Democratic Candidate Profiles: Who's in the Debates?

today and tomorrow 20 Democratic presidential candidates will take to the stage to debate their policy positions on national television you've probably heard of the frontrunner Biden Booker Harris Warren and Sanders but there are 15 more who will be on stage you might not know a whole lot about today we're going to be going through the candidates and give you a brief overview of who they are and their stances on foreign and domestic policies the economy and other issues as the field narrows down we'll be taking deeper looks into their backgrounds fundings and more specific topics the candidates on the debate stage tonight are Cory Booker Bill DeBlasio Julian Castro John Delaney Tulsi Gabbard jay Inslee Amy Klobuchar Beto O'Rourke Tim Ryan and Elizabeth Warren tomorrow night's debate will be between Joe Biden Michael Bennett Buddha judge Kirsten Gillibrand Kamala Harris John Hickenlooper Bernie Sanders Eric's wawel Marianne Williamson and Andrew yang Cory Booker grew up in Harrington New Jersey and has been the New Jersey senator since 2013 before that he was the mayor of Newark for seven years Booker describes himself as community driven and cites his experience as an on-the-ground advocate for disenfranchised communities on its website there's no section dedicated to his policy positions but focuses on information about who he is and his personal history of community organizing and grassroots movements Booker wants to increase the minimum wage combat mass wealth inequality and increased jobs through the federal jobs guarantee Development Act he believes in Medicare for all the degree' New Deal and wants to give students a high-quality education and free public schools he is also Pro legalization of marijuana and in an interview last year with ABC on the subject of big tech regulation Booker stated I don't think that a president should be running around pointing at companies and say break them up without any kind of process here Bill DeBlasio grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts and has been the mayor of New York City for five years and a New York public advocate for three years de Blasio's website does not outline any political stances but cites a variety of policies he enacted in New York City including a $15 an hour minimum wage fully paid sick leave and guaranteed health care including mental health the video entitled working people first outlined his stance lambasting the current president for pulling out of the Paris climate agreement as well as the current handling of immigration on the border Julian Castro is from San Antone Texas he was the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for three years and the youngest member of President Obama's cabinet Castro cites experience as a secretary of hood and ties that into his policy people first housing which enables individuals to afford rent and purchase homes with hopes to help and homelessness in America with added benefits for veterans Castro's website states I want to ensure America's future is one where every single person gets the chance they deserve to thrive John Delaney is from Woodbridge New Jersey and is a former state representative for Maryland's sixth congressional district serving from 2013 to 2019 Delaney's website cites his experience as a successful entrepreneur congressman as well as his blue-collar roots from a strong Union family Delaney believes that finding common ground with political opponents is crucial for the strength of democracy and states who would like to hold nationally aired debates in Congress every quarter similar to British Parliament Tulsi Gabbard is a representative of Hawaii's second District and is still an active service member in the National Guard gabbard's main platform is ending regime-change war and battling against it military industrial complex she has voted to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and introduced a bill with the goal of reaching 100% clean energy by 2035 and she also backed Bernie Sanders proposal to cut or eliminate higher education costs jay Inslee grew up in Seattle Washington and as the current governor of Washington State he is for the green New Deal and his campaign is focused on reversing climate change lowering carbon emissions and using 100% clean energy he wants to increase the minimum wage and practice free trade he is also for universal health care LGBTQ rights and welcoming refugees Amy Klobuchar was the first woman to be elected senator in Minnesota in 2006 when Republicans swept elections across the country she won re-election with 65% of the vote her main platform is being a Democratic moderate who works hard to get the job done Klobuchar has signed 27 bills in Congress from 2017 to today she has voted in line with president Trump's legislation approximately 31 percent of the time well she hasn't signed the Medicare for all proposal she supports universal health care she believes in college affordability but suggests that student loan finding saying is the better option over free education she states her first 100 days in office would include rejoining international climate agreements as well as putting forth sweeping legislation to create green jobs better O'Rourke was born and raised in El Paso Texas he's worked on the El Paso City Board for six years and spent another six years in the House of Representatives his campaign wants to increase capital and demand for America's small businesses he is Pro immigration for voting rights and for LGBTQ rights he also wants proper care for veterans and created a 5 trillion dollar plan to have u.s. emissions be zero by 2050 he wants to keep his foreign policy focused on the Western Hemisphere and address the problems going on in Central America and its effects on the border he is also cited for being for big tech regulation but against break up Tim Ryan is from Niles Ohio and a former US senator turned congressman of 16 years Ryan supports the eventual transition away from fossil fuels towards clean energy but supports that happening through a free enterprise system Ryan's platform also includes his stances showing that he is pro-choice supports LGBTQ rights as well as the legalization of marijuana ryan states that we should be out competing china to help bolster current trade agreements with nato he believes that big tech is not meeting their own privacy standards and that this needs to be a number-one focus to help ensure privacy in the citizens Elizabeth Warren is originally from Oklahoma City she's a Massachusetts state senator of seven years she was a member of the congressional House Oversight Committee for two years and is a former law professor at Harvard University in the University of Pennsylvania Warren's platform includes raising the federal minimum wage as well as to place a wealth tax on the wealthiest 75,000 families to partially fund child care student loan debt relief the green New Deal and Medicare for all Warren is against war but still wants to remain vigilant against the threat of terrorism the candidates taking the stage tomorrow night include Joe Biden Michael Bennett Pete Buddha judge Kirsten Gillibrand Kamala Harris John Hickenlooper Bernie Sanders Eric's wawel marianne williamson and andrew yang Joe Biden is from Wilmington Delaware his experience includes 37 years as the senator of Delaware and served as vice president to Barack Obama during his two terms in office if he gets into the White House he wants to rebuild the middle class be a part of the green New Deal and raised four American teachers his foreign-policy alliance with former President Barack Obama's and sees our country as a guarantor of global security when it comes to the breakup of big tech he believes it's something we should look really hard at Michael Bennett is a businessman lawyer and politician who served a senator of Colorado since 2009 he was also counseled to the US Deputy Attorney General and the Bill Clinton administration he wants to drive economic opportunity by increasing wages and lower the cost of living for the middle class he supports a climate change plan wants to legalize marijuana and believes in Medicare for all another high priority for the Bennet administration is to fight corruption and strengthen democracy by driving money and special interests out of politics and bring the American people back into it Bennet believes a strong and capable military is vital to our national security and wants to work with allies abroad to advance American interests Pete Budaj as a politician has served as mayor of South Bend Indiana since 2012 Budda judge worked in DC as a conference director for former Secretary of Defense William Cohen consulting firm the Cohen group Buddha judge believes that abortion is a woman's health choice and is not a political statement Buddha judge has been critical of how the electoral college works now and is a large proponent for redistricting reform Buddha judge was in favor of the 2008 auto bailout in order to save families and communities he doesn't completely support health care for all but prefers an opt-in opt-out solution Buddha judge supports daca as well as making deportation policies more lenient Kristen Gillibrand is the junior senator of New York appointed by Governor David Paterson in 2009 Gillibrand started her career as an attorney and transferred to politics in 2006 Jill burns main platform is based around family values and she adheres to most of the latest progressive policies she supports gay marriage she's pro-choice advocates for better gun control laws and as a co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders Medicare for all Act she wants to make public higher education free and D schedule marijuana and her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Gillibrand said first she would Kamala Harris is from Oakland California and acted as the district attorney for San Francisco for seven years as well as the Attorney General of California for six years she currently serves as a US Senator for California Harris is in support of fair wages affordable justice for citizens as well as holding corporations accountable for their actions her platform also includes affordable healthcare and debt-free college she values international diplomacy as well as fully supports Israel she believes in creating a cyber doctrine to help with the protection of user data election security as well as protecting citizens from hate speech on social media John Hickenlooper originally from Narberth Pennsylvania acted as the mayor of Denver Colorado for eight years as well as a governor of Colorado subsequently for eight years Hickenlooper is policy stances that government can help in economic transitioning increasing reserves in the federal budget and extending job created tax credit he is pro-choice as well as an advocate for LGBTQ rights being the former Colorado governor his platform includes a national model for marijuana legalization Hickenlooper believes that strengthening ties with allies is crucial as well as supporting NATO Bernie Sanders is originally from Brooklyn New York he's the former mayor of Burlington Vermont and was a Vermont congressman for 18 years he currently has been a senator for Vermont for 12 years during his tenure he has been chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and an advocate against income inequality Sanders platform includes a federal job guarantee empowerment of the other 99% Sanders believes in universal health care and education for all as well as expansion of Social Security and passing the green New Deal Sanders wants to impose antitrust regulations and help of breaking up big tech Eric's wall will is a state representative for California's 15th congressional district since 2013 sois well stated that the cornerstone of his campaign would be gun control his website includes a lengthy and comprehensive approach to gun reform as well as outlining how to give accessible health care as well as discovered cures for diseases this wall will also makes references to dirty money polluting the US government stating that there needs to be reform as well as a constitutional amendment redacting the Citizens United ruling marianne williamson is from Houston Texas she's an author lecturer and activist who has written 13 books including for New York Times bestsellers she is also the founder of nonprofit project angel food which delivers food to homebound individuals with life-threatening ailments Williamson backs a $15 an hour minimum wage as well as a medicare-for-all model she backs the green New Deal and considers climate change to be the greatest moral challenge of our generation Williamson calls for 100 billion dollars of reparations over the course of ten years specifically for economic and education projects Williamson continues to be the only Democratic candidate with a detailed outline for how reparations will work Andrew yang is from New York City he's an entrepreneur philanthropist and founder of venture for America a non profit for start-up companies that helps new business owners gain the skills and resources to create jobs being signature policy is a universal basic income where he states that every American over the age of 18 should receive $1,000 a month gangue believes this is a proportional response to rapid automation happening around the nation Yang's website outlines a wide range of policy stances from the legalization of marijuana to basic banking services at post offices yang cites that he wants to help build a new type of economy one that puts the people first be sure to check back for more videos on the candidates as the 2020 election ramps up as we'll be expanding our coverage and taking deeper dives into these candidates and their positions if you want to support the work we're doing you can share our videos and leave your thoughts in the comments below we'll be bringing you more content and we'll be introducing the new members of our team so be sure to follow us over at sub Bruce mines comm we have a lot of great changes coming so stay tuned and we'll see you next time

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  1. Enjoyed the debates and Tulsi being in them. but on a most upfront question to all us Americans, no matter who wins in 2020, did we, as a nation, for the people, by the people truly get out of this? seriously. just go back four decades of our history, just four, where are we any better? don't we seem more broken than ever?! how exactly should we fight fascism, authoritarianism, the so-called bad guys? we’re usually told to think about things as Americans. The terrain of this fight is a place unfamiliar to most of us Americans  because we have ceded this place for so long now. we Americans believe that we must always “do” something, but what? We often say that this is a time of anger, of rage. But the truth is that most of us are not nearly angry, ashamed, or sickened enough. Not yet. By the things that the bad guys are doing in our name, which are the things we are doing as a society. We veil and mask our true feelings all too well. In “snark”, in cynicism, in a bitter irony, in macho poses…maybe even in denial, blissful ignorance, and manufactured doubt. What we don’t do these days is allow ourselves to feel the way that we should and really do. but why? really think on that awhile. The fascists can win through fear. But democracy, civilization, and decency can only win through love. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. Or be brave enough to think about it. Really understand it. Nobody can order you to be a loving, kind, decent person. You must accomplish that for yourself. Apparently, not enough of us have, yet ,  sorry, that’s not up for debate, but you can judge for yourself how far along that path you are (and I’d say I have a long way to go myself.) That journey towards being a truly loving, decent, humane, sane person begins in a place too few of us are beginning to go. With the terrible, beautiful struggle for genuine empathy,  not with empty, idle, narcissistic sympathy. That is how we grow. Through empathy, into grace. The truth is that we have to outgrow fascism as a society. And the only way that societies grow is one person, one life, at a time. The fascists win through fear. But a democracy wins only through love. You fight fascism each and every time your capacity to love expands, matures, unfurls,  and your need to fear falls away into dust. (That was Orwell’s message, the point of 1984, incidentally.) America’s bad guys have been stunningly successful in the first part. But America’s good guys have yet to show they understand the second part. if you wonder why I write these long comments, it this. I love my country and the people, of all walks within it, that's why, and you should too as well. I've been dedicating my YT channel to teach more and to wonder, where have all the good thinkers gone to? but you know, Nothing scares a bad guy these days like a person who has wiped away their tears  and has resolved to change the world a little bit for the better, and from time to time call out the bullshit for what it is and why it's still ongoing. I'll finish with this; where do we go from here, that we haven't been full circle already? ~PEACE, NOT TO BE CONFUSED FOR WAR ON________________…~

  2. Some of these policies had me cracking up. >preventing hate speech online

    yeah really touching on the important issues with that one

  3. For a more in-depth analysis of these candidates, you can watch Mr. Reagan's breakdown. I think it's in 3 parts…

  4. I'm learning skills from theses politicians' stances: How to say meaningless things that sounds good.

    "I'm for a better X"…well everybody is, the catch is that "a better X" means something different to each person.

    "I'm for voting rights"…It is expected of democratic candidates in a democracy to be for "voting rights", can you mention something more useless?

    "I'm for LGBT rights"…also known as virtue signaling. It's absolutely meaningless, all this phrase hopes to achieve is to show ally-ship.

    If your are talking about rights only applicable for specific groups that's called privilege, other wise we are just talking about citizen rights or human rights. Pretty much everyone understand LGBT American people are humans and citizens, hence they already have all the same human rights and citizen rights every other American enjoy…

  5. 65% of these positions fall under:
    … Virtue-signaling BS.
    … I'll give you Free Stuff.
    … Removing Constitutional Rights.
    … Open Borders, Globalist agenda.
    The other 35% = OrAnGe MaN bAd.

    …and they need 2 Circus shows to show all these clowns… FFS, asinine incarnate.

  6. Meanwhile Trump’s campaign team bought the YouTube Masthead space which will be seen by more people than this whole debate

  7. Tulsi Gabbard is a US Representative
    and an Active Member of the National Guard
    What a Boss Ass Bitch

  8. Democratic Candidate Profiles: Who's in the Debates?

    Democratic Candidate Profiles: Who's in the Debates?

    Democratic Candidate Profiles: Who's in the Debates?

    Democratic Candidate Profiles: Who's in the Debates?

  9. This LGBTQ rights thing isn’t an issue only the left cares about orientation. This is 2019 you can be whatever you want. I want someone who will take care of this censorship issue. These people seem to have it at the bottom of their priority list.

  10. Basically they're all the same because there's only one acceptable set of views for democrats. If I had to vote blue, I'd go Gabbard for sure.

  11. Look, saying you'll do X is great.
    But people's actions and their words are often two different things.
    (So, compare their actions to their words)
    Can we look at their past promises and values and compare them to their actions?

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