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Everybody from the previous shows here, give me a cheer Thank you. A lot of you turned up Don’t record with your own phones. We’ll upload it on YouTube He is a YouTuber Can we hear it for Dhruv Rathee for joining me on the stage? Thankyou guys This is my first time on the stage This is for the first time I’m witnessing how half of the people are not even visible from here The only ones you can see are the beautiful people That’s how the stage works Yeah.. So we have.. basically we wanted to show this video for context I’m happy to do a Q and A with all you guys and discuss whatever the… whatever you guys are thinking. And I’m sure you have some critical feedback for our work also But please keep that to yourself -No, no, on a serious note.. -No, on a serious note, give it to Dhruv! No, but whatever you guys have, its totally cool. So, we’re going to get a volunteer who will pass the mic around Anybody has a question… Raise their hand Hey, sir. -Yes, hello. Hi -Hi. I’m Tanu and I’m a big fan. -Thanks -I would not say that to Shahrukh Khan as well! So that is a big compliment So, my honest, genuine question is How do you deal with all the criticism because it takes guts to be there and say something like that I.. I think I’ll speak for myself here And I really want to know how Dhruv deals with… -We both might have different answers -My answer is quite different I think to ignore criticism, you have to also ignore validation So I think ignore both at once Like I don’t care about anybody’s criticism but at the same time I don’t care about the validation also So, I’m just like… Criticism and validation should only come from sources whose work you are inspired by There are a few people in my life who I really care about One of them is a comedian who mentored me when I was young and rash Varun Grover I always try to impress him Yeah, I mean, if he has critique to my work, I won’t sleep at night But if… And I’m saying there are a lot of these people here that even if I said these people who I really value what they have to say about my work and one of them, for example, is Varun. But… Other than that, I think I have to ignore the criticism and validation both because if you will just focus on the validation and ignore the criticism, its not fair Either take both together or ignore both and just function being honest to yourself And always reaching out to people who inspire you and sending them your work with passion and asking them what their opinion are I hound Varun Grover to find out what he thinks about my work Sometimes, he’s busy. But I’m relentless I have nothing else to do But I think that’s how I deal with it. But I’d love to know what Dhruv’s answer is – To a certain extent, this is true for me too that you should learn to ignore both the things But our professions are very different, In a way For a comedian, a criticism could be that your jokes were poor But in the work I do, the criticism could be that he leans more towards one side and is biased etc So when I listen to criticism, I actually… I have to measure how much is the worth of the criticism And how many people are criticizing it The ones criticizing it- are they straightaway abusing me? Are they blindly calling me a Congressi or an AAPtard or a Commie? Or does their criticism actually hold value? Sometimes, people talk about a specific point That you did this in this way.. you shouldn’t have done that Then its value is perceptible and then you should take that criticism and learn from it -When was the last moment someone criticized you and you learnt from it and it was taken positively by you? -The biggest one was that when someone said that you’re not speaking facts You’re wording your opinions Then I thought that this was true I’d have to learn to differentiate where I’m speaking facts and where I’m voicing my opinions And after that I decided that whenever I make videos, Then in the corner, #opinion would appear each time I voice my opinion And when I’m not giving my opinion, then obviously, facts are being said and nothing appears So this ensured a differentiation in a way and people would be able to understand easily when they are listening to facts and imbibing knowledge and when they’re subject to my opinion -Actually, I never get such articulate criticisms normally I don’t know what to make of “shut up, @#$#@” I hope that answers your question. Who’s next? Yeah… So just pass the mic randomly, because we have lights coming on us so we don’t know… We will give it to you at some point, we can see you good looking boy! -Yeah, hi! Vijay and also a very big fan -Thankyou. I forgot my question upon seeing the mic Actually you said you are going to perform in 150 cities across the world,I think you already started going abroad -Yeah -You’ve also toured a lot in India. -Yes -So what difference did you find in the organizers there and here? -…question. I don’t need a mic Do you think that cracking anti-Modi jokes outside India is easier than cracking (them) in India? -No, No! Oh the NRI audience is #@##*. Thank you for coming guys! Their delusion has no cure Like I’ll tell you the first show we did here… The first show we did in Munich We played the exact same video that you guys watched Exact same video and there were two people who were furious at the video And they were like, We loved your standup We loved your stand up, it was so well rounded. Firstly, that is a lie, its not Secondly, they were like You just shouldn’t have shown us this video. We didn’t want to see this video We were like.. You know this is not cool and you shouldn’t have done that So I think, abroad… a lot of Indians, they’re very… Firstly, I get the homesickness. I get that you all miss home and that you’re very moodial What is going back home and movies are distributed here and you all go out to watch those movies There’s a lot of cultural things..You all are actually more rooted in culture than probably I am also and I go back home And I know that feeling. So I think any sort of criticism that comes, and some people point out some really stupid things also, like, A person once told me, Okay, this is all great but do you know there are Pakistanis also in the audience? I’m like, but do you know they breathe oxygen and so do we What do I do? I don’t think I can…so, I think abroad it gets very tricky Like there is thing called, “Friends of BJP” a Facebook page or… And they just send like random emails to people who’ve bought tickets to my show saying the show is cancelled And then they call the Indian Ambassador and they’re like, how is this person coming here? Like the Indian Embassy tweeted about me or posted about me Some friends of BJP guys were like, how can you all post about this? And the ambassador was like, its just an Indian artist coming. I don’t know who he is also I just posted because this is the first time a comedy show in *#$**. If you have an issue, I can delete it So there is a lot of issues abroad And I get that its all from well intended people who are very rooted in India But I think its time they get real And just.. better informed And have a proper conversation. Nobody’s averse for that Like if you meet me or Dhruv somewhere, we’d be totally open to having a a proper conversation with you if its civil, I think that is obvious -It does not work on their side We are always ready. Nobody from the BJP comes to talk to us -Yes, they don’t come… Cool.. who’s next? -Hi, I’m Shruti. Great set, Kunal. Its very funny My question to both of you is how do feel about all of Bollywood not having a spine whatsoever? I think Dhruv should answer that first Because he has more of a spine than me also, I think He takes them on like, totally -What more do I say? I stay more politically connected than you I saw your comedy for the first time today And then I felt its good, I’m atleast safer than you! I think there’s so much competition in Bollywood that everyone wants to come forward there There’s so much of competition and everyone wants to make their own career. So… Obviously, if they feel their career is getting threatened by that, then they don’t (criticize). -So they are at a situation where they have too much to lose, so they are like… -And I think the same (is) for many journalists also The same for many other fields also -Yeah, but like, recently somebody posted this question and I was discussing this with a very popular person in Bollywood who did not show up at these Modi events that keep happening and he had a very… He had a very… I don’t know if I can name him but he had a very logical argument to not being there And he said today if you call me in the garb of celebrating 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi, I’ll probably turn up But I know where this is heading Tomorrow, it will be for Veer Savarkar And one day it will be for Godse So, I’ll have to draw the line somewhere I might as well face the music and draw it first So there are a lot of people in Bollywood, who you do not see, who do not show up But it is just that I think that it is not in their interests to be very vocal about it Like there’s a saying in Hindi… -Actually, most are very neutral if you think about it Most don’t speak up but most don’t also support the government -Yes a lot of people… – People want to stay away from the controversy -..They want to stay far away But there are some who poke the backside with flying arrows There are a lot of people who say, you do it. We will not show up. But we will not talk on this subject. We’ll only do our work -A lot of people, including actors, do say they extend support from outside We do wholeheartedly support you but we cannot come out in the open and say this -Yes, I mean, if you see, like, the whole ****** family, they have been pretty vocal about where they are on this political front But ofcourse there are the Bachhans who will not But I’m saying its a mix.. So, objectively if you look at it, I think in times like these if someone is not out dancing with them, then they are with us I look at it this positively More or less -My question is about the next elections With the ongoing political scenario, there is no viable opposition visible Do you think till 2024 The hopes of the people from the Congress have now diminished, but, as citizens what can we expect What can we expect, like, will there be anything like us, as a youth which will come up and stand forward? Its a slightly serious question, I am really sorry for this -Dhruv should start -I really have huge expectations from you both – I’m drilling my answer but Dhruv should first… -I am no plans of entering the politics So don’t expect this 2024 from me But I think it it is a very difficult question that to see what happens five years in the future from today, and to see what alternatives could be come up or not I actually do not think that much. I look at things step by step 6 months or one year from today , and think about what’s possible, what’s happening and how could it be fixed. -Look, you will have to realise that the leaders that broke out organically, the leaders that broke out organically with a movement If he is Arvind Kejriwal, then it happened during the time of the Congress when media was not Modia Kanhaiya Kumar.. if you consider him a break out leader, or Jignesh Mewani, if you consider him a break out leader Jignesh Mewani broke out with a movement He became a movement leader And then he broke out in the mainstream and then he became an MLA And then the media did the job of discrediting him Right? If you look at Kanhaiya Kumar, he was coincidently put into jail He turned out to be a great orator, what do they do with him? He delivered a fiery speech as soon as he came, he got popular through Youtube, then they just discredited him So until this media is controlling this and controlling the information… A lot of movements are ongoing, but the leaders of today… -Definitely -Leader breakout is difficult -Anyone… If any one stands up- no matter how good he is It is next to impossible for them to show themselves as a new political leader because the media will arrive as Modia and discredit them for sure -They will definitely do that -No matter how you stand, they will defame you as election candidates -If you even ask Kejriwal today, that if, in 2019, he said that he wanted to tear up the electricity bills Would the media have covered that? No! Kejriwal broke out when he broke out There is no such possibility today And even then he broke out because the BJP let him break out Had they not let him, he would not have So it is straight now that no leader is going to get great through people’s movements anymore You’ll notice that anyone who becomes great and talks about good things for the people, he is discredited I am saying the Populist parties on your side for example, the Congress or the BJP, they don’t even have good thinkers, policy makers or orators and then too they get such a lot of positive space Like people say that Tejaswi Surya is a young MP I mean, common man, like compare him to anybody I am saying if you knock on any random door in JNU at 4 AM and say that you want to discuss something, he would be more articulate But I’m saying ready some good ones on your side or else, let the media do their jobs and let new people come in through people’s movements This isn’t just about politicians Even if any journalist stands up against them and voices his opinion Like Aatish Taseer did He wrote one article in the Time magazine And now he is being denied the Indian citizenship If any journalist or even if a government officer stands up and says anything (against the government) Any IAS or IPS officer, he is also targetted the entire Modia gets together to defame them -Yeah, if you take the NGOs… -And this comes back into the position in a way, the one that we were talking about in Bollywood, If anyone stands up and raises a voice, then, look at the way they are defamed by the Modia -Exactly, they have done that in the case of Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar so if anyone says anything, the media is actively… -The same thing happened with Prakash Raj I am saying if anyone even raises their voice, then their clear aim is how to discredit them And they have 4-5 pits which they dig and then lure people into falling into it And it is our habit too, to slip. and I’m so happy that Dhruv isn’t slipping This is only for Dhruv and my question actually is Until some years back I used to feel that maybe education is the problem why people don’t understand what’s happening you know? and obviously, the media sort of added to that, right? The media absolutely sided with the government literally transformed into a godi media But then I realized and I started talking to some people around me at work and all of that People who are very very educated, who are savvy- the ones who do not just watch the Tv and don’t gather information from there you know, like people who are respected People who I thought , would be able to look at things very very objectively and would be able to make up their minds about what’s happening and what’s not happening even those people, I find sometimes, -for example? – For example, i have some work colleagues that I really respected until I started talking to them about Modiji Hinduism, and all of that, right? and then I realised, I had worked with them for 1.5 years And I really looked upto them and then he started talking about Modiji They transformed immediately. No matter how much information you give them somehow people don’t think objectively so is this only me who’s facing this or do you too encounter such people who know everything -Yes -A lot. Actually, I have encountered such people in my family -This is our bias towards education. We take people who are educated to be people who are smart, well informed articulate and balanced I think this is a veil of education. If you think that the person is educated, the ones who listen to our normal talks- he belongs to a good family this and that- then he would be objective I think Dhruv will shed more light on this but I don’t think education has much to do with this I think the media has to do with this The way that the media projects and image and the way information reaches the people from 2-3 sources… If only the media was sold out, then probably things would not have been this bad But they have also started their whatsapp forwards They already had a presence on the social media due to which, one person is getting the same information from 4-5 sources They hear the same thing on social media, read the same thing on whatsapp chats and hear the same thing from their neighbours -Kunal hello. Hi, I am Aayush, I’m from Delhi And I mean the AAP thing..The AAP has transformed Delhi and works really well and I’m here with my friend, housemate- He is from Islamabad And we are big fan(s) of your work Then just delete all the Modi jokes I told you You can’t have them in your head Junaid Akram – I am a big fan of Junaid Akram. He is a Pakistani comedian, I hope you follow him I find him ******* funny Nice, awesome. So, the question is that we stay together and in people, there is no hatred He makes Biriyani for me, I make food for him And we have a lot of people. So, in People in India and Pakistan, there is love But just like the Mandir issue was resolved, Now the BJP can’t brag about mandir When do you think India- Pakistan issue will solve so the people will stop about that issue? Look, I don’t think India and Pakistan issue will stop because the people are very… What do I say? The aim that they’ve set and the baggage of the past that The Mughals came and ruled us, Then Gandhi angle, the Nehru angle and all of this and the the party which is the backbone.. like the organisation which is the backbone of the BJP, has a plan of a HIndu Rashtra and an Akhand Bharat So as long as these two things remain in the pipeline, and people keep discussing it, There are bound to be discussions on it I think whenever someone says “Pakistan” in front of me and wants my opinion on Pakistan, I straightaway ask him what his opinion is on India Because we are Indian… fully. I can show you my passport. So, as an Indian if we just discuss India with people, then I think, that will be a positive start -I think even the average Indian does not hate the average Pakistani, like… -…(inaudible) said this important thing- He said, most debates in India, that are on Pakistan, which is not about Pakistan as such but, by repeating the name of Pakistan over and over again, they’re tied to the necks of the Indian muslims like a bell He’s taking the name of Pakistan but he’s talking the same stuff that the BJP’s spokesperson says to a Muslim man on the Ram Mandir debate So this India- Pakistan divide if you see it, it stems from the Hindu Muslim faultline divide that already exists in India So when this gets over, then I think… Let this happen first That seems like a very distant dream -But I think that if politicians take action on this, if someone… For example like Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji tried to come together, then it would not take long to change the public opinion, I mean, -Yes this could be… -If you look at history of France and Germany, like they exist today They used to be like India and Pakistan prior to the World war two But their politicians took actions to come together They thought that there had been enough of fighting and they should come together and work And that they should make up the European Union, then the people too, started to unite -Three questions more -Okay, so I have the mic already -Nice… -Here… -Here.. -Oh, hi -So, my name is Adil and I honestly think that you guys are the opposition of India in a way not completely, but, -Don’t flatter us that much! -Like, little bit. So, I think the purpose of your video was just to show us how ****** we are in certain things in our country back home So, if its phrase when you use it.. How do you think we can practically un**** our nation? -So I think that the first process is identifying there is an issue Like the moment that we start speaking.. And Dhruv has been doing that for a very long time He has been consistently talking about the economy So ofcourse, they haven’t termed it as a recession or anything of that sort But alteast some people in the government have acknowledged at some point that there is a slowdown So, I think the acknowledgement part is the most important and our job is quite simple, like, we will not… like I will not talk of myself as something of a great role i’m just saying if you see something and you can say something quickly on it, in my case, I’ll just say it and out it out there and move on I don’t take the pressure of being the opposition or setting a narrative or giving a positive… a positive way to people I just think.. in your… -Then, that’s where I come in, actually -yeah, I think that’s where you come in -I intentionally try to set the narrative and change the agenda towards positive something positive and… The video that I’ve made in Amsterdam, I will upload after a month- this too, will be related to it What India can learn from the urban planning here And I feel like when people start discussing about it, when this issue reaches out to people on its own And then it will reach the politicians- the politicians will feel that the people do care about issues like these Then they would take some action regarding it -But I think this an attempt on a grand level But what you are also unknowingly doing and that needs to be also acknowledged is that today you are a Youtuber who speaks the truth who creates videos which are factually based and not based on populist narrative and you have a career So now you are clearing the path to a lot of other YouTubers who’ll do the same thing and that is, I think, how you grow at your own level Like, today I see that a lot of youngsters like Wali rehmani and there are a few other… -Kumar shah… -Kumar.. Yes, I see a lot of people who seem like they have watched Dhruv And they’re like, Oh, if he can do it, I can do it also So I am saying at that level also, if there are comedians who are like, you can talk about politics and you can put your view out there and you can also travel the world so there’s something- there’s a business option also -So there was a previously asked question why we don’t have a blatant opposition and… we don’t have new politicians coming to the fore, right? My question to you is, why don’t you guys, like comedians- you have a platform, you can reach out to people So why don’t you reach? -You have to keep in mind, that if he cracks good jokes, that does not mean he’ll make a good politician And if I’m able to make good videos, that does not mean that I’d be able to govern well My skill is video making and summarizing information and disseminating it -Everyone has a role in the society -Yes -Play your role honestly, the others will play theirs -The unfortunate thing is that the ones that are good in governance they’re not that good at publicizing themselves then our role crops up and that is, to publicize them -So I think that is the job, like, wherever there is a scope, to pull up such people Like Atishi, she is great. She’s an educationalist, she is a balanced person If we get the chance to show her work properly, then we do it But I don’t think… This is like getting out on a full toss There’s a great saying that if you have enmity towards someone, then make them contest elections Because I can’t get dirty to that level Like I don’t think I can look at people and lie completely I think there are a lot of people in that space who can do good work with a lot of honesty and our job is to highlight their good work -Exactly, and in every space. For example, economists like Raghuram Rajan or Abhijit Banerjee Our job is to publicize their work – To get them on our platform, talk about their work and push forward their narrative But I don’t think it is our cup of tea to join politics Secondly, if you notice, if someone joins politics, then between these two parties… Even the Congress is not going to support an independent candidate or a person with an independent voice. They also need an activist today, employee tomorrow So, you have to say “Rahul Gandhi ji” at the end of the day, Then its better to do comedy! That’s better -…opposition leader. And one of the main reasons for that is the unwillingness of Congress to shift the crown from the Gandhi family -But I’ll tell you one thing very objectively about this- I’m no fan of anybody in the Gandhi family But they have shifted the crown from Rahul.. back to Sonia Gandhi but the media… They’re still talking! See, Rahul Gandhi currently is andMP from one constituency -that’s Wayanad and nothing else But the media still treats him like he is the most important person in Congress The media will not shift focus from Rahul Gandhi That man is under so much scrutiny- even if he breathes, there would be four debates Even if Rahul Gandhi quits the party and Sonia Gandhi quits too -If he lost from both Amethi and from Wayanad, then BJP would have given him a Rajya Sabha seat You are not understanding his importance -Where do you see.. what kind of content it will create .. the kind of standup you do.. does it .. would it really bring some change in India? Like its nice to have some videos but how do you fight the media out there in India? You send your videos to parents on Whatsapp but then they send you ten videos about what’s happening. How do you see that turning out? We try our best and we hope for the best actually We cannot control the outcome but we can control what we try on our end We can give our best But if we think we can change the results too… that is.. -Last question -Hi. Here. -I am this side. Hi, my name is Deeksha and… So I’ve seen most of your podcast videos Kunal -Oh, thanks -And.. so I have one small suggestion for you and a question also So my suggestion is I really liked the video with Atishi and Shweta Shalini It was.. It is one of my favourites So if you ever, ever in your dreams get a chance, then make Kanhaiya Kumar and Tejaswi Surya face to face I think that will be a really nice video -You know, by the way, the next two podcasts that are coming out- one is with Kanhaiya and one with Tejaswi Surya -Oh, that’s nice Kanhaiya agreed to come with Tejaswi Surya But Tejaswi Surya did not… He did not talk with Kanhaiya because he said I am a sitting MP so if I want to come on this forum where I know that you will not agree that RSS is a charitable organization I need to come alone But ma’am, I really tried that but I couldn’t make it happen -And my question is that if you ever have to get two people from BJP, which you try hard to get on your podcasts I assume one would be Sambit Patra, but who would be the people you’d want to choose? -So, I’ve tried for two people very relentlessly and both of them have rejected me One has even blocked me on Twitter One is Subramanian Swamy- he has blocked me on Twitter And Sambit Patra does not take my calls What time is it in India right now? Oh, its late, otherwise we would have called him…

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  22. Hey Dhruv the audio quality of this video is poor,but friends play it with subtitles it will great help to understand

  23. I was waiting so keenly for this Q n A… thanks but I guess its more of a trailer… there should be more including the conversation between you two on randomly selected issues.. I really like hearing your viewpoints with a pinch of kunal's satire.. so yeah please go for another round and better sound quality please!
    P.S. you had me at "aise log milte hain family main mujhe"

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