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DAILY NEWS WEEKLY: Philadelphia fat cat; and a ‘Billy Graham rule’ lawsuit

DAILY NEWS WEEKLY: Philadelphia fat cat; and a ‘Billy Graham rule’ lawsuit

(playful music) Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of “Daily News Weekly”, where we highlight the
stories from the past week, that you might’ve missed. I’m your host Michael Sheridan. A drug mishap in Spain
has parents howling mad, after their little babies
develop werewolf syndrome. – [Narrator] He changed into Fang Face. (howling) Officials in Spain say
at least 17 children were affected when
medicine they were given to treat a stomach condition
was found to contain a drug used to treat alopecia,
according to the BBC News. Alopecia is a condition where a person experiences sudden hair loss. An investigation by Spain’s health agency revealed the hairy gaff occurred in a pharmaceutical company, where a stomach medicine was processed. According to the investigation, the mixup happened when
the hair drug was mixed in with the stomach medication, because the hair drug
wasn’t labeled properly. Because of this mistake, children were growing hair on their face, but also some of the babies actually developed hair
all over their bodies. But don’t worry, doctors
say that once the children are off the medication,
the hair will go away. (papers rustling) Now, this is a house cat. And by that, I mean the
cat’s as big as a house. A Philadelphia animal refuge is looking to find this cat a home. The honkin’ cat is named
BJ, and is two years old, and weighs 26 pounds. That’s right, 26 pounds. Now, and this should surprise no one, the photo on the story
about this cat went viral. And why shouldn’t of? I mean, look at that
frickin’ cat, it’s huge. I mean it’s almost as big
as the person holding it. BJ is a shorthair mix, house trained, and has all his vaccinations. Now I just also wanna say that people running this animal refuge seem like really decent people, doing something really kind,
helping to take in animals, and take care of them. So we’re gonna call them
the heroes of the week. (trumpet blasting) Keep up the good work. (papers rustling) (playful music) ♪ Comments, reading the comments ♪ Last week we talked about underwear and the fact that people
don’t change their underwear as often as you might hope that they do. Carpo719 on YouTube wrote, “Not everybody has a nasty crotch. “Two days isn’t so bad, as
long as you’re not partying. “I’m sorry to hear that your underwear,” I presume he’s referring to
me, “is a containment vessel. “Most of us wear it to
keep our package protected. “So far I have no poop
dripping down my leg.” Well that’s really great, and I’m sure your poop doesn’t stink, your farts don’t smell, and
when you burp, it’s rainbows. No, everybody has fecal matter
coming out of their bodies, all right, it happens, just
because you don’t see it, or don’t realize it’s there,
doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And it’s a small percentage
perhaps, but it’s there. So get over yourself. Elaine Wannenwetsch, Wanna
Wanna Wetch, Wanna, sorry, I’m butchering this name, on Facebook was also disgusted, “Sick not to shower “and to change underwear daily. “And these people probably
don’t brush their teeth often.” And Peter Farrell on Facebook wrote, “Personally, I change my
underwear at least twice a day.” That’s good, maybe a
little extreme, but good. And Purdy 5000 on YouTube wrote, “I don’t wear underwear sometimes, “I feel comfortable like this.” Yeah, free as a bird. Our last comment was just a mark about the episode in general. Scott Barman on Facebook
wrote, “Last week you started “with two stories about penises. “This week you start with
a story about underwear. “Are you trying to tell us something?” Yes, yes I am, that I have the sense of humor of a six year old. (playful music) Now the selection process in
the small town in Michigan seemed like a very mundane process, where even the mayor’s running unopposed. This was all until one
candidate made a statement that shocked everyone. During a city council forum that was being hosted by a moderator, and featured all the candidates, the moderator asked a very simple question about diversity in the community. And if perhaps, elected
officials should do more in order to attract
perhaps foreign born people to move there in order to increase the diversity in the community. It was really just a question
about should that be, it wasn’t even saying
that it was an issue, or wasn’t an issue, it
was just a question of is this something that
maybe we should look into to find a way to improve
diversity in the town. Now that’s when first time
candidate Jean Cramer spoke up, and according to the
“Port Huron Times Herald” offered her view about diversity,
in the town of Marysville, “Keep Marysville a white
community, as much as possible.” And no one actually pushed
her to answer this question, but that’s what she said, and
the audio of her statement is available on the local
newspaper’s website. So you can go there, the link is below. You can check it out and hear
her comments for yourself. She also apparently went on to say that there should never be
any interracial marriage, and people shouldn’t have
interracial children. So yeah. Now it shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Jean Cramer did, at
least a few days later, come out and say she was no
longer running for office. (papers rustling) It’s known as the Billy Graham rule. Not familiar with it? That’s okay, ’cause truthfully,
I’d never heard of it until awhile ago. But apparently it’s a rule that dictates that you shouldn’t spend
extended periods of time with any woman by yourselves
that isn’t your wife. Some have also started calling
it the Mike Pence rule. Now, a former police
officer in North Carolina is claiming he was fired because of it. And he’s suing. According to the lawsuit,
51 year old Manuel Torres, who was a deputy for the
Lee County Sheriff’s office for five years, back in 2017, was ordered to train a female deputy. He asked not to have to train her, based on religious
accommodation, saying his, and I’m quoting the lawsuit now, “Strong and sincere religious belief “that the holy Bible prohibits
him, as a married man, “from being alone for extended periods “with a female who is not his wife.” Torres, whose a Baptist and a deacon, according to NBC News, went on to say that training the female deputy
would create an appearance of sinful conduct on his part. Now he claims that his
superiors were upset or angry about his request, and two
months later, he was fired. He also claims that those former bosses sent out negative referrals
when he tried to get jobs at other departments. The Billy Graham rule
was developed apparently, from what I can understand, as a guideline that he had developed, in the
early days of his ministry, that him and his team would
be away from their wives for long periods of time, so
they developed these rules, there were four rules in total. Kind of to say, like look, we’re gonna be away from our
wives for long periods of time. His idea was if you’re gonna do that, you have a tendency to
stray, and it has happened, so he developed the rule,
that you can’t spend time with any woman that isn’t your wife. But it isn’t specifically,
as I understand it, strictly taken from the Bible. It’s not a rule in the Bible to say that. It’s a rule that Billy Graham
had, as part of his ministry. Does that really allow for accommodation? Can you claim that it’s
against your religious beliefs to spend time with another,
a woman who’s not your wife. I don’t know, what do you think? I think it’s an interesting
debate question. (paper crinkling)
(playful music) All right, that is it, we
are done with the episode, thank you for watching,
and if you enjoyed it, please hit that like button down below. And if you didn’t, please
disregard the buttons down below. And just move on with your life. I mean seriously, you don’t
have to hit the dislike button. You can just watch something
else, how ’bout that? I think that sounds like a good idea. I mean if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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  1. I love that 🐱!!! Look at his face. He looks so sweet. Those people are heroes for taking care of the animals. Now about that racist bitch…. Why do they say interracial? We are all the same race. The human race. And I think it's sad that you can't keep in your pants. That you don't trust yourself enough the be around half of the population on earth. Shouldn't they just pray and ask for strength? Sad and pitiful Bible beaters. I'll never understand.

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