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Do Not Be High-Minded–Manage Wealth God’s Way

Do Not Be High-Minded–Manage Wealth God’s Way

GLORIA: Hello everybody.
Welcome to the Believers Voice of Victory. Pastor
George is back with us and he’s talking to us about
prospering. I like to prosper. You know, I’ve been unprosperous
to various such more an avid, been prosperous and prosperous
is better. And when we found out what God says about it, GEORGE:
Oh yeah. GLORIA: It Got Better. GEORGE: Yup. It got better, it
got better. Thank you, Gloria, for having me on with you. Oh, I
enjoy it George. It’s a delight to be on these broadcasts with
you and to be able to, to not only share the word, but to hear
your wisdom that comes out. We’ve gotten some tremendous
gloryisms out of these broadcasts so far. I anticipate
that we’ll have more, GLORIA: Oh, the Word, the Word, the
Word. GEORGE: But Gloria, we’re talking about in this series,
how to handle wealth. It’s so important that as we talk about
prosperity. GLORIA: It’s important, I mean, it’s
something vital. It’s life and death. GEORGE: It is. GLORIA:
Really. GEORGE: It is. GLORIA: It’s easy to lose out. GEORGE:
It is. And how. GLORIA: Be taken over. GEORGE: Be taken over by
it. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And it’s happened. It’s happened
before. GLORIA: Oh yeah. GEORGE: It’s happened because so many
people have not started out in a place of wealth. They’ve grown,
they’ve amassed it, they have developed in it, and then
somewhere along the line something changes. Something
happens. They start acting differently because of the
control that money has on them. So we’re talking about the
difference between the godly wealth of the godly rich and the
the wicked rich, the those who are in the body of Christ. We
need to know how to handle money. GLORIA: I try. GEORGE: I,
I think this would be an amazing series. GLORIA: This is jumping
in the middle of things. GEORGE: Yeah, go ahead. GLORIA: But I
think the tithe is an exceptionally good thing to keep
you stable. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Prosper, stable in your
prospering if you’ll give God the first and the best it’s a
great, it’s a great, a safeguard. GEORGE: Safeguard.
It’s a protection. It’s a protection of safeguard and
it’ll keep you in a place of stability to where that’s, I’m
glad you brought that up because you mentioned that on Monday.
But it’s so important to say that again and again that the
tithe, if show me, if I may dare say this, show me a faithful
tither and you’ll see somebody operating in godly wealth, their
character, how they treat people, how they respect and
honor others and how they bless others. Those are all indicators
of a faithful tither. GLORIA: That’s good George. GEORGE:
Because it keeps them in a place of stability. As you said, it
keeps them safe. GLORIA: Well, what about on the other hand, a
hoarder, a hoarder, somebody who won’t open the pocket book to
God or anybody else. There’s no blessing there. GEORGE: There’s
no blessing. GLORIA: There’s nothing to bless. GEORGE:
There’s no blessing in that. GLORIA: No sowing, no crop.
GEORGE: I’ll mention this to you. I was, had a taping session
with Brother Copeland and Dr. Avery Jackson and we were all in
here listening to them minister and Dr. Jackson is a spirit
filled, born again, neurologist, and he’s done. He’s done 10,000
surgeries. GLORIA: Wow. GEORGE: 100,000 patients, 10,000
surgeries, GLORIA: On people’s brains? GEORGE: On people’s
brains. And he said something, which I’m going to be, I’m going
to be developing this because I really. GLORIA: Good, let’s hear
it. GEORGE: When he, when he said this, it lit a fire on the
inside of me and he’s talking about giving and he said that
there are, there are pleasure centers in the brain. Things
that bring pleasure to a person. And I’ll give you an example, a
chocolate that that stimulates or lights up the pleasure
center. Well, he said that giving lights up the pleasure
centers of the brain. GLORIA: Wow. GEORGE: And they’re
therapeutic because they bring joy. GLORIA: It makes you feel
good about what you’ve done. GEORGE: Yeah, it does. It makes
you feel good about what you’ve done. And he used the
terminology, it lights up, the brain. GLORIA: Giving lights up
the brain. GEORGE: Giving lights up the brain. GLORIA: Praise
God. That’s good. GEORGE: So that, that’s another reason why
we should be faithful tithers. GLORIA: Would you write that on
there? GEORGE: Yes. I’ll write that down.
Giving, giving lights up the brain. I want my brain to be lit
up. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: I want, I want my brain to be
healthy. GLORIA: In other words, it’s a play if you do it.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And your hearts in it, it’s a pleasure.
GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: And it makes you feel good. GEORGE: It
makes you feel good. GLORIA: Did something good. GEORGE: Yeah. I
was out the other day, I was sharing this just a little while
ago. You know, Terri and I, we watch our diet very carefully.
We are, we, we just take good care of ourselves. We want to
live a long life. And so we, but, but a couple of weeks ago,
Terri and I, it was on a Saturday night, she grilled
some, she wanted to grill some chicken. So that’s good, that’s
healthy. But she said to me, I want mashed potatoes. She said,
I haven’t asked for mashed potatoes in a long time. I want
mashed potatoes. So she made me go out and go through a drive
through, because she didn’t want to make them, she wanted me to
go get them. So I got in the car and I went through one of these
places. GLORIA: One chocolate cake and one candy. GEORGE:
Nope. Mashed potatoes. GLORIA: You know, I don’t know that I’ve
ever craved mash potato. GEORGE: She’s not pregnant. I
know that. GLORIA: Well that’s good. I guess that’s
good. GEORGE: So I went and I got, I got
mashed potatoes and she wanted green beans. So I got
those. But when I went through the drive through, the, the
thing itself costs $11 and a penny for mash, but mashed
potatoes and green beans, man, $11 in one day. GLORIA: I had no
idea. GEORGE: So I handed the girl GLORIA: How long has it
been since I went through a drive through and got mashed
potatoes and green beans. GEORGE: I gotta tell you
this though. This is funny. This is years ago. So Kellie
is, she’s going to a shower. GLORIA: That’s
up. Kellie, our daughter, GEORGE: she went, she’s
going to a shower and for some reason she stopped by the
house and needed to talk to her about something. She’s going to
go on to the shower. She had a big bowl, empty bowl, glass bowl
in the, in the car. I said, what’s that? She said, well,
I’ve been so busy, I was supposed to make potato salad.
She’s going to go though a drive through. GLORIA: Get a big bowl
of potato salad. GEORGE: Anyways, so I’m going through
the drive through. GLORIA: Well that’s one way to do it. GEORGE:
I thought that was pretty smart, but this, so I gave the girl, it
costs $11 and a penny. GLORIA: That’s pretty cheap. GEORGE: I
had every intention of giving her a 20 and let her keep the
change. So I handed her the 20 she took the 20 she looked at me
and she said, do you have a penny so that I could, you know,
so she didn’t have to give me so much change. I said, the rest is
yours. That’s for you to keep. She said, for me. I said, yes.
She said all of it. I said, obviously that does not happen
very much to her. I said, that’s your tip. And she started to
cry. GLORIA: Awww GEORGE: and she looked
at me. This is through the drive through window. She
looked at me, she says, I love you. So I drove away and
I guess my brain lit up because it was such a pleasure.
GLORIA: George, you’ll get so much potato salad, you won’t
know what to do. GEORGE: Mashed potatoes, I’ve got a harvest of
mashed potatoes. GLORIA: Mashed potatoes GEORGE:We don’t
even eat mashed potatoes. GLORIA: Oh Mercy! GEORGE:
I guess we’d better get on with this Gloria or we
are really going to mess this up. GLORIA: Well
that’s a pretty good story. GEORGE: But we’re
talking today about what Paul said to Timothy, “charge
them that are rich in the world, that they’d be not high minded
nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God who gives
us richly all things to enjoy, that they do good, that they’d
be rich in good works to distribute, willing to
communicate, laying up in store for themselves, a good
foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold of
eternal life.” So what we’re talking Gloria about is how the
godly, rich act, how they handle themselves. And one of the
things that Paul told Timothy was tell them, charge them,
command them. Stop being high minded. Stop being haughty.
GLORIA: Well that’s pride. Pride comes before the fall, you know,
they say and it’s dangerous. GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: Right,
what is pride? Pride is you’re proud of yourself. It’s
something you did. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You know you’re great.
You’re awesome. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Dangerous. GEORGE:
Exactly. It’s, it’s pointing at yourself. And I looked up the
word high minded in the Greek and look at this arrogant,
haughty, prideful, just like you said. That’s who the high minded
are. They’re arrogant, haughty, and prideful. Then in the the
Miriam Webster dictionary, arrogant: dispose to exaggerates
ones, disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance by
an overbearing manner. GLORIA: I recognize that. GEORGE: That’s
the. GLORIA: Sometimes in people. GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah, and
that’s well. GLORIA: Really what you’re doing is going down
instead of up of people’s expectations. GEORGE: Disposed
to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance by an over bearing
manner. When money comes into a person’s life, this is the
danger. This is, this is the warning that once money starts
amassing, if you don’t watch yourself with this, if we don’t
watch over this, that if we don’t maintain a place of
humility, then that money will start to control and then we’ll,
I’ve got the money, I can do this, I can do that. Then you
stop being led by the spirit. We can’t do that. We just can’t do
that. And I wrote, I wrote the passion translation over here on
the left hand side, it says of this scripture, “do not be
wrapped in thoughts of pride over your prosperity. GLORIA:
That’s good advice. GEORGE: Don’t be wrapped in thoughts of
pride over your prosperity. GLORIA: Or anything else as far
as that goes. GEORGE: Or anything else. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: The amplified translation says, charge them
not to be proud and arrogant and contemptuous of others. GLORIA:
That you don’t, you don’t count. You got nothing. GEORGE: Years
ago. GLORIA: You’re nobody. GEORGE: Yeah, exactly. And this
is now here is something, I’ll mention this. This is an
indictment against the body of Christ. Years ago I was up at
ORU. There was a period of time where I was chairman up there.
You remembered being chairman of the board. I remember, I
remember when I accepted that position and I called you and
Kenneth and talked to you about it and you were so compassionate
on the phone. You said, George, are you sure you can do this and
pastor the church at the same time? And, Gloria was watching
out for me. You really were. Because my, my tenure there
didn’t last all that long, but when it was over I was like,
whew. Wow. GLORIA: Top responsibility GEORGE: I knew
what she was talking about, but I was up there at ORU
and I was talking to one of the, the executive vice
presidents and his daughter worked at a restaurant nearby
and his daughter said to him that Sundays were the worst days
for tips. Sundays were the worst days for tips because the church
crowd comes in and they leave nothing. GLORIA: Maybe they put
it all in the offering. GEORGE: They may have,
they may have, but see that that man’s daughter, and all the
waitstaff. GLORIA: A bad picture GEORGE: All those waitstaff, all
those people, they saw the church people come in and the
tips went down GLORIA: That’s not good. GEORGE:
cheap, cheap. And that’s not the way we are. GLORIA:
No. GEORGE: That’s not the way we should be. We should
be, we should be giving, we should be willing to distribute
and we certainly should not be, we should not be high minded.
And, and even at that, we can’t be, we can’t be the church
people that go into the restaurant and just absolutely
gripe out the waitstaff because there was a smudge on my glass
or something like that. I’m telling you, it’s amazing.
GLORIA: We have to, we have to remember who we represent.
GEORGE: That’s good. GLORIA: We have to remember who we
represent in a hearty fashion. A good fashion. GEORGE: Yes.
GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: Yeah. And it’s, I’ve remembered
something that you and Kenneth talked about and you do this
anyway, but, but jokingly, you kind of said you, when you’re on
television, you have to behave everywhere you go. GLORIA: This
is true. GEORGE: You really do, you really, you really have to
to watch yourself. But, but you know, if you live a lifestyle of
love and you love people and you’re all about people, then
you won’t have to worry about that. But I, I, I can’t tell you
how many times because of, because of you inviting me on
the broadcast. Now I’ve become recognizable to some, not as
much as you. Certainly. GLORIA: I apologize George. GEORGE:
That’s okay. But there are times, there are times, and I
was in a situation one time, um, I was in North Carolina and
Terri and I went out to a Walmart. We wanted to pick up
something and we went in there and the the guy behind the
counter, it was a little video, one of those portable video
screens that you can put videos into CDs or DVDs. And so they
got it. But they were, they were having a hard time with it for
some reason and he said, I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I
said, that’s okay, that’s fine. And I just started talking to
him and he was a veteran so I was thanking him for his service
and just appreciating him. I mean you can go one of two
directions, whether you’re rich or poor, you can do this, but
you can go one or two directions. You could get mad,
you could get upset, you could get haughty about it or you
can just be patient GLORIA: Tha’t s right. GEORGE: and
reach out to whoever it is that’s talking to you. So
I was just talking to this guy. So we finally finished
up, it’s like a half hour that it took for us to get this, but
we just talked and I just had the opportunity to pray for him.
And all of a sudden from behind the counter, just a few feet
away, this lady standing there and she goes, Pastor George!
GLORIA: Aren’t you glad you were nice George? GEORGE: I’m so good
that I didn’t throw a fit, which that’s not my character.
That’s not my nature GLORIA: No. GEORGE: to
do that. But that’s what Paul was telling these
people. That’s what we have to watch out for is our
character. We have to live in the fruit of the spirit. And
when wealth comes into it, it’s very easy. You think about, like
I told you, we had that vacation in Hawaii and somebody was
telling us about the, hotel, this, this very rich, opulent
hotel, very secluded where a lot of celebrities go. And this
person who used to work there as part of the waitstaff, he said
there’s some of the craziest people. There’s some of the most
haughty, pride-filled, demanding, demanding people. And
so what you do is you have to carry yourself. When we went,
we, we went to Maui and went to a very nice hotel. Not that, not
that other one, but we went to a very nice hotel. And I just, I
went, I went with the fact that I’m Pastor George and I’m apt to
pastor anybody at any moment, at any time. GLORIA: I’m available.
GEORGE: I’m available. Terri told me one morning,
she said, go down. She said, go down to
the pool and save a couple of good seats for
us. Well, I was dressed to go work out anyway, this is about
seven 30 in the morning. And I went down to the pool and I got
some towels and I was going to put them down. And so one of the
pool staff came to me and said, can I help you with this? I
said, sure. So he helped. He set that up and by the time we got
through, that conversation, I’m praying over him. I’m praying
over his family. I’m praying over his life. GLORIA: That’s
the way it ought to be George. GEORGE: And then I blessed him
financially for the, I gave him a great tip for the help and I
saw him around and we, we get Terri and I get a reputation at
that hotel that we’re good tippers. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
Well they also know that we’re pastors. Anyway, all that to say
we have to be that way. We cannot be arrogant. And Paul
said them, to Timothy to tell the rich people in the message
translation “tell those rich in this world’s wealth to quit
being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money. ”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: So Paul realized the pitfalls of
having wealth was the temptations. GLORIA: What’s the
basis of that, pride? Pride. I’m important. I’m somebody. GEORGE:
Yeah. Yeah. GLORIA: Pride comes before a fall. GEORGE: Yes it
does. GLORIA: It’s very dangerous to get GEORGE: We have
to watch ourselves. GLORIA: To get all carried away with
yourself. GEORGE: We have to, we have to act like Jesus
everywhere we go. GLORIA: And not be high minded. GEORGE: The
temptation is the more money you have in the more power and the
more influence that you have. You people begin to wheedle that
over others. And that’s what they were doing in that church
in Ephesus. He was the rich people were telling the poor
people what to do. They were telling them they were bossing
them around, they were being high minded. And if you go to
the second page, we have merely seconds left. Three minutes I
think we go. GLORIA: Go George, go! GEORGE: So let’s read
through some of these Gloria. This is humility versus pride.
Um, read the first one in Psalm 73 GLORIA: “they wear pride
like a jewel necklace and clothes themselves with
cruelty.” These fat cats, what scripture was it? “These fat
cats have everything their hearts could ever wish for! They
scoff and speak only evil in their pride; they seek to crush
others. They boast against the very heavens,” and their words
are some of these words. GEORGE: The Word Strut. GLORIA: Some of
these words, “strut throughout the earth.” GEORGE: So that’s a
description of the wicked wealthy, the wealthy who are
wicked. GLORIA: Pride. GEORGE: Yeah. Pride in Proverbs 18:23
GLORIA: Pride is very dangerous. GEORGE: The message says “the
poor speaks and soft supplications; the rich bark out
answers. GLORIA: Yah. GEORGE: New living says “the poor plead
for mercy; the rich answer with insults.” “The poor man pleads
for mercy, but the rich man answers harshly.” I think
Gloria, the more the more wealthy we. GLORIA: So how
opposite is that from walking in love? GEORGE: Yah exactly.
GLORIA: That’s as opposite as you can get. GEORGE: The
wealthier we become now this is, this is what the Lord is showing
me. The wealthier we become, the softer towards others we should
be. The kinder towards others we should be. Go ahead and read
that. Proverbs 28. GLORIA: Proverbs 28 where is it, George?
GEORGE: Number three. GLORIA: Number three, number three
28:11? GEORGE: That’s it. GLORIA: “They think they know it
all, but the poor can see right through them.” GEORGE: The rich,
the rich think they know it all. That’s another part of being
high minded. GLORIA: I don’t remember that Proverb. GEORGE:
Hosea 13:6 “but when you’ve eaten and were satisfied, you
became proud and forget me.GLORIA: with your wisdom.
This is Ezekiel 28:4-5 “with your wisdom
and understanding. You have a mass, great wealth,
-gold and silver for your treasuries.” “Yet your wisdom
has made you very rich and your riches have made
you very proud.” GEORGE: Whoa. See the connection? You
got to watch out for that. Revelation 3:17 in the message.
“You Brag, I’m rich, I’ve got it made, I need nothing from
anyone,’ oblivious in fact that you’re a pitiful, blind beggar,
threadbare and homeless. Ooh! GLORIA: Jeremiah 9:23-24 new
living, “This is what the Lord says: Don’t let the wise boast
in their wisdom, or the powerful boast in their power, or the
rich boast in their riches. But those who wish to boast should
boast in this alone: that they truly know me and understand
that I am the Lord who demonstrates unfailing love and
who just brings justice and righteousness to the earth, and
that I delight in these things. I, the Lord, have spoken.”
GEORGE: Isn’t that a great scripture. GLORIA: That’s a
great scripture. GEORGE: And then finally, we’ve only got 30
seconds left. Proverbs 22:4 It says “true humility and fear of
the Lord lead to riches, honor and a long life. GLORIA: What a
great scripture. GEORGE: Just that opposite. It’s just the
opposite of pride. GEORGE: Exactly. GLORIA: Is that the.
GEORGE: Number two GLORIA: “The reward of humility and the
[reverent, worshipful] fear of the Lord is riches, honor, and
life.” GEORGE: And then finally in Matthew 5:5 in the good news
translation, “Happy are those who are humble; they will
receive what God has promised!” GLORIA: Well then the opposite
of that would be pride. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: It says pride
comes before the fall. So this is good advice here. GEORGE:
A major part of how the godly, wealthy act is
they walk in humility and the upright. George and
I will be right back. Music ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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  1. I am a witness to keeping Gods words in my ears and eyes while praying tithing and fasting. I have done a complete 360. My pride caused me to go on a downward spiral in every area of my life from ages 10 to 17. I have been keeping Gods word in my ears and eyes intentionally and consistently for about 10 years now and God amazes me over and over again. I am 28 now.
    I have been learning from BVOV for a long time and you guys jumped started my faith walk! I know you guys love to see testimonies, so here is mine! Aren’t we glad the public can see lol. I love you guys with all my heart and I appreciate all of you for taking the time out to teach us about #God #Jesus #Faith and the #Bible.
    Ive learned that behaving the way the Bible instructors us to behave brings us so much wisdom, confidence, internal peace, power, humility, thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation. It makes you feel like Nothing formed against you shall prosper and that all is well in LOVE❤️

    Praise God!… as Mrs. Gloria would say lol

    Extra Blessings to the entire BVOV ❤️ Love you all, Jade🙏🏿

  2. Part of being Godly rich would be giving alms in secret with a cheerful heart, that only God sees what you gave to help the poor. Very good teaching by these 2.

  3. This couldn’t not have been more on time for me in my life right now today! Praise the Lord! Jesus is my Lord! He knows exactly what I need!

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