Daisy Ridley and Lilly Create New Baby Yoda Memes

-Another hot topic is — I don’t
know if you’re familiar with Baby Yoda. [ Cheers and applause ]
Sweeping the nation right now. It truly feels like every day,
there’s a new Baby Yoda meme that’s just taking over
the Internet. So I figured that we would
create some new memes to add to the pool of
memes already. Are you down?
-Down. -Do you want to try this?
Okay. Let’s see our first
Baby Yoda picture. Aww! He’s so cute!
Okay, I’ll go first. I’ll go first, okay? Meme —
“When that good jazz hits.” Yep. -“The moment you smoke Snoop’s
weed for the first time.” -Yep. Yep, that’s the one.
That’s the winner. Let’s make that a meme.
-That’s the one. -Let’s make that a meme.
-That is the one. -Alright, what’s next?
What’s next? Show us another one. Oh, yeah.
-Oh. Okay, you go
first this time, Daisy. -“When you’re a vegan at
Thanksgiving.” True. -True. “When you’re trying to
roll into work like you’re not hung over.” That’s the one.
I think that’s the one. -That’s the one.
-That’s the one. Make it a meme! That’s the one. Alright, what’s next?
Show us another one. Aww!
-Aww! -Alright, you go first.
You go first. -Okay. “Hello, darkness,
my old friend.” -“When you order the UberPool,
but you’re the only one in it.” -That’s the one.
-I think that’s the one. That’s the one. That’s the one.
Hit us with the meme. Hit us with the meme.
Thanks for playing, Daisy.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. "When you're a vegan at Thanksgiving."
    I'm sorry Lilly, but this is the winner of the second round. It's too real. Because almost every family holiday goes like this. And a lot of day-to-day life.

  2. This is what happens when you take comedy lessons on Twitter. Lilly is a walking meme that can’t think of anything creative.

  3. So these jokes are geared towards adults, but adults are supposed to be blind to the fact that the slides are pre-prepared? and therefore everything is scripted.

    Are your parents running the show or something? Like what's controlling you? What's stopping you from doing deep interviews? Talent?

  4. I think she's creating something called cringe disorder….
    Beware, if you watch it, you might cringe for a few extra minutes afterwards.

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