Deewangi – Episode 10 || English Subtitles || 19th Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Brother Farhan, wait. Listen to me, wait. Wait. Rashid has gone
to get Nageen, wait. Its 12 am, everyone has found out
she ran away. Mama, what are you saying? You know she has not run away.
She by her will… Don’t lie Nuzhat, we have been insulted enough,
she has run away. Come on. Be quiet. What is all this Nuzhat? I will not stay here for a minute,
I am telling you. Please don’t go, Rashid is with her, he will come. He cannot get insulted further, he is a heart patient, how much more will you get us insulted? Come from here. She must be coming, the police is looking for her,
Rashid is with them. As soon as she comes,
we will marry her with simplicity. Wow, the girl who ran away herself, you are an idiot for waiting
for her to return. Even if she returns, then the boy will not accept her,
nor this society. What are you saying? My heart says he will return. Return? If she comes back with me alive, I will choke her myself, she has ruined her and you
expect her to come back. I gave her to you for this day,
is this how you brought you up? You have no right to talk about
my sister like this. You didn’t ask about her for 10 years, and now you remember her? Listen to this, she is cursing her,
holding us responsible. Hey madam, we didn’t drag you out, you took her yourself. Got it? You people have left me nothing. It would be great had I not come here. We did good by disowning them, the girls are like that, they have taken up after their mother. Don’t you dare say a word
about my mother. Okay, what will you do? What can you do? I will cut your tongue. Do you hear that? She is talking about cutting my tongue
and you are standing there listening. Get out or I will drag you out. What are you saying?
Are you in your senses? She is your mother. Get out! Get out this very moment! We are going, we are not interested
in talking to a woman like you. Oh my fate! Hey, in this age,
I had to get insulted like this. Hey, the whole locality insulted us, who all will you stop?
Who all will you justify this action? Your sister paid us for our favors like this. Oh God. Where will we go? Where am I? Why did you bring me here? Open the door. For God’s sake,
open the door, set me free. Is anyone there? Can someone hear my voice? Free me. Sultan. I am scared. For God’s sake, save me Sultan. Open up. Please. Rashid. Where is Nageen? Where is Nageen? You went to get her, where is she? Where do I get her from? She ran away with someone. We saw the CCTV footage, she sat in the car smiling, your sister ran away. How can she run away? How can she run away like this?
She was getting married by her will. Did you not hear him? She ran away with someone. She should have been happy that she got married at
such a good place. But girls today don’t care of respect. That is not possible. Its not possible. I don’t know why she would do it?
I looked for her everywhere, but even the police agree that she ran away by her will. She cannot do that, she liked Sultan, she was getting married
by her will, how can she run away. How can she run away? My mind is going to explode.
How can she do that? Did you talk to Sultan? Huh? Did you talk to Sultan?
What did he say? Yeah, he was heart broken, he begged me and said that the media
shouldn’t know that Nageen is lost, don’t keep any relation with him,
now Nageen is not there, what relation will we have with them? He cares a lot about
his family’s respect. To hell with him and his family. Right now, I care for my sister. Please find her, find my sister. Where do I look for her?
She ran away. You are driving me mad. Where is Nageen? You are still up? Answer what I asked, did you find Nageen? I told you she got kidnapped. I thought you were joking and wanted to surprise me.
Why would I joke with you? You understand that everything is over. According to the police, Nageen has not been kidnapped, I saw the CCTV footage, she sat in a car and went away. What do you mean? I don’t have an answer
for your questions, I am really tired, we will talk later. But Sultan.. What are you saying Sharmeen, I myself am really worried. Sultan has gone quiet. But Bi Jaan,
you should have asked him, must be a reason. I asked him, he said that he saw in the CCTV footage that Nageen left
herself with someone. It felt like she knew the
man sitting in the car. This is clear that girl was characterless, this is the difference between a big
family and a cheap family. I don’t understand anything. You rest Bi Jaan, I will call you again, bye. Your nephew didn’t get married. What do you mean? Tell me clearly. I think Sultan is in the habit of getting
insulted at the hand of that girl, she ran away on the day
of the wedding. What are you thinking? No, nothing. What is your problem? Why are you calling me again and again?
What is your problem? Nageen hasn’t come back yet. What can I do if she didn’t return? You can do a lot, you can find her. Why will I find her? I am not related to her. What are you saying? Where ever she went, she went by her will and
you know better. She didn’t go by her will, she has been kidnapped. If you don’t help us…
Why would I help you? Your husband saw the
CCTV footage, after that you still expect me to help you. Hear one thing clearly, I have no relation with Nageen now. My sister is not like that, she has been kidnapped.
She just loves you. No, I felt that she really loved me, but I was mistaken. A girl like Nageen cannot be trusted, I was going to give her respect, but she didn’t want it. You are crossing your limit. You people are crossing your limit, hear me out, if she comes back I will
still not accept her, tell her, not to try to contact or
come in front of me. She has killed my love, my feelings, I will never forgive her. She is dead for me. There is a good news for you, Sultan has said no to the wedding. What? I spoke to Bi Jaan just now she said
Sultan said no to marrying Nageen. Really? My plan is successful. What I wanted, what I exactly wanted happened.
I won mama. I won. Mom, your daughter won. I told you, all will be fine. No one can stop Sultan
from being yours. Oh my God mama, I am so happy. I don’t believe that all this happened so easily. Now success is just a few steps away, it will be fun when he won’t be able
to look me in the eye. Oh mom, I am really happy.
Really happy. Here you go, eat it. Why did you bring me here? My family cannot give you anything, just one thing, let me talk to my fiancé, I will give you the money you want,
just let me talk to him once. I beg you. I didn’t bring you here for money. Then? Why did you bring me here? For adventure my princess. You made a big mistake, go from here. I told you, leave. Go away, don’t come near me, I told you not to come near me.
Is anyone there? Is there anyone who can hear my voice? Go from here. Please, leave me. Please,
let me go. Pleas leave me. Hello. Did Sultan give you a cheque? Huh? I asked you, did Sultan
gave you a cheque? I told you not to call him.
We have no relation with him. First answer what I am saying. Sultan gave you a cheque of
2.5 million or not? Yes, Sultan gave me a
cheque of 2.5 million. He forced me to take it,
that cheque bounced, he cheated me, do you understand? If he did then why didn’t you
tell me or Nageen? Did I have to report to you, or do you want to take it,
or your family wanted it? Where would we get money
for the wedding? Brother Qasim, you come so early in the morning. You are still sleeping,
don’t you have to go to work? Yes, I will go,
show me the accounts. See this. The 28 days are over, I told you the total bill,
don’t complain now. This is Nageen, right? Hey, that is the same one,
brother Rashid’s sister in law. You got here after getting
your respect ruined. Shameless, they don’t care about
the respect of the locality. Nageen, what happened to you? What happened? Say something. Are you ok? are you ok? God damn it, this is the
sign of Armageddon, she doesn’t have a veil on her head. I say, drag them out of the locality.
What happened to you? Are you ok? God save us. No. Who did you go with?
Tell me. Who was it? Rashid, please. She is back after getting
us insulted in front of the world. For God’s sake be quiet,
look at her condition, she is in shock. What shock? She ran away herself. We are in shock. Tell her to leave from here,
I don’t want to see her face. Tell her to leave. For God’s sake, where will she go?
Who does she have? She can go back to the same
person she came with. I cannot take the risk of letting
this shameless girl live here. I have children,
I have a wife, go from here. Oh wow, this queen is here, yeah? Where were you all these days? Where did you spend 2 days. You two are standing here, like nothing happened,
ask her where she went? She came here to get us insulted, the whole locality is making fun of us, why did she come back?
Go from here, get lost. For God’s sake, look at her condition, she didn’t go by her will,
she got kidnapped. Wow, great excuse, run off with your will and then come back
and create a scene that you are innocent. Rashid, I told you this girl is not right, tighten her screws or she will do something. See, she did it. Feed her something so that
she comes to her senses, then ask her where she was?
Where was she? Who did she run away with? I am thinking of dropping her
at her father’s home, I cannot carry this burden anymore but who did you go with? Who was it that you went in the car?
Whose hand you held. Rashid, leave him.
She needs to answer. Nageen. Nageen. Nageen. Mama, she fainted. What happened Nageen? Get up my sister. Did you people see, you didn’t listen, you didn’t understand. Nageen, get up, get up. Her condition is better, but she is in mental pressure
cause of shock, I will prescribe sedatives,
give them regularly. But doctor, she is not speaking,
when will she speak? Look, she got out of such a big shock,
it will take time to get out of it, I am prescribing sedatives,
give them to her, if she sleeps she will be better. Thank you. Bye. Thank you. Let her come to her senses, I will find out, she got her insulted in the locality. God knows what she went through, listen Rashid, I will not have her in my home, I have tolerated enough,
I cannot tolerate it anymore. I didn’t know she will be a
problem for me. Mama, wait for a few days, when she gets fine I will drop her myself. Fine, keep her for a few days, but remember, you have a daughter, she will also learn from her,
I would say drag her out immediately. Fine. Did the police come? Yes, they came, but I finished the
investigation by bribing them and also took back the FIR. The police won’t investigate and the media won’t find out. Why did you do that? What else could I do? The respect won’t come
back making it news. What are you looking at? Hey the mother of my children, why do you want my respect
to be made fun of. Do you have any idea, in the condition she came in, people saw
her getting off a jeep, who all will you shut up? My sister came home ruined and you worry about your
respect and neighborhood. You told the police not to investigate,
how will we know who the criminal is. Wow, the person who doesn’t know
will also find out, the rich man is out of reach now, find someone who matches you
and get her married. God knows if her respect is safe or not. Mama, be quiet. You don’t stop the police from investigating,
I want to punish those responsible. Wow, this is a drama. The police will come,
the media will come for the news tomorrow. When your sister’s name
will come on media, you know how much we will get insulted,
you have any idea? What do you want? We do nothing? What my sister went through, we should forget it and
forgive those tyrants? The ones who took her away
on her wedding night. God knows they took her
or she went herself. mama, for God’s sake,
what are you saying? Why do you forget you are
a mother of two daughters. Don’t you dare. I will cut your tongue, don’t you take the name of my daughters, your sister and my daughters
cannot be compared. My daughters are not open minded
and loud mouth like your sister, that is why they are at peace at their home. She is right. You two tell me, what is my sister’s fault? She went through so much,
she got kidnapped on the wedding night. What should we do? She is in shock now, when she comes out of it,
I will take her to the police station. The police station is not your
father’s home and don’t you dare, don’t you or your sister dare step
out of this home. Your sister was not so naïve
that she got kidnapped. You want your sister’s posters
to be pasted on the walls, then go for it. Mama, you have any objection?
No, right? Go to the police station. Yes, go to the police station, find out, you will know where she was for 2 nights
and your father, call him, tell him that your sister has
made him proud. Sultan, I…. Who are you? What are you looking for? What news are you searching for. The girl is back,
I am sure there is some news. I told you that girl went by her will,
then why will the news be in the paper. Its possible, she came back,
gave an interview where she was. When she didn’t get kidnapped,
why will there be news of her in the papers? Put on the TV. Change the channel. Change the channel. Switch on the other one, change the channel. There is nothing papa, after all, Sultan has no
interest in that girl. Chill. This is what you say that two
birds killed with one stone. Have breakfast Nageen. Nageen, till when will you stay quiet like this? Your silence will kill me. Nageen. Did they do something wrong with you? Tell me, I am asking you something.
Speak up. Why did this happen with me? On my wedding night. What? This means… So much disrespect, so much insult. Why is it in my fate? Nageen, answer me, what did they do? How will I face people. What will I tell them? How will I make them believe
I am innocent and Sultan, will he believe me? This means, they…raped… Please don’t do anything,
please leave me. Please. Hey! What are you doing?
Are you mad? They had told you not to touch her. Forgive me, I made a mistake.
Get lost! They didn’t rape me, they didn’t even touch me. Nothing at all. I don’t know why they kidnapped me
on the wedding night, where they took me, what was the motive behind it, I don’t know anything. I don’t know the reason behind me being kidnapped.

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