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Seeing as there’s 200
Democrats running for president, there’s bound to be
differing opinions on how to deal
with Fox News, right. While Elizabeth Warren
and Kamala Harris are avoiding Fox News
like cooties, Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator and guy who uses a Walgreen’s
bag as a briefcase, has gone for
a different approach. He went on Fox and held
an hour-long town hall. Millions of people
every single year lose their health insurance. Now, what we’re talking about
actually is stability, that when you have
a Medicare-for-all, it is there now
and it will be there -in the future. -WOMAN:
But, Senator… -(cheering) A show of hands of how many
people get their insurance from work, private insurance
right now. How many get it
from private insurance? Okay, now of those, how many
are willing to transition to what the senator says,
a government-run system? (cheering) Wow. That had to be a shocking thing
for Fox News viewers to watch. Right? Turning on their TVs
and seeing a crowd cheering for a socialist’s plan
for Medicare-for-all? In fact, that’s probably
what killed your grandpa. That’s what that was. Like, you realize
that’s the opposite, it’s the exact opposite
of what Fox viewers were expecting to see, right. It’s like buying a ticket
to see Paddington, but then you walk into
the wrong theater, and all of a sudden
it’s Fifty Shades of Grey. It’d just be like, “Mommy,
why is Paddington being so mean to that lady?”
Be like, “No, no, no. “You’re not supposed
to be seeing this. “You’re not supposed
to be seeing this. “Mommy, are we leaving?” “No, hold on. Not yet. Not yet. Hold on. Not yet. Not yet.” But you see, what Bernie Sanders
did there was interesting. Right? He didn’t pander
to the Fox audience. He stuck to his principles
and by the end, the audience was on his side, which ends up being good
for the Democrats, because, normally, when Fox viewers hear
about Medicare-for-all, it’s stuff like,
“The government will only pay for your pills if you go trans.” And as for
Elizabeth Warren’s point about legitimizing Fox News,
Pete Buttigieg, he showed that that’s not
necessarily the case, right? He showed that you can do it
a different way. Because the mayor
of South Bend, Indiana, and how of Nathan for You,
he did a Fox hall– he did a Fox town hall
on Sunday, and he showed that visiting Fox doesn’t have to mean
that you endorse them. You know, a lot of folks
in my party were critical of me for even doing this
with Fox News. I mean, when you got
Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants
make America dirty… w-when you’ve got Laura Ingraham
comparing detention centers with children in cages
to summer camps… then there is a reason why anybody has to swallow hard
and think twice before participating
in this media ecosystem. But I also believe that there
are a lot of Americans who my party can’t blame if they
are ignoring our message, because they will never hear it if we don’t go on
and talk about it. I hope you’ll join me in making
sure that that next era is better than any
that we’ve had so far. Thank you. (cheers and applause) Thank you, Mayor,
and thank you… -Wow, a standing ovation.
-All right, then. Wow! Standing ovation. Pete Buttigieg went on Fox News, trashed their
most popular anchors and then got a standing ovation
at the end? -That is amazing.
-(cheers and applause) That was amazing. Because… because if someone
came to your house, and told you
how ugly your kids were, you’d probably be like,
“Get the hell out of here.” You wouldn’t be like… “Someone had to say it. “You got a big-ass head, Billy,
you got a big-ass head. Someone had to say it.” And, and it wasn’t just
the audience. Some reporters on Fox News
actually credited Buttigieg for coming on to their network. But the kids
with the big-ass heads? They weren’t as happy. Mayor Pete, who desperately needs
a re-Buttigieg. Now, when he wasn’t pushing
for tax increases or lobbing lame cheap shots, he was trying to pass off
political pablum as some type
of high-minded oratory. Maybe we should call him
Pope Pete, because don’t you love how he,
you know, because he attends church,
we’re supposed to treat him as the be all and end all
moral authority, or the arbiter of who is, and who is not operating
in good faith. Okay. I get that Laura Ingraham
is trying to dis Pete, but I don’t know if she achieved
that by calling him “Pope.” People like the pope. It’s not a great diss.
It’s like going, “You know this guy Steve
is always walking around “being a dick to everyone,
let’s call him Big Dick Steve. “Ha-ha. That will show him. “Then everyone will know what a big, throbbing dick
he has– I-I mean, is.” (laughter) So Laura Ingram, Tucker Carlson and Bryan Kilmeade,
they were all pretty pissed with Buttigieg’s star turn
on Fox. But there was one Fox viewer who was downright heartbroken. Last night I watched
Alfred E. Newman. (crowd reacting) What’s going on with Fox,
by the way? What’s going on there? (crowd exclaiming) They’re putting more Democrats
on than you have Republicans. Something strange is going on
at Fox, folks. Something very strange. Did you see this guy last night? I did want to watch,
you always have to watch the competition,
if you call it that. And he was knocking the hell
out of Fox, and Fox is– Somebody’s gonna have to explain
the whole Fox deal to me. Oh. Poor Trump. You realize what happened here. The news network that he loves
the most flirted with a younger,
hotter candidate and… and he’s clearly shook. He’s clearly shook. You heard when his voice broke? (voice cracking):
“What’s going on with Fox?” (normal voice): You know who
Trump is? Trump is basically a guy scrolling through
his ex’s Instagram trying to act
like he doesn’t care. He’s just like (mimics Trump):
“Look at this new guy. “This new guy Fox is with,
what a loser. “His boobs are way smaller
than mine. “You know what would be funny “is if I followed him
totally as a prank. “Totally as a– Oh, no.
I liked one of his posts. Unlike, unlike, unlike, unlike.” (normal voice):
So… Should Democrats go on Fox News
or should they stay away? Look, I don’t think
there’s one correct answer. All right, in many ways,
you know, it’s-it’s just like eating
an Oreo, you know? Yeah, you-you-you can dunk it, you-you-you can twist it,
you know, you can lick it,
you can do whatever. Just as long as you don’t think
it’s a (bleep) real estate term you should know as a part
of your goddam job!

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  1. 04:04 I dunno how news work in America… But aren't News Anchors supposed to be if not impartial, then at least not EMOTIONAL. that's what caused Oprah to leave her news job.. right?

  2. Followng the Amash town hall, a Trump supporter being interviewed said she was surprised at what REALLY was in the Mueller Report because she only watched conservative programs, I really think that having a town rally on Foxx is part of the solution to get the truth out! Besides, it really pisses Trump off!

  3. Nobody's right if everyone's wrong …. we live in a virtual reality of the narrative where truth and fact become irrelevant. It's the narrative that defines the reality. This slot of time in eternity is completely devoid of any type or semblance of any form of God given common sense inherited at birth… oh, excuse me. I can't say "God" and I'm not sure if "birth" had become "hatch" or "spawn".

  4. Buttigieg, being gay, wouldn't set a "dangerous precedent" as POTUS as some have stated. He would be the second gay President we have had… "of record". Personally I don't care if POTUS dances around in the Rose Garden dressed in a pink tu-tu with spandex tights holding on a "strap on" surrounded by dead chickens under the light if a Blue Moon. It's been said that neuroses are good things … they add interest to life. Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office… so what ? He was the first… I don't think so. He lied to MY CONGRESS about it and deserves to be strung up by the balls with music wire. That's HIS/HER personal business and NONE of mine but If B-alphabet thinks he has a REALISTIC shot at straightening out this mess we colloquially call a "government" IN THE LIGHT OF DAY WITHOUT PSY-OP DECEPTION AND "LOOK HERE, NOT THERE" then have at it by all means possible… PLEASE !!! So far, all I've heard is the same old crap. Openly "gay". Not my thing at all but chalk one up in the "+" column for him/her/it, whatever the preference.

  5. I'm really interested to know if those people in the crowd were usual fox news viewers or people that came to see Sanders and Bootigieg (or however it's spelled) because that changes the impact of their response a lot

  6. Lol the ending was unexpected, but also true. Let's not forget Trump has been picking the most absurdly unqualified people for cabinet positions.

  7. why don't you mention the Democratic candidate that FOX has actually been promoting? howsabout you mention how INSANE it is to see FUCKER CARLSON giving a fair and respectful platform to a dem while at the same time
    CNN smears a progressive democrat for actually being able to steal votes of tucker's racist audience viewers from trump.
    Just because he has the support of white supremacists doesn't mean he is anything like them. would people rather those trumptards never convert, or maybe we focus on something other than the hate that makes our differences and come together to fight the mutual problems we share as citizens of the same nation?

    Andrew Yang will be our next president and you won't be able to ignore him after the debates begin.

  8. I respect you choice but let say
    One lesbian never can be like normal man
    Or gay (man)people
    Can be beautiful like normal women
    I am man I think I see never gay man can be beautiful like the real woman

  9. Democratic candidates definitely need to go on Fox and share their message with the desperately brainwashed audience.

  10. Righg Wing scream insults and make fake news. Left Wing explain things and dont impose points of view. Thats the big True!

  11. Fox doesn't need Democrats. They have 4 million viewers who are conservatives versus CNN 500k viewers who are snowflakes. YOu can keep your snowflake viewers.

  12. Come on Trevor, just because he's on Fox News doesn't mean the audience members are Fox News viewers. Anyone can show up at these Town Halls and usually it's the fan of the person they're having on that shows up.

  13. Lmao, hey trevor, Why you think dems are divided to appear on fox 0 huh? Is it possible that your show are so daft and worthless and nobody watch it,(like most of the shows fake news corporations) so theres actually no point for democrats to appearing in your show coz nobody is watching and their option is only fox news. Would that be possible thats the main reason dems are so divided appearing on fox?

    Because, if they go fox? Even 13yo student can even beat them easily… but dems sound like a geniuses in your show tho. I wonder why they seem to be so, could it be they are really far more smarter than you? Coz you seem drowning of their brilliance, did you know that, Noah? Do you ?

    Well now you know…. lmao whats a poor sod and so shameless about it : )

  14. Man I'm glad I wasn't an employee of Fox news during that "diss". I would have been fired for screaming "That shit was lame as hell!" after that attempt at throwing shade.😂😂😂

  15. Ehm, o.k. this next message is to the blond haired Fox 'news' lady….My dear Laura, I don't know you and to be honest i'd also never heard of Pete Buttigieg untill about two hours ago…..But take it from this European, Laura, from what i've seen so far i'd have no problem putting pete in an upper management position on the accomodation and support platform at sea where i work………. and you?…..  You'd be in charge of the broom, sweeping the maindeck with instructions not to touch any of the deck machinery, because people that spew out batshit crazy nonsense like you is for me an instant red flag! That tells me that someone with your special needs mindset needs more supervision because someone with your intelligence level is more likely to loose a finger, an eye or some skin or get burnt or hurt when you try to do stuff that's clearly out of your league! Understand why? One of you comes across as reasonable, civilised, intelligent, knowledgable and caring and the other as childishly angry, silly, weird and frankly not as the brightest bulb in the chandeleer! Can you guess who's who, Laura?  Change is coming, girl, no matter how hard you try to sabotage and torpedo the movement, …..It is inevitable and unstoppable!!!

  16. I'd never had the (ahem) pleasure… of witnessing the work of Laura Ingram before seeing this. Was she drunk? She seemed drunk. Or maybe just a vacuous hag with the arrogance of ignorance so many of these pant-loads posess. Gack.

  17. What Trump is realizing is that America and unfortunately fox will still be here long after he's gone.

  18. Notice during the section where Ingraham criticizes Buttiggedge she isn't wearing the gold cross she prominently hangs around her neck, you know, so Laura Ingraham can pose as the arbiter of who is moral and religious.
    Should we call her Pope Laura?

  19. Man…you should know if Trump would have been the president of a small country he would take everything,,press, tv..and lock up everybody whos against his agenda. Thats what would happen. Hes an redicilous dangerous sociopathic Clown and I cant believe so many people there are so stupid and fall on his shit.

  20. Why? Are they afraid that they will edit answers onto questions that were added after filming, like Trevor does?

  21. @lauraingle called @peteButtigieg the Pope as a derogatory name in her segment. She done messed up bc
    WE LOVE THE POPE. WE LOVE MAYOR PETE. Maybe better luck next time.

  22. F*ckin' Love Trevor Noah!!! How he can Slide in disses sooo smooth(like a DM 😜😂)on Ben Carson's inability to KNOW or/and DO his JOB!!! ROFL and PIMP(PeeingInMyPanties)!!! Keep up the good work Trevor and Blessed be, 👍😉😘

  23. Thats the problem with US democracy. You care more about your competition and votes than what is actually right or wrong.

  24. Scary news to you, punk ass pretend president. Fox News starting to tell the truth???? You know trump's scared. Without them, he's nothing but just another snake oil salesman.

  25. I really like this guy! I've been watching him for maybe a couple weeks now and Trevor Noah is hilarious.

  26. Laura Ingraham will talk bad about a man that goes to church but support mr. Grab them by the pussy. What does that say about her character?

  27. Pete went and bashes Ingram like his bitch lol.. and trump crying over so many Democrats in fox news lmao.. is he really on weed bruh 😂

  28. " because he attends church we are suppose to treat him as the be all and end all moral authority or the arbiter of who is and who is not operating in good faith" ———————————I am confused why she hates this guy i thought this is how they define Christians in this country , because i mean they support leaders who vote and create bills based on their own religious beliefs of right and wrong with no regard to the peoples needs or the separation of church and state. They support a president who spits on the bible every time he draws a breath but because he claims to be christian he the be all and end all right? can we finally just admit the hypocrisy here?

  29. Elizabeth Warren has said that the reason she won’t go on Fox is because she doesn’t want to be responsible for bringing in anymore money from advertisers to Fox executives. Sounds very noble. Sounds like somebody that actually walks the walk and talks the talk and sticks to her principles.

  30. So they are impartial and not fake news. And remember where fox office is yes u headed it a blue state I wonder why they supported Democrat.

  31. trump is a fake Christian said he never asked God for forgiveness no such thing of a unrepentant Christian Facts

  32. trump : " what's with Fox, putting more Democrats on than you have republicans?"

    seems like Trump wants someone to primary him.

  33. Bernie is the only savior that US needs right now. If dems nominate anyone but Bernie Sanders again they could lose again. They probably deserve to lose too cause they make it clear that they just have the same end goals as the GOP. Protect the status quo/the big money. Their media has been against Bernie all along and shows their swampy side very well.

  34. I hate the argument that you can't debate someone because you'll be "legitimizing their argument." If people with extreme views are never confronted with even, rational arguments, and instead only interact with the other side to engage in mutual name-calling, their opinions are very unlikely to change. Good for Bernie. Also check out ContraPoints for more nuanced arguments with extreme viewpoints.

  35. ☯ Did he say he "Thinks Twice" Before he "Swallows Hard?" Peter Puffer Puffs Pickled Peckers. If Peter Puffer Puffs Pickled Peckers. How Many Pickled Peckers HAS Peter Puffer Puffed?? 🌈Rainbow Warriors Prophecy

  36. The Far-Right, and the Fake News such as Fox…Is loosing ground….People Do Not want to Be Stupid Anymore!!!

  37. I refuse to believe that people without pigmentation are evil….But, with Hitler's grandson in the White House, I have my doubts!!


  38. What's shocking about that some people in this world want things for free, if you climb out your bubble you would understand. Me personally I prefer private because I like to pay for the quality of service that I will get

  39. La política bipartidista de rojo contra azul mantendrá el status quo de los ricos cada vez más ricos y los pobres cada vez más pobres. ¿Por qué hacerles caso?, o el pueblo se une o pronto verán como se quedan sin nada.

  40. If you can't go to fox news, then I don't trust you to work with other politicians across the aisle and actually get things done. I applaud Bernie and Pete!

  41. I have my problems with Mayor Pete, but I have to say, I absolutely love 96% of what he says. His dealing with the police situation in his home town is unacceptable, but holy Christ I long for someone who's intelligent, pragmatic and isn't such a thin skinned coward like Trump.

  42. omg.. Laura demonstrated the most pathetic display I've ever seen. lol.. You have to be a die-hard Trump cultist to think that she nailed it. What an unbelievable, soulless liar that lying putz is.

  43. It's a horrible mistake to avoid Fox, sadly.

    Fox is the sole source of news for a large chunk of the country. By avoiding it, you fail to reach numerous potential voters and fail to connect with them.

    We can't assume all Republican voters are impossible to reach, and a strong character can easily go onto Fox and completely dismantle everything they say on air without mud slinging.

    A strong character would be necessary though.

  44. I didnt understand half of the things Mr trever noah said… but his presentation and humour… love from kerala brother

  45. Wow the journalists are not interupting him as much as I thought, that might be nice being a man LOL

  46. Was having fun playing celeste while listening to this and heard a REBOOTIDGEDGE this was so fun. Sometimes I'm glad fox news is here for the lame puns

  47. Recently start binge watching Seth Meyers clips, but I never forgot where I started. Here I am again, watching Trevor.

  48. The reason that ALL Democratic candidates should appear on Fox is this: Fox watchers don't ever see anything but the crap that is spewed on Fox. If someone tells these poor people the truth, they could have a chance to see the real world. Foxites have a right to hear the truth. They won't without us. Want a way to get toward winning the next election? Let the Foxites hear the real word. Democrats, stand up and speak out to those who THINK they disagree with us. They don't know. We can help them. I seriously feel for those who, like the woman who had not heard that Mueller didn't exonerate Trump, watch nothing but Fox. They drink the kool-aid all day long and don't have a fighting chance . . . unless a few more brave Democrats/Independents/Truth-Tellers get out there and appear on Fox!

  49. I stopped watching this shit, when colbert, the daily show in the 2016 election started shitting on bernie. What a sad day.

  50. The audience were not necessary on his side. Allow me to explain.
    Let's say that he gets elected. The audience will have to pay taxes for his program. So why pay again for another program? His program becomes a monopoly and leaves them no better alternatives.
    In the end of the day, it's all about the money.

  51. After the debates on CNN last night, which were a mirror of the bullshit Fox pulls I would say that it doesn't really matter. Jake tapper is a fox mole. Laura needs to disappear, can russia, if you're listening, help with that?

  52. Just the short part with Laura Ingram demonstrates nicely the difference between news and this purely manipulative channel.
    How can an adult behave like bratty teenager, stoop to name calling and openly make childish attempts to mock…. oh, right.

  53. See over there and you look and point it out. Opening up your eyes. You foolish focus on the eyes and ears. Not the heart. Show you will see. Look and you will know

  54. Saying that one word White. Is a what ignorance white people see. He sucked that group i in because people give words power. Until we stop giving words power. Words are meaningless. What is the definition of fuck. I can't say that one word because it Has power over the world

  55. Take porn for example when you go on a porn site and see white girl what comes to mind. Call the heart out not the distractions. Slide of Hand suckers

  56. Call your dog any words in the right tone and see if if they tail wags. Call the dogs nsmr mean see if there tail still wags. Remember to we are part of the world and just another animal on it

  57. "What's going on with Fox? I mean, baby steps toward fair, unbiased coverage? Not in my lifetime."

  58. I love this guy i think he should run for presidency he seemed to know right from wrong 😂 so why not if we voted for trump

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