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  2. 1. UP launched DASTAK Compaign to eradicate AES (Acute encephalitis syndrome) and JE ( Japanese encephalitis) disease. Association with UNICEF.
    2. Darkness to light – Lamar Odom
    3.Northeast Frontier Railway's Plan bee- It is an amplifying system that imitates the buzz of a swarm of honey bees to keep wild elephants away from railway tracks.
    4. 2020 Copa America – host countries – Argentina – Colombia
    2024 – Ecuador

  3. Good evening sir
    Books and these authors
    Game changer- Shahid Afridi
    My life my mission- Baba Ramdev
    Kargil untold Stories-Rachna Bistrawat
    Lessons life tought me unknowingly- Anupam Kher
    The New Delhi conspiracy – Minakshi Lekhi
    Prime minister to remember admiral Sushil Kumar
    Darkness to light-"Lamar Odam"*
    Thanks for this video 🙏

  4. 1. Objective of Dastak campaign – To Eradicate Encephalitis Syndrome and Japanese encephalitis.
    * Inaugurated By – PM N.Modi
    * Associated with – UNICEF

    2. Darkness To Light — Lamar Odom
    * Nationality — American

    3. Plan-BEE — Prevent trains from Hitting Elephant Crossing Train Lines.
    * To setting up devices near truck which Emit buzzing sound of swarming Bees.
    * NEF Platform — Gorakhpur

    4. 2024 — Copa America hosted by –Ecuador
    * 2020
    ——— Winner — Brazil
    ———- Runners up – Peru

  5. Uttar Pradesh government has launched a massive campaign called ‘Dastak’ to eradicate deadly Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) and Japanese Encephalitis (JE) disease.

    Darkness to Light: A Memoir
    Book by Lamar Odom

    Plan Bee, a unique strategy adopted by Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) to keep wild elephants away from railway tracks, has won the best innovation award by Indian Railways.

    Argentina and Colombia

  6. ✓ Dastak campaign – The scheme was launched by Uttar Pradesh govt.
    …. To eradicate Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) & Japanese Encephalitis (JE).
    ….It was launched in association with UNICEF.
    ✓ Darkness to light -> Author of the book : Lamar Odom.
    ….He is an former American Basketball player.
    ….He won NBA championship twice.
    ✓ Plan Bee: Launched by Northeast Frontier Railway to avoid accidents i.e to prevent trains from hitting Elephants on crossing tracks.
    ✓ Next cope 2020 will be held in : Ecuador in 2024.

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