When it comes to Counter-Strike maps, Chris
Auty’s portfolio is most impressive. He made Inferno, Vertigo, Thunder and a number
of others which made their way into the early editions of Counter-Strike. You may be familiar
with another one of his maps, too- Aztec. This map was part of Counter-Strike all the
way through until late 2017, when it was taken out, along with Dust1.
I had some fond memories on Aztec, especially back in Counter-Strike Source where it was
quite a common choice in clan matches. You could really lock down that map with a couple
of good snipers in key positions. Evidently, the map has fallen out of favour in more recent
years, but it still has its supporters. Plus its location was awesome and gave us lots
of exotic plant props to map with! But what you may not have known about it was
that it had a sequel. He started work on it in 2003 and while it was never officially
included in the game, at some point it found its way onto the internet and is still available
for download from Chris’s own site. I got this and ported it into CS:GO, keeping
all of its original textures and stuff. It was… more difficult than I had imagined
and let’s just say it took quite a lot of time which I’m never going to get back.
And there are a few differences with it- I had to redo the lighting, and it has the newer
CS:GO Aztec’s skybox. But the gameplay should hopefully remain unchanged from how he had
envisioned it when he developed it all those years ago.
And in case you wonder why there aren’t any sounds on it, it’s how he intentionally
made it! To play the map, check it out on the workshop
in this video’s description. He even did an interview with csnation back
in 2004 about the map, going under his mapping alias, ‘Narby’. At the time he hoped it
would be officially included in CS:CZ, but said that it was ultimately up to Cliffe.
He developed this map to compliment Aztec 1, but to hopefully be a little bit more balanced-
he got help from the Sclam Clan to get the timings right and stuff. And simply with that,
it has had more balancing than many early maps did! He said that later patches to the
map were always an option should it need them. He drew some inspiration from Dust2, which
proved to him that map sequels can be just as fun as the first. He didn’t do anything
too ambitious with Aztec2’s layout. He stuck to something simple, with good variation in
height. Which there certainly is- I chose to split the radar in 2 to make the overview
more understandable. I’d describe the layout as a simple cross,
with a long straight passage of water from one end to the other, and plenty of passages
and corridors leading through and around it. On the Terrorist side, Aztec 1 always felt
like it was forcing me around to the left. But in this one, both sides of the map remain
viable options- as well as charging straight ahead if you’re feeling brave enough. The
map is big. You only have to see the players running about a bombsite to know that there’s
plenty of space in this map- so snipers may still be the preferred weapon of choice.
He pointed out that too many entrances at once can make players paranoid, so he hopes
that with this layout, players will know where enemies are likely to come from- which is
better than stepping out and getting shot from an unknown angle.
I think there was meant to be more cover than there is. He was told in an interview that
the bombsites looked large and open and with little room for cover and said that the ‘final
version’ of the map would have more to hide behind. But of course, that never came. So
just in case you wonder why the bombsites are large open platforms… now you know.
And unfortunately, the version he has on his site seems a little bit older than the ones
seen in the previews. From this screenshot you can see more arches, and a decoration
on the far wall that isn’t in the map file that I used from his site. And while my map
has a stone walkway, it looks like he later swapped that for a wooden one, more in-line
with the one found in the first Aztec. So in other words, if Aztec2 isn’t a good
map, blame it on the early version. Below bombsite B is an inaccessible room where
Narby thanks the Sclam Clan, and Rizzuh. I did a quick bit of Googling and it looks like
Rizzuh worked with him on his Airstrip map, and was actually in charge of the CSNation
site for a while! I love escaping from maps, and I noticed this
barred entrance near CT spawn. It didn’t dawn on me until I had finished porting the
map across, but there’s actually no way of getting to the courtyard on the other side
of it! This whole bit of the map is just… there. As a sunny, peaceful courtyard the
CT’s can safely drop their children off at before they go into combat or something.
I love unused elements like this. To end this video, I’ll upscale some of
the textures just because I know some of you would ask me to if I didn’t. I won’t be
releasing the map upscaled, though. And before somebody says it, it’s not just sharpening
them! Look- this is what it looks like sharpened, and here it is, upscaled. Clearly the upscaling
also adds more detail and joins stuff together better. Any way, that’s it for Aztec 2.
Have fun!

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  2. Whenever I hear your song "Crossing Those Islands" Philip I instantly start bobbing my head, it's a fantastic track.

  3. aztec was my fauvorite map it being removed from the game made me sad. finding out it has a sequel makes me go YEAH

  4. I always loved Aztec, but got alwats teammates, who didn't speak english. cough russians cough
    Maybe I'll give it a try. 🙃

  5. I have a feeling that I've played this map back in 2004-05 or so on some public server. I think it was a popular Swedish server that had lots of community made maps like dust3 and others. Used to be so much fun!

  6. Man I still need that achievement for 100 round wins on Aztec. Got 95 rounds wins feels bad so close and no legit sever to play on.

  7. I still don't understand why they chose to remake Vertigo for CS:GO instead of Aztec. In my memory, Aztec was far more popular than Vertigo in CS 1.6, so why not remake that one?

  8. So weird seeing this map all of a sudden. I recognized it immediately didn’t even have to know the name because i played this map in pre season cal season 8 or something sometime in 2004. My favorite map from back then that I wish would be transferred or remade in csgo is de_russka anyone who played competitive cs back then would have played it and realized how awesome it is.

  9. I think I probably clocked more hours in aztec in cs1.6 than any other map, I love this map, I feel like the dust2 hype came into the game only later, when people tried to make it more streamlined

  10. My friends and I used to play competitive in Italy and Assault and it was insanely fun since we had (and have) deep knowledge of the spots and tactics, but it was, like Aztec, suddenly removed on the ground that it wasn't viable for pro level competitive. It really took a toll in my fun since I always enjoyed hostage maps and aztec since 1.6. I just wish they wouldn't remove "lesser" maps at all, leave them for casual only, for God's sake.

  11. I can see why the Aztec isn't in the competitive pool, but its probably the most fun map to play with gun games, casual etc !!

  12. I remember that I had an Irc war against mouz. It was a 2vs2 and for sure we lost but we had a great time there. One of the enemys was Kapio. But Im still proud of it :))

  13. Just when I thought it would be an AI-less Video… not complaining though, these textures look amazing upscaled.

  14. Great job porting it! I will try this for sure! Thank you!

    I would love to see this upscalled and polished with details. Hope someone will try 🙂

  15. The bots' advanced machine learning algorithms have determined that they have a greater chance of winning if they just ignore your attempts at killing them

  16. I really love how u mix ur humours in every post u make, and ur voice is damn kewl… im looking forward for your mew posts and this map as well. Pls sign my smurf acc thank you :))))

  17. Aztec was one of the map I played a lot in CS because it looks amazing because of the greenery. The recent Aztec map on CSGO was even much better

  18. Loved playing this map on early CS: Source, those gaming memories feel like they're the golden days, the images shimmer all glittery in my mind like it all took place in some magical fantasy land where everything is simpler but better. Maybe complexity sucks or I'm just getting old enough to be overly nostalgic but the world of 2020 feels like it's sacrificed charm for complexity. Sure everything is better… but is it though?

  19. Those upscaled textures look great, I wish Valve would do the same treatment to some old maps in order to get them back in csgo…

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