Currents New Media Festival (2019)

we're here we got to Santa Fe we went to the hotel we dropped all of our stuff and we're going to go into the currents new media festival or Expo or whatever it's called we found it last year by accident we stumbled into a couple friends from Denver last year and they actually told us about this we popped in there was like an hour before closing it's so worth the time it's so much fun when we rocked up here at 10:30 and we knew we had now a hosta we could still come here we said let's go yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ha ha you said something so that was awesome they were definitely a bunch of highlights I think me and my favorite was the book thing that was so much fun I liked the same words and then they get kicked that was pretty cool so very very simple but very fun and then at the end we both got attacked by Stan Lee who just wanted a hug either that or he was something else I'm not sure but either way was kind of fun and now it's time to get some sleep because miel wolf is there a schedule for the morning bye

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