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we're about ready to go I said I want a better dance in here we're playing we're about ready to go yeah no but they would have been pretty soon and things would have happened to a point where you wouldn't turn back who couldn't turn back president Trump explaining how he took the military from about ready to go to calling off this air strike against Iran that was a new interview with Chuck Todd this account comes after the time support of military officials were quote expecting a strike last night many people including Trump's critics are skeptical of his claims because he lies a lot Trump supporters are skeptical of media reporting in the New York Times but this is a story think about it where Trump and the times are in agreement both emphasizing the Trump brought us to the brink of a major attack Trump saying he was cocked and loaded and there was evidence of that but whether the US was this close to his strike or farther or not close at all that's a nuanced distinction Trump's clearly improvising during this vacuum in civilian leadership for the military the acting Pentagon chief leaving the building you see today in controversy after just five months in that role and so if Trump was really heading towards the strike who is filling that vacuum for military advice TV hosts on Fox News the president will have no choice he will bomb the hell out of them we have the most advanced weapon systems and a strong message it needs to be sent that a huge price will be paid if you take on the United States of America why would we talk to them that they just anchor z' of our allies then they blow up our drone and then we'll talk to him well basically we're so will we but since Trump held back on the strike does that mean he ultimately ignored Fox News maybe not because there's new report a night Fox host Tucker Carlson was privately urging Trump against war with Iran and then last night he gave the president credit for being skeptical the Hawks the very people in some cases literally the same people who lured us into the Iraq quagmire 16 years ago are demanding a new war this one with Iran the president to his great credit appears to be skeptical of this very skeptical now I want to be very clear it's totally possible Trump do the same thing regardless of FoxNews consider that much of his foreign policy is kind of a reverse Teddy Roosevelt speak loudly and don't use the big stick whatever you do president has talked up fire and fury he's threatened countries like Iran and North Korea before but he usually pulls back after the rhetoric the main exception in his first two years on the job were those limited airstrikes against Syria will he continue to pull back from this week's tension with Iran and if so is he channeling his own instincts or Tucker Carlson's I want to turn now to a former Clinton administration diplomat mark Ginsburg who also served as an advisor on Mideast policy in the Carter Administration good evening to you and what do you think of this very public way that Donald Trump has threatened and pulled back it's the public reality show foreign policy version 1.0 and and with respect to Iran re I don't think the president knows from one day to the next what he wants to do on Iran the fact of the matter is is that the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal accelerated the impact of American sanctions on the Iranian economy I don't think that neither he nor secretary Pompeo nor john bolton really had the foggiest notion how iran would react you know ari remember the title that movie something's got to give sure that's the Iranian policy today they cannot accept the status quo of US sanctions that's why they're putting bombs on tankers that's why they're gonna shoot down drones that's why they're providing missiles to Houthi rebels to shoot at airports and Dubai as well as in have you ever seen a president sort of delight in the will he or won't he part of bombing another country oh yeah I mean he was yeah he did this this idea that somehow or other Trump does not have some methodology to his madness on this belies the fact that he is enjoying the spectacle of keeping everybody off off balance and is that in your view problematic in any way or if you get the ultimate result however curiously or inept Lee especially given that the over lines and acting chiefs and the degradation of the nonpartisan and expert folks but if you get to a place where he's beating back Hawks including John Bolton can you live with that you think that's basically a good outcome no because in the end the Iranians won't accept that as an outcome the Iranians have tried diplomacy the president actually had a back channel through prime minute prime minister Japan who tried to open up a back-channel between the Iranian government and the president the Iranians rejected that the Iranians want the Europeans to put pressure on the president but the Iranians will not accept the status quo they will not accept the president deciding when and where he's going to lift sanctions without they reacting somehow to change the status in the Gulf hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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  1. Why aren't the GREEDIA talking about tRUMP vetoing Senator Sanders' legislation, approved by Congress (both House and Senate) TO END THE ONGOING GENOCIDE in YEMEN?? The Genocide begun during the Obama/Biden admin, now continued by tRUMP. You can't pretend tRUMP is not making war.

  2. Hannity Insanity wants war. Tucker Snarlson wants peace. The 3 Stooges (Fox & Friends) want to lie & babble. Trump wants Putin's friendship.

  3. Trump didn't call off strikes for 150 Iranian casualties. The REAL reason was our military told him projected retaliatory US casualties following strike. Trump doesn't care about Iranian lives!

  4. You have nothing good to say ? Out of abundance of heart mouth speaks…..complaining for 4 years now…

  5. Two (zionist) jews on MSNBC. are disappointed. Anything less than destroying the whole Middle East for Eretz Israel will not suffice.

  6. The big war is with China. Chinese communists are behind Iran, North Korea, Taliban, without solving CCP problem China win.

  7. Did Hannity get trump to pull the trigger is a better question. Our country is run by nitwits and numbskulls puppeting a giant orange moron puppet.

  8. If the only decent thing Tucker Carlson does in his whole life is stop a bloodbath in Iran he's done plenty. And so I say (through clenched teeth) "thank you, Tucker". Credit where it is due.

  9. MSNBC is an extension of the Pentagon. Make no mistake about it. They are trying really hard to push the US over the brink of war with Iran!

  10. Imagine being so deranged that a year ago you attack Trump for "starting ww3" because of his tweets about North Korea then b*tch that Trump doesn't want to start a war with Iran by launching missiles on a populated area because of a drone.

  11. Ginsberg has a track record of advocating internal destabilization and regime change in Iran. By no means a neutral commentator!

  12. FOX news is the Neocon war propaganda network. CNN and the others are the NEOLIB war propaganda networks. More False flags lying us into War. Remember WMD's??? Anyone advocating for War with Iran should be drafted immediately regardless of age and be put on the very Front lines. Looks like the "liberal" media is disappointed there is no war for ratings.I hope Tucker did.

  13. So basicly, while trump should have been meeting with advisors and agonizing over his decisions he was off somewhere watching TV. It sure makes me feel secure knowing that we would be in WWIII right now if Hannity's and Tucker's time slots were reversed.

  14. Wow ! The bull💩 is getting deep !
    That is a lie about all of it that Trump stated. I have say, these days politics seems to be lacking in good judgement !

  15. It takes a liar to know a liar, it takes a liar to call someone who doesn’t lie a liar, and it takes a deceiver to deceive! In your case both shoes are a perfect fit.

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