Donald Trump Jr. says 2020 rivals can't compare to Trump's appeal

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  1. "What kind of relationship do you have with your base?"
    "Well you know, I'm… all… about… that… base"

  2. The only reason I did not go is because of the distance and trying to find somebody to take care of my cat. But I will make an effort to go 2A rally before the elections

  3. Rotfl!!! Trump broke every promise on the campaign Trail about war an overseas conflict. He's a warmongering piece of s*** just like Obama was and he works for the military industrial complex just like Obama did. The only reason he's popular is because he has opponents like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. A chimpanzee with a bad attitude could beat them

  4. It is inconceivable how crazy things have gotten. My fellow conservatives keep your head up and continue to love your enemies and pray for them. The left is so misguided. We need to keep a good example for ourselves that we hate no one but love God and our country. Stay strong and vote like it's 2016!

  5. No better example than this clip of Fox News performing its primary function of being the 24hr media outlet for the RNC and Putin/Trump 2020.
    Not a question asked, or policy debated.
    The FCC needs to place some truth in marketing requirements on Fox News, Not News, Just Propaganda.

  6. Nieuwe tijd geen neppos maar wijze mensen die deugden hoog hebben zitten En De ingeschapen integrity En onzelfzuchtig zijn

  7. MSNBC knocking us deplorables will make us turnout for our President in a hurricane!!!! The more they say the bigger the base!

  8. He is right that any 2020 rival can't compare to Trump. Any of them down to a man of woman regardless of their ability will do a better job than Trump. The bar is at an all time low. That's why so many candidates have gotten into the race. They all think they have a shot. Donald Jr. is just as dirty as his dad. He said "I love it", when approached with possible dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russians….another case of collusion….and of course "Dad" knew nothing about it…yeah, right.

  9. Ok…… lets chill on the collection of supporters names, and all the hyperbole – greatest president ever stuff. That just adds to the delusion of the left, and the division in this country. And hey, no need to offer up read meat to the left when they're eating themselves.

  10. I could see that he's always had it in him to do this amazing feat for this country. He wants things the best they can be for everyone & makes it happen!

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