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good morning ladies and gentlemen today's 24th of June and in this video we are going to cover the current affairs one important thing the infographics used in our current of a series are uploaded on a Twitter account you can check the link from description or from the pinned comment you can also download our G key today app from Playstore now let's start didi india channel will be made available to which of the following neighboring countries right answer is Bangladesh so in order to strengthen the ties between India and neighbours Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has signed agreement with Bangladesh and South Korea to make didi india available to the viewers in these two countries which of the following states have recently got GA tag for nama kolhapuri Chappell tight answer is Maharashtra and cannot car so recently Karnataka and Maharashtra have jointly got the GI tag for nama kolhapuri chaplain these are leather chapels if we talk about Gi Gi stands for geographical indication recently few other products were also given GI tag the geographical indications resistor II recently granted GI tech to Cork Arabica coffee wine odd robusta coffee chicka Mangalore Arabica coffee Morocco le Arabica coffee Bob abuddin Giri Arabica coffee apart from that recently can mal healthy of Orissa goat GA tag on the other hand recently erode turmeric from Tamil Nadu got GI tag and Mary or jaggery from kala also bought GA tank apart from that recently Shahi lychee from Bihar got geographical indication tag Bihar was also in news as recently Salah Hodja from Bihar goat GI tech who is the author of book yoga and died for weight loss right answer is visually Laxmi Jota so the book yoga and died for weight loss has been authored by yoga therapist bazooey Laxmi Jota if we talk about few other books which were in use recently doctor why viridi and doctor gr be are the authors of Indian fiscal federalism mr. P Chidambaram is the author of undaunted saving the idea of India we are displaced he's authored by Miss Malala use of je mile dr. Manmohan Singh is the author of changing India and Miss Mamta Banerjee is the author of India in distress apart from that mr. Navin Chawla is the author of every vote counts the story of India's elections mr. Shashi Tharoor is the author of the paradoxical Prime Minister while mr. Jatin Barth is the author of the girl in room one zero five and mr. brummell's Allen is the author of India I hade 2025 and beyond apart from that mr. Aziz ray is the author of Cricket World Cup the Indian challenge India's first solar-powered cruise boat to be rolled out in which of the following states right answer is kala so India's first solar-powered cruise boat will be rolled out in Kerala in December 2019 now answer in comment box what is the name of India's first domestic cruise this cruise started operations between Mumbai and Goa now if we talk about kala recently kala was in use because of Caffe scientific initiative this is a unique initiative and the objective of this initiative is to promote science among public apart from that recently kala became the first sub sovereign entity in country to assess international market by listing masala bonds through its off-budget mechanism apart from that kala was also a news because of Nipah virus as recently kala Health Minister confirmed a positive case of Nipah virus fruitbat are the natural hosts of this virus apart from that recently kala State Police became the first police force in India to induct humanoid robots and the name of robot is KP boat which operation has been launched by Indian Navy in Persian Gulf for Indian vessels security right answer is Operation Sankalp so Indian Navy has recently launched Operation Sankalp in Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman to reassure Indian vessels transiting through the area if we talk about Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Strait of Hormuz is the connection between these two now recently Indian Navy launched this operation sunk all to ensure the safety of Indian vessels the IFC that is information fusion center of Indian Ocean region is keeping a close watch on the moment of ships in Gulf region now if we talk about few other operations which were in use recently recently the armies of India and Myanmar coordinated operation sunrise – and this operation targeted several militant groups operating in Manipur Nagaland and Assam the first phase of operation sunrise targeted the insurgent groups who were planning to hit Indian workers at Culloden transit project apart from that there was one more operation which was in use recently Ministry of Human Resource Development announced operation digital board and the objective of this operation was to digitize the Indian education system apart from that operation visa was also in use as on this 26th of July India will celebrate 20th anniversary of the Train Kargil war and 26th July is also known as Kargil Vijay Diwas it is known as Kargil Vijay Diwas as the name of operation was operation vision the scientists of which CSIR Institute has developed a cancer cell detection doats from coal right answer is any iest so the team of scientists from CSIR NEA est Assam has developed the chemical process that turns dirty coal into biomedical do't to help detect cancer cells if you talk about CSIR it is Council of scientific and industrial research it was established in 1942 presently no presh acre monday is the director general of CSIR the president of CSIR is prime minister if we talk about cancer recently Economist Intelligence Unit released index of cancer preparedness as per this index India's ranking is 19th Australia is on the top of this index that is stays on top in terms of cancer preparedness if we talk about Australia recently mr. Scott Morrison but reelected as the Prime Minister of Australia Australia was also in news as recently Adani Group has got final approval for Carmichael coal mine project in Australia and this will be the largest coal mine in Australia apart from that Australia was also a news as recently South American Football Confederation has invited Australia and Qatar as the guest at 2020 Copa America event Copa America is a football tournament and it will be in South America it will be co-hosted by Colombia and Argentina now answering comment box how many countries of South America are LAN local country which other following logistic companies has announced the national freight index right answer is raviga so recently national freight index has been launched by raviga national freight index is a barometer of road freight market in India if we talk about few other indexes which were in use recently recently Global Peace Index was released by Institute for economics and peace and as for this index India's ranking is 141 apart from that recently first our SDC general index was released and as for this index India's ranking is 95th the index is released by equal Maysles 2013 apart from that Reporters Without Borders released World Press Freedom Index and the ranking of India is 140 on the other hand recently kids rights index was released and India's ranking is one one seven now answer in comment box what is India's ranking as for Human Development Index the first-ever Bangladesh in treasure theatre festival has started in which of the following cities right answer is haka so the first ever international theatre festival of Bangladesh was inaugurated in Dhaka if we talk about melodies recently Bangladesh was in use as for the first time iron ore mine has been discovered in Dena's port district of Maharaja Mangla this was also news as recently India and Bangladesh have decided to produce a film on the life of Bangabandhu mr. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman mr. Rehman is the founding father of Bangladesh apart from that Bangladesh was also a news as recently Mahad is based terror outfit the Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh has been banned by Government of India it has been declared an unlawful Association as for unlawful activities Prevention Act Bangladesh was also in use because of any prison of any bridges also known as Madras a – and it will connect Tripura with check out port of Bangladesh this bridge is over Feenie River the book my life my mission is the autobiography of which of the following Indian personalities right answer is Baba Ramdev so the book my life my mission his autobiography of Baba Ramdev apart from this it was one more autobiography which was in news recently autobiography of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi was in news the name of his autobiography was game changer if we talk about mr. Shahid Afridi he is former captain of Pakistan's cricket team if we talk about Pakistan recently left in and general fast Amin has been appointed as new director general of ASI asi is the Intelligence Agency of Pakistan Pakistan was also a news as recently Pakistan's miss animal became the most successful women's Oda spinner in world apart from that recently mr. Moy no luck has been appointed as new Pakistan High Commissioner to India Pakistan was also a news as recently Iran and Pakistan have decided to set up joint border reaction force apart from that Pakistan watching news as recently miss krishna kumari Kohli became the first fairy Hindu women to be elected to the Senate of Pakistan now answer in comment box who is the president of Pakistan on which date the 2019 edition of world sickle-cell day is observed tight answer is 19th of June so the world sickle-cell day is observed every year on 19th of June to raise public awareness about sickle cell disease if we talk about normal RBC that means red blood cell they are round in shape but sickle RBC are like sickles or crescent moons if we talk about sickle cell anemia it is an inherited form of anemia now anemia means a condition in which there are not enough healthy RBC to carry adequate oxygen supply normally our PCs are flexible and round so they move easily throughout the blood vessels but in case of sickle cell anemia the RBC's are of irregular shape and that's why they can stuck in small blood vessels and because of this they can block the flow of blood as well as the flow of oxygen so these were the most important current affairs of the day

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  2. 1.India's 1st domestic cruise between Mumbai and Goa….angria
    Cruise means luxury boat journey
    2.there are 48 landlocked countries in the world…..in south America there are 2 landlocked countries… Bolivia and Paraguay
    3.pakistan president…Arif alvi
    4.human development index …India HDI value 1990 to 2017 increased from 0.427to 0.640 i.e.,50% increased
    2018 India's rank …..130
    1st Norway…..this index was released by undp….

  3. Current MHRD minister is Ramesh Pokhriyal. But you have shown Prakash Javadekar in image. He is Environment minister.

  4. ➖ First domestic cruise b/w Mumbai and Goa – Angriya….
    ➖ The two landlocked countries in south America – Bolivia and Paraguay…
    ➖India's rank in HDI – 130
    Released by UNDP
    1. Norway
    2. Switzerland
    3. Australia
    ➖Pakistan's president – Arif Alvi(13th)..

  5. 1…India's 1st domestic cruises BTW Mumbai -Goa…Angria cruise
    2..South America landlocked countries… Paraguay & Bolivia
    3..human development index.. India 130th place
    4..president of Pakistan… Arif alvi

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