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  1. The far left elites and their mob of social justice warrior snowflake idiots are going to bring about a war in this country that they will lose in the first day or two
    It’s really getting to that point just watch , listen and wait

  2. The American public is made to look foolish by the media and intel agencies. Wake up to yourselves. Russians here, Russian there. Paranoid delusions.

  3. Pirate Trump and his Fat Rat Mate goon Giggling "Grenade" Giuliani's garbage scow, the Titanic II, was already sunk to the deep, dark bottom of the doo-doo, yet continues to take increasingly more devastating hits in successive, progressive, flushing waves!  Republican rats down there feasting, grown too fat eating their own crap, won't abandon ship!

  4. Without free and fair elections, there is no democracy, no national security.  Republicans and Trump cheated the American people of not only a fair impeachment trial, but are stealing their votes, robbing their national security, as well.

  5. Dr. Fiona Hill:  "Until this moment, Republicans, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.  … You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  6. "Well, Tommy, did you learn anything new today?"
    "Yeah, Mom!  I learned you can't trust Republicans in government!"
    "So, THAT explains why your Dad just burned all those silly red hats!"

  7. Republicans:  "The truth is whatever we say!"
    Democrats:  "Oh, yeah?  What is that truth?"
    Republicans:  "Whatever Trump and the Russians tell us tomorrow!"

  8. The toddler tyrant, Traitor-in-Thief Trump, is the little boy who keeps telling us HE'S the wolf, but the Republican cult sheep choose believing only his lies–WANT to get fleeced by Putin's pawns!

  9. Q:  How many Republicans does it take to change a real dim light bulb?
    A:  Never got changed, they're still in the dark…instructed by Russia and Faux problem due to Earth's rotation, and also its present alignment with Ukrainus.

  10. Republicans killing not only truth, common sense, and justice in America, but they're killing democracy and America, too!  Can't have the latter without the former.

  11. Trump and GOP the grifters trying to sell their old issues of Pravda, after they wiped their spinchter with it!  Republican cult worms eat it up, love it!

  12. These people say the most unintelligent statements like it’s not about power and more power no matter what corner you stand on if it’s not controlled by public law officers and thinking of the world who can police the police when it’s all controlled by the unknown

  13. Seditious Republican cult is a shrinking demographic that is exclusive and repulsive.  Corrupt and ignorant, GOP seeks minority rule through non-stop propaganda while subverting our electoral process, law, Constitution, democracy, and American national security trying to wrap their tentacles around a tenuous, temporary grip on power.  The Republican cult–created and nurtured by plutocrats, Russian oligarchs, right-wingnut fascists, religious fundamentalists, demagogues, and other assorted grifters–would turn America into a banana republic to worship a fascist dictator.

    Just remember, though, they are the minority, and their kind will always be the minority.  Do not be intimidated; do not be afraid; do not despair; stand up and be counted!  The truth does matter in America!  "She is worth it!"

  14. Republicans are petulant, self-destructive little children, cheerfully shredding Constitution, endangering and diminishing national security, too stupid to realize that destroys the 2nd Amendment, nullifies decisions by their conservative Judicial and SCOTUS appointees.

  15. Do NOT be some silly banana-Republican; DO be true, and vote BLUE–for me and YOU!  Lady Justice and Lady Liberty need us, now, crying out so desperately!

  16. 2,000+ Federal prosecutors:  A.G. Barr is an inveterate liar and an utter disgrace who has completely corrupted DOJ, who MUST RESIGN to preserve and protect Constitution, save nation from becoming banana republic.

  17. Trump, Barr, Republicans…they all decided to go BANANAS with our Republic!  STOP! in the name of the law, or we will be forced to fire you!!

  18. Trump and Republicans want to turn our American dream into a banana Republic?  May we suggest it is now time to go to Plan B…Bananas!  Go bananas with the bananas, leaving them everywhere in conspicuous public view.  Be creative!  Carve or stamp the word 'REPUBLIC' on the outer skin, just to make sure Republicans get the message loud and clear!  Better yet, 'NO' (banana) 'REPUBLICANS.'  We can do this–we have the bananas!  Do you got the balls or, at least, sufficient care for your own welfare?

  19. Lady Justice had been ill for some time, but was getting nursed back to health.  Then Republicans started raping her…now, killing her.

  20. Republians have abandoned honor, dignity, integrity, truth, and reason, becoming utterly shameless in their rampant hypocrisy and disregard for common decency.  A political party that has been hijacked by ignorance, hatred and negativity, driven by racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and religious bigotry.  But have they really become so consumed by ignorance that they have completely lost their sense of self-preservation?  In all of my many years, have never seen U.S. national security more compromised, endangered, and in peril than at present with this administration and Republican Senate–including during the Cold War.

  21. Putin turning Russia into a failed state, purely for his personal profit.  He found erstwhile allies in Trump and Republicans, who are helping him turn America into a failed state, purely for their own personal profit.

  22. Republicans are the Icarus of our day, trusting that with President Nero at the helm of their Hindenburger, they would surely own the sun!

  23. Understand that Trump and his enablers have no loyalty except to themselves; that they are betraying and harming America and Americans–regardless if they be Republican, Democrat, Independent, or other.

  24. You guys are nothing but fake news and b***** the people of this country elected Donald Trump stupid wait till this election there going to be a lot bigger numbers and last wake up idiots the American people love Donald Trump is there a president hooray for Trump 20/20 get it we love our president fake s*** heads

  25. Were so sick of hearing you ball babies cry why don't you go to live in Russia that maybe you'll have something a ball about ya freaks

  26. Please remember everyone Trump has no intelligent s so how could he understand intelligent reports. Don't blame DONALD I don't rent to color people TRUMP blame the education system.TRUMP should sue the schools he attended because they clearly dropped to ball when Trump went to school. Trumps aids should dumb the reports down to a level he can understand. They should maybe get a Ken and Barbie doll and explain it like " Ok Mr PRESIDENT Putin is the ken doll your the barbie doll. now if Ken (Putin) was to help Barbie (you) and so on. Visual aids are going to help Trump understand what everyone else in the
    world already understands.

  27. Actually President Putin is probably better than half our Democratic congressmen and women so why don't you judge yourselves hypocrites

  28. Yeah let's start with the prosecution of the people that started the fisa warrant Chuck Schumer Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi and every traitor in the house that tried to impeach Trump overthrow a sitting president they should be considered traitors put to death by military tribunals that got him obey

  29. When the mainstream media reports what Russia wants, tell us what trump does to further their agenda. Label him, it negates him. Mark every motion, choice,decision that compromises our rule of law. Khrushchev said he would bring America to its knees without firing a shot. The Republican party was his answer.

  30. Went through the trouble of following the 10 commandments your whole life! And now all you have to look forward to is the Apocalypse!?😂
    Doesn't sound like a very viable buisiness model to me!😂


  32. Russia is lead by a felon to a rule by thieves; China is lead br a gang of military felons, IS USA lead by a gang of liars and impune criminals ?
    Where aure the set of balances in tne US institutions to check on induvuduals?

  33. Why should the most powerful POTUS ever, who can lie and pay no punishment, hear critics to stop doing what he wants most, to exonerate his criminal friends?
    Come on, Americans, your electoral college placed him to be the most incredible person ever. Yes, EVER.

  34. Stop beating around the bush… just list all the connections between trump and Russian Organized Crime!!! It is easy, Craig Unger did the research and wrote a book… "HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN"!

  35. Wild and crazy Russian helper here Russian helper there Russain helper everywhere. The sky is falling headless chickens on the deep state Job.

  36. Is anyone checking into why, the Republicans are standing by trump? Follow the money, like grants. Are GOP states getting grants and other benefits?

  37. Notice these hacks don’t ever say how Trump benefits from Putin. Heck Trumps biggest benefactors are the foolish democrat actions (fake impeachment) and the lying media. He doesn’t need Putin.

  38. Lol.. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

    It’s his intelligence community and he just used his famous phrase 😂 “You’re Fired” 🤣😂🤣😂

  39. instead of being furius with Russia, trump is furius with the US intel and fires the boss. This is saying that trump doesnt, at the very least, care about russian interfiroence, and may hope for it.

    How does GOP justifie this now? are they all ready to sell the elections too? are they all traitors?

    lets check how foxfakenews presents this

  40. Thanks, Nicolle Wallace. Something from Nov. 1st, 2019:
    This circus keeps getting stranger by the day. Last week was The Taliban Peace Talks, and The Dorian Fiasco, reaching into the weekend with Trumpie’s / Kushner’s Self-Enrichments and Tax Frauds. This week the California Tweeting, about putting the homeless in privatized, tax-funded Gulags, and now NSA Bolton’s gotten fired / I Resigned! / HE GOT FIRED!!

    So, let’s see if I’ve got all this straight. It’s about 2 1/2 years after the airfield Strike on Syria. (Trumpie upped Bannon’s 50 Tomahawks to 60, one malfed, 58 on target, and the stray killed a civilian family of 6 or 7. The only casualties, and the Syrian runways were up and running again, the next day. Well-discussed with the Kremlin, beforehand, of course!) Then (more Hot-Line calls beforehand, with Vlad!) the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS on Nangarhar in Afghanistan, with varying counts of killed hostiles, 96 last I saw (but the number of “high commanders” it had killed kept rising, to 13. I wonder if they counted that poor school teacher and his son, but I’d guess they were counting sergeants, too!)

    This was followed by that chaotic affair in Syria, with Putin supporting murderous dictator Bashar Assad, Trumpie supporting (?) liberation forces, sometimes. I wonder how many US pilots lose sleep over bombed mosques, schools, hospitals, hotels, and hostels… (people, the operative word is “hostiles”!) That was all 2017. US withdrawal, and Trumpie tweets “ISIS is completely defeated”! (Our Military and Intelligence: “No, they’re not”!)

    Well, we did have a few distractions to cope with, over here, didn’t we. Portland Light Transit. Charlottesville. Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. Las Vegas concertgoers. Baptist worshipers at Sutherland Springs. Parkland schoolkids and teachers. Murderous Sabbath at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg. Baltimore journalists. El Paso. Dayton. Midland / Odessa. And don’t forget the illegal family separations, mass deportations of Asylum-seekers, the Kids fer Kash racket, the child deaths in US custody, deporting invited kids under vital treatment.

    But this last week has sure made the pile a lot bigger. “We’ll get out of Afghanistan; I’m gonna hold Peace Talks with the Taliban and Afghanistan at Camp David”! “No, we aren’t; that’s off the table.” (Bolton?) Trumpie tweets “Alabama, batten down, Dorian’s coming, but I’ll save ya!” Birmingham NWS tries to forestall an unwarranted panic. Trumpie doubles down with a falsified map (18 USC 2073, a Federal Crime!) And he triples down, through his crony Wilbur Ross, who forces acting NOAA boss Neil Jacobs to betray his dedicated meteorologists of the NWS with, “Trumpie was right!” (That will have legal consequences, also, I’m sure!)

    Over the weekend, mounting indications that Trumpie’s / Kushner’s self-enrichments and tax- and bank-frauds are coming back to bite them somewhere painful. So? Next distraction, probably cooked up by Renegade AshkeNazi Stephen Miller from CA. “Round up the homeless, get them off the streets! It’s disgraceful! Pelosi, watch out, we’re gonna clean up your SF!” (Hunh? I thought that operation was planned for Skid Row? In LA?) Anyway, far as I can tell, the plan is to roust’em end cart them off into “government-run” (read as privatized prisons) detention facilities, or US Gulags, for feeding and health-care. Right, so your pet “physicians without morals,” in cahoots with your Big Pharma donors, can get them hooked on drugs, also.

    And now Bolton is booted. Join the crowd, John! Funny thing, that, though – does it mean the Taliban talks are back on, again? Good fer Trumpie! He noticed Doral is a much more “fantastic venue”! And besides, it’s much more profitable for him, on our dime!

    FAUGH, SPIT !!!

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