Currently Reading | March 20th 2019

Hi, it’s Maija here, and I thought I’d do a
currently reading video, so these are all the books that I want to finish during
the month of March. Most of them I am currently reading and one I haven’t
started yet, but I want to have all of these count for my TBR project, so I need
to actually finish these. So the first thing that I’m reading is How Long ’til
Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin. This is her fantasy and science fiction short
story collection and I am buddy reading this together with Rachel from Kalanadi.
We are reading about one short story, sometimes two, a day, and with that we
should be able to finish this during March. And we are about… a bit under
halfway through currently, and so far my favorites from this have been Red Dirt
Witch, which I had read before and I reread and I still love it,
L’Alchimista, and Valedictorian. So this I should be able to finish, because
Rachel is keeping me accountable. Then there’s a novel that I am still reading,
I’ve been reading this for a while, and I am now about halfway through this
one as well, and this is Temper by Nicky Drayden. It’s a fantasy novel and I
started this… I think during Blackathon? And for some reason I find it really
hard to get into this. I remember that when I read Nicky Drayden’s debut novel, The
Prey of Gods, I think I read that quite fast, so it was a quick read. I
think it was because it had more point-of-view characters, it had multiple
point-of-view characters, so even though if I wasn’t interested in one of them, I
knew that another person would come up next, but this one only has one point
of view character and I’m not quite sure how I feel about them. So this is
basically about Auben, who is possessed by a demon. And in this world most of
the people are born as twins and there are vices spread between these twins, and
Auben is a lesser twin, so he’s like the bad twin, a bad influence, he has more vices, and
his brother has only one vice. So not only does he have a lot of vices, he is
now also possessed by a demon. But, like I said, for some reason I find it really
hard to get into this, I keep wanting to pick up other books instead. Like for
example, I just picked up Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee, I started reading this
today. And this is a middle grade science fiction novel from the author who did
the adult novels starting with Ninefox Gambit. And this is about a
fox shapeshifter who runs away from home to go find her
brother. I don’t really have much to say about this yet because I just started
this. And then finally there’s a book that I haven’t even started yet but that
I want to start and finish during March, and that is The Just City by Jo
Walton, which is this philosophical science fiction book,
time-travel/fantasy/science fiction mix thing. It is about a group of, or a couple
of Greek gods who want to try out Plato’s Republic, so they form this city
and they pick people throughout time to come and live in this city.
I think Socrates is a character in this? Anyway, I’m feeling like reading some
philosophical science fiction right now, and I need to read a hardcover. If you’ve
been following my Reads and Receipts videos, you know that I need to finish
reading a hardcover book in order to pick up another book from my TBR jar. And
this is the hardcover that I went with, so I really hope that I can finish it
this month, so that I can pick up a new challenge for April. In order to be able
to finish these, I actually did the math, so I added together the pages that I had
left in these four books. I calculated how much, how many pages I would need to
read per day in order to finish all of these, and I came up to 92 pages per day.
So what I did with these novels, I marked the pages with post-its about every 80
pages, because I am also reading one or two short stories a day from How Long
’til Black Future Month, and the page count that I would need to reach each
day was 92. I think all of the stories will be at least 12 pages long, so if I
read more, I will have, I will have done more, I will have more pages read. And
after I finish a short story of the day, I will pick up a book and read 80 pages
from it. According to that, it would take me 1-2-3-4- about 5 days to read The
Just City, three more days for Temper, and four days, if you count today, to
finish Dragon Pearl. And if you count all of those together, that is exactly the
amount of days that I have left. I really hope that I can do this. So these are
the books that I’m going to be reading and that I hope to finish
still in March. Only one of them is a library book, so, go me! Let me know what
you are up to and I will see you in my next video.

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  1. Good luck with finishing everything by the end of the month! I'm definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on How Long 'til Black Future Month and Dragon Pearl.

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