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good morning ladies and gentlemen today's 20th of June and in this video we are going to cover the current affairs one important thing the infographics used in our Current Affair series are uploaded on a Twitter account you can check the link from description box or from the pinned comment you can also download our GK today app from Play Store so now let's start operation sunrise – which is in news recently is a coordinated operation of India and which neighboring country right answer is main Mar so armies of India and main mark carried out a coordinated operation the name of operation was Operation sunrise to this operation targeted several militant groups operating in Manipur Nagaland and Assam if we talk about our security forces BSF provides security to indo-pakistan border as well as to Hindu Bangladesh border ITBP provides security to Indochina border while SSB provides security to indo-nepal as well as to Hindu Bhutan Bodil on the other hand Assam Rifles provides security to in domain Mart border if you talk about Myanmar Myanmar was also in use as India and Myanmar are working together on suit report the capital of man marries nape Ida and the president is mister wind my aunt miss ohm Sam Suki is the state councillor of Myanmar it should be kept in mind that operation sunrise is the second phase the first phase of this operation was launched in February 2019 in which Indian army targeted those insurgent groups which were opposed to Caledon multimodal transit project my admirer is also a member of boomstick recently binstock was in news as India invited leaders of boomstick members for swearing-in ceremony of our prime minister mr. Modi answer in comment box where is the headquarter of Bhim stack and which country will host the next women's tech summit main Marwa is also in use because of Rohan gay refugee crisis Rohan Gia's are Muslims and they are in tracking province of Maine from Gaza one of the world's most persecuted communities on which date the 2019 edition of international day of family remittances is observed right answer is June 16 so the international day of family remittances is observed every year on June 16th if we talk about few important days of June 1st of June was world milk day 3rd of June was world bicycle day both of June was International Day of innocent children victims of aggression while 5th of June was World Environment Day and the theme was beat air pollution 7th of June was first-ever World Food Safety Day while 8th of June was World Oceans Day and the theme was gender and oceans on the other hand 12th of June was world day against child labor and the theme was children should not work in fields but on dreams on the other hand 13th of June was international albinism Awareness Day and the theme was still standing strong on the other hand 14th of June was world blood donor day and the theme was safe blood for all while 15th of June was world Elder Abuse Awareness Day and 17th of June was world today to combat desertification and draught on which date the 2019 edition of autistic pride day is observed right answer is 18th of June so every year 18th of June is observed as autistic Pride Bay if we talk about autism it is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders the exact cause of autism is not known but it is known to be associated with genetic and environmental factors the festival Sinatra is recently celebrated in which of the following states right answer is Orissa so recently the festival Sinatra was celebrated in Orissa it is considered to be the birthday of Lord Jagannath if we talk about Orissa recently miss Chandrani Mamu became the youngest member of parliament Caesar youngest MP of 17th Lok Sabha and C's Member of Parliament from Odessa Odessa was also a news as recently miss Culp nadas the first women Mountaineer of Odisha passed away apart from her recently India's only or on ton Vinny has passed away at London Canon Zoological Park in Odessa Odessa was also in news because of Cyclone phony apart from that recently can mal healthy of Odisha got GI tagged GI stands for geographical indication who has been named as new chief of is I try to answer is mr. faz Hamid so Lefton and general mr. faz Hameed has been appointed as new director general of inter-services intelligence if we talk about is I it is the spy agency of Pakistan if we talk about India we have internal and external intelligence agencies our external agencies are an AW that is research and analysis wing and our internal intelligence agencies Intelligence Bureau if we talk about Pakistan recently Pakistan's off-spinner mission Amir became the most successful women's Oda spinner see is behind fast bowlers but in terms of spinners see is the most successful women's Oda spinner apart from that recently Pakistani journalist mr. Cyril Almeida one world press freedom hero award on the other hand recently the autobiography of Pakistani cricketer mr. Shahid Afridi was in news the name of his autobiography was game changer on the other hand recently mr. Marino luck has been appointed as the new Pakistan High Commissioner to India Pakistan was also a news as recently it declared sugar cane juice as national drink of country India will host the 14th Conference of parties of un CCD in which of the following cities right answer is New Delhi so for the first time India is the host of UNC cd14 session of conference of parties it will be New Delhi in September if we talk about desert if ocation recently on 17th of June world today to combat the certification and drought was observed if we talk about UNC City it is United Nations Convention to combat desertification the 13th Conference of parties of UNC City held in China and 14th one is going to be in our country if we talk about China recently China appointed mr. Sun we dong as new Chinese ambassador to India China was also in used because of protests in Hong Kong due to extradition bill the people in Hong Kong are protesting against proposed changes in the law that would allow the suspects accused of crimes like murder and rape to be extradited to the mainland China to face trial that means people from Hong Kong will be extradited to China to face trial and that's why the people of Hong Kong are protesting against it it should be kept in mind that Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region under one country two systems' principle China was also news as it is going to be the host of 2023 Asian Cup football tournament on the other hand recently China successfully tested was first armed amphibious drone boat the name of this boat was marine lizard the world food India event will be held in which of the following cities right answer is New Delhi so the world for India event will be in New Delhi and it is a part of government's effort to boost investment into this sector the tagline of event will be forcing partnerships for growth who has been appointed as new executive director of RBI right answer is mr. Ravi Mishra so dr. Ravi n Mishra has been appointed as new executive director of RBI if we talk about RBA recently the monetary policy committee of RBI reduced repo rate by 25 basis points so the current Tripura it is 5.75% and current reverse repo rate is 5.50% the MSF and the bank rate are 6% if we talk about monetary policy committee are be a gardener is the ex officio chairman of monetary policy committee are we was also news as recently it observed financial literacy week and the theme of this initiative was farmers and how they benefit by being a part of formal banking system RBI was also in use as it has divested its stakes in NHP and now barred NHB stands for National Housing bank and nabad stands for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development so with this move the Government of India now holds 100% stakes in these two financial institutions apart from that RBI was also in use as recently RBI appointed committee submitted its report on promoting digital payments the committee was headed by mr. Nandan Nilekani our way was also news as recently it constituted a task force on the development of secondary market for corporate loans and mr. Tian manoharan is the head of this task force RBA was also in use as recently it constituted a committee to review the existing state of motorcades securitisation in our country and mr. Hirsh Rajan is the head of this committee answer incoming books who is the head of task force constituted by RBI to examine the issues related to offshore rupee market who clinched the US Open Golf Championship right answer is Gary woodland so Gary woodland of USA has clinched the 2019 US Open Golf Championship if we talk about USA recently US president mr. Donald Trump became the first world leader to meet japan's new emperor mr. Naro hito USA was also in use as recently the second summit between US president mr. Trump and North Korean president mr. kim jeong-hoon held in Vietnam in Hanoi the first summit between these two leaders held in Singapore in 2018 USA was also in use as recently in Bangkok the 2019 edition of quadrilateral security dialogue was attended by the senior officials of India USA Japan and Australia apart from that recently USA was in use as it removed India and Switzerland from its currency monitoring list of major trading partners USA was also news as recently it declined to join the Christchurch coal initiative the Christchurch coal initiative is an initiative to eliminate terrorist and violent content online it was wrong recently at Paris summit Mohamed Morsi who passed away recently was the former president of which country right answer is is it so mr. Mohammad Morsi was the former president of hyssop and he recently passed away if we talk about Egypt recently Sydney Peninsula of Egypt was in news Sydney Peninsula is a peninsula in is it and it is the only part of a zip that is located in Asia it is situated between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Red Sea to the south and this peninsula act as a land bridge between Asia and Africa as it was also news as recently the president of visit mr. Abdel Fattah al-sisi took all the chairmanship of African Union from the President of Rwanda mr. Paul Kagame is the President of Rwanda answer in comment box what is the capital of Rwanda apart from that is it was also a news as recently plis teen took over the chairmanship of g77 so these were the most important current affairs of the day thank you and that's all for the day

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  2. 1.Bimstec Headquarter – Dhaka, Bangladesh
    2.Bimstec next summit – Srilanka
    3.New Head of OSRM- Usha Thorat
    4.Rawanda Capital – Kigali

  3. 1) BIMSTEC HQ is in DHAKA
    2)next summit of BIMSTEC will be in Sri Lanka
    3) committee on offshore rupee banking is headed by USHA Thorath
    Thanks you very much

  4. repetition of past news is serving as a wonderful revision tool. Thanks for your effort. Keep it up 👍

  5. 1. BIMSTEC – Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation
    ? Formed in 1997
    ? Headquaters- Dhaka, Bangladesh
    ? Members – Bangladesh, Bhutan , India , Sri lanka , Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand.
    ? Current Chairman- Sri Lanka Since ( Sep 2018 )
    ? Next summit(5th) will be in Sri Lanka.

    2. The Reserve Bank of India has constituted a task force on offshore rupee
    ? It is Chaired by Former Deputy Governor of RBI – Smt. Usha Thorat
    ? Other members of the committee are
    Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist of the Aditya Birla Group,
    Sajjid Chinoy, Chief Economist of JPMorgan India,
    Surendra Rosha, CEO of HSBC India .

    3. Capital of Rwanda – Kigali
    ? Officially the Republic of Rwanda is an African country
    ? President
    – Paul Kagame
    ? Currency – Rwandan franc

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