Decision Review Officer Appeal in VA Claims

hey veterans my name is Travis stuttered a veteran's disability attorney with Perkins Law Firm today I want to talk to you about the decision review officer also known as a Dro and what they may do in your veterans disability claim if you're filling out your notice of disagreement you may see a box on there asking if you want a decision review officer to review your claim or if you don't mark that box as a yes then you may also get a form or a letter in the mail after the VA receives your notice of disagreement which is called the 60-day election letter and basically that letter is asking if you want to go the traditional appeals process or if you want to go with a decision review officer and have them review review your claim again so first off what is a decision review officer which I Caesar to say a dro what is that person basically that's a more senior level person in the regional office who is over higher up than the the raters who initially reviewed your claim and issued a decision so these people have a little bit more experience theoretically are going to have a better chance of getting your claim decided correctly and so if you decide to go with a dro they will again take a fresh look at it and see if your claim should be granted whereas it was originally denied typically I in representing my clients go with the Dro process I feel like it gives us another shot in the in the regional office some people or have had it at that point just want somebody higher up to to review it outside the regional office either way is is fine it's just a matter of personal preference sometimes if it's a you know more of a legal type issue then it may be it is a little bit better to get a veteran's law judge at the BVA to review the claim but sometimes it can be maybe a little bit faster if you use the Dro may depend on which regional office you're dealing with but typically if you if you go that way you can also submit more evidence in support of your claim and have that person review it you can also have a sit-down meeting or hearing with that DRO and explain your situation and provide any other testimony any other evidence that you may need to give them to grant your claim if you if you don't respond to that letter or if you don't mark that box on your notice of disagreement either one then you will automatically be funneled into the traditional appeals process which will mean eventually the regional office will get around to issuing a statement of case and then you're on your way to the board of veterans appeals once you file your form 9 again that's an overview of the process there's actually a lot more to it of course but hopefully you found that helpful if you have questions about that and want to know how to handle it in your particular situation you can give us a call checks out on our website find out more information there get a free consultation with us so I hope you found this helpful give it a thumbs up on youtube if you did and check out our other videos thank you very much

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  1. I waited 6rs and my decision that was  granted (2018) , but they only went back 1 month retroactive  pay and now I don't have no idea on what to do since I did summited both hospitalizations records from back in 1990- may  and nov 1990 .– they said because I didn't  had a written statement  claiming (PTSD) (1991) AFTER COMING BACK FROM DERSERT STORM….   while treated at the SAN JUAN VA, Hospital. My Claiml was sent to Washington (ON 2016) for further review and now the VA regional office here in Puerto Rico paid me only half of one month and retroactive .

  2. I'm still waiting on a dro myself my original rating was 40% the November 14 I had evaluation done 4 increase of compensation for service-connected disability I didn't hear anything about this until about January of 2016 then I receive a retro back pay. The 90 days later they reduce me to 30% what the hell and now for the last 2 years I have been shorted the 20% saying they wanted more evidence . Or the evidence I had wasn't warranted, or I wasn't hurting enough or it's hereditary nothing in my medical files for service-connected has anything that says hereditary everything was combat-related down range in Iraq I still have medical paperwork while I was in the army. And now I'm still going through the VA listen to their BS excuses why they don't have to do anything, and say the x-rays are normal but I don't feel normal and can't do normal things that I used to be able to do before prior of going to service and getting worse and think you can see pinched nerves on an X-ray. So riddle me this how am I going to be 40% rating during the last month before I got out of the military, go before a composition reading increase exam and hearing be awarded it a 10% increase taking me to 50% then 90 days later they recant their decision saying the evidence was not warranted or there was a hereditary conditions or I have to establish more evidence to support my claim which I've been doing that for the last 10 years. Like I said 90 days later recant take the 10% that was awarded then take additional 10% from original 40 leaving me 30% as my new rating I call BS I want to be reinstated back to my 50 I know I could probably even get 70 is where I should have be honestly with the current problems I have and now they send me some kind of paperwork in call ramp some rapid response on the Appeals I have to disagreement Appeals that have been filed one is over 4 years old and one is now 2 years old taking the ramp deal I have to withdraw my Appeals I'm not doing that VA can kiss my you know what, they going to reinstate me back to my 50, and do proper medical screening to find out what why I'm having such issues with my back and shoulder more than 5 minutes or 10 minutes in the office

  3. Fellow veterans be patient I am in the same boat waiting on a DRO decision over 2 years. When I called to inquire I was told it's in the raters desk. I don't know what that means because that was August of last year. You assure yourself that dealing with appeals in the VA system is a very slow process.

  4. I filed my NOD in Feb 2014 and I have not heard anything from my case from the DRO, I have contacted the VA in an attempt for a formal meeting with the DRO, is there another way to ensure that I can meet with the DRO? Thank you.

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