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Doors to Coffin Nation are currently closed. Get on the waiting list we open soon!

Doors to Coffin Nation are currently closed. Get on the waiting list we open soon!

What happened to our culture? So quickly
everything TV, movies, news, do you feel like the country you grew up with is a
goner? People used to debate each other. Now
they burn things and attack each other. Violence has replaced reason, and fear
has begun to hold us hostage. What kind of legacy are we leaving our children?
The propaganda machine known as the mainstream media plays a huge role in
all this in shaping the way we feel about events, ideas, and people. And in one
generation it has helped create a moral ecosystem. A new normal that would have
been unimaginable just a few short years ago. You and I get bombarded day and
night by so much information and misinformation that it’s hard to know
whom to trust and whom to ignore. The fact is it doesn’t have to be this way.
What if instead of feeling lost and uncertain you felt supported and
equipped? What if you found a community where you could connect with fellow
Christians who like you are dead tired of political correctness, and who want to
do something besides watch the culture spiral down the drain. People who get you
and understand your sense of perplexity and isolation. What if you had access to
mentors who can give you the tools you need to understand and navigate the
culture at a whole new level? Hi, I’m Patrick Coffin. I know exactly what
it’s like to feel either surrounded by apathy or open hostility to the biblical
worldview, and how easy it is to feel alone in a constant battle. People of
faith are looking for media that’s meaningful. That’s focused more on the
personal, than on the political, and who aren’t afraid to bring in the gospel
without compromise and without apology. Whom we pick as mentors has a profound
effect on us and on our attitudes. On my podcast, the Patrick Coffin Show, I
interviewed sages and survivors of the culture war. These are leaders who share
invaluable insights into the isms we face like Relativism, Secularism,
Scientism. Atheism, neo-Marxism, and so on. It’s so important to find a mentor you
can trust. I would like to be your media guide, your GPS for the rugged cultural
terrain, and I invite you to join the community of culture builders. People all
around us are missing the beauty and truth that lie at the heart of an
authentically Christian culture. Let’s be that culture. See you on the inside.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I'm not Christian, but you guys seem to be my allies, so I'm with you! Subscribed with alerts after hearing your John Waters interview. I'm very thankful.

  2. Apt that this came out the same day as Ireland's 8th amendment was repealed. I identify with this video so much.

  3. This is initiative is brave, creative and inspired. Venerable Fulton Sheen would be (probably is!) proud of you and your team, Patrick.

  4. Anne Walter

    1 week ago

    When the doors to Coffin Nation reopen, if you find you're the least bit curious, come in. There's no long-term commitment, but l bet you'll stay.

    Patrick's guests on the show are people active in today's culture. Take Tucker Carlson. Patrick had a great conversation with him recently. Tucker has opinions and doesn't hold back, speaking his mind with no-nonsense clarity. He believes in people, even in these chaotic times. That's just one example of a Patrick Coffin Show guest.

    So, what did Patrick think of the interview? Or about what happened in the Vatican last week? Or anything else? Ask him yourself. This is a real community where contact with one another happens, even regular contact with its architect, Patrick Coffin. Seriously, check it out!

  5. I am Brazilian English student, so thank you for provide English subtitle, without it I shall not understand the value of your channel!

  6. Patrick Coffin wants to be your cult leader. Patrick Coffin will tell you homosexuals that God commands that you love you homo lover that you homos are doing the will of God by loving each other. Patrick will go even further and say this is true even for you trans perverts out there. And you adulterers and fornicators. According to Patrick Coffin all you sexual perverts are obeying God's commandment of Love one another.

  7. Wow…
    Never thought I will find someone like-minded like you, sir are. I thought I will choke from the darkness that crashed down upon everyone and I felt like I am the one and alone who seeks the truth with all of my strength.

  8. Who owns the media, the Television networks, Publishing houses, Reutors, Accociated Press, Hollywood, Google Twitter, Facebook, youtube Yahoo. They all belong to the same Tribe (the 13th Tribe) and they want to destroy us.

  9. Thanks Patrick. I love your content! Just signed the waiting list. I laughed because it offered, “how to calmly converse”— something I personally struggle with. My wife is always telling me to tone down my intensity.

  10. Hey you're really good at what you're doing but COFFIN NATION? That name needs to be redone. Sounds like Savage Nation but it's beyond that. Your last name=death or suggests it. Use something else.

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