
Quincy farmers market is open in the winter and they have an indoor location
at the South Shore YMCA on Cottington streets and a gentle little the director
has stopped him by to tell us all about this great new development to the market
Janet yeah well the why invited the Quincy farmers market to have a winter
market at the YMCA yeah at 79 Cottington Street in Quincy and we jumped at the
opportunity I bet yeah this is fantastic is that ever happened before do you know
in the markets history well we had an outdoor went to market one season but it
was cold and it wasn’t very well attended so yeah it’s only two vendors
oh okay eggs and freight is fun but this one we have it a dozen vendors that’s
fantastic um half of them two-thirds of them
agricultural vendors which a farmers market is predominantly an agricultural
event so that’s a really good ratio in half of the vendors are new how about
that so they weren’t at the summer market Wow
so freighters farm is the is the produce farm that I was at the market yes and
every week they bring an array of winter vegetables apples squashes radishes
potatoes onions and they also bring some green spinach and arugula and mescaline
mm-hmm one of the new vendors that we have is
the newing on fish monger oh and it’s a three fleet organization that fish is
out of Portsmouth New Hampshire okay and they’re the real thing they fish with
hook and line oh really yes so they go out and they whatever
they catch they bring and the people that are selling you the fish are
actually the people that work the boat see that is a true farmer’s market yes
that really answers you’re talking to the actual producers of whatever the
commodity happens to be yeah in the quasi farmers market is a
producer only market okay we’ve allowed fish in the past because you know it is
a it is a lot of it is caught locally some of it isn’t when they buy it from a
distributor but these people only bring what they catch
so last week all they had with scallops because that’s what they would catch it
now the week before that they had cod and before that they weren’t there
because they had some trouble with this ship with them one of their boats so
they couldn’t get out but they bring cup they brought they’ve brought cod and
haddock and hake and fluke okay and I’d never had fluke it’s really a delicious
fish yeah what’s nice about them is they really
are into sustainability because when you fish with hook you don’t sweep the
bottoms no lateral damage basically it’s going after just what you want nothing
else yeah and you get to talk to them too about that experience and about what
actually is happening you know off our coast
talk about fresh I mean how does it get it doesn’t get any fresher they also
bring dehydrated skin for your dogs no really it’s a byproduct interesting
yeah okay and my nieces dog loves it she goes wild he goes wild when I bring it
to his house alright okay so then I’m pretty sure they’re going to attend the
summer market as well so I’m really excited about that
that’s great yeah yeah now the market itself as I recall was at 37 years now
yes and we’re going into our 38th season okay come this summer come the summer
time yeah in another new vendor that’s there is a beef grass-fed beef farmer
from Stoney Creek in Swansea Massachusetts Erin Babbitt is her name
and she has a herd of cattle as well she raises she doesn’t raise she boards
horses as well so you can go there and learn to ride if you wanted you know but
she brings beef every week to the market okay that’s another new addition and I’m
pretty sure she’s gonna join us for the summer as well well that’s great how did
these folks find out about the winter market here in Queens of you well you
know it’s actually through networking some of the fun some of the people that
attend the summer summer market told them about the Quincy farmers month yeah
that’s how the fish monger came okay golden rule honey was in at soá– market
and was right next to the fishmonger all right and said you guys ought to go to
the Quincy Market and they were looking for a Friday market Oh
so she called me up and they’re coming and stonycreek same thing with shenana
candies it was the chocolate vendor that was at the farmer who lives down that
way they were out of market together and he said do you ought to try the Queen’s
eponymous mine okay she called me up so still the best form of advertising is
worth a and I would think to that over the winter time they’re looking for
places to sell their products right yeah it’s not as many markets in the winter
yeah in most people who they always say why don’t you have the market on a
Saturday or Sunday yeah but these vendors are already committed you know
you can only do so many Saturday and Sunday market so they were really
excited to have the opportunity to do a Friday market that’s fantastic now is it
all through the winter it goes until Valentine’s Day okay yeah every Friday
from 11:30 to 3:00 until Valentine’s Day okay so a little bit shorter than the
pageant field hours yeah I was 11 I think 11 weeks okay we decided on and
you know I mean we could go longer next year if it’s well attended and people
want to but we thought we’d start you know just a little shot yeah how’s it
been going so far well obviously we’d like more attendant
course well let’s hope with you that with this morning going down yeah
but the vendors the people that are coming or supporting it well that’s
great so that’s good news yeah yeah maybe worried about that way too
yeah folks that’s how people find out we have some posters around the town and we
do some Facebook advertising and I send out a newsletter every week but most
people find out about a farmers market from someone whose children you know
tell them what they see the signs outside is right by yeah so actually
let’s talk about exactly you know it’s in the why inside the why yes yeah
actually when you go in before you get to the circulation desk there’s a
community room to the right yes and so you just go in the door and go to the
right folks in that room right in that room okay so their own dedicated space
you don’t have to be a member of the why right no the public’s welcome in fact
the why we’d love you to come down and take a tour oh yeah they are they’re
giving out free passes to anyone that would like to visit the why okay well we
have them at the desk at the farmers market okay well that’s good to know I
know that they’re really trying to reach out into the commute
at the wine things like this is like a perfect fit this is a good fit because
you know they have the farm down in Hanover the garden and it’s ring so it
is a good fit yeah how fantastic is that Wow anything
coming up in this in the spring and summer next year that you can tell us
about or actually this year no well not really interesting about your field I’m
guessing yeah so that’s the the game plan as far as I know I have had a few
people contact me already to join us summer market but I haven’t solidified
anything so yeah we’ll see what happens yeah but the old wages will be back then
okay sure Stillman’s will be there and freighters will be there as the farmers
and I’m also at the winter market that’s an agricultural vendor is Mike’s farm he
doesn’t find fresh eggs okay and then we have a new salt vendor salt salt you
know they have garlic and few salts and they season it with like rosemary at the
lemon or jalapeno look they have a Thanksgiving Day seasoning and it’s it’s
really delightful salt interesting yeah it’s locally produced locally yeah yeah
it is yeah yeah we also have microgreens at the market okay that is a big big
burgeoning market right yeah yeah I know that the market of Boston has got a
whole section dedicated to that so Mau nujin called me up in last spring
actually and wanted to join the farmers market she grows her own microgreens in
Braintree oh wow okay yeah can’t get much more local alone no it’s it’s local
yeah I’m just thinking it’s just a great collaboration – why is promoting you
know healthy minds healthy bodies healthy spirits and I mean what better
way to at least feed the healthy bodies through the farmers market yeah well
they have a handover location to do you know at some point over have a farmers
market that they might bring in house you know we visit all the farmers
markets you know that a regionally convenient yeah you know don’t think
Hanover has one okay welcome Brooke does okay
Nash field has one okay I don’t think well there you go it’s a chance for
expansion there perhaps but the Winter Market you know it’s just great you
don’t think about winter you don’t think about Farmers Market but as you
mentioned there’s all the root vegetables that are still good apples
store really well you know in cool locations over the winter time and
they’re growing greens and greenhouses right so I mean though it can produce
some greens yes season any maple syrup left over from your maple syrup vendor
or is that pretty no he’s in actually eaten is in Florida right now sure goes
to Florida and does the Florida mocking it through the winter then it comes back
and March to when the trees start the SAP starts running okay I can’t look but
the honey people of the other new honey Lori’s there with her honey okay so can
come down and get some honey if you want you mentioned freitas have they been
there from the start I know they’re yeah but how great is as an original farmer
David Freitas yeah um the father who he passed away runs do you buy and then his
son Scott and no Bianca attends the market but Bianca’s been with the farm
for 20 years her she was just Joan what she started
yeah yeah that’s great to see actually you know I mean that 37 years at one
location that’s dedications they got from Middleborough yeah and
and Stillman’s comes from west part of the state I think right on new Braintree
eat new Braintree yeah new Braintree yeah so that’s what about what a hike
the original farmers market started with a dozen small farmers and these are the
two that survived okay and it’s expanded now how about say crafters and vendors
well we have a new Baker Frank’s Frank’s Cucina
I think it is Italian he’s an Italian Baker he does mostly cookies and
biscotti z’ and cakes and he’s very challenged he’s one gourmet restaurants
and done fine dining and now he’s just focusing on desserts nice yeah and we
also have a Maria’s bakery and she’s a Mexican woman who lives in Quincy she
brings Mexican breads okay which were sweets
also does bring a couple of different kinds of bread as well fun
now is there entertainment like you had at the know but I know you had arts
crafts and music all the time up at the pageant field location doesn’t really
conducive to no yeah not in this situation we do have a Ponderosa alpaca
people that are coming back to the market okay she has a package down in
Middleboro and she’ll be there with her wool Friday I was gonna say she’s gonna
bring it out back up to the Y a little ride around the parking lot yeah they’re
very gently animals if you’ve ever been around them you can walk right up to
them yeah just don’t try to hold them down because then they’ll kick you but
they’re gentle until appoints um is there room for more vendors yes we could
fit another mmm half a dozen oh yes oh great Marshall alright just contact you
to do that yeah okay anyone’s interested it’s Janet dot little at
okay all right do they have to commit you know great tune for every fourteen
tours you know they could come for once a week you know I mean they can come
just one day if they want they great there was a week there is a requirement
of liability insurance policy okay so um just to keep that in mind if that’s what
you want to do yeah see if it’s gonna be worth your while or not but you know
good for the it’s kind of a groundbreaking moment for the market you
must be very proud yeah I know it’s it’s time to have a winter market people have
been wanting one for a while no and quincies big enough and we’ve
been around long enough and markets a popular enough now that it’s good to
have a year-round back yeah yeah well that’s great congratulations on that
that’s a great accomplishment for the new year I think and we look forward to
the new 38 season well let’s thank the why because they made it happen
well that’s very good you do need a location yeah I know
actually is there weather dependent when the Y is closed
yeah okay yeah that would be the criteria yeah but there’s plenty of
parking oh yeah that’s another thing that’s necessary if you’re gonna have a
mock it sure is a good location for that yeah let’s hope let’s hope we don’t have
any weather issues so great to see you thanks so much for coming over Jack my
pleasure and good luck with the winter market thank you you’re very welcome
just enough time speaking of the weather to recap the forecast for you for the
rest of the day today kind of what you see is what you get clouds maybe some
sunny breaks maybe a flurry to highs in the upper 30s this afternoon quiet this
evening down to around freezing a little warmer tomorrow more clouds with a high
41 some more messy weather possible on
Wednesday and then a chilly day here on Thursday thanks again to Janet little
for joining us from the Quincy farmers market winter markets thanks to our crew
thank you for watching Friday at 11:30 Robert Pearson’s here from the norfolk
county RSVP program on another edition of currently in Quincy we will see you

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