Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Night Two: A Closer Look

The second group
of Democratic candidates squared off for day two
of their primary debate. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As this debate was going on, the
President was out of the country for the G-20 Summit,
where he’s been weighing in with his usual Twitter nonsense, but after he landed in Alaska
to meet with troops, he couldn’t help but comment
to reporters in person. -Good timing.
The debate is going on. This is great timing. -What are your expectations? -I think they’re all
going to do very poorly. -I’m sorry, but why are we even asking Trump
for his take on this? There are a million other
questions you can ask him. Don’t ask him
“man on the street” stuff. “Sir, are you excited
for the new ‘Toy Story’ movie?” Beside, what do you think
he’s going to say? “I’m very excited.
I love Elizabeth Warren. And I think Tim Ryan’s eyes
will look totally normal.” Also, you think
they’re going to do poorly? Be careful for what you
wish for, dude, because judging recent history,
doing poorly at debates is a pretty good indicator
of future success. Maybe one of the Democrats… [ Cheers and applause ] Maybe one of the Democrats
should take a cue from you and stalk the other nine
around the debate stage like an extra
from “The Walking Dead.” Now, as we mentioned yesterday, Elizabeth Warren’s
rise in the polls has caught the attention of both Democratic front-runner
Joe Biden and Trump, and that hasn’t stopped Trump from attacking the other
candidates, as well, like Biden and Bernie Sanders, as he did in an interview
last week. -Who would you prefer
as an adversary? -You know,
I’ve been asked that question. Honestly, you never know.
You never know. I could comment
on different ones, but I won’t bother too much. I think Bernie looks like
he’s had it. Bernie looks crazy,
but he always did. But he looks like
a tired crazy right now. And Joe Biden, he looks like
he’s just exhausted. -Oh, I’m sorry.
Biden looks exhausted? Whenever you have to stand
for more than five minutes, you look like
you’re going to tip over and fall flat on your face. This, though —
This is what Trump does. Trump projects onto other people things that are true
about himself. “Bernie’s crazy,
Biden’s exhausted. And don’t get me started
on John Delaney’s weird hair.” Now, the debates were sorted
into two groups of ten by random drawing because there’s
so many candidates running. In fact, in total,
there are 24 Democrats running for president.
Look at that. There are so many people
on the screen, you didn’t notice that
one of them is Mr. Bean. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] And he’s very, very good
at debates because his answers
are the shortest. [ Laughter ] So, going into
last night’s debate, it was basically just
Warren and nine other people trying to stand out,
and to be fair, a few of them had their moments. But I’m not sure
I necessarily agree with this assessment
of Beto O’Rourke’s performance from Beto O’Rourke.
-How do you think you did on the stage last night? What
grade would you give yourself? -I was really happy
with how I did. -Okay, but what grade would you
give yourself for last night? -I’d give myself an A. -No. I’d definitely give you
an A in freshman Spanish. But I think Cory Booker
would disagree. That’s the face right there
you make… That’s the face you make when you see someone
trying to cram a suitcase that doesn’t fit
into the overhead. That’s the face you make
when a guy gets on the subway with a pet snake
around his neck. “Uh, is anyone else
seeing this?” Then there was New York City
mayor Bill de Blasio, who brought a very New York vibe
to the debate by getting into confrontations
with other candidates and shouting over the moderators
during commercial breaks, but he at least found
some opportunities to stand out, and apparently MSNBC host
Chris Matthews noticed because he praised de Blasio
after the debate. -Are you really in this race?
-Yes, sir. -I thought tonight
for the first time — I’m being blunt.
-Yeah. -I felt you were in this fight
for real, not just one of the guys
at the end of the row. I believe in you tonight.
I think you got in the fight. -It makes sense Chris Matthews would like a candidate
who fights. Chris Matthews looks like a guy who fights with the toaster
in the break room. “Give me back my bagel,
ya silver bastard! Don’t make me
put a fork in you!” But, still,
the striking contrast between this first debate
and the 2016 GOP debates was just how civil it was. Of course, we all remember
the WWE-style cage match that took place four years ago
between Trump and the rest of the GOP field. -I would not have nominated
John Roberts. -You pushed him.
You pushed him. You worked with him,
and you pushed him! Why do you lie?
Why do you lie? This little guy has lied so much
about my record. -You ever heard of Trump Steaks? -You know what? You know what?
Take a look at Trump Steaks. -People are actually
watching this — -Gentlemen, gentlemen. -So far, I’m doing better.
You started off over here, Jeb. You’re moving over
further and further. Pretty soon
you’re going to be off the end. -Now compare that to
the relationship between Warren and former Housing Secretary
Julian Castro, who had a few of his own
standout moments last night. Here’s how Warren responded
to Castro’s performance today. -We’re also hearing this morning from both the Warren
and Castro camps that Warren sent Castro
a text message after last night’s debate telling him that
he did a good job. -Man, it’s amazing
how polite the first debate was compared to
the 2016 GOP debates. Can you imagine the text
Trump sent to Jeb Bush? “Nerd. Loser. Hey, loser.
Respond to me, loser. No, seriously.
I have a question, Jeb.” “What, Donald?”
“Why are you such a loser?” [ Laughter ] But the other striking thing — and it’s crazy that this
is even notable — is how truthful
the first debate was. CNN reporter Daniel Dale,
who’s well known for exhaustively cataloging and
debunking all of Trump’s lies and even wrote recently
that Donald Trump has now said more than 5,000 false things
as President, was supposed to
go on CNN last night to fact-check
the Democratic debate. But then after the debate,
he tweeted, “Well, tonight’s candidates
were so heavily factual that I will not, in fact,
be going on CNN to
fact-check them.” That’s wild.
Fact-checking is the only field where Donald Trump can actually
say he created more jobs. Can you imagine
what CNN’s gonna be like if a Democrat is president? That place is gonna be like
Margaritaville. Wolf Blitzer’s gonna do his show sitting in a hammock
drinking a wine cooler. Now, everyone had different ways
of preparing for these debates. Coming into tonight, Biden had
attracted the most attention because he’s the front-runner
in the polls, but a lot of his past policies
and Senate votes are out of step with many of today’s
Democratic primary voters, and his rivals have been
pouncing on those positions. So Biden was supposedly trying
to prepare for those attacks coming into tonight. -Senator Elizabeth Warren
and her 2020 Democratic rivals are very busy right now
because they’re prepping for the first pair
of Democratic debates which are tomorrow night
and Thursday night in Miami. And for her part,
Warren has focused on boiling down
her policy positions to try to fit
the time constraints. Former vice president Joe Biden
has been studying his own record
preparing for attacks on it. -Man, it’s not good when you have to study your own record
before a debate. That’s like when somebody
ghosts you on Tinder, and you have to go back
and read your conversation to see where you blew it. “But we had so much fun.
I don’t — Oh, I forgot — I forgot
I said that about her dog. Okay. That’s on me. ‘Cause that’s definitely
where it ended.” Now, one of the big divides
coming into tonight was between
progressive candidates in favor of policies
like Medicare For All and the more moderate
candidates, like Biden and former Colorado
governor John Hickenlooper, who has said the Democrats shouldn’t veer toward socialism. Hickenlooper was asked tonight
about that position. -Governor Hickenlooper,
let me get you in on this. You’ve warned that Democrats
will lose in 2020 if they embrace socialism,
as you put it. You were booed at the
California Democratic Convention when you said that. Only one candidate on this
stage, Senator Sanders, identifies himself
as a Democratic Socialist. What are the policies or
positions of your opponents that you think are veering
toward socialism? -Well, I think
that the bottom line is if we don’t clearly define
that we are not socialists, the Republicans are going to
come at us every way they can and call us socialists. -Hey, man.
Have you met Republicans? They’re going to call you
socialists anyway. If you go out to dinner
with them and tip more than 10%, they’ll call you a socialist. Where you been
for the last ten years? They called President Obama
a socialist despite the fact that he is
definitely not a socialist. I mean, look at him.
You can’t be a socialist when you look like
you’re gonna model in an ad for TAG Heuer watches. He looks like he’s auditioning
for a remake of “Jerry Maguire.” And Colorado senator
Michael Bennet also tried to take on Bernie with a dig at his
Medicare For All plan. -Bernie mentioned that the taxes
that we’d have to pay. Because of those taxes, Vermont rejected
Medicare For All. [ Overlapping shouting ] -It’s amazing how Bernie
can respond to something with just a face. It’s like when you take your
iPad out at the dinner table and your grandpa goes,
“Oh, no, no, no! The only pads we’ll be using
are Brillo Pads. When we wash the dishes
the old-fashioned way!” Then moderators asked a question
they also asked yesterday. Who would abolish
private health insurance? Bernie and Senator Kamala Harris
raised their hands, and then it seemed like
Biden maybe didn’t know whether he was supposed to
raise his hand or not. -Who here would abolish
their private health insurance in favorite of
a government-run plan? All right. [ Applause ] Kirsten Gillibrand. [ Laughter ] -That’s the… definition of a centrist
right there. And what’s up with him sort of
halfway raising his hand? That’s like in Phys Ed when the
teacher is divvying up the class and you want to be on a team
with your friend. He was also slow
to raise his hand later when the moderators asked whose
healthcare plans would cover undocumented immigrants,
prompting some confusion. -Raise your hand
if your government plan would provide coverage
for undocumented immigrants. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay. Vice President Biden,
I believe you said that your healthcare plan
would not cover undocumented immigrants.
Could you explain your position? -I’m sorry.
Beg your pardon? -I believe,
at the show of hands, you did not raise your hand.
Did you raise your hand? -No, I did.
-Okay, sorry, sorry. -“Did you raise your hand?” “Uh, if I had the right answer,
I did.” [ Laughter ] “What was your answer —
or, what was the question?” [ Laughter ] Then, the issue of age came up
when California Congressman Eric Swalwell
took a dig at Biden using an old quote
from Biden himself. -I was 6 years old
when a presidential candidate came to the California
Democratic Convention and said, “It’s time to pass the torch to
a new generation of Americans.” That candidate
was then-Senator Joe Biden. Joe Biden was right when he said
it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans
32 years ago. He’s still right today. If we’re gonna solve
the issues of automation, pass the torch. -Damn. You’re bringing a Biden
quote to take down Biden? Come on! If anyone’s
gonna take down Joe Biden with a Joe Biden quote,
it’s Joe Biden. [ Laughter ] Also, look at that smile. [ Laughter ] Joe Biden uses his teeth the way
Wonder Woman uses her bracelets. [ Laughter ] That zinger just bounced right
off that pearly white wall. And by the way, just in case
you were wondering, after last night’s debate,
another candidate got a chance to bust out some Spanish again,
and it was South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg. -I want to say hello
and good evening. Buenos noches
to Mayor Buttigieg. [ Conversing in Spanish ] -When he did that,
NBC took a live shot of Cory booker at home. [ Laughter ] Now, the question of healthcare
was obviously a hot topic, as were many questions,
which led to a lot of overtalking and yelling
at the beginning. -On this issue, we have to think
about how this affects… [ Overlapping speakers ] -Senator Harris —
Senator Harris, I’m so sorry. -As part of —
As part of Joe’s generation — -No, I’m all for —
-As part of Joe’s generation — Let me respond. -Good Lord. It sounds like
the audience at a cockfight. [ Laughter ] And I’m sorry — you guys think you can win a scream fight
with Bernie Sanders? You’re bringing a kazoo
to a bullhorn fight. [ Laughter ] They didn’t even turn on
Bernie’s mic because it would
blow out the speakers. [ Laughter ] But then, Harris jumped in
with a line that got raucous applause
and quieted everyone else down. -Senator Harris.
[ Overlapping arguing ] -Hey, guys.
You know what? America does not
want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we’re
gonna put food on their table. [ Cheers and applause ] -Damn!
[ Laughter ] Look at how sheepish
everyone was after she — She embarrassed them so badly, John Hickenlooper
had to go stand in the corner. [ Laughter ] Then, there were
the lesser-known candidates, like former tech executive
Andrew Yang. All right, Andrew, you haven’t
gotten a lot of coverage, you need a breakthrough.
You got to nail it. This is your big moment,”
so I’m sure you were ready. -Mr. Yang your signature policy
is to give every adult in the United States
$1,000 a month, no questions asked.
-That’s right. -I think that’s
like $3.2 trillion a year. How would you do that? -Sorry? [ Laughter ] -“Just forget it.
Forget it. Move on.
How are you not ready?” It’s like a backup
on Golden State who finally gets put in the game
and then just chucks the ball into the stands
the minute he gets it. [ Laughter ] But then, one of the biggest
moments of the debate came when Harris confronted Biden
about his record on race and recent comments
about working with segregationist senators. -We’ve also heard —
and I’m gonna now direct this at Vice President Biden. I do not believe
you are a racist. And I agree with you
when you commit yourself to the importance
of finding common ground. But I also believe —
And it’s personal, and I was actually very —
It was hurtful to hear you talk about
the reputations of two United States Senators
who built their reputations and career on the segregation
of race in this country. It cannot be an intellectual
debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously,
we have to act swiftly. As Attorney General
of California, I was very proud to put in place a requirement
that all my special agents would wear body cameras
and keep those cameras on. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Senator Harris, thank you. Vice President Biden,
you have been invoked. We are going to give you
a chance to respond. -Even his teeth
couldn’t save him from that one. And it was clear everyone
wanted a shot at Biden tonight. Bennet also went after Biden for
previous comments he’s made, suggesting he’ll be able
to work with Republicans after Trump leaves office and his record of compromising
with Republicans. -Chuck, the problem with what
the Vice President — -30 seconds.
Yeah, 30 seconds, go ahead. -Sometimes you do have
to beat them, but the deal that he talked
about with Mitch McConnell was a complete victory
for the Tea Party. That deal extended almost all
those Bush tax cuts permanently and put in place
the mindless cuts that we still
are dealing with today that are called the sequester. That was a great deal
for Mitch McConnell. It was a terrible deal
for America. -Thank you, Senator Bennet. -Man, who didn’t get a crack
at Biden during this debate? I’m surprised one of the
moderators didn’t juste go, “Hey, man, you were great in
‘Grand Torino.'” [ Laughter ] At some point,
they just started inviting random audience members
up on stage to slam him. “Uh, yeah, I just want to say
I’m more of a bus guy, and I think Amtrak sucks ass! [ Laughter ]
Team Greyhound! [ Laughter ] And Biden seemed kind of
defeated by all the attacks, ’cause at one point he just said
he was out of time. -I’m the guy that extended the
Voting Rights Act for 25 years. We got to the place
where we got 98 out of 98 votes in the United States Senate
doing it. I’ve also argued very strongly
that we, in fact, deal with the notion of denying
people access to the ballot box. I agree that everybody
wants that. Anyway, my time’s up.
I’m sorry. [ Laughter ] -Man, you know it’s bad when
you’re cutting yourself off. Also, when everyone’s saying
you might be too old to be President,
don’t say, “My time’s up.” That’s like
if Buttigieg had said, “It looks like
I’m running short.” [ Audience groans ]
And once again, of course — [ Laughter ] While he was at the G20 summit
meeting with world leaders, Trump could not help
but comment on the debate. Trump reportedly told German
Chancellor Angela Merkel he just passed a TV
and saw the debate, adding, “You know,
there’s a debate going on. I’d rather be here,
spending time with you, than watching the debate.”
No one believes that. There’s nothing Trump
would rather be doing than watching the debate
and tweeting dumb insults. He’s probably shouting them out in the middle of meetings
involuntarily. “So, anyway, we’d like
to cut tariffs on German cars. Sleepy Joe!”
[ Laughter ] ‘Course, another huge issue
in this campaign, one that deserves more time and
attention than it’s been getting is the climate crisis. A lot of the candidates
have detailed plans to deal with this crisis. And then there’s Hickenlooper,
a geologist, who found a way to mention
that he was a scientist not once but twice. -If you look at the
Green New Deal, which I admire
the sense of urgency and how important it is
to do climate change. I’m a scientist. I share the sense of urgency.
I’m a scientist. -All right, man,
if you have to say “I’m a scientist” once,
I’m on board, but if you say it twice,
I’m skeptical. Your doctor doesn’t come into
the exam room and say, “I’m a doctor.
Did you know I’m a doctor?” Just say it once and move on. If I’m at a dinner party
and someone says “I’m a scientist” two times,
I’m faking an illness and getting the hell
out of there. Then later, moderator Chuck Todd
attempted to get an answer from the candidates on the
first issue they would tackle as president while some of them
bent the rules by listing multiple issues
or giving long answers. I’m not sure Biden
even understood the rules. -The first thing I would do is make sure
that we defeat Donald Trump. Period.
-Wait the first thing you do after you beat Donald Trump
is beat Donald Trump? “When I’m president, we’ll hold a presidential election
every single day. I’ll beat Donald Trump
on Monday, I’m gonna beat him again
on Tuesday. And then, when Wednesday rolls
around — my time’s up.” [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] Then — Then, there was
Marianne Williamson, who rose up out of a lake under
a full moon to be at the debate. [ Laughter ] Williamson has been referred to
as Oprah’s spiritual advisor, and when she was asked
what nation she would repair America’s relationship with,
her answer was a little strange. -Well, one of
my first phone calls would be to call the European
leaders and say we’re back. -All right, that’s —
Even if you’re a friend, you don’t want to hear that. It’s like when
your in-laws come in town and stay at your place.
That’s the first thing they say when they walk through
the door — “We’re back! And we will be moving
some furniture around.” [ Laughter ] Williamson didn’t
get a lot of time tonight, and she’s probably not gonna
be in the race for very long, but we will always have her
closing statement from tonight, which was less of a statement
and more of a reading from a one-person show titled “When you harness love,
love will win.” -I have an idea
about Donald Trump. Donald Trump
is not going to be beaten just by insider politics talk. He’s not going to be beaten
just by somebody who has plans. He’s going to be beaten
by somebody who has an idea what this man has done. This man has reached into the
psyche of the American people and he has harnessed fear
for political purposes. So, Mr. President,
if you’re listening, I want you to hear me, please. You have harnessed fear
for political purposes, and only love can cast that out. So I, sir, I have a feeling
you know what you’re doing. I’m going to harness love
for political purposes. I will meet you on that field,
and, sir, love will win. [ Clapping ] [ Laughter ] -The four people who did not
qualify for these debates watched that and thought,
“What?” [ Laughter ] Tonight’s debates seemed a lot
feistier and more contentious than the first night,
but in both cases, the debates were issue-oriented
and policy-heavy. If Trump were watching,
I could only imagine that trying to follow all
the specific policy details left him feeling…
-Exhausted. -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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